Aju’ bebes yazzoli iyohat

Hi. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve last made a post (since I’ve last been to the website), so I’ll bring you up to date today. I’ve gone through all the lessons and made any necessary adjustments caused by reformatting. I also made a few changes to the text, such as change introductory matter ending in the dative case to the instrumental. (Although Taneraic has been stable for 20 years, there have been some minor changes to grammar, mainly the use of cases.) Now I’m up to looking at the translations and, once I’ve done this, I’ll turn my attention to the sections marked “Work in Progress”, which have waited too long to be updated.


Ajú. Yazzoli iyohat bes duvonda ye aqe aihananata pasi avi (ye aqe japovata pas avi buhai peilasyenqa), gin vastadesgevattian qeidi ceyi mepaiveto. Bes vomaxobanatti nuni beqi panpa eher raidi nuri adebusti esocya yole mas eslacyeqqa staselasatu. Busai, vastasebiotti saqir esontir asyunu, e jun e esocyat aher pua lesqi iher pua remou ai bisya saqir raulená muesontiri. (Yu tanerai das lasir ceteqouda haunta 20 luna, yun varaidi nuri asrasri esocyat biso qaizeya — rasru, e argan e yayesat puaya.) Gonien, vajesdi asyucat, ga aicyibdi jaqi veqomaqaizet busai, usyato yole varaidi nunien, vasejir das bejin moudirdi uzo vonti yole resoga e «naihebulat mepa garuraulaga», yole eher nun ayoi pecet virda airebbiyoti.

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