Dentu’ Sebova / Welcome

Aju’ beqa nu tou! Dentu’ sebova peilasyeno stalandarati eher tanerai, yole mas rasangi <Charles> oher <Darvin> e <Billy> oher <Aberdeen>. <Charles> sejandi nuni peilasyenqa mara aqe cer pou luna, busai mas garuhabridi ayoi mespima haunta beqa lungara’ nunieni. Avi asban jalan abu sonti eher juni mespima e sejanista. (<Charles> ha syida yole cer rah das ibeja raida uzeus lesega; gin, yovadaquda juni, go ayoi vabahudi pebutati abaqi bahut. Ava rah vavas sedinatqa teudisyu’ yu bus.)

Haunta uzasebovati iyohat, avi edeja mara yoyole sedia racyi aqus selasa ganien, giniole peta anvas hangirdi yasibousyati ujionten, pepeta anairanustada yole marnui aica raxi liaumadeyotta amapeilati. (Vego nuri aica raxi yu mas esocyaga iher sediada e mehabiri nun.) Usyato yole varaidi nun, e yes e uma ibejada peilasyenqo gon, avi edeja yaba yoyole deveqat bevota ades “naihebulat mepa garuraulaga”. (Nesoucya ge marnu poulunata bes decyanda! Haunta ce aima buhai ava, vadas duvon raulada e nainougacyou dayole pezian ilir e tanerai sasescya sepou; moudicyan aihananattiyo teudisyu’, go resda.) Peibosutu, svai aihananatti tanerali saqir gehan jame – yos veqomaqaizeti nun yos seslacyeqati nun – eher moudivu sasi otuqiaris annai eqanidi avati sqeqaize.

Stajerovu, asban jalan remi’ iher <Charles> e iher <Billy>.

Hi everyone! Welcome to the revamped Taneraic Website, put together by Charles in Darwin and Billy in Aberdeen. Charles created the first site over a decade ago, and has maintained his dedication all these years. My thanks to you guys for such dedication and creativity. (Charles <knows> I couldn’t have done it on my own, and is so patient when I ask really basic questions. I’m not even on the Net myself.)

In the coming months, my first task is to tidy up the formatting, which, when you’re using digital technology, always slips out of place. (Some characters may even change to something completely different.) Once I’ve done that, and familiarised myself with the site, my second task is to reduce those “Work in Progress” areas. (Somehow a decade flew by! At home in the meantime, I’ve been working on the definitive Taneraic-English dictionary, which I plan to post on the site once it’s ready.) Lastly, I’d like to post Taneraic texts – both translations and originals – so that visitors get a taste of the <langue close>.

Again, thank you very much, Charles and Billy.

[Viayesdi rensa uqan ganien bebes aica qasyan jame i peila rensa tansya’ busai < > i peila raxi sevira, giniole cer rah pauranda e ge selasdi juni aica raxi gasta hangiriaru uzogara’ aica raxia amuzerati.

I have used apostrophes after vowels for accented letters and < > for italics, as I haven’t learned how to form such characters from the special character set yet.]

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5 Responses to Dentu’ Sebova / Welcome

  1. Rantz says:

    Congratulations on your first post – you’re now a blogger – I’ve finally managed to drag you into 90s. I look forward to the WIPs being completed and this site growing, growing, growing as an excellent reference on Taneraic.

    Live long and proper like.

  2. billythekid says:

    Yay! Ditto Rantz’ congrats. This is the perfect platform for what you want really.

    I’m curious, we just completed our ten-yearly census here and there’s a question on languages spoken in the household. Do you have this question on your census and do you put Taneraic in the ‘other’ box?

  3. Murfomurf says:

    Hello- this is very intriguing! I will have to do some background reading to figure our what Taneraic is! Perhaps Charles can point me in the right direction??? Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Rantz says:


    The best starting point is here where you can read about the development of Javant’s hermetic language as well as lessons on the same – have a further look at the menu on the right for a plethora of information, poetry translations and lessons.

  5. Javant says:

    I’m back at the public library, where I do all my Internet and email work, so please be patient with me if I’m not “instantaneous” in my reply posts.

    2) To billythekid, I think we have a census later in the year, too. No, I don’t say Taneraic is spoken in the home, because as yet, it isn’t. My partner knows a few words, but he steadfastly refuses to learn the language, because he says to do so would be insanity. He’s lost me there. I did correspond for a number of years with American conlangist and poet Michael Helsem in Taneraic, though. He learned the lessons on this site and took a stab. I really admired him for that and looked forward to his letters. He even contributed a few new words to the language, by making use of already existing affixes with nouns, such as “peilasyen”, my word now for [Web] site, which Michael took from “peila”, place, ans the suffix “-syen”, -like. (I acknowledge him for this and other coinages of his in the dictionary I am compiling.)

    2) Thanks, Rantz, for your congratulations. You know, though, that I’m flying by the seat of my pants!

    3) Thanks, too, Rantz, for answering Murfomurf’s query.

    Staiqainato, Javant.

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