Aihananat auva jabeyo yabiyoha 10-a

Haunta pasi yabnu japova buhai tanerali peilasyenqa, rah pameudi aihananat. Usyo nunieni, qoste, vayer laguanidibu yole vaqabda uher sebioyardi jaqi panpa garurijuqu asibesyi, busai iherda gonien oher „Panpa mela“. Charles moudicyan mas sotondi nunieni esresoti arsu iher sediada e pexousyen – yoyerda yole varaidiyo ai yes su; aqouga, eyonustadi avati jebo ebica amauq rautu nunieni. Virdi uzati japou aher Charles iher Melburna asbanastada cer yomas aibau e aisyandi removat pu sedinatu. Gen, annai ya vontidi yesati seussa eher raidiyo. Gen bus, ava vayole peva xayari pauranatis.

I haven’t left a post the last two visits to the Taneraic site. This time, however, I just want to let you know that I’m slowly but surely making my way through editing the lessons, and I’m now up to Lesson Four. Charles will make this a hyperlink – he wanted me to do it myself, but I have to confess my incompetency here. Rather than his trying to explain over the phone, I’m going to wait until he next visits Melbourne, when we can sit together. I’m a much better student that way.

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3 Responses to Aihananat auva jabeyo yabiyoha 10-a

  1. Rantz says:

    Links now added.

  2. Murfomurf says:

    Hi there- perhaps I will visit more often now you have switched over to WordPress! It was difficult to navigate through all the parts of phreacs at times and tended to put me off (sorry Charles). I’m quite intrigues by your efforts to revive Taneraic, although I don’t quite get it yet! Keep up the good work.

  3. Rantz says:

    Murf: no need to apologise: it was difficult to navigate – much better now. Any suggestions for further improvement graciously accepted.

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