August 5 Update (English only)

It’s been a while since I left a post (okay, I was told it had been a while!), so just a note to say, first, how lovely the new format for this sight looks. The photo at the top is a nice touch – it could be autumnal Melbourne, where I live, but it’s actually tropical Darwin. Thanks, Charles! (You can see other photos here. You’ll be amazed and impressed.)

The revamping of the site is taking time because of the fact that I get a an hour or so only every couple of weeks to devote to it. Much less time than the guys who designed and put the site up in the first place (Charles, Billy, et al.), so I hope I won’t wear out people’s patience. Charles came up with a great idea – posting some proof pages of the dictionary I’ve been working on for the past few years. (I missed my deadline of 2008; surely, it’ll be done by 2018, when Taneraic will celebrate its 50th birthday?)

Anyhow, I appreciate everyone’s patience, and welcome any suggestions. (Get an Internet connection at home instead of going to the public library! is at the top of the suggestions.)

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