Uzi japou buhai Naigenouqajon / Next visit to the State Library

Ha eher pameudi bepiristi aihananat, gen vadas abrab duvonda ceri usyo nunieni! Haunta avi sebioyar, rah nesoucya vaqab imarejubatti saqir esontir selasi puyi, dus vaspeudi yoyescya qisi qiyou bus, eher mas emebdi oralat. Sebisyatu, alemeratti nuni beqi auva panpa’ rensa arbusi pasauanaiveto ai Pes qasyan aher panpa 1-a iher panpa 10-a. Oralato sebioyasti nunieni, beqa nu saqir bayada uzeri; aqouga, go vaqab staqainatti oralat, gon lourda yole nuni beqi eusyir e panpa jauna, yole alemeratqa rensa arbusu asmi, uma esocyada uzeus lesega iher sediada e nezi syebeq scyoubria yole qanbansyada. Asban jalan, Charles, eher amadi nunieni limeterati esocya.

I have a bit more time this time to leave a proper post! In my editing, not only am I restoring text to its former format, but I am also adding touches here and there, to make the page clearer. For example, last week I enclosed lesson numbers in round brackets in Vocabulary for lessons 1 – 10. On the Edits Page, everything looked normal, but when I viewed the page, I found that all references to Lesson 8, now encapsulated in round brackets, automatically turned into yellow smiley faces. Thank you, Charles, for undoing this inadvertent change.

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