Polari–English Vocabulary


Past and present participles and adverbs (as well as comparative and superlative forms of adjectives) are listed under the relevant rootword when expanding upon the English or when the English equivalent is irregularly formed. Proposed Polari words or markers are indicated by an asterisk, while special usage is indicated by a degree sign (°). Note that “filler” words or English vocabulary spelled according to Polari orthography are not specially marked. Very occasionally I have had to bowdlerise the English text so that it would pass most Internet filters in public libraries, for otherwise the availability of my endeavors here would be limited.


a1 1 indef. art. a/an. 2 prep. of. — a dha/dhee. of the, used to form phrasal ns, where English uses compounds (pelone a dha lati. Note, however, that n. phrases, such as “pelone a dha lati”, are often joc. in nature. A joke is never too far away.) [Eng.]

-a2 agent suff. equivalent to -er (fayka). Note that this is an Anglicism better expressed by the Pola. use of the pres. part. & omi or dona/pelone. [Eng.]

-a3 pron. unstressed variant of hir, added to the end of prepositions & verbs (Ya moudha bati-fangda; see Morphology). [Eng.]

abbigayl n. abortion. — akt an abbigayl. perform an abortion. [Gayle “Abigail”; Chambers defines an “abigail” as a lady’s-maid.]

abeot adv./prep. about. [Eng.]

adarjhio* n. (pl. –ze). (a) saying, proverb, maxim (adarjhioze a dha saviizmo, wise sayings); (b) motto. [Frenchified pronunciation of It. “adagio”.]

afeyr n. (a) person in a gay relationship; (b) casual male sexual partner: pick-up. [Eng. “affair(e)”, orig. from Fr.]

afeyrimento* n. (a) casual affair or sex: affair; (b) relationship (baj afeyrimento, long-term relationship)

Agausto* n. August. [Corruption of It. “agosto”.]

agro* adj. bitter; see jageri-agro. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “agro”, sour, acid, harsh, sharp, pungent, tart, with semantic confusion between sour & bitter.]

agro-akwa* n. (always in sing.). bitters

akchwel adj. actual. akchwellimentay. actually, really. — yor akchwel. (intensifier) a real° (yor akchwel krokes). [Eng.; Baker explains that the characters Julian & Sandy, in “Round the Horne”, used the phrase “your actual” for (campy) emphasis or sophistication, giving the examples, “that’s your actual French” (56) & “we are your actual homeopathic practitioners” (61).]

akoy* 1 adj. present. 2 adv. (a) [= dhis akoy] here; (b) [= dhat akoy] there. 2 conj. where. — akoy-so? where? enni akoy. anywhere. evri akoy. everywhere. narda akoy. absent. nix akoy. nowhere; see [in] ayjax, shay. [Roma. “acoi”, “aukko”; cf., It. “qua”.]

akoy-pero* conj. therefore, so. [Hybrid word: Roma. “akoy” & It. “però”, calqued on Eng. “therefore”.]

aksh[w]el variant of akchwel

a/kt 1 n. (pl. –ktz; irregular pl. –x). (a) act, performance; (b) labo[u]r (dha frute auv wouniz ax). 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -id; -ing gerund/pres. part.; –x 3rd pers.). (a) to act, perform°; (b) to do° (akting diki, [doing] casual, part-time or temporary work). akting. (a) (i) doing, performing, activity°, goings-on°; (ii) performance° (of actor, athlete, etc.); (b) deed°. — akt nanti. do nothing. [Eng.]

aktimento* n. performance (of a play, etc.)

akw/a n. (rare in pl.ez). 1 water (berri enni akwa). 2 (a) juice; (b) fruit juice. [Parly., from It. “acqua”, ultimately Lat. “aqua”.]

akwa-virdi* adj. aquamarine

akwerosa* adj. juicy

alaung prep. along; see in nex. [Eng.]

alay* adv./prep. down. [Roma. “aley”; cf., “tulé”, “tuley”, under.]

Allemo! voc. equivalent to “I’m hot for you!” [Supposedly from the initials LMO: i.e., “Lick Me Out” (Baker, 11); any connection with the Alamo is fanciful; see in etymology for “Vaf!” for further discussion on acronyms.]

alli-appel n. excrement, faeces, shit [facet.]). [Gay slang, properly not Pola. but listed in Baker.]

allora* adv. in that case: now [then], and now. [It. “allora”.]

ambre/l* n. (pl. –rlz). pear. [Roma. “ambról”.]

amoung prep. among; see in barni. [Eng.]

an1 variant of a 1 (which see), used before ns beginning with a V. [Eng.]

an2 unstressed variant of ann (which see)

anauntz* 1 n. (pl. –iz). ad[vert(isement)], commercial. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to announce. [Anglicised pronunciation of Fr. “annonce”; cf., Eng. “announcement”.]

anauntzimento* n. (pl. –ze). announcement

ank/a* n. (pl. –ez). hip. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “anca”.]

ankora* adv. 1 again. 2 back [again] (shay n’u ankora, back home [again]); see daus. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “ancora”.]

ann1 1 stressed variant of a 1 (which see), used before ns beginning with a V. 2 conj. and. [Eng.]

an/n*2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d, brought; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to bring. — ann in. bring in: import (ann in fa dha p’uchiz a dha charpering omiz, bring or take in for questioning; ann in zee, bring to mind, remember; Ann in zee ya mouj! Don’t forget [i.e., remember] your hat!; nix ann in zee, forget). ann oup. bring up (all senses: ann oup wouniz betti namyari, bring up one’s breakfast); see tarda. [Roma. “an”.]

anti* adv./prep. before (all senses); see in medza-dives. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “ante”.]

ar1 n. letter R (ar). [Eng.]

ar2 see in bee

-ar3 suff. (marking the comparative degree of adjs & advs: -er, more (bennar). Note that -ar is added to polysyllabic adjs, including those with an existing adj. desin. (e.g., nellichudinoserar, more effeminate); see moultiar, in moulti; Morphology, above. [Eng. “ -er”.]

-arda* n. suff.denoting the fill of: -ful. Morphology as for arjhio; see in plenni. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “-ata”.]

arfta adv. (a) after; see in medza-dives; (b) later. [Eng.]

arfta-medz/a* n. (pl. –ez). afternoon. — dhis arfta-medza. this afternoon. lars arfta-medza. yesterday afternoon. nex arfta-medza. tomorrow afternoon. [Hybrid word: Eng. “after” & Pola. “medza”, calqued on Fr. “après-midi”.]

-arjhio* suff. equivalent to -age, -hood, -ship, -ness (of colors); see Morphology, above. [Frenchified pronunciation of It. “ -aggio”; i.e., “-age”.]

armernrau/k n. (pl. -x). 1 sock. 2 sheath° (armernrauk fa dha bagaja/kartz[o], condom). [Cockney rhyming slang “almond rock”, i.e., sock, listed in Baker.]

arnt part. do (used for emphasis: Arnt tip ya moudhez bona lavz tu yor arnti. Do give my best wishes to your aunt.). Arnt nel! see in nel; see nanti. [Eng. “aunt”, conflated with “aren’t”; a backformation of Pola. “aunt nell” (“aunt” unexplained in Baker).]

arnti n. 1 older, usually gay, man [joc.]. 2 aunt[ie]°. [Gay slang “auntie”; Chambers lists “aunt” as, apart from its primary meaning, an old woman, gossip, procuress or someone one can turn to for sympathy, etc.]

arnt-nel[li] = nel[li]. [Hybrid word: Eng. “aunt” & Pola. “nel(li)”; “aunt” unexplained in this context; cf., arnti above.]

arnt-nelli-fay/k = nelli-fayk. [Pola.]

arris 1 adj. 1 anal°. 2 old° (not new any more). 2 n. (pl. -iz). (a) rump°, buttock; (b) anus°, arse (firmayd arris, shut butt). — orda arris ova. trip [over]°. [Parly., from Cockney rhyming slang, listed in Baker & Chambers. According to Baker, arris is arrived at through the following concatenation: “From ‘arse’ we get ‘bottle and glass’(.) From ‘bottle’ we get ‘(A)ristotle’, and from ‘aristotle’ we get ‘aris’.” (11–12).]

arris-* pref. (n.-forming with ns) denoting (a) pej. state; (b) disparaging or disreputable condition; (c) contemptible or ridiculous state or status; (d) rude or unpleasant situation; (e) undesired attribute or inferior state, status or quality; or (f) lack of function. [Preceding; cf., Fr. pej. suff. “-asse” or It. “-accio”.]

arris-arnti* n. crotchety old gay man

arris-barkiing cheet* n. [old] tub

arris-dooka* n. bad luck

arris-founges* n. crotchety old man: [old] bastard

arris-karnish* n. 1 rump (meat). 2 bad or rotten meat

arris-keb’ushe* n. [old] bomb

arris-krokes* n. charlatan, quack[salver]

arris-m’ui* n. pout. — fayk dhee arris-m’ui/dha harris-m’ui. pull a face

arris-oysta* n. [sardonic] grin

arris-pandora* n. criticism (all senses). — fayk dhee arris-pandora abeot/kauntra. criticise, knock

arris-pandorez-omi n. (fem.: arris-pandorez-dona) critic (all senses: arris-pandorez-omi a dha vadering vakarya, television critic)

arris-reir* n. bad hair (dives a dha/bilaung [h]arris-reir, bad hair day).

arris-reir-leik* adj. frightful

arris-sheesh* adj. ridiculous (of appearance)

arris-sheikel* n. [really] bad wig: fright-wig

arris-sheikel-leik* adj. frightful

arris-swishing* adj. ridiculous (of behavior)

-arst* suff. marking the superlative degree of adjs & advs: -est, most (e.g., bennarst, best); see moultiarst, in moulti; Morphology, above. [Eng. “ -est”.]

arte/f* 1 n. (rare pl.rfs). pardon, forgiveness. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -rft, forgiven; -fing gerund/pres. part.). to pardon, forgive. [Roma “artav”.]

arteffichude* n. (always in sing.). forgiveness

arteffimento* n. (always in sing.). pardon, forgiveness (instance of)

arth/a 1 n. (pl. –ez) 1 brother°. 2 heterosexual. 3 [= steema homi] active partner in gay sex. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to masturbate. arthering. masturbation (sirkel a dhee arthering, circle jerk). arthering omi. (fem.: arthering pelone) masturbator. [Cockney rhyming slang “J. Arthur Rank”, i.e., wank, listed in Baker & Young; the 1st n. meaning is a corruption of Lat. “frater”; properly, not Pola.]

arv/a 1 n. (rare pl.ez). sex[ual intercourse]: coitus, copulation. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to copulate. arva a dha loupa. finger-f…. dha fool [h]arva. anal sex. fayk dhee arva a dha loupa. finger-f…. hav dha harva/ hav dhee arva. to have sex: to copulate. [Parly. Baker says this is probably a truncation of charva (which see). It is amusing to note that Eng. “arval” refers to ploughed land.]

arvibelay* adj. worthy of being a partner in copulation. — narda arvibelay. not worth copulating with

arvichude* n. (always in sing.). coitus, copulation

asarles* 1 adv. [in] this/that manner or way: thus, so. 2 conj. how. — asarles-so? how? enni asarles. anyhow; somehow. evri asarles. in every way. nix asarles. in no way or manner: not […] at all (Shee nix saviz leik dhat asarles. S/he doesn’t think so at all). [Roma. “asarlas”, at all.]

asarlessimento* n. (pl. –ze). fashion, manner, way, style

aseo* adv. also, too; likewise. — azz aseo azz. as well as; see in nix. [Roma. “asau”; cf., Eng. “also” & Fr. “aussi”.]

aspro n. (a) harlot, prostitute, whore; tart°. [Parly. Baker suggests “aspro” derives from “arse pro(stitute)”, but, leaving aside the fact that the first S is the same as US “ass” & not UK “arse”, it is more likely to derive from It. “aspro”, harsh, rough, tart, with the last meaning extended to include the idea of prostitute.]

asprochude* n. (always in sing.). harlotry, prostitution

at unstressed variant of att (which see)

atak* 1 n. 1 attack. 2 bout (of illness). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to attack. [Eng. “attack”; cf., It. “attaccare”.]

att prep. at. [Eng.]

auf adv./prep. off. [Eng.]

aufis* n. (pl. –iz). (a) office (all senses); (b) department. — auv dhee aufis. official. [Eng. “office”.]

auf-kining gelt* n phrase. ransom (a kweenz auf-kining gelt, a king’s ransom)

augel variant of ogel

aultimo* 1 adj. latest, ultimate. 2 n. (dhee, always in sing.). the latest, the ultimate. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “ultimo”.]

aultrantz* n. (always in sing.). extreme[s]. ta dhee aultrantz adv. 1 to the [bitter or very] end, à outrance. 2 to extremes (orda ta dhee aultrantz, go to extremes). [Corruption of It. “oltranza”.]

aultray, in* adv. phrase. in addition: besides, furthermore, moreover. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “inoltre”, written as two words.]

aun prep. on. — aun tu. on to: onto. [Eng.]

aun/k n. (pl. –x). 1 nose (better, eesaung, which see). 2 nostril°. [Pola.; perhaps a contraction of eesaung, or from Eng. slang “conk/konk”(confused with “conch”) or “honk(er)”, nose, or Roma. “nok”, by metathesis.]

ausnitz/a* n. (pl. –ez). user. [Yidd.]

auta num. eight. autito. eighth. autitomentay. eighthly. — auta laung deja. eighty. auta laung dejito. eightieth. auta laung lepta. eighteen. auta laung leptito. eighteenth. [Parly., from It. “otto”.]

Auta-chune* n. October. [auta + Roma. “choon”, moon.]

autito see in auta

auv prep.: stressed form of a (2, which see), used before VV. [Eng.]

av prep.: unstressed form of a (2; which see), used before VV or “h” (av ogel-fayx). [Eng.]

Aveeva! voc. 1 Hurrah! Hurray! Hooray! Huzza! 2 Long live …! (Aveeva dha Kween!). [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “evviva”.]

away 1 adv. 1 away. 2 aside. 2 prep. away from: beyond (away dha gav, country [fair, etc.]). [Eng.; cf., Cant “awaste”; i.e., “away” with paragogic “-st”.]

ay1 n. letter A. [Eng.]

ay2 indef. art. stressed variant of a1. [Eng.]

aybrem* adj. nude (aybrem bayning, nude bathing, skinny-dipping). — plenni aybrem. naked (Dha Plenni Aybrem Sivel Sirvernt; plenni aybrem [lukaudi], naked [body]). [Cant “abram”. Perhaps unrelated, Chambers lists “Abram-man” as a “sturdy beggar, esp. one shamming insanity.… Said to be from an Abraham Ward in old Bedlam, London” (4).]

aybrem-kove* n. nude [person] (plenni aybrem-kove, naked person).

aybremmichude* n. (always in sing.). nudity (plenni aybremmichude, nakedness).

aych n. letter H (aitch). [Eng.]

ayjax 1 adj. near[-by]°. 2 adv. [over] there: near-by. — ayjax aun dha drei/sweet. [there] on the left/right; ayjax aun dha soub. down below; see in nab. [Pola.; cf., Scottish & dialectic “ajee”, off the straight (Chambers); Baker suggests Eng. “adjacent” as a possible derivation, & quotes it as an epigraph at the beginning of his “Introduction to the Dictionary of Polari”: “Oh vada well the omee-palone ajax who just trolled in” (1).]

ayjh* 1 n. stay, stop. 2 v. (a) intr. to stay, stop; (b) caus./tr. to stop, quit. — ayjh att. stay at. ayjh oup. keep up: maintain. ayjh tu wouni self. keep to oneself. [Roma. “adge”, “atch” or “az”.]

ayjh-oup* n. (always in sing.). upkeep, maintenance

Ayprel* n. April. [Eng.]

azz conj./prep./adv. as. [Eng.]

baf* n. (pl. –s). moustache, whisker. [Corruption of It. “baffi”.]

bag see shoosh-bag

bagaj/a n. (pl. –ez). 1 [male] member: penis (or cock, dick, etc.): phallus, membrum virile/virilis. 2 rod. bagajereeni. small penis (or cock, dick, etc.). bagajeroni. big or large penis (or cock, dick, etc.). [Pola.; Baker suggests “bagaggio” [sic], baggage (the correct It. for baggage or luggage is “bagaglio”) for the derivation of this word, perhaps because of the extended meaning in Eng. of “worthless woman” (Chambers). Chambers even takes care to point out that “baggage” is unrelated to “Fr. bagasse, It. bagascia, strumpet”, but Pola. bagaja is undoubtedly derived from It. “bagascia”.]

bagaja-fay/k* n. (pl. –x). cockring. [Patterned on Pola. “nelli-fayk”, earring.]

baj adj. 1 (a) old (all senses: tray baj, ancient: tray baj tasoni, antique vase); (b) long-standing° (feud). 2 [= tray baj] ancient° (Baj Graycha, Ancient Greece). [Pola., from Cant “badge”.]

baj-dad* n. grandfather, granddad. [Calqued on Roma. “puro dad”.]

baj-martha* n. grandmother

bajichude* n. (always in sing.). old age

bajimento* n. (always in sing.). oldness

baj-kove n. (a) old or elderly person: elder; (b) old friend°. [Cant “badge cove”.]

baj-kove-leik* adj. elderly

baj-kovichude* = bajichude

balantz/a* n. (pl. –ez). sovereign (coin). [Roma. “balanser”.]

bar1 adj. [undesirably] small, undersized. [Gay slang “baa”, properly not Pola. but listed in Baker.]

bar2* n. 1 stone. 2 metal. 3 variant of bays. [Roma. “bar”, stone(weight).]

barberell/a* 1 adj. funny, odd, strange, eccentric, bizarre. barberella homi or pelone. oddball, eccentric. 2 n. (pl. –ez). beard. [JB, from It. “barba”, beard, conflated with the camp classic Barbarella. According to Chambers, “bizarre” ultimately derives from the Basque “bizarra”, beard (Littré, in addition, also mentions Ar. “bâshâret”, beauty).]

barbi n. Barbie® [facet.]). [Gay slang, properly not Pola. but listed in Baker.]

barbr/a n. (pl. –ez). heterosexual [male]; see naf. [Gayle.]

barki 1 n. sailor, seaman (barkiz eefinkoni, cutlass). 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to sail. barkiing. sailing. barkiing cheet. boat (barkiing cheet with a slayt/dha slaytz, sail[ing]-boat; barkiing cheetz slayt, sail). barkiing cheeteeni. small boat. barkiing cheetoni. large boat. barkiing omi. boatman. [Eng./Fr. “barque”, It. “barca”, boat; cf., Roma. “berro”, ship or hulk, esp. for convicts.]

barl* 1 adj. pertaining to] wool: woollen (barl faykimento fa dha letti). 2 n. (always in sing.). wool. barleeni. felt. [Roma. “bal”, hair, conflated with Eng. “bale”; Borrow gives “Tibetian (sic), Bal (wool)”.]

barli* adj. woolly

barlimento* n. (always in sing.). woolliness

barni n. fight, quarrel. barni a dha lavz. altercation, argument, dispute (barni a dha lavz amoung dha kovze nex bor, neighbo[u]rhood dispute). hav a barni. [have a] fight, [have a] quarrel. hav a barni a dha lavz. have an altercation, argument or a dispute, have words. leo dha barni. lodge a complaint. tip dha barni. complain. tiping dha barni. complaining, complaint. [Eng. colloquialism “barney”, listed in Baker as well as Chambers; properly, not Pola.]

barosa* adj. stony

bas* variant of bays

bat 1 n. variant of bayt. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -id; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to dance on stage: to do the shuffle; see waulep. [Pola.]

bata, dha n. (always in sing.). the game: prostitution. bee aun dha bata. to prostitute oneself, walk the streets (as a prostitute): be on the game. orda aun dha bata. prostitute oneself: walk the streets: be on the game. [Pola., probably connected with “bat”, shoe (not to mention the famous Bata shoe manufacturers); cf., It. “battere”, to beat or knock (see following), or Eng. “batter”, with the connotation of violence.]

bateri 1 n. 1 bang[ing]° (on the door, nail, etc.). 2 heavy blow: bash°, battering, beating, (loosely) punch°; see bati-poke. baterileeni. knock. 2 v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) intr. v. to knock; (b) tr. v. to knock down: 1 to bang with the fists°. 2 (a) to bash°, batter°, beat°, (loosely) punch°; (b) to [hit with a] hammer. baterid. bashed°, battered°, beaten°. bateriing. bashing, battering, beating. bateriing cheet [fa dhee neirz]. hammer. bateriing kauntra dha kweer-kovze. poofter-bashing, queer-bashing. — bateri ova. knock over; see [in] Bateri-karsi, bati-fang, etc., firikaduza. [Pola., from It. “battere”, to beat or knock.]

Bateri-karsi! voc. [substandard]: (a) [= (Enni wouniz faykt a) bati att dha geiga!] [There’s a] knock at the door!; (b) [= Bati, bati!] Knock, knock!° [Listed in Young.]

bati* 1 n. 1 variant of bateri; see also in Bateri-karsi. 2 push[ing]° (all senses). 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to push (bati enni wouni gerbreobelaymentay, browbeat someone). — bati away. push aside or away. [Pola.; doublet of bateri.]

bati-brays* 1 n. pushing and shoving, jostling, argy-bargy (during an argument or fight or in a crowd). 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to push and shove: to jostle (during a fight or in a crowd). [Patterned on “bati-fang”; the hyphen follows Nu-Pola. usage.]

bati-elbo* 1 n. elbow[ing] (during a fight). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to elbow (during a fight). [Patterned on “bati-fang”; the hyphen follows Nu-Pola. usage.]

bati-fang 1 n. bite or hit, or both° (during a fight). 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to bite and hit or hit and bite [joc./pej.]: to bite or hit, or both (during a fight). [Hybrid word: It. “battere”, to beat or knock, & Eng. “fang”; the hyphen follows Nu-Pola. usage.]

bati-fangichude* n. aggression

bati-fangichudinosa* adj. aggressive

bati-jin* 1 n. kneeing (during a fight). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to knee (during a fight: bati-jin enni wouni in dha kaudz, knee someone in the groin). [Patterned on “bati-fang”; the hyphen follows Nu-Pola. usage.]

bati-lali* 1 n. kick (during a fight). 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to kick (during a fight). [Patterned on “bati-fang”; the hyphen follows Nu-Pola. usage.]

bati-lap/a* 1 n. slap (during a fight). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to slap (during a fight: bati-lapa a dha bitayn, bitch-slap). [Patterned on “bati-fang”; the hyphen follows Nu-Pola. usage.]

bati-m’ui* 1 n. bickering. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to bicker. [Calqued on It. “battibecco”, undoubtedly the model for Pola. “bati-fang”; the hyphen follows Nu-Pola. usage.]

bati-nab* 1 n. headbutt (during a fight). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to headbutt (during a fight). [Patterned on “bati-fang”; the hyphen follows Nu-Pola. usage.]

bati-neir* 1 n. scratch (during a fight). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to scratch [with one’s nails] (during a fight: bati-neir erbree enni wouniz ogerlz, scratch someone’s eyes out). [Patterned on “bati-fang”; the hyphen follows Nu-Pola. usage.]

bati-pok/e* 1 n. blow with a fist: fisticuff, punch (during a fight). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -’t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to punch (during a fight). [Patterned on “bati-fang”; the hyphen follows Nu-Pola. usage.]

baub* n. bean. [Roma. “bob”.]

bauberi* 1 n. (always in sing.). (a) hue and cry, commotion, noise, disturbance, din, row, hubbub, racket; (b) cry, shout. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to cry out, shout [out]. — fayk a bauberi. make a commotion, racket, etc. [A.-Ind. “bobbery”; Yule explains it also appears as Pidgin Eng., from Cantonese “pa-pi”, noise.]

baudayga see boteek. [Baker’s pronunciation.]

bauk/a* 1 adj. hungry (chaulo[mentay] bauka, starving [usu. facet.]). 2 n. hunger. [Corruption of Roma. “boccalo”, “buklo”; cf., It. “bocca”, mouth.]

baul/a* 1 adj. baptismal (caps: Baula chal, Christian; Baula … bilaung Roma, Catholic; Baula chal bilaung Roma, Roman Catholic; Baula rashi, Christianity). — bilaung Baula chalz. Christian; see meyri. 2 n. (pl. –ez). baptism. 3 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to baptise. Baulering omi. (fem.: Baulering pelone) baptist/Baptist. [Roma. “bolla”.]

bauldantza* n. (always in sing). boldness, self-reliance, [self-]confidence. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “baldanza”.]

bauldantzerosa* adj. (a) bold, self-assured, self-reliant, [self-]confident; (b) cocky, haughty

baunch n. (pl. –iz). perinaeum. [Gay slang, properly not Pola. but listed in Baker.]

baush1 intr. v. to drill a hole (esp. glory-hole or peep-hole in the partition-wall of a public toilet, for sexual purposes). [Gay slang, properly not Pola. but listed in Baker.]

baush2* n. (pl. –iz). fiddle, violin. [Roma. “bashadi”, “bosh”; cf., Eng. “bosh”.]

baush-[chaumeni-]cheet* n. drill

bausta* adj. illegitimate (bausta feeli, illegitimate child: bastard). [Truncation of Roma. “bostaris”; cf., Eng. “bastard”.]

bausta-[h]omi* n. (fem.: bausta-pelone). bastard (all senses)

bauvelo* adj. rich (all senses), wealthy. [Roma. “bovalo”.]

bauvelochude* adj. wealth

bauvelomento* n. (always in sing.). richness (all senses), wealth (of ideas, etc.), wealthiness

bau/x n. (pl. –iz). (a) (i) bottom (all senses); (ii) back of sth (geiga a dha baux, back door, extended to the following); (b) posterior, backside, bum, arse. [Pola., from Eng. slang “box”, female genitals.]

bayjh adj. beige [facet.]). [Gay slang, properly not Pola. but listed in Baker.]

bayn* 1 n. bath[tub]. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to [take or have a] bath, bathe. bayning chovi. bathroom. [Anglicised pronunciation of Fr. “bain”.]

bays* n. (pl. -iz). dollar (baysiz an saultiz, dollars and cents; daycha baysiz, ten dollars; roze bays). [Roma. “bas”, pound sterling; Borrow derives this word from Wal. “pes”, weight, burden.]

bayt n. shoe (bayt a dha greiz, horse-shoe; fayking omi/pelone a dha baytz, shoemaker). [Pola. “bate”, a paronym of “bat”.]

bee1 aux./intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d or n; -ing gerund/pres. part.; ya moudha iz/wauz/wil bee, u ar/wir/wil bee, shee iz/wauz/wil bee, ya moudhez ar/wir/wil bee, dhay ar/wir/wil bee). 1 to be (Sheez yauki, chaumeni u nix ar/bee. [S]he’s clever, something you’re not.). 2 to belong (regular conjugation only: Ya moudha beez akoy with u). — bee auv. belong to. — Heo ar-u? How are you? [Eng.]

bee2 n. letter B (bee). [Eng.]

beebee* n. 1 (a) (i) aunt; (ii) lady (as the transvestite Emily Howard in “Little Britain” claimed to be); (b) term of address for, esp. older, gay man or lesbian. 2 [= bibi] bisexual. [A.-Ind. “beebee” & Roma. “bebee”, but found in many languages, including Indon. (through Ar.). Yule derives this word from Hind. “bîbî”, a lady (78); Borrow also gives Russ. “baba”, grandmother, old woman, hag, & “Baba Yagâ, the female demon of the Steppes” (19), which is related to the Yidd. “buba”, an affectionate term for one’s grandmother.]

bee-em-ku n. person who is not openly gay: closet-queen, closet case. bee-em-kude. closeted. [From the initials BMQ: i.e., “Black Market Queen” (Baker, 16); properly, not Pola.]

beeflat adj. fat (a beeflat omi; narnerautela ann a pogee beeflat, thickset, stocky). [Cockney rhyming slang “B-flat”, i.e., fat, listed in Baker;beeflat, although properly not Pola., is considered one word in Pola.]

beejhu 1 adj. little (in a positive sense), small [and elegant], compact (beejhu betti, cute little; a bona beejhu keb’ushe, a nice little car). 2 n. (pl. –ze). jewel, trinket (fayking omi/pelone a dha beejhuze, jewellery-maker: jeweller). beejhuleeni. tiny (tray beejhuleeni, teen[s]y-ween[s]y. [Pola., from Anglicised pronunciation of Fr. “bijou”, jewel, used widely in colloquial Eng. to mean “small and elegant”.]

bee/k 1 n. (pl. -x). judge, magistrate, justice. 2 (a) intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -king gerund/pres. part.; –x 3rd pers.). to judge°; (b) tr. v. to sentence° (bee beekt ta dui beshiz in dha keyr fa dha lagz, be sentenced to two years’/two years in prison). [Pola., found in Chambers, although from Pedlars’ Fr., according to Baker; Chambers also gives the slang meaning of “headmaster”.]

beekichude* n. (always in sing.). justice

beekimento* n. (a) judg[e]ment (all senses) (katevva beekimento, poor judgement); (b) sentence

been1* adj. young (been kove, young person). [Backformation from Pola. “beancove” (written as such in Baker).]

been2 see in bee

beenichude* n. (always in sing.). youth[fulness]

beenichudinosa* adj. youthful

beenimento* n. (always in sing.). youngness

been-kove n. young person: youth. [Pola., from Cant, according to Baker.]

been-kovichude* = beenichude

beeoni variant of beeyoni

beerd n. beard [facet.]). [Gay slang, properly not Pola. but listed in Baker.]

beertris* 1 n. (pl. –iz) eavesdropper. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to eavesdrop. beertrising omi. (fem.: beertrising dona/-pelone) eavesdropper. [Gayle “Beatrice”.]

beeyoni n. 1 shilling [hist.]. 2 by extension, (a) [any] coin°; (b) (-z). small change°: silver° (as in coins) ; cf., deena. [Parly. “beone”, “bianc”, “bionc”, “beyonek”, “beyong”, perhaps from It. “bianco”, white; i.e., silver. Lucas (109), however, translates “bionc” as “penny”.]

beeyoni-bar* n. silver. — a [dha] beeyoni-bar. of silver: silver (marteeni a [dha] beeyoni-bar, silver ring). [Calqued on “gooldo-bar”, gold (not a genuine Roma. term).]

beloni n. (always in sing.). baloney, bullshit, nonsense, rubbish. Beloni! Baloney! Bullshit! Nonsense! Rubbish! [Eng./US slang “baloney”, from “Bologna” (sausage), listed in Chambers as well as Baker; properly, not Pola.]

ben adj. (a) good (as in kind or exemplary: a ben kove, a good friend); (b) well-behaved°, virtuous°; (c) benevolent°, kind°. bennar. better. bennarst. best. bennimentay. well (bennimentay baj, venerable); see bona. [Pola., from It. “bene”, well.]

bengree* n. waistcoat. [Roma.]

ben-kove n. [close or good] friend: intimate°. [Pola.]

ben-kove-leik* adj. close, intimate, friendly. — bee ben-kove-leik with. get along or on with

bennar see in ben

bennay variant of ben

bennaymentay* variant of bennimentay (which see, in ben).

bennichude* n. (always in sing.). (a) goodness; (b) good behavio[u]r; (c) benevolence; kindness

bennichudinosa* pleon. adj. (a) good; (b) benevolent, kind

bennimento* n. (always in sing.). goodness, a kindness, favo[u]r. — fayk a bennimento. do a favo[u]r

beot unstressed variant of abeot

berri* 1 n. drink (esp. non-alcoholic: a berri av akwa, a drink of water; a berri a [dha] jarva, a drink or [loosely] cup of coffee). 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to drink, imbibe. berriing. drinking. berri a kakeling fart. suck [on] an egg. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “bere”, to drink.]

berribelay* adj. drinkable. narda berribelay. undrinkable

berri-cheet*. drinking vessel: cup or glass; see tas. berri-cheetoni. pitcher, pot (berri-cheetoni fa dha char, teapot)

besh1* n. (pl. –iz). 1 year. 2 age (all senses: Soze ya besh? How old are you? [lit., What’s your age?]). — in wouniz besh. in one’s time, back in the day; see in medza. [Roma. “be(r)sh”.]

besh2* 1 adj. pertaining to sitting. 2 n. sitting [down]. 3 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to sit [down]. [Roma.]

besh-cheet* n. chair, seat (hei besh-cheet, stool). — lel a besh-cheet. take a chair or seat. [Calqued on Roma. “besh-engri”.]

beshimento* n. (pl. –ze). session

bett/a* n. (a) beet; (b) [= lala betta] beetroot. [Corruption of It. “bietola”; cf., Eng. “beet”.]

betti1* 1 adj. little, small (tray betti, very small, tiny, teensy-weensy). 2 n. bit; see pogee. [Eng. “petty”, Fr. “petit”, little, or Roma. “beti”; Borrow gives “beti”, little, small, as well as “bitti”, a small piece, a little, & explains that the word is not true Roma.]

betti2* 1 n. jemmy or jimmy, crowbar. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to jemmy. [Cant.]

bevois /bevwar/ fanciful variant, in mock Fr. orthography, of bevvi 1

bevve/l* n. (rare pl. –rlz). wind. [Roma. “bavol”, “beval”.]

bevvel-cheet* n. ghost, phantom. [Calqued on Roma. “bavol-engro”.]

bevveli* adj. wind-blown: windy

bevverarda (irregular) variant of bevvi 2

bevvi 1 n. 1 drink, esp. beer, booze°, liquor°, lush°, piss° (a bevvi a [lala] plaunk, a drink of [red] wine). 2 (a) drinking bout°: binge°, carousal°; (b) [= ken fa dha bevviing] pub[lic house], tippling-house°. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d, drunk[en]; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to drink [alcohol (to excess)]: to imbibe°, tipple°. bevvid. drunk[en] (bevvid omi/pelone, drunk man/woman: drunk[ard], lush). bevviing. drinking. — bee aun dha bevvi. be on the piss. lel bevvid. get drunk or pissed; see berri. [Pola., from It. “bevere”, a variant of “bere”, to drink; cf.,. beverage; “bevvied” & “bevvy” are listed in Collins Robert.]

bevvibelay* adj. drinkable. narda bevvibelay. undrinkable

bevvi-cheet*. (a) hop; (b) (pl. –z). hops

bevvi-[h]omi = bevvid omi (which see, in bevvi)

bibi 1 adj. bi[sexual]. 2 n. bi[sexual]; see beebee. [Pola.]

bibichude* n. (always in sing.). bisexuality

bifi n. biffy [facet.]). [Canadian gay slang, properly not Pola. but listed in Baker.]

bilaung prep. of [the] (esp. in dates, time & proper ns: dha kwortito bilaung Ulo, the fourth of July; bilaung Parree, Parisian). Note that, as just one instance of its use is cited in Baker (see in frauk), it may be inferred that this was not originally a feature of Pola. per se, but used instead for comic effect; see laung. [Eng. “belong”, as “bil(l)ong”, one of the most common preps of Neo-Melan. (Tok Pisin or, formerly, Pidgin Eng.). “Frock billong lallies” is the only use of bilaung listed in Baker (“[a]dapted from Tok Pisin” [30]).]

bilidu n. (pl. –ze). (a) love-letter; (b) [any informal] letter°; see rooka. [Anglicised pronunciation of Fr. “billet-doux”, listed in Baker.]

bilioni* num. (a) a or one billion (UK or US); (b) marker for the “billions”, used in conjunction with laung (which see: daycha laung bilioni, 10 billion). Note that as bilioni means one billion, “’una laung bilioni” is a pleonasm best avoided. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “bilione”]

bimf n. (always in sing.). (a) lavatory or toilet paper; (b) [official] papers or documents [pej.]. bimf fa dha giliz. newspaper, “rag”. [Pola., with V change from Eng. slang “bumf” or “bumph”, short for “bum-fodder” (Chambers).]

bin1 n. (-z, always in pl.). glasses, spectacles. [Pola.]

bin2* 1 adj. pertaining to selling. 2 n. sale. 3 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d, sold; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to sell. bining omi. (fem.: bining dona/-pelone, saleswoman) salesman, seller, shopkeeper (bining omi/dona a dha bevviz, publican; bining omi/dona a dha karnish, butcher; bining omi/dona fa dha simering, pawnbroker; Meyr av a Bining Omi [Miller] Death of a Salesman; vaygeriing bining omi, travelling salesman). — bin pir dha karning. 1 auction [att dha ken fa dha karning]. 2 auction [off]. [Roma. “bikhin”, “bin”.]

bin-ken* n. shop. bin-ken fa dha karnish. butcher[’s (shop)]. bin-ken fa dha panem. bakery, baker[’s]

binko 1 adj. kerosine. 2 n. (pl. -ze). 1 [kerosine] flare. 2 flame°. — binko oup. flare [up] (including temper), burst into flames. [Pola.; Baker gives It. “binco” (sic), i.e., “bianco”, white.]

binko-worta* n. kerosine

bitayn n. 1 harlot, prostitute, whore. 2 bitch° (male or female). — fayk dha bitayn abeot. bitch about. [Pola. “bitaine”; cf., Fr. “bit(t)e”, slang for cock.]

bitaynichude* n. 1 (always in sing.). harlotry, prostitution. 2 orgy; see in mounjariarjhio

bitwix* prep. between, betwixt. [Eng.]

biz n. (always in sing.). heterosexual sex. — du dha biz. have sex, do it. [Gay slang “biz”, from “business” by extension, listed in Baker; properly, not Pola.]

blag tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). pick s.o. up (for sex). blagd omi. (fem.: blagd pelone) pick-up. [Pola.]

blarzay* adj. high-class, posh, up-market. [Anglicised pronunciation of Fr. “blasé”.]

blarzay-kween n. gay man drawn to an up-market scene. [Pola.]

bleet* intr. v. (pp./p. t. -id; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to bleat. bleeting cheet. sheep (bleeting omi-cheet, ram; bleeting pelone-cheet, ewe). [Cant.]

bleeting-cheet-leik* adj. sheepish

blu* 1 adj. blue (Blu Velvet). 2 n. (pl. –ze). blue. [Eng.]

bluarjhio* n. (always in sing.). blueness

B.M.Q. = bee-em-ku

bodeega variant of boteek

bolde adj. (a) suggestive of homosexuality: bold (restricted meaning); (b) not nice or pleasant: unpleasant (a bolde pelone a dha lati, an unpleasant landlady). [Eng.; cited at some length in Baker.]

bol/e* n. (pl. –ze). snail. [Roma. “baul”, “bowle”.]

boles 1 n. (pl. –iz). chemist, pharmacist. — a dha boles. chemist or pharmacist (shop, etc.); see krokes. [Eng./Lat. “bolus”, a large pill; listed in Baker, who writes that “(o)riginally, a seventeenth century word referring to any form of medicine that came as a rounded pill”.]

bona 1 adj. (a) good (of health,quality, etc.); (b) nice° (bona eekaf, nice photo; bona eek, nice face); (c) sound°, valid°. 2 adv. [= bonimentay] well (bona vardering, good-looking, attractive, handsome.“O varda bona dhee omi-pelone ayjax h’u jous trolde in!” [Baker (1), in JB’s orthography, with “bona” replacing “well”] “Oh, take a good look [i.e., look well] at the gay guy over there who just walked in!”). Bona! 1 (a) Good! (b) Bravo!° Hear, hear!° Right on!° Well done or said!° 2 (agreeing, concessive or introductory) all right°, okay°. Bona dives! Good afternoon! Good day! Good morning! bona fa/for. attracted to. Bona lavz. All the best, [With] best wishes (as in signing off a letter). bona/bonimentay leld in. welcome (decision). bona/bonimentay lelling in. welcoming (smile). Bona nauchi! Good night! Bona orded in! Welcome! Bona Peers! Here’s to your health! Bottoms up! Bona sarla! Good evening! bonar. (a) better (A shauka mouj iz bonar dhan a kaud sheikel. A silly hat is better than a bad wig; i.e., self-deprecation is preferable to vanity [JB]); (b) more. bonarst. best. fayk bona. 1 make good: do up (a room); touch up (a photograph). 2 [ankora] make well [again]: cure (fayking bona ankora, cure). fayk bonar. make something better: improve (fayk bonar wouniz drayjh, improve one’s clothes). lel bona enni wouniz lavz. take someone’s advice [well]: take well what someone says or said. o bona. well (introductory). tip bona. advise well: give good advice; see ben. [Pola., from It. “buona”, fem. form of “buono”. Baker also gives Lingua Franca “bona” (also Esperanto); cf., Roma. “boona”.]

bon/e 1 n. (pl. –ze). 1 bone°. 2 ([dha] bonze, always in pl.) one’s boyfriend. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -de; -ing gerund/pres. part.). have sex with: bone°. [Eng. slang listed in Baker.]

boneru adj. excellent, wonderful. [Pola., fr. “bona”, good; listed in Young.]

bonibelay* adj. worthy of being a partner in copulation

bonichude* n. (always in sing.). 1 (a) good[ness] (bonichude an kirtirvichude, good and evil); (b) niceness; (c) soundness, validity. 2 attraction. 3 advantage, profit. — lel dha bonichude auv. take advantage of

bonichudinosa* adj. advantageous, profitable

bonimento* n. (always in sing.). 1 (a) goodness (instance of); (b) niceness; (c) soundness, validity. 2 attraction. 3 advantage, profit

book/a* n. (pl. –ez). liver. [Roma. “booko”, “bucca”.]

booka-karnish* n. liver [cul.]

bool n. masculine female: bull. [Eng. slang listed in Baker, with wide gay usage that has entered the popular lexicon (“bull-dyke”, etc.); properly, not Pola.]

bor* 1 hedge. 2 fellow, comrade; see in nex. [Roma. “bau”, “baw”.]

bord*, dha n. (-z, always in pl.). (a) [the] stage or theatre; (b) the dance floor°. — auf/aun dha bordz. off/on stage; see slang. [Eng. theatrical slang; properly, not Pola.]

bori* adj. pregnant. [Roma. “bori”, the fem. form of “boro”, big (see boura), & is no doubt related to anything big or swollen (cited at some length in Borrow).]

borichude* n. pregnancy

bor-teer* n. hedgehog

botee/k 1 adj. pertaining to a shop or shopping. 2 n. (pl.x). (a) shop; (b) [any] place of business. 3 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.; –x 3rd pers.). to shop°. boteeking. shopping. boteeking cheet. the shopping (itself). boteek a dha boles. chemist’s [shop], pharmacy. boteek fa dha didel. off-license, bottle-shop, spirit shop. boteekeeni. small shop: kiosk. boteekoni. [department] store. — akt, fayk dha or orda bodeeking. do the or go shopping. [Eng./Fr. “boutique”, Sp. “bodega”, shop; cf., Roma. “buddigur” ; properly, not Pola.]

boteek-dives* = dives a dha boteek (which see, in dives). [Calqued on Roma. “buddigur divvus”, shop day.]

boteek-[h]omi* n. (fem.: boteek-dona/-pelone) shopkeeper

bouferil/a n. (pl. –ez). “buffarilla” [facet.]). [Gay slang, properly not Pola. but listed in Baker.]

boung* n. purse. [Cant.]

boura* adj. big, great, grand ([enni] boura gav, [any] big city). boura, boura. great big. Bouracombines with ns to indicate (a) nobility or greatness; (b) a greater version of; or (c) (of metals) an improved version of. [A.-Ind. “burra”, from Hind. “bara”; cf., Roma. “boro”.]

boura-beebee* n. grand lady: “grande dame”, extended to gay men who behave as such. [A.-Ind. Yule explained that “(‘burra-beebee’) is a kind of slang word applied in Anglo-Indian society to the lady who claims precedence at a party” (132).]

boura-besh-cheet* n. throne (boura-besh-cheet a dha rashi-[h]omi, pulpit)

boura-bauka* n. famine

bourachinga* n. war. boura-chingering. warring. boura-chingering omi. warrior. — akt or fayk boura-chinga. [make] war. akting or fayking boura-chinga. warfare.

boura-chovi* n. hall. boura-chovi fa dha boura-karnish. banquet hall

boura-dives* n. (a) festival [day] (boura-dives a dha houzbenarjhio, wedding [day]); (b) [= boura-dives a dha rashi] religious occasion, extended to esp. Christmas [Day] (where Boura-Dives takes a capital “B” & “D”.). [Roma. calqued on A.-Ind. “burra-din”.]

boura-drarma* n. opera

boura-drome* n. highway

boura-gav* n. [big] city

boura-gayj* n. quart. [Calqued on Roma. “boro coro”.]

boura-horki* n. bronze. — a [dha] boura-horki. bronze

boura-karnish* n. banquet. [Calqued on A.-Ind. “burra-khana”.]

boura-keyr* n headquarters (boura-keyr a dha charpering omiz, police headquarters; boura-keyr a dha kween a dha meyriz, the Vatican; boura-keyr a/fa dha Baula-chalz, basilica)

boura-kirtirva-kartzo* n. syphilis (suffered by a man)

boura-kirtirva-minj* n. syphilis (suffered by a woman)

boura-milzermb’une* n. history. — a dha boura-milzermb’une. historical

boura-milzermb’une-leik* adj. historic

boura-rei* n. lord. [Calqued on A.-Ind. “burra-sahib”.]

boura-sasta* n. steel. — a [dha] boura-sasta. steel

boura-worta* n. ocean

bourichud/e* n. (pl. –ze). size

bous* 1 n. 1 (a) prick, injection, puncture; (b) prickle, nettle, thistle, bramble, cactus. 2 barb, spur. 2 (a) intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to get a puncture: to blow out; (b) tr. v. to prick, inject, puncture. [Truncation of Roma. “busnis”, spurs, prickles; cf., Eng. “bust”.]

bout conj. but; see pero. [Eng.]

boy see dili-boy

Boyno! voc. Hello! (Boyno, barki!), Greetings! — palari boyno tu. say hello to: greet. [Pola.]

boynomento* n. (pl. –ze). greeting

brad n. 1 cost° (Soze dha brad aun dhis drayjh? How much does this suit cost?); see kap. 2 (-z, always in pl.). [ready] money, cash [in hand] (bradz in wouniz kik, cash in one’s pocket). brad fa dha vaygeri. fare. [Pola., from Cant., listed in Baker; cf., Eng. slang “bread”.]

brandi 1 n. posterior, backside, bum, arse[hole]. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to evacuate the bowels°: to defecate°, [take a] shit°. brandiing. defecation (brandiing keyreeni, public lavatory or toilet; brandiing lach, lavatory, toilet or loo [with a lock on it]). — Brandi! 1 Shit! 2 Arsehole! (equivalent to It. “Stronzo!”). leo aun dha brandi. lubricate the anus (often said as “put on the brandy”). tip dha brandi. perform anilingus: rim. tiping dha brandi. anilingus. [Cockney rhyming slang “brandy and rum”, i.e., bum, or “brandy glass”, i.e., arse, listed in Baker.]

brandi-cheet* n. (a) faeces, excrement, stool; (b) dung, turd (brandi-cheet a dha bugerlz, cow-dung); (c) manure, muck (brandi-cheet a dha greiz, horse manure). [Cockney rhyming slang “brandy”, conflated with A.-Ind. “bratty”, cakes of dry cow-dung.]

brandi-lach = (proposed) brandiing lach (which see, in brandi). [Pola.]

braunz* 1 adj. brown. 2 n. brown. [Eng. “bronze”; cf., It. “abbronzato”, tanned.]

braunzarjhio* n. (always in sing.). brownness

braunzetta* 1 adj. tanned (bona braunzetta mootzi, good [all-over] [sun]tan). 2 n. (a) [= omi or pelone a dha braunz reir] brunette; (b) [= omi or pelone a dha braunz mootzi] tanned person

brays* 1 adj. [pertaining to the] arm. 2 n. (pl. –iz). 1 arm [anat.]. 2 branch (all senses). — leo wouniz braysiz reon. put one’s arms around: embrace (all senses), hug. [Eng. “brace”, “embrace”.]

brayslit* n. 1 bracelet. 2 [hand]cuffs. — leo dha brayslitz aun. put handcuffs on: arrest. leo in brayslitz. put in handcuffs: arrest. [Eng. “bracelet”, listed in Chambers as a colloquial term for handcuffs; cf., “Betty Bracelet”, gay slang for the police, listed in Baker.]

brays-reon* n. embrace, hug

bru* n. 1 (pl. –ze). bang[ing noise], noise, sound. 2 excitement. — brude. excited (get brude). fayk a bru. make a noise or sound; see sheesh. [Truncation of Fr. “brouhaha”, fuss; cf., “bruit”, noise.]

brinjel* n. (always in sing.). eggplant, aubergine. [A.-Ind. “brinja(u)l”.]

bub/e* n. (pl. –ze). (a) acne, pimple; (b) pustule. — dha bube. the pox. [Cant, truncation from Eng. “bubonic”.]

bubi* adj. (a) pimply; (b) poxy

bubik* adj. bubonic

buge/l 1 adj. 1 bovine°. 2 dim- or slow-witted°. 2 n. 1 nose (better, eesaung, which see). 2 (pl. –rlz. oxen°, cattle°). ox°, (loosely) cow°; see aunk, eesaung. [Eng. “bugle”, originally, an ox or buffalo; cited at some length in Baker.]

bugel-omi* n. (fem.: bugel-pelone, dim- or slow-witted woman) dim- or slow-witted man

bugerlz-omi* n. (fem.: bugerlz-dona/-pelone) [cattle] farmer. [Patterned on Pola. “strilez-omi”.]

bul/a* 1 adj. beautiful (Ya Moudhez Bula Ken fa dha Dobi). 2 n. (pl. –ez) beauty (person). [Gayle “Beulah” (“Beaulah” in Cage); cf.,. It. “bella” (note that “Bella” means “violent” in Gayle).]

bulichude* n. (always in sing.). beauty (concept of: kween a dha bulichude, beauty queen)

b’utarjhio*, dha n. (always in sing.). trade, commerce

b’ut/e* n. (pl. –ze). job, employment (plenni b’utze, full employment). dha b’ute. work, labo[u]r. dha b’ute a dha nab. learning. fayk dha b’ute. work, labo[u]r. fayk dha b’ute a dha nab. learn (fayking omi or pelone a dha b’ute a dha nab, learner). fayking dha b’ute. working, labo[u]ring (fayking dha bugerlz-omiz/granermz-omiz b’ute, farming, farm-labo[u]ring). fayking dha b’ute a dha nab. learning. fayking omi or dona/pelone a dha b’ute. worker, workman, labo[u]rer. nanti b’ute. no work. orda ta dha b’ute. go to work. sanz [enni] b’ute. out of work, unemployed, jobless. tip a/dha b’ute tu. give a job to: employ. wouniz b’ute. one’s trade; see in fayk. [Roma. “booty”, work, conflated with Eng. “boot”; “dha b’ute a dha nab” is calqued on Rom. “sherro’s kairipen”.]

b’utee/k* 1 adj. small-scale and specialised: boutique. 2 n. (pl. –x) variant of boteek. [Fr.]

buvaray joc. variant, in mock Fr. pron., of buvari

buvari 1 n. drink. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to drink°. buvariing. [hard or serious] drinking. buvariing omi. (fem.: buvariing pelone) [hard] drinker, drunk[ard]; see bevvi. [Pola., from Fr. “buvable”, drinkable, “buveur”, drinker, deriving from “boire”, to drink, cognate with It. “bere”, to drink.]

buvaribelay* adj. drinkable. narda buvaribelay. undrinkable

chal* n. (a) inhabitant of (city or country); (b) adherent of (religion); (c) member of (society, race, etc.); (d) speaker of (language); see in relevant headword. Note that chal does not combine with other ns like -kove (which see). [Roma. “chal”, lad, son, fellow; Borrow (23) links this word with Scottish “chiel”, Old Eng. (or Byronic) “childe” & Russ. “chelovik” (i.e., “chelovyek”, human being), to which may be added the Pidgin or Creole “chile”. In a footnote in Lavengro, Borrow explains further: “Chal is simply the contraction of chavál, a form cognate with chavoró the diminutive of chavó, a lad” (xiii, n. 1). Hence “chal” and “chavi” are paronyms, though “chal” had not entered the Polari lexicon.]

cham* 1 adj. leather (cham kafiz, leather pants; cham lali-kouvez, chaparajos, chaps). 2 n. leather, hide. [Roma.; cf., Eng./Fr. “chamois”.]

char* 1 adj. [pertaining to] 1 tea. 2 grass. 3 (a) straw; (b) hay. 2 n. (rare in pl.). 1 tea (a berri a [dha]/bilaung char, a cup of tea). 2 grass. 3 (always in sing.). (a) straw; (b) hay. — fayk dha char. make hay [incl. fig.] (fayking a dha char, hay-making). [Cockney rendering of “cha”, rolled tea; cf., Roma. “chaw”, grass.]

char-dourel* 1 adj. [pertaining to or the colo(u)r of] strawberry (a dha char-dourel reir, strawberry blond[e]; omi or pelone a dha char-dourel reir, blond[e]). 2 n. stawberry

char-jala* adj. blond[e] (wood, etc.: a dha char-jala reir, blond[e]; omi or pelone a dha char-jala reir, blond[e]).

char-jaleretta* n. [= omi or pelone a dha char-jala reir] blond[e]

charl/a* 1 adj. gossipy. 2 n. (pl. –ez). gossip, tittle-tattle, mischief. 3 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to gossip, to make mischief (charla dha charla, make mischief). charlering. gossiping. charlering omi. (a) male gossip[-monger] or mischef-maker; (b) slut. charlering pelone. (a) female gossip[-monger] or mischef-maker; (b) slut. — fayk dha charla abeot. gossip about. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “ciarla”; cf., It. “ciambola”, slut, & “ciancia”, nonsense.]

charlibelay* adj. worthy of being gossiped about: juicy

char-peip* n. straw (for dink)

char-pisha* n. grasshopper

charnt 1 n. (a) song; (b) elegy°, eulogy°. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -id; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to sing (charnt a charnt/gili, sing a song). charnting. singing. charnting dona/pelone. female singer. charnting omi. male singer. [Eng./Pola.]

charntz* n. (pl. –iz). chance (all senses), opportunity. [Eng.]

charo* n. (rare pl. –ze). heaven, paradise. — charolik[el]. paradisiac[al]. [Roma. “charos”, “cheros”; cf., It “cielo”.]

charo-leik* adj. heavenly

charp/a intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed, sought; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to look for: to seek, search°. charpering. looking, seeking, searching° (charpering karsi. police station, Parly.; better, keyr a dha charpering omiz). charpering dona. female police officer: policewoman. charpering omi. police officer: policeman, constable (UK) (charpering omiz rooka, warrant). [Parly., from It “cercare”.]

charpimento* n. search

charv/a intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to copulate, to shag. charvering. copulating, shagging, sex. charvering cheet. rabbit [joc.]. charvering dona. harlot, prostitute, slut, whore. charvering omi. male prostitute. charvering with a poke. brachioproctic eroticism. [Parly.]

charvibelay* adj. worthy of being a partner in copulation. — narda charvibelay. not worth copulating with

charvichude* n. (always in sing.). 1 copulation. 2 prostitution

chat* 1 n. (dhaz, always in pl.). the gallows. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -id, hanged, hung; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to hang (all senses), to suspend. chating. hanging, suspension (chating moomliz, chandelier). chating omi. hangman; see troyn. [Cant.]

chauf/a* n. (pl. –ez). petticoat. [Roma. “chofa”.]

chaulo* 1 adj. whole. 2 adv. [= chaulomentay] wholly. 3 n. (dha, the) whole; see sor. [Roma. “chollo”.]

chaumeni* 1 adj. some (quantifiable, of objects, people, etc.). 2 n. thing (in grammatical sense). 3 pron. something. — enni chaumeni. anything. evri chaumeni. everything. nix chaumeni. nothing. Note that the Gipsy saying, “For every chomany there’s a lav in Romany” (“There’s a name in Gipsy for everything” [Borrow, 25]), is intelligible to Pola. speakers; see cheet, faykimento. [Roma. “chomany”.]

chaumeni-chaumeni* n. (a) thing[y], contraption; (b) what-d’you-call-it, what-you-may-call-it, thingummy[bob or -jig], whatsit; (b) what’s-his-name (what’s-her-name), what-d’you-call-him (what-d’you-call-her), thingummybob. — Hay, deeri chaumeni-chaumeni! Hey [you], what’s-your-name! [Reduplication of preceding.]

chaumeni-cheet* n. tool, instrument (chaumeni-cheet fa dha chining a dha pauv, plough)

chaumeni-cheetz-omi* n. tradesman. [Patterned on Pola. “strilez-omi”.]

chavi n. (pl. –z. children). child, kid. [Parly., from Roma. “cha(u)vo”; cf., the British phenomenon of “Chavs” (known in Australia as “Bogans”), satirised in Catherine Tate’s “Am I bovvered?” character, “Lauren”; see in “Vaf!” for further information.]

chavichude* n. childhood

cheet n. 1 thing. 2 unbound suff., usually governed by a pres. part., denoting a close relationship to (a) animals (usually in combination with the present participle: kakeling cheet); (b) plants (pauv-cheet); or (c) things (rateling cheet). cheeteeni. little or small thing (usually in combination). cheetoni. big or large thing (usually in combination). Cheet is used much more frequently in Pola. than “thing” is in Eng. (much as “mono” is in Jap.). Note that cheet ishyphened when used to form a n. compound (pauv-cheet), except when governed by a pres. part. [Pola., undoubtedly from Roma. & Cant, most often spelled “cheat”; cf., Pers. “chíz”, thing.]

cheim* n. 1 time (all senses: hav a bona cheim, have a good time). 2 season. cheim a dha reirz a dha larda. puberty. cheim(z) [a dha mauntrell]. (a) hour; (b) o’clock (dui cheimz, two hours [see below]: dui cheimz [a dha mauntrell], two o’clock; tray cheimz in dha nauchi ann a medza, half past three in the morning; a kwordza tu chinka cheimz in dha sarla, a quarter to five in the evening). — a noudha cheim. another time: once; ’una cheim. one time: once; dui cheimz. two times: twice; tray cheimz. three times: thrice, etc.; see dives, nauchi, sarla, sorlo; see in besh & moulti. [Harlem Jive, from Eng. “chime”, conflated with “time”.]

cheiv* 1 n. fling (all senses), throw. cheiveeni. flick (cheiveeni a dha ris). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to fling, to throw (cheiv a loulebei-cheet in hir lettileeni, rock a baby in his or her cradle). cheiv a dha worta. fountain, spring. — cheiv alay. fling or throw down. cheiv dha lil a dha liliz att. throw the book at: charge. cheiv oup. throw up (cheiv oup dha veerra, throw up, vomit, spew), bring up (cheiv oup wouniz namyari, bring up one’s dinner). cheiveeni auf. flick off. [Roma. “chiv(a)”, “chive”.]

chemmi n. (a) variant of kameesa (which see); (b) tunic°. — chemmi fa dha nauchi see kameesa fa dha nauchi, in kameesa. [Parly., corruption of Eng. “commission”.]

cherri n. virginity (esp. of male). [Eng. slang “cherry”, listed in Chambers as well as Baker, with its extended meaning.]

cherrichude* pleon. n. virginity

cherrichudinosa* pleon. n. virginal

cherri-kween n. gay man with a penchant for virgins. [Gay slang, properly not Pola. but listed in Baker.]

cherri-[h]omi* n. (fem.: cherri-pelone) virgin

chike/l* n. (pl. –rlz). bird (chikerlz fart, bird’s egg; chikel a dha nauchi, nightingale). chikeleeni. little bird. chikeloni. big bird: esp. bird of prey. [Roma. “chericlo”, “chiriclo”; cf., Eng. “chick(en)”.]

chin* 1 n. cut. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to cut, to chisel (chin dha kaush, cut the stick, a common Roma. phrase which Borrow explains is due to the fact that making pegs and skewers was a “grand employment of the Gypsy fellows in the neighbourhood of London”[24]; how and if it develops in Pola. remains to be seen; chin enni wouniz kirlo, cut someone’s throat; chin dha pauv, plough [the earth]). — chin alay. cut down. chin auf. cut off. [Roma. “chin(a)”.]

chin-cheet* n. chisel

ching/a* 1 adj. fight. 2 n. (pl.ez). (a) fight; (b) (i) battle; (ii) = boura-chinga (which see). 3 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to fight. chinga a dha lavz. war of words. chingering. fighting. chingering omi. (fem.: chingering dona/pelone) fighter, soldier, trooper (chingering omiz [an donez], troops: pich [auf] jent chingering omiz, send [off] or despatch 100 troops). [Roma. “ching”, “chingaro”, fight; Borrow derives this word from Sanskrit “sangara”, fight, battle.]

chingichude* n. (always in sing.). strife, war

chingichudinosa* adj. strife-ridden, war-torn

chinka num. five. chinkito. fifth. chinkitomentay. fifthly. — chinka laung deja. fifty. chinka laung dejito. fiftieth. chinka laung lepta. fifteen. chinka laung leptito. fifteenth. [Parly., from It. “cinque”; cf., Eng. “cinque”, the figure five, as on dice.]

chinkito see in chinka

chintz* n. (pl. –iz, lice). louse (chintziz a dha larda, pubic lice: crabs). [A.-Ind. “chinch”, “chints”.]

chintzosa* adj. lousy (all senses)

chirto 1 adj. certain, sure. 2 adv. [= chirtomentay] certainly, surely. 3 n. certainty. — Chirto! 1 Of course! 2 I’m certain or sure! (Chirto u leld hir. I’m sure you took it.). [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “certo”.]

chivi* 1 n. chase, pursuit. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to chase, to pursue. — chivi arfta. chase after, pursue. [Eng. “chevy”, “chiv(v)y”.]

choomb/a* n. (pl. –ez). hill. choombereeni. hillock, mound, bank, embankment. choomberoni. mountain. [Roma. “chumba”, “chong”.]

choong/a* 1 n. (always in sing.). spit, phlegm. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to spit (choonga hir erbree dha varda-hev, spit one out the window). [Roma. “chungarava”, “chungra”.]

chovi n. room. [Pola.]

-chud/e* n. suff. (pl. -ze; n.-forming with adjs) denoting (a) the state of being: -ery, -hood, -tude (e.g., been-kovichude, youth); (b) fulness (chingichude); see Morphology, above. [Eng., Fr., etc.]

-chudinosa* adj. suff. (formed from “-chude” words) denoting (a) a state of being (omichudinosa); (b) abundance (in positive or negative sense): -tudinous (chingichudinosa). Morphology as forchude. [Mock It., patterned on Pola. “fantabulosa”.]

chun/e* n. (pl. –ze). moon. [Roma. “choon”, moon; Borrow compares “choon” with Sanskrit “chandra”.]

chune-glima* n. (always in sing.). moonlight

chur/e* 1 n. theft. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -de; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to steal, to thieve. churde cheet[z]. stolen good[s]. churing. stealing, thieving. churing a dha bugerlz. cattle-stealing or -rustling. churing a dha feeli-[h]omi[z]. cradle-snatching. churing a dha grei[z]. 1 horse-stealing or -rustling. 2 by extension (after all, horse-stealing is not very gay!), stealing someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend. churing omi. (fem.: churing dona/pelone) thief. churing omi a dha feeli-[h]omi[z]. (fem.: churing dona/pelone a dha feeli-[h]omi[z]) cradle snatcher. churing omi a dha grei[z]. (fem.: churing dona/pelone a dha grei[z]) 1 horse-thief. 2 by extension, someone who steals someone else’s boyfriend or girlfriend; see lure, sharpa. [Roma. “chore”, which Borrow derives from San. “chur” (seen in Indon. “(men)curi”, to steal); cf., Fr. colloquialism “choure”, theft.]

churing1 adj. enigmatic. — churing cheet. enigmtic thing: enigma. churing omi. (fem.: eemaging pelone) enigmatic man or (fem.) woman: enigma. (Baudelaire: Nel, churing hart-fays, h’uze ya dadi? “Say, enigma, who do you love?”) [In homage to Alan Turing, gay cryptographer.]

churing2 see in chure

chute* n. (always in sing.). vinegar. [Rom. “choot”, “chute”; cf., Indon. “cuka”.]

-d p. part./t. -ed; see Morphology, above. [Eng. “-ed”; “d” or “t” alone is commonly found in Cant, but homage is paid here to Robert Duncan’s Black Mountain orthography, as found in his poetry & other poets’ of his generation.]

da variant of dha; see in narda. [Eng. slang, esp. in graffiti, gangsta rap, etc.]

dad, dadi* n. 1 (a) father, dad[dy]; (b) man — sometimes a woman — who assumes a paternal or mentoring rôle, especially in sadomasochistic contexts. 2 (a) male lover; (b) older (dominant) gay man. — H’uze ya dadi? Whom do you love? Dad takes a capital “D” as a term of address (Dad an Martha; Baudelaire: Nix aseo Dad or Martha ya moudha haz, nix aseo an artha or a sorella. “I have neither father nor mother, brother nor sister”). [Eng.; cf., Roma. “dad(o)”, that extends to the Holy Father; listed in Baker, though properly not Pola.]

dafi 1 adj. drunk on gin. 2 n. (a) gin° (dafi an fizi akwa, gin and tonic); (b) martini°. [Pol.; Baker derives this from Daffy’s Elixir, a medication given to children, to which, reputedly, gin was often added.]

dali adj. sweet, kind. [Pola.]

damb/a* n. (pl. –ez). rascal. [Cant.]

darntz/a* n. (pl. –ez). stair[case]. — alay dha darntzez. downstairs. — oup dha darntzez. upstairs. [Cant “dancer”.]

dash 1 n. (always in sing.). haste°, rush°, hurry°. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -t, hurried; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to leave quickly: dash [off]°, rush [off]°, hurry°. dashing cheet. mouse. dashing cheetoni. rat. — dash auf. dash off. Dash erbree! Run for your life! dash oup. jump [up], to leap [up], to spring [up]. fayk dash. make haste: hasten; see skarpa. [Eng. slang, listed in Baker; cf., Roma. “nash”, run. Although not listed in Chambers, it is commonly heard in Aust. colloquial Eng.; properly, not Pola.]

dashi* adj. hasty

dash-oup* n. jump, leap, spring

daulchay* adj. soft (all senses), tender. — narda daulchay. hard; tough. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “dolce”.]

dauli1 1 adj. (a) attractive (esp. of women); (b) smart[ly dressed]. 2 n. 1 affair°, business°, matter°, thing°, item°. 2 subject°, theme°, topic°, question° (Tu bee or nix tu bee, dhatz dha dauli. To be or not to be, that is the question.). 3 camp, world-weary older man. 4 term of address: dear. fa dhat dauli. for that matter. Nix mei dauli! Never mind! It doesn’t matter!; cf., deer. [Pola., from Eng. “Dolly”, i.e., Dorothy; cited at some length in Baker, quoting a further meaning of “dolly” as “penis”, from a dictionary by Bruce Rodgers of US gay slang.]

dauli2* n. fruit basket (esp. as gift). [A.-Ind. “dolly”, from Hind. “dâlî”, “a complimentary offering of fruit” (Yule, 322), listed in Chambers.]

dauli-daumesti/k n. (pl. –x). gay man settled in a long-term relationship: long-term or long-time companion. [Hybrid word: Pola. “dauli” & Eng. “domestic”, gay slang listed in Baker; properly, not Pola.]

dauli-daumestik-leik* adj. long-term, long-time

daulimento* n. (always in sing.). importance

daumarjhio* n. (pl. –ze). pity, compassion. — sanz daumarjhio. lacking compassion: pitiless. [Mock Italianised pronunciation of Fr. “dommage”.]

daus* 1 adj./adv. back (all senses except n. [i.e., anat.; which see, palias]). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). 1 to support: to back (a winner, etc.). 2 to reverse, back. dausing. backing, support. — daus alay. back down. daus aun tu. back on to; see in ankora, shayk. [Corruption of It. “dosso”.]

daus-pauv* 1 adj. background. 2 n. background. — in dha daus-pauv. in the background

daycha num. ten. daychito. tenth. daychitomentay. tenthly; see deja. [Parly., from It. “dieci”; cf., Roma. “des(c)h”.]

Daycha-chune* n. December. [daycha + Roma. “choon”, moon.]

daychito see in daycha

dee1 n. letter D (dee). [Eng.]

dee-2 pref. marking the undoing or reversal of: de-, un-. [Eng.]

deedrayjh* tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to undress. — get deedrayjhd. get undressed. [dee + “drayjh”.]

deefach/a* intr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). (of men or women) to take off or remove [one’s] make-up. [dee + Pola. “facha”, calqued on Fr. “démaquiller”, to remove the make-up from.]

deeginimento* n. (pl. –ze). discount. — fayk dha deeginimento aun. discount

deek tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) to observe, to notice; (b) to get°, to understand°; (c) to find out°, to ascertain°, to see°. Ya moudha deex! I get it! [Pola., listed in Young, from Roma. “dic(o)”; cf., Eng. slang “dig”; see dik1.]

deekibelay* adj. noticeable

deekrarfni* tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to unbutton or unfasten. [dee + “krarfni”.]

deelati* intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to move [out], to shift [away]; see reelati. [dee + “lati”.]

deen/a n. (pl. –ez). shilling [hist.]; cf., beeyoni. [Pola., from Cant “deaner”. Yule writes that “(i)t seems doubtful whether it comes from the Italian danaro or the Arabic dinar … both eventually derived from the Latin denarius” (301).]

deenerosa* adj. moneyed, rich, wealthy. [From above; cf., It. “danaroso”.]

deer[i] 1 adj. dear, darling°. 2 n. (a) darling°, sweetheart°; (b) term of address: dear[ie]. [Eng. “dear” or colloquial “dearie”, used widely in gay circles & listed in Baker; cf., Borrow for use of “dearie” by Eng. gipsies. Baker mentions deer may be used patronisingly or when the speaker has forgotten or does not know the name of the person addressed; see in chaumeni-chaumeni.]

deeshend/a* intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to descend, to go down, to get [down] off (horse, bus), get out of (car). [dee + “shenda”, a corruption of It. “scendere”, to ascend.]

deja num. 1 ten (obs. variant of daycha). 2 see in laung1 (dui laung deja, 20; kworta laung deja-setta, 47; auta laung deja-auta, 88, etc.). dejito. ordinal marker for the “tens” (dui laung dejito, 20th). Hyphens link the final number to deja. [Parly., a corruption of It. “dieci”; cf., Roma. “des(c)h”.]

deorri, a adv. (a) a lot (of things: Dhatz a deorri. That’s a lot); (b) (loosely) a lot: much (a deorri a brad, a fortune; a deorri a parni, a lot of rain). [Eng. “dowry”.]

dha def. art. the. Note that dha is used much more often in Pola., in a redundant sense. [Eng.]

dhan conj. than. [Eng.; cf., Roma. “denne”.]

dhat adv.; conj.; dem. adj.; dem. pron.; rel. pron. that. — dhat ayjax. yonder. [Eng.; “dhat ayjax” is calqued on Roma. dov-odoy, lit. “that there”.]

dhay pron. they. [Eng.]

dhee1 def. art. variant of dha, used (a) before ns beginning with a V or (b) as an intensifier. [Eng.]

dhee2 pl. dem. adj.; dem. pron. (-z, always in pl.). these. [Eng.]

dhem poss. adj. them. — dhem self. themselves. [Eng.]

dheyr poss. adj. their. dheyrz. theirs. [Eng.]

dhis dem. adj.; dem. pron. this; see in arfta-medza, dives, nauchi, sarla. [Eng.]

dho1 pl. dem. adj.; dem. pron. (-ze, always in pl.). those. [Eng.]

dho2 short for sor-dho (which see)

did see in du

dide/l 1 adj. [pertaining to] gin or the sale of gin. 2 n. (a) (rare pl. –rlz) gin; (b) by extension, [any] [hard] liquor, alcohol or spirits, esp. vodka°. [Pola.]

didel-cheet* n. bottle. didel-cheetid. bottled. didel-cheet a dha pap. bottle of milk. didel-cheet fa dha pap. milk bottle. — leo in dha didel-cheet. bottle

didel-cheet-virdi* adj. bottle-green

didel-kove n. gin-seller. [Pola.]

dik1* intr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to look, to appear (dik bona, look good; dik peersi, look well). — dik leik. look like: resemble. [Roma. “dic(o)”.]

dik2* 1 n. 1 worry, bother. 2 impotence. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to worry, to bother. dikt. 1 worried, bothered (dik dikt, look worried). 2 impotent, limp (dikt bagaja). diking. worrying. [A.-Ind. “dikk”; Yule writes that “dikk” is “what the Italians call seccatura” (317); the 2nd meaning comes from Eng. “dick”.]

diki 1 adj. casual°, part-time° or temporary°. 2 n. casual°, part-time° or temporary work (akt diki, work casual or part-time). [Pola.]

dikimento* n. (pl. –ze). look, image. [Calqued on Roma. “dikkipen”.]

dilay 1 n. delay, lateness, hold-up. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to make late: to delay, to hold up. — bee dilayd. be delayed, be late, be held up. [Eng.]

Dili[, dha] n. Piccadilly Circus (in London, once a popular place for Polari-speaking male prostitutes to ply their trade). [Eng.]

dili-boy n. male prostitute, rent[-boy] (esp. Polari-speaking, who plied their trade in Piccadilly Circus); cf., charvering omi, in charva, reeta, rent. [Eng. abbreviation of “Piccadilly” + “boy”, used in UK gay slang & listed in Baker; properly, not Pola.]

dilud/e* tr. v. (pp./p. t. -id; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to disappoint. [Eng. “delude”; cf., It. “deludere”, disappoint.]

Diminj* n. Sunday. [Anglicised pronunciation of Fr. “dimanche”, jocularly conflated with Eng. slang “minge” (i.e., never on Sundays); cf., Cat. “diumenge”.]

dinarli 1 n. (always in sing.). money (nanti dinarli in dha kix, no money on one [lit., in one’s pocket]). 2 infin. v. to have [any or some] money (nanti dinarli, to have no money, not to have any money). As an infin., dinarli is not conjugated. [Eng. “dinar”, an Arab coin, It. “denaro”, money, etc., ultimately deriving from Lat. “denarius”. Baker lists this word as a noun, presumably because of its etymology, but I feel this would be to ignore its li verbal ending. However, this is not to deny that dinarli may have been — and is still — used by Pola. speakers in a nominative sense.]

dinj adj. of colo[u]r: black (esp. in terms of “race”: dha Dinj Temz, Africa > a dha/bilaung [dha] Dinj Temz, African; a lingo bilaung [dha] Dinj Temz, an African language; [omi-/pelone-]chal bilaung [dha] Dinj Temz, African); cf., shvartza. [Pola.]

dinj-kween n. gay man sexually attracted to men of colo[u]r. [Pola.]

dir* adj./adv. far. dirar. farther, further. [Roma. “dur(ro)”.]

dir-varda-cheet* n. [= dir-vardering vakarya] telescope. [Calqued on Roma. “dur-dicki-mengri”, lit., far-seeing thing.]

dish n. 1 anus, arse[hole]; cf., arris, baux, brandi, h’upe. 2 [gramophone] record°, disc° or [compact or computer] disk° (CD). — leo aun dha dish. lubricate the anus (often said as “put on the dish”). playt enni wouniz dish. perform anilingus. [Pola., from Eng.]

dish-fayk see h’upe-fayk

dives* n. (pl. –iz). day. dives a/fa dha boteek. shopping-day. — dhis dives. today. lars dives. yesterday (dha lars dives, the day before). nex dives. tomorrow (dha nex dives, the next day, the day after; dha nex dives arfta nex dives, the day after tomorrow). divesiz. daily (divesiz panem, daily bread). dheez divesiz. these days: nowadays. dhis divesiz. up-to-date: current. in dha dives. post meridiem: p.m. (used for afternoon hours 1–4; otherwise, use “in the sarla”). [Roma. “divvus”, day; Borrow compares “divvus” with Sanskrit “divasa”; cf., Lat. “dies”; the 1st syllable is echoed in the days of the week.]

dizein* 1 n. design, plan. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to design, to plan. [Eng. “design”; cf., It. “disegno”.]

dizi adj. scatter-brained, dizzy. [Eng. “dizzy” as silly is used colloquially in gay circles; although it is listed in Baker, it is not, properly, Pola.]

dobi[, dha] 1 n. washing, laundry. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to wash (clothes or hair); see lavari. [Eng. “dhobi”, Indian washerman, from Hind. (cf., A.-Ind. “dobie”); Baker derives its Pola. usage from nautical slang.]

dobi-dona* n. washer-woman: laundress

don/a n. (pl. –ez). (a) woman (esp. in terms of function or position, often used in compounds or n. phrases, or after the gerund°; see omi), mistress° (all senses: dona a dha letti, mistress — a pun on “dona a dha lati”); (b) with capital “D”, honorific: Miss, Mrs or Ms; see in lati, omi. [Poly., from It. “donna”, listed in Chambers (as “dona” or “donah”, sweatheart, a corruption of Sp. Doña or It. donna) as well as Baker.]

dook/a* 1 n. 1 hurt, ache; pain (dooka in dha brandi). 2 fortune, luck (bona/kaud dooka, good/bad luck). 3 fascination, charm. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t., -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). 1 to hurt, to ache. 2 to tell fortunes. 3 (a) to bewitch; (b) to fascinate (all senses), to entrance, to charm. dooked. (a) bewitched, charmed (all senses); (b) fascinated, entranced. dookering. 1 hurting, aching. 2 fortune-telling. 3 fascinating, entrancing, charming, alluring. dookering dona/pelone. (masc.: dookering omi) fortune-teller. dooka a dha nab. headache. dooka a dha nel[li]. earache. dooka a dha palias. back ache or pain. [Roma. “dook(a)”, “duke”, “dukker”; Borrow traces this word back to Sanskrit “duhkha”, pain (as evidenced in Indon. “duka”, grief, sorrow), & compares it with Heb. “dui (languor, deadly faintness)” (30).]

dooka-cheet* n. bait, lure (dooka-cheet pir a shwar, honey-trap). — leo a dooka-cheet aun. bait (hook), lure (person). [Patterned on Fr. homonyms “appas”, charms, & “appât”, bait.]

dookichud/e* n. (pl. –ze). charm

dori* 1 n. thread. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t., -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to thread (dori a sayn, thread a needle), to wind. [Roma.]

dorke/s 1 adj. caring°. 2 n. (pl. –iz). term of endearment: caring person. 3 intr. v. (pp./p. t., -rst; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to care. — dorkes for. 1 care for, look after. 2 groom. nix dorkes a klevvi. [could] not care less, [could] not care a fig, [could] not give a damn. [Pola., derived from The Dorcas Society, 19th-century a ladies’ church association, according to Baker.]

dorkes-kove* n. (a) person who looks after (horse, etc.: dorkes-kove a dha greiz, groom); (b) caring person

dorkessichude* n. (always in sing.). care

doube/l1 1 adj./adv. double. 2 n. (pl. –rlz). double (all senses). — doubel-nodode. double-jointed; see in u1. [Eng.]

doube/l2* n. (pl. –rlz). god. — tu dha Douberlz bennichude. thank goodness or God; see Sweet-Doubel. [Roma. “devel”, “dibble”, “dovvel”, “dubbel”; cf., Eng. “double”, as in one’s wraith or apparition (Chambers), reflected in Ger. Doppelgänger.]

doubel-leik* adj. 1 godlike. 2 holy, divine

douches n. (pl. –iz). (a) rich gay man; (b) gay man with grandiose pretensions. [Pola.]

douches-leik* adj. 1 upperclass (dha douches-leik foxe, the upperclass). 2 grandiose

douki n. term of address or endearment: ducky; see deeri. [Eng. “ducky”, listed in Chambers as well as Baker, is an Eng. colloquialism used widely in gay circles.]

doup* 1 n. entry, entrance. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t., -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to enter. douping. entry. [Cant.]

dourel* 1 adj. pertaining to a berry 2 n. berry. doureloni. plum (doureloni g’u, plum pudding). [Roma. “durril”.]

dousek* n. (a) hand-clapping or (b) snapping one’s fingers to attract attention. — fayk dha dousek. (a) clap one’s hands [to attract attention]; (b) snap one’s fingers. [A.-Ind. “dustuck”.]

drab1 n. (always in sing.). clothing a drag-king, drag-queen or cross-dresser wears that is applicable to his or her birth gender (opposite of drag). — aun drab. in such a state. [Gay slang listed in Baker; “en drabbe” is mock Fr.]

drab2 1 n. 1 poison. 2 (a) medicine (drab a dha boles, pharmacist medicine); (b) drug. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). 1 to poison. 2 (a) to medicate; (b) to drug. drabd. 1 poisoned. 2 (a) medicated; (b) drugged, addicted (drabd omi/pelone, drugged man/woman or [drug] addict). drab a dha sarp[s]. snake poison: venom. [Roma. “drab”, “drav”.]

drab-dikt* adj. having a crystal dick

drab-diktichude* n. crystal dick

drab-leik* adj. poisonous, venomous [fig.]

drabosa* adj. poisonous, venomous

drag see drayjh; dha fool drag see in drayjh

drag-kween see drayjh-kween

drarm/a* n. (a) play; (b) (always in sing.). drama. — drarmik. dramatic (all senses). [Eng. “drama”, It. “dramma”, from Gr.]

drayjh 1 n. (always in sing.). (a) clothes or clothing: one’s dress°; see jhoojh; (b) (i) costume°; (ii) drag: i.e., clothing typically worn by one gender then worn by the other, for various reasons, including gender-bender, psychological or sexual ones (“Wouni iz nasht plenni aybrem, pero arfta dhat evri chaumeni iz drayjh.” [RuPaul] “You’re born naked and everything you put on after that is drag.”); see reerl; (c) suit [of clothes]. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) to put on: to wear (clothes, shoes, jewellery, etc.). drayj a/fa dha letti. pajamas. drayjh fa dha leedo. bathing costume, suit or trunks: bathers. dha fool drayjh. having dressed oneself completely in women’s clothes: the full drag. — drayjh oup. (a) dress up (kaudimentay drayjhd oup); (b) wear women’s clothes: drag up. lel [enni] wouniz drayjh auf. take [some]one’s clothes off. [Eng. slang “drag” (cf., “rag”), in mock Fr. pronunciation with typical long V change, to rhyme facetiously with “beige”; cf., Harlem Jive “drape”, suit of clothes, dress, costume. Listed in Baker & Chambers: “(the wearing of) transvestite clothing, now usu. women’s dress worn by a man, or a form of entertainment involving this (slang; also adj.): a homosexuals’ party” (429).]

drayjh-kween* n. drag-queen. [Eng. slang, listed in Chambers as well as Baker, but given the Polari “treatment”; Chambers merely gives “a homosexual who likes wearing women’s clothes” (429).]

drayjh-oup* n. clothes: get-up; see dres-oup

dreer 1 adj. dreary. 2 n. dreary person. 3 intr. v. (pp./p. t., -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to behave in a dreary manner. [Backformation listed in Young, from Eng. “dreary”, as found in gay slang, where devising extra parts of speech is typical; properly, not Pola.]

drei adj. 1 left (drei marteeni, left hand); see [in] lapa, sweet. 2 sinister. [Eng. “dry”; (“dry martini” is an example of obfuscating meaning).]

drei-doubel* n. (a) devil; (b) with init. cap., Satan. — a dha Drei-Doubel. Satanic (Dha Virsiz a dha Drei-Doubel)

drei-doubel-leik* n. devilish

dres-oup 1 adj. tragic° (all senses, esp. facet.). 2 n. (pl. -s). 1 tragic (i.e., badly made-up) drag-queen (dres-oups nav, drag-queen name). 2 tragedy° [esp. facet.]. [Pola./Eng.]

droge/l n. (pl. –rlz). dress; see frauk. [Pola., perhaps derived from “drogue”, a wind-sock or sleeve, or “droguet”, a kind of dress fabric, influenced by “drag”.]

drole* adj. funny, amusing, drole, droll. — tray drole. hilarious. [Eng.]

drom/e* 1 n. (pl. –ze). 1 street, road, way. 2 trace. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t., -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). 1 to track, to trace. 2 to follow. 3 to draw, to sketch (drome a droming, draw a drawing: sketch). drome a dha boura troundeling cheet[z]. railway[-line(s)]. drome fa dha skarpering greiz. race-course, race-track, the track. drome fa dha skarpering velloze. velodrome. dromeeni. course, track, trail. [Roma. “drom”; cf., Eng. “drome”, “dromos”; the second meaning is taken from Roma. “slom”, & the third meaning is conflated with Eng. “draw”.]

du tr. v. (pp./p. t., did or -de; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to do, used in the v. phrase do a tirn (which see, under tirn); otherwise, is used as a grammatical part. (So did moudha fayk?); see in akt & fayk. [Eng.]

dube see dubi

dubi n. 1 pill, tablet (shoumf a dubi, take a pill or tablet). 2 marijuana cigarette: joint (voge dha dubi, smoke a joint). [Pola., from US slang.]

dud/e* 1 adj. [pertaining to a] star: stellar. 2 n. (pl. –ze). star (all senses). [Roma. “dude”, moon, light, “dudee”, light, star.]

dude-bar* n. diamond (“Dude-barz ar a pelonze bonarst kove”). — a [dha] dude-bar. diamond (mauntrell a [dha] dude-bar, diamond watch). [Roma. “dude-bar”; cf., the Kohinor diamond, lit., “mountain of light”.]

dude-glima* n. starlight

dui num. two. duito. second. duitomentay. secondly. — dui laung deja. twenty (dui laung deja-tray, twenty-three; in wouniz dui laung dejez, in one’s twenties). dui laung dejito. twentieth. dui laung lepta. twelve. dui laung leptito. twelfth. [Parly., from It. “due”; cf., Eng. “deuce”.]

duipref. forming (a) two in composition: bi-, di-; & (b) compounds for coupled items. [Patterned on Roma. “duidas” (which see, in etymology for dui-tas).]

dui-baj-martha* n. grandparent

dui-barberell/a* n. (rare pl. –ez, beards and moustaches). beard and moustache

dui-dad* n. mother and father (or two fathers, as the case may be): parent

dui-martha* n. mother and father (or two mothers, as the case may be): parent

dui-eefin/k* n. (pl. –x, knives and forks). knife and fork

dui-graumena* n. (always in sing.). thunder and lightning

dui-hule* n. cross. — a [dha] dui-hulze. (a) cross (drome a [dha] dui-hulze, crossroad, intersection); (b) two-pronged (atak a dha dui-hulze, two-pronged attack).

dui-houzbe/n* n. (pl. –rnz). (a) husband and wife; (b) bride and groom

dui-laun* n. (always in sing.). salt and pepper

dui-sayma* n. 1 twosome, couple. 2 pair (of two items: a dui-sayma a moomli-kaushiz). — dha dui-sayma auv. a couple of; see ’una-sayma

dui-sayn* n. (always in sing.). needle and thread

dui-tas* n. (pl. –iz, cups and saucers). cup and saucer. [Roma. “dou dass”, “duidas”, “duitas”.]

duito see in dui

-ed see -d

ee n. letter E. [Eng.]

eefin/k 1 n. (pl. -x). knife (esp. as cutlery: fayking omi/pelone a dhee eefinx, cutler). eefinkeeni. pocket-knife. eefinkoni. large knife: cleaver [fa dha karnish]. 2 v. (pp./p. t. -kt; -king gerund/pres. part.; –x 3rd pers.) to knife. [Pola., from Eng. backslang.]

ee/k n. (pl. -x). face. — a dhee eek. facial. dha fool eek. having make-up on; see m’ui. [Pola., from Eng. backslang. Baker illustrates its meaning by quoting Lee Sutton’s gay nightclub version of “Baby Face”: “Bona eke, you’ve got the campest little bona eke / And when you vada me it leaves me weak, bona eke / My heart stops a racket every time I see your packet” (26).]

eekaf 1 n. (pl. -s). (a) (i) portrait° (medza eekaf, portrait from the waist up), profile° (all senses, including seid-eekaf [which see]); (ii) photo[graph]°, picture°, snapshot°; (b) variant of eek (which see). eekaf a dha m’ui. mugshot. fayk an eekaf. (a) do a portrait; (b) take a picture or photo[graph]. [Pola., from Eng. backslang; it has been given extended meaning, for it is less known than eek, which see.]

eekafibelay* adj. (a) portrayable, describable; (b) photogenic, photographable. narda eekafibelay. (a) indescribable; (b) unphotogenic, unphotographable

eemag 1 n. (a) game; (b) sport°. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) to play a game; (b) to play sport. eemag a dha bati-poking. boxing. eemag a dha koul[z]. 1 ball-game: football, soccer. eemag av dha lavz. play on words: pun. 2 ball-work (in sex play). eemageeni. little game. eemaging omi. (fem.: eemaging pelone) player, sportsman or (fem.) -woman (eemaging omi a dha bati-poking, boxer; eemaging omi a dha koulz, footballer). [Pola., from Eng. backslang.]

-eeni* n. suff. marking the diminutive form for adjs or ns; see in Etymology inetta; see Morphology, above. [Corruption of It. “-ino”.]

eer-fay/k n. (pl. -x) see nelli-fayk. [Hybrid word: Eng. “ear” & Pola. “fayk”, patterned on Pola. “nelli-fayk”.]

eesaung n. nose. eesaungeeni. little nose (beejhu betti eesaungeeni, cute little nose: button-nose). eesaungoni. big nose: conch. [Pola., from Eng. backslang.]

eesaung-fay/k* n. (pl. –x). nose ring. [Patterned on Pola. “nelli-fayk”, earring.]

ef n. (pl. -s). letter F (ef). [Eng.]

ei1 n. letter I. [Eng.]

ei2* part. there is or are (Ei drabosa sarps in Tem bilaung Skip. There are venomous snakes in Australia). — ei wood be/eid be. there would be/there’d be. nix ei. there is or are not; see ekkoze, nei. [Backformation from Roma. “nai (hi)”, there is or are not.]

Ein n. London. — bilaung Ein. London ([omi-/pelone-]chal bilaung Ein, Londoner). [Pola., listed in Baker, perhaps from Germ. “ein(s)”, one, used as in Neo-Melan. “namba wan”.]

eirris adj. irritated, annoyed. — eirris-lagd. annoyed, pissed off. fayk wouniz eirris. to irritate, to annoy (fayk wouniz eirris ta dhee aultrantz, annoy the hell out of someone). fayking wouniz eirris. irritating, annoying. [Gayle.]

eivi 1 n. rim°. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.; more usual as the v. phrase tip dhee eivi). to perform anilingus on: to rim. eiviing* = tiping dhee eivi. rimming. [Gay slang, properly not Pola. but listed in Baker.]

ekkoze* adv. (a) (i) here is or are; (ii) here goes (Ekkoze ya moudha! Here I am! Here I go!); (b) (i) there is or are; (ii) there goes (Ekkoze u ar! There you are! There you go!). — Ekkoze! Behold! (Ekkoze dha homi!/dhee omi! Behold the man!). [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “ecco”, conflated with Eng. “goes”.]

el n. letter L (el). [Eng.]

el-em-o! see Allemo!

em n. letter M (em). [Eng.]

emm/a adj. embarrassed (bee deepimentay emma, be ashamed). emmering. embarrassing. [Gayle “Emma”, originally embarrassing.]

emmichude* n. embarrassment (deep emmichude, shame: fayk dha emmichude tu, embarrass someone; fayk dha deep emmichude tu, shame someone)

en n. letter N (en). [Eng.]

eng* 1 n. itch. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to itch. [Roma. “eange”.]

engi* adj. itchy (engi eesaung, itchy nose). [Preceding.]

enni adj. (a) any; (b) some (unquantifiable, of liquid, food, etc.); see in asarles, chaumeni, wouni. [Eng.]

enni-heo* adv. anyhow, anyway (as introductory matter). [Eng.]

en-tee-bee-[h]aych adj. (a) unavailable [for sex]; (b) ugly. [Gay slang acronym for “Not To Be Had”, listed in Baker; properly, not Pola.]

eot see erbree

erbree* 1 adj./adv./prep. outside (dhee erbree, the outside). 2 prep. out of. — erbree an[d] alay. down and out (Erbree an Alay in Ein an Parree). narda erbree. inside (dha narda erbree, the inside). [Roma. “abri”.]

es n. (pl. -iz). letter S (es[s]). [Eng.]

-etta n. suff. marking the diminutive form for adjs or ns. Morphology as for eeni. [Fr. “-ette”, It. “-etta”; properly, not Pola. The mock Fr. form “-ette” is often added in gay slang to terms of endearment, esp. when one is being facetious (Young gives “treasette”; trejhetta, in Nu-Polari). The suff. is applied here to hair or skin color (e.g., “ braunzetta”).]

evri adj. every (evri dives, every day: daily); see in asarles, chaumeni, wouni. [Eng.]

evva adv. ever; see waut-evva. [Eng.]

evveri variant of evri

ex n. (pl. -iz). letter X (ex). [Eng.]

-ez see -z1/2/3

fa unstressed variant of for1/2 (which see)

fab adj. great, excellent, marvellous; see fayb. [Eng. slang, listed in Chambers as well as Baker.]

fabulosa adj. fabulous, wonderful. [Pola.; cf., It. “favoloso” & Sp. “fabuloso”; “fabulous” is identified with gay culture due to its over-use by esp. gay men.]

fach/a 1 n. face. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). 1 (of men) to shave. 2 (of men or women) to put on or apply [one’s] make-up. 3 to shear°. [Pola., from It. “faccia”, face; cf., Lat. “facere”, to make.]

fachi* adj. 1 easy, simple. 2 free [and easy], easy-going. fachimentay. 1 easily, simply, soon. 2 freely. [Truncation of It “facile”.]

fambe/l 1 n. 1 (a) point° (all senses); (b) point in time: stage°. 2 see lapa. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -rld; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to point°. fambeling. pointing (fambeling glima, indicating light: indicator). fambeling cheet. indicator, pointer. — fambel erbree. point out. fambel tu. (a) point to: indicate; (b) lead to. [Pola., from Cant (cited by Baker as 16th-century slang); cf., Eng. “fumble”, with V displacement, employed as a cloaking device, a feature not only of Pola. but other “secret languages”, such as Indonesia’s Bahasa Gay (Leap). Long-vowel displacement often accompanies consonantal displacement, especially from a hard “g” to a soft “g”, as in “drayjh”, from “drag”. James Dreyfus, as the camp out-of-work actor Tom Farrell in “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme”, was wont to pronounce “dialogue” as “deerlojhe”, perhaps in a nod to Polari.]

fambela n. glove. [Pola.; cited by Baker as 16th-century slang.]

fambel-cheet n. ring; see groyn. [Pola., from Cant.]

fambellimento* n. indication

fang n. tooth (pl. -z. teeth) [joc.]. [Eng. “fang”.]

fang-fayka see fang-krokes

fang-karsi n. dentist’s [surgery]. [Pola., substandard; see ken a dha fang-krokes.]

fang-krokes n. dentist

fang-tausha* n. crown (of or for tooth)

fantabulosa adj. fabulous, sensational, wonderful. [Pola., augmentative of fabulosa, a blend of “fabulous” & “fantastic”; Baker’s Dictionary of Polari is titled Fantabulosa.]

fars n. (pl. -iz). farce. [Eng.]

fart 1 n. 1 fart. 2 egg (chikerlz fart). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -id; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to break wind, to fart. farting. breaking wind, farting (farting krakez, trousers; farting krakez fa dha chaumeni-cheetz-omi[z], boiler suit: [c]overalls); see in kakel. [Eng.]

fashe/n 1 n. fashion, manner, way, style; see asarlessimento. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -rnd; -ning gerund/pres. part.). to make or fashion: (a) to make without the pretence of its being genuine; (b) to counterfeit, to forge. fashening. forgery. fashernd. (a) artificial, made [up] or fashioned, false, fake (fashernd reir, wig > fashernd reir av dha larda, merkin; dooked fashernd cheet, fetish); (b) false, fake, counterfeit, forged (fashernd cheet, [anything] counterfeit; fashernd mejh, false or counterfeit money); see fayk-; (c) made [without the pretence of being genuine] (fashernd beejhuze, costume jewellery; Fasherned in dha Tem bilaung Shinwarz, Made in China). [Eng. “fashion”; cf., Scottish “farand”, having a certain appearance or manner; Roma. “fashono”, false, fashioned, made up; or, ultimately, Lat. “facere”, to make. Yule, under “fetish” (not an A.-Ind. word), writes: “From Port. fetiço, feitiço, or fetisso (old Span. fechizo), apparently from factitius, signifying first ‘artificial,’ and then ‘unnatural,’ ‘wrought by charms,’ &c” (350).]

fa-so* unstressed variant of for-so (which see, in for)

fay* 1 adj. (a) white (all senses: fay a dha kakeling fart, egg white); (b) Caucasian; (c) pale. 2 n. (a) white colo[u]r; (b) white, Caucasian. — bilaung fay. white, Caucasian; see dinj, shvartza. [Harlem Jive.]

fayb adj. great, excellent, marvellous. [Pola., from Eng. slang “fab”, with long V change characteristic of Polari.]

faybel adj. good (of character or quality). [Pola. “fayb”, with long V change characteristic of Polari, possibly combined with fossilised Eng. frequentative; Baker suggests that it is “(p)ossibly a blend of fab and belle” (27), but it is more likely to derive from Eng. “fable”, of which “fabulous” is a derivative.]

fay/k 1 adj. 1 pertaining to erection. 2 (a) stiff°; (b) straight°, direct[ly]°. 2 n. (pl. -x) erection, hard-on, stiff[y]; see kaulin. 3 v. (pp./p. t. -t, did, done, made; -ing gerund/pres. part.; –x 3rd pers.) 1 intr. to work (of machine, etc.: Iz-shee fayking? Is it working?). 2 tr. (a) (i) to make; (ii) to do; see akt, b’ute, fashen; (b) to make, to cause (fayk dha karnish manki, make the meat smell); (c) to commit, to perpetrate. 2 adorn. 3 implant (hair, breasts, etc.). fayking. 1 (a) (i) making; (ii) doing, deed; (b) cause, causing; (c) committing, perpetration, perpetrating. 2 adornment, adorning. 3 implanting. fayking omi. (fem.: fayking dona/pelone) worker (esp. in hand materials): maker, smith. fayk a dha lavz. consonant. [Pola., from Eng. “fake”, listed in Chambers as having derived from Germ. “fegen”, to furnish up; possibly conflated with It. “fare” (“facendo” pres. part.), to do or make; cf., Lat. “faber”, worker, & Roma. use: “To work, in a dishonest sense; to steal, pick pockets” (Borrow, 31).]

faykn. pref. denoting (a) prosthesis (fayk-ogel, glass eye); (b) implants (fayk-foofs, breast implants); (c) a substitute for°; or (d) an alloy of°. [Pola. fayk (which see above), from the idea of artificial construction or counterfeisance.]

-fay/k n. suff. (pl. -x; n.-forming with ns) denoting (a) accessorising or ornamentation of the body (nelli-fayx, earrings); or (b) [artificial] aid (ogel-fayx, spectacles). [Pola., as above.]

fayk/a n. (pl. –ez). worker, maker, smith (only as in fang-fayka, which see); better, fayking omi or dona/pelone (which see, in fayk). [Eng. “faker”; see etymology in fayk.]

fay/k-bagaja* n. dildo. fayk-bagajering. dildo-shaped

fayk-cheet* n. prosthesis, prosthetic. — a dha fayk-cheet. prosthetic

fayk-foof* n. breast implant

fayk-horki* n. (always in sing.). brass. — a [dha] fayk-horki. brass, brazen

faykimento* n. 1 thing, item°. 2 [personal] adornment. 3 (-ze, always in pl.) goods°, things°, belongings°. 4 committing, perpetration. 5 cause. faykimento fa dha letti. blanket. faykimentoze fa dha letti. bedding, bedclothes, bed covers. [Pola., from Eng. “fakement”; cf., Roma. manifold use: “A robbery, any kind of work.(…) A scoundrel (…) a man of any kind (…); a girl, St. Paul’s Cathedral” (Borrow, 31).]

fayk-jube* = fayk-foof (for men)

fayk-kil* n. margarine

fayk-lali* n. wooden leg

fayk-maularves* n. (always in sing.). pewter. — a [dha] fayk-maularves. pewter

faykmernt see (proposed) faykimento

fayk-ogel* n. artificial or glass eye

fayk-reir n. 1 hair implants°. 2 [= fashernd reir) wig. [Pola.]

fays see in hart-fays

fayvereeta* 1 adj. favo[u]rite. 2 n. favo[u]rite. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “favorita”.]

Febrayo* n. February. [Corruption of It. “febbraio”.]

feeli 1 adj. young°. 2 n. (a) [= feeli-kove] young person: youth; (b) child (pl. –z. children, of parents, as opposed to infant or adolescent: feeli a dha dui-baj-martha, grandchild). [Pola., from It. “figlio”, son, child, boy.]

feeli-homi see feeliomi

feeli-kove* n. young person: youth

feeli-omi n. 1 young man; see been-kove, omi-feeli. 2 sexual partner (boy) under the age of legal consent: jail-bait. [Pola., from It. “figlio”, son, child, boy, & perhaps influenced by Eng. “feel” (in sexual sense), or “filly” (see fili, below); Baker writes “filiomi”.]

feeli-pelone* n. 1 young woman. 2 sexual partner (girl) under the age of legal consent: jail-bait

feena* adj. fine (all senses): (a) subtle; (b) thin, slender; (c) excellent, clever; (d) refined, pure, dainty. — narda feena. rough; see fab, fayb, larj. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “fina”, fem. form of “fino”, fine; cf., Roma. “fino”, which Borrow says “is not pure Gypsy” (32).]

fem 1 adj. (a) female; (b) feminine. 2 n. (a) female; (b) feminine lesbian. — aun fem. of a cross-dresser or drag-queen, wearing female attire. [Eng., from Fr. “femme”, used as a common slang term (cf., Old Eng. law “feme”, woman, as in “feme covert”, married woman), listed in Baker.]

figis* 1 adj. [pertaining to a] fig. 2 n. (pl. –iz). fig. [Roma.]

figis-rook* n. fig-tree

fili adj. pretty. [Eng. “filly”.]

filta see in ogel-filtez

fineeto* 1 n. finish, end, completion. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -de; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to finish, to end, to complete. — Fineeto[de]! End of story! leo dha fineeto tu. put an end to: extinguish (leo dha fineeto tu dha glima, put out a/the fire). [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “finito”, used in slang.]

firikaduz/a 1 n. (pl. –ez). knock-down blow. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to punch to the ground°, to knock down°. firikaduzering. 1 violent°. 2 punching to the ground°, violence°. — firikaduza erbree. knock out; see bateri, bati-fang. [Pola., derived, according to Baker, from Lat. “ferrum”, iron, & It. “caduta”, fall (Baker erroneously lists “caduca”; cf., It. “mal caduco”, epilepsy).]

firikaduza-erbree* n. knock-out [blow]: K.O.

firikaduzichude* n. (always in sing.). brutality (firikaduzichude a dha charpering omiz, police brutality)

firikaduzichudinosa* adj. brutal

firm* n. hole (unwanted: boura firm, [big] hole); see hev. [Cant “ferme”.]

firmay* intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to close, to shut (firmay dha geiga). [Anglicised pronunciation of Fr. “fermer” in the imperative mood (“fermez”).]

firmi* adj. full of holes: holey

fix* intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t, stuck; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to stick, to lodge. [Eng. “fix”.]

fizi adj. fizzy (fizi Jentu-akwa, [Indian] tonic water), sparkling (fizi Parliv’u-akwa, sparkling mineral water). [Eng.]

flanj 1 n. (pl. –iz). vagina (or pussy, fanny, etc.). 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to walk along (street). [Eng. “flange”, conflated with Fr. “flâner”, to stroll; cf., Eng. “flanch” & “flank”.]

flati n. (a) (pl. –z. men). man [pej.]; (b) dupe, bimbo (flati a dha char-jala reir, blonde bimbo); (c) member of the audience: audience member (esp. male: flatiz an giliz, audience: Flatiz an Giliz! Ladies and Gentlemen!); see gili1. [Pola.]

flei intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d or flone, flu; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to fly. fleiing. flying, flight (all senses: fleiing skurreeni, flying saucer; fleiing vakarya, aeroplane, [air]plane). Ann nanti or no fleiz! I’m telling [you] the truth! Honestly! see in moge. [Eng.]

fli/k* n. (pl. –x). film, movie. [Eng. slang “flick”.]

flo* 1 n. 1 flow, current. 2 river. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -de; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to flow, to stream. floleeni. creek, stream. — flo alay. flow or stream down. [Eng. “flow”; cf., It. “fiume”, river.]

flone see in flei

flu see in flei

foge/l n. (pl. –rlz). (a) handkerchief, hanky (kode a dha fogel); (b) [fogel fa dha froumerjen] neckerchief (kays fogel, silk neckerchief). [Pola.]

fogel-hount/a n. (pl. –ez). pick-pocket. — fayk dha fogel-hounting [in]. pick-pocket. [Pola.]

foges n. (always in sing.). 1 tobacco. 2 (a) smoke; (b) fumes. [Pola., from Cant (including second meaning); according to Baker, perhaps from Eng. “fog”, i.e., smoke.]

fo/ke* n., treated as sing. (pl. -xe. relatives; by extension, family, folk, people) family member: relative (“Kweer Azz Foke”, “Queer As Folk”; dha foxe, the family or relatives; ya moudhez foxe, my family). — bilaung foxe. people’s, public. [Eng. “folk”; cf., Roma. “foky”.]

foof n. (pl. –s). breast (esp. woman’s), bosom; see jube. [Pola.]

fool adj. full, only as in dha fool arva (which see, in arva), dha fool drag (which see, in drag) & dha fool eek (which see, in eek); see plenni. [Eng.]

for1 1 adv. (a) [= dhis for] for [this reason]: because; (b) [= dhat for] for [that reason]: because. 2 prep. for. — enni for. for any reason. evri for. for every reason. for-so? why? how come? for dha/dhee. for the, used to form phrasal ns, where English uses compounds (ten fa/for dhee afeyrimento); see a dha/dhee, in a. nix for. for no reason. [Eng.]

for2* adv. why. [Composed of Eng. “for” & Roma. “so”, what.]

forchuni adj. gorgeous. [Pola., perhaps from It. “fortuna”, fortune, luck.]

formarla* adj. formal. — narda formarla. casual. [Corruption of It. “formale”.]

formarlichud/e* n. (pl. –ze). shape, form

formarlichudinosa* adj. shapely, form-fitting

for-so see in for

founges 1 adj. old° (not young). 2 n. (pl. -iz). old man (ya founges perayd, the old guard). [Pola., from Eng. “fungus”.]

founges-leik* adj. crotchety

fount n. pound (avoirdupois). [Pola.]

frau/k n. (pl. –x). female attire: frock, dress° (frauk bilaung laliz, trousers [facet.]). [Gay slang “frock”; properly not Pola., except in locution above.]

fraum prep. out of: from. [Eng.]

froumerje/n* 1 n. (pl. –rnz). neck. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -rnd; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to choke, to strangle. [Cant “frummagem”, choked.]

froumerjennichude* n. choking, strangulation

froumerjennimento* n. choking, strangulation (instance of)

fruti* 1 adj. [pertaining to] fruit. 2 n. fruit. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “frutti”.]

fujhe/n* n. (pl. –rnz). fern. [Roma. “fuzyanri” conforming to Eng. “fusion”.]

gajo 1 adj. strange°, foreign° (all senses). 2 n. (pl. –ze). (a) outsider, foreigner°, stranger°; (b) person who is not gay: straight°; (c) (loosely) Gentile°. — fayking dha gajo. straight-acting. in dha gajo temz. foreign (giliz-omi in dha gajo temz, foreign correspondent). [Pola., from Roma.; cf. Port. “gajo”, guy, or Eng. dialect “gadgie”, “gauje” (pej.), etc., fellow, listed in Chambers. Borrows gives “gorgio”, “Gentile, a person who is not a Gypsy; one who lives in a house and not in a tent” (33), deriving the word from Pers. “Cojia [khoja, ‘Eastern title of respect,’ Chambers (784)], which signifies a gentleman, a doctor, a merchant, etc. Span. Gyp. Gacho” (33).]

gam 1 adj. pertaining to the leg [esp. cul.] (gam karnish a dha [loulebei] bleeting cheet, leg of lamb). 2 n. 1 [session of] oral sex: esp. cunnilingus. 3 (a) leg [incl. cul.]; see lali; a bit of leg: flirtation°. 3 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). 1 to perform oral sex or cunnilingus. 2 to show off: to flirt. gaming. 1 oral sex: cunnilingus. 2 showing a bit of leg: (a) flirtatious; (b) showing off, flirting, flirtation. gaming omi. (fem.: gaming pelone) show-off, flirt, poseur. — fayk dha gaming. pose. fayking dha gaming. pose, posing. [Fr. “gamahucher”, to perform cunnilingus, conflated with It. “gamba”, leg; cf., Eng. “gam”, social intercourse (obs. US) or mouth (Scot.) & “gamash”, a kind of legging. Note that “gaming” as flirting derives from Rasula/Harlem Jive.]

gan* n. lip (all senses). — Ya moudhez ganz ar sived! My lips are sealed! [Cant; cf., Eng. “gam”, social intercourse (obs. US) or mouth (Scot.); see preceding.]

gan-fay/k* n. (pl. –x). lip ring. [Patterned on Pola. “nelli-fayk”, earring.]

gar* tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). 1 to hide, to conceal, to disguise. 2 to cover. gard. hid[den], secret, disguised (gard eek, disguis[ed face]). [Roma. “gare”; cf., following. Borrow suggests this word derives from Sans. “ghar”, to cover.]

gardilu 1 n. attention. 2 (a) intr. v. to take care: to beware; (b) tr. v. pay attention to: watch, to beware. — Gardilu! Look out! Watch out! see raumboyl. [Eng., from faulty Fr. “gare de l’eau”, i.e., “gare l’eau”, beware of the water, listed in Chambers as well as Baker; cf., Roma. “gare”, “warda”, to take care. Chambers attributes the word to Smollett, describing it as “the old warning cry in Edinburgh before throwing slops out of the window into the street” (584).]

garimento* n. (always in sing.). covering, concealment

gato* n. cat. gatoleeni. little cat (beejhuleeni gatoleeni, cute little cat: kitty[-cat]. gatoloni. big [domestic] cat. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “gatto”.]

gaut pp. of Eng. get (which see)

gav* n. town (boura gav, city). gaveeni. village. [Roma.]

gayj* n. (pl. –iz). 1 (a) [earthen] pot (gayj a maularves, tin pot; fayking a dha gayjiz, pottery; fayking omi/dona a dha gayjiz, potter); (b) jug. 2 [= gayjeeni] pipe (smokers’). gayjoni. boiler. [Cant, from Eng. “gauge”.]

Gayl 1 adj. Gayle[-speaking] (Gayl chal, Polari speaker). 2 n. (always in sing.). [= Gayl lingo] Gayle [“language”]. [Gayle, gay slang used in South Africa by black gay youth in the 1950s & later popularised by white airline stewards, in which, in gay tradition, female names were often used with new meanings.]

geig/a* n. (pl. –ez). door. (geiga ta dha karsi fa dha granem, barn-door). geigereeni. hatch. geigeroni. gate. [Cant “giger”; cf., Roma. “stiggur”, gate.]

gelt n. (always in sing.). (a) money (esp. ill-gotten gains: g’uli gelt, black money); (b) profit° (esp. ill-gotten). [Pola., from Yidd., listed in Chambers as well as Baker. Chambers gives “gelt”, slang for money or profit, from Du. “geld” or Germ. “Geld”.]

gerbreo* tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to bully. [A.-Ind. “gubbrow”.]

gerbreobelay* adj. who can be bullied. — narda gerbreobelay. who cannot be bullied

gerbreo-[h]omi*. bully

get tr. v. (pp./p. t. -tid, got[ten], became; -ing gerund/pres. part.). 1 to get, to cop. 2 to turn into, to become. [Eng.]

gez’upi 1 n. sexual favo[u]r. 2 (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). 1 intr. v. to provide sexual favo[u]rs for money (without thinking of oneself as a prostitute). 2 (a) intr. v. to fawn°; (b) tr. v. to cajole°, to flatter°. gez’upiing omi. (fem.: gez’upiing pelone) flatterer. — gez’upi ova. fawn over. [Gay slang “gazoopy”, listed in Baker, conflated with A.-Ind. “foozilow”, from Hind. “p’huslao”, flatter (imp. form).]

gez’upiarjhio* n. (always in sing.). cajolery, flattery

gildi adj. fancy (all senses). [Pola.]

gildimento* n. (always in sing.). fancy. — lel wouniz gildimento. take someone’s fancy: appeal to someone

gildo* 1 adj. [golden-]honey. 2 n. honey. [Roma. “gudlo” or “guldo”, sweetness, honey, sugar, conflated with Eng. “gild”.]

gildo-bar* n. gold (g’uli gildo-bar, black gold). — a [dha] gildo-bar. of gold: gold (marteeni a gouldo-bar, gold ring). [Calqued on Roma. “gudlo or guldo”, honey (from its color), + “bar”, stone (not a genuine Roma. term, but echoic of Eng. “gold bar”).]

gildo-bar-leik* adj. golden

gildo-parvi* n. tomato. [Calqued on It. “pomidoro”, “pomodoro”, i.e., “pomo d’oro”, golden apple.]

gildo-pisha* n. [honey-]bee. [Roma. “guldo pishen”.]

gili1 n. (a) (pl. –z. women). woman [not considered pej.]; (b) member of the audience: audience member (esp. female); see flati. [Pola.; cf.,. Eng. “gill” or “jill”, short for Gillian according to Chambers.]

gili*2 n. 1 song (jauga a gili, sing a song; see jauga). 2 (always in pl.). news. gili fa dha lettiing. lullaby. [Roma. “gillie”; cf., Pola. jili.]

giliz-omi* n. (fem.: giliz-dona/-pelone, newswoman) news[paper]man, reporter, corresondent. dha giliz-omiz. the press (dha rozi-leik giliz-omiz, the gutter-press). [Patterned on Pola. “strilez-omi”.]

gilrig n. male object of one’s desire. [Young suggests backslang “girlyg[irl]”, which seems plausible; cf., Eng. “rig”, frolic, prank or trick, & Gael. “gille”, lad.]

gilt* 1 n. lock. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -id; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to lock. gilting cheet. key. [Cant “gilt”, picklock.]

gin* intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to count, to reckon. — gin oup. add or count up. [Roma.]

ginimento* n. (pl. –ze). reckoning

girl n. (a) girl; (b) term of address for, esp. gay man or lesbian, but ext. to others: girl; (c) vocal punctuation mark; see in following etymology. [Eng.; Baker points out that “girl” often acts as a full-stop in gay slang (“…dolly ecafe, girl!” [31]); properly, not Pola.]

girrari* 1 turn. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to turn. — girrari reon. turn [a]round. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “girare”, with a hard “g”.]

giv* 1 adj. wheat. 2 n. (always in sing.). wheat. [Roma.]

givz-omi* n. (fem.: giv-dona/-pelone) wheat farmer. [Patterned on Pola. “strilez-omi”.]

glausi 1 adj. famous°. 2 n. magazine. [Eng. colloquialism “glossy (magazine)”, listed in Chambers as well as Baker; properly, not Pola.]

glausichude* n. (always in sing.). fame, celebrity

glausichudinosa* pleon. adj. famous

glausi-homi see glausi-omi

glausi-kove* n. famous person: celebrity

glausi-omi* n. famous man: celebrity. [Patterned on Pola. “strilez-omi”.]

glausi-pelone* n. famous woman: celebrity

glayz* 1 adj. [pertaining to] glass. 2 n. (always in sing.). glass. [Eng. “glaze”.]

glim/a* 1 adj. pertaining to fire. 2 n. (pl. –ez). 1 fire (Dha Boura Glima av Ein; glima a dha rookarjhio, forest fire). 2 light (all senses), lamp[light] (binko glima, kerosine lamp). 3 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed, lit; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to light (fire). — bee aun dha glima. be on fire: be aflame or in flames, burn; see hach. [Cant “glymmer”, from Eng. “glimmer”.]

glima-faykimento* n. (-ze, always in pl.). fireworks

glima-homi see glimez-omi

glima-mausko* n. firefly

glimez-omi* n. (fem.: glimez-dona/-pelone, female fire fighter) fire fighter: fireman. [Patterned on Pola. “strilez-omi”.]

glori n. glory. — O glori bee! Alleluia[h]! or Hallelujuh! [Eng.]

gloriosa* adj. glorious

goum* n. gum (all senses: Moudhez goumz ar ratiing.). [Eng.; cf.,, It. “gomma”.]

gouni* n. (a) gunny, hessian, jute; (b) [gunny-]sack, [hessian] bag (plastik gouni, plastic bag). gouni a dha palias. [back]pack, haversack. gouniing. bagging. [Eng. “gunny”, from Sans. “goni”; cf., Roma. “gono” or “goni”, “guni”, found in Indon.]

gouni-boy* n. bag boy [facet.]). [Hybrid word calqued on gay slang, properly not Pola. but listed in Baker.]

goutzi* adj. greedy (all senses); gluttonous. [Eng., from Scot. “gutsy”, gluttonous.]

goutzichude* n. (always in sing.). greed (all senses); gluttony

goutzi-[h]omi* n. (fem.: goutzi-pelone). greedy man or woman (all senses): glutton

granem* n. (always in sing.). corn, grain; see giv, panem. [Cant, from Lat. “granum”.]

granermz-omi* n. (fem.: granem-dona/-pelone) [grain] farmer. [Patterned on Pola. “strilez-omi”.]

grapeling see in ling-grapeling

graumena* n. thunder. — fayk [dha] graumena. thunder. [Roma. “grommena”, “grovena”, “grubbena”.]

graun* n. hail. — fayk [dha] graun. hail. [Romanian Roma. “grondinni”, it hails,according to Borrow (Lavengro, 568).]

graunday* adj. large. graundaymentay. largely. [Frenchified pronunciation of It. “grande”.]

Graycha* 1 adj. pertaining to Greece: Greek. 2 n. [= Tem bilaung Graycha] Greece. — bilaung Graycha. Greek (dha chalz bilaung Graycha, the Greeks; lingo bilaung Graycha, Greek; [omi-/pelone-]chal bilaung Graycha, Greek [man or -woman]). Graycha-palariing. Greek-speaking. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “Grecia”.]

grei* n. 1 horse (hav a grei-leik bagaja/hav a bagaja leik a greiz, be hung like a horse). 2 boyfriend or, less usually, girlfriend (chure enni wouniz grei, steal someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend). [Roma. “gry”.]

grei-leik* adj. horse-like

grount* intr. v. (pp./p. t. -id; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to grunt. grounting cheet. hog, pig, swine (grounting cheetz lati, [pig]sty [incl. fig.]; grounting omi-cheet, male pig; grounting pelone-cheet, sow). [Cant, from Eng. “grunt”.]

groyn n. (a) gem°, jewel°; (b) ring (esp. with a stone: fayking omi/pelone a dha groynz, jewellery-maker: jeweller); see fambel-cheet. [Pola.]

groynarjhio* n. (always in sing.). jewellery. [Pola.]

groyn-bar* n. precious stone: gemstone (beejhurreeni groyn-bar, carat or karat > a mauntrell a [dha] gildo-bar bilaung dui laung deja-kworta beejhurreeni groyn-barz, a 24-carat gold watch). [Hybrid word: Pola. “groyn” & Roma. “bar”, stone(weight).]

groyn-bar-leik* adj. precious

groynij = (proposed) groynarjhio

g’u* n. pudding, dessert. [Roma. “gooee”, “guyi”, conflated with Eng. “goo”.]

g’uli adj. black (color: g’uli an fay, black and white; g’uli g’u, black pudding; g’uli ogel-fayx, sunglasses; g’uli toba, black market). — in g’uli an fay. in black and white: black-and-white (ann eekaf in g’uli an fay). [Pola.; cf., Eng. “golliwog”, & Roma. “guyi”, black pudding.]

g’uli-bar* n. charcoal, coal. — a [dha] g’uli-bar. charcoal, coal

g’uli-chikel* n. blackbird

g’uli-dourel* n. blackberry

g’uli-rook/a* 1 n. (always in sing.). blackmail. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to blackmail. g’uli-rookering omi. (fem.: g’uli-rookering pelone). blackmailer

hwords: certain words beginning with a V take on an “h” by some speakers (e.g., harris, homi, etc.), typical of Cockney usage, which may be used in order to avoid a semi-vocalic glide between words (e.g., Kosha-homi). Conversely, when most speakers drop the initial “h”, this form is preferred (e.g., arva).

hach* 1 adj. pertaining to fire. 2 n. fire (esp.controlled, as in the grate). 3 (pp./p. t. -t, burnt; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) intr. v. to light a fire; (b) tr. v. 1 to burn (wood). 2 to fire (gun). — fayk a hach. make a fire. [Roma. “hatch”.]

hach-cheet* n. firearm, gun. hach-cheeteeni. gun (at a fair: storl fa dha hach-cheeteeniz, shooting gallery). [Calqued on Roma. “yag-engro”, lit., fire-thing.]

hach-ten* n. 1 hearth. 2 home

had see in hav

hambag n. 1 (always in sing.). money. 2 fortune°. — hambageeni. small fortune. hambagoni. large fortune; see in paygel. [Pola., from Eng. “handbag”.]

hansaleri* n. horse-radish. [A.-Ind. or Domestic Hind.]

harris variant of arris; see h- words

hart-eek, hart-fays n. (always in sing.). term of address: dear. [Gay slang listed in Baker; properly, not Pola. Baker explains that “heartface” may be used ironically or sarcastically (33, in addition, presumably, to affectionately).]

harva variant of arva. hav dha harva see hav dhee arva, in arva; see h- words

hatichoo/k n. (pl. –x). artichoke. [A.-Ind. or Domestic Hind. “hattichook”.]

Haubsen-Jaubsen* n. double-Dutch, Greek (Sheez sor Haubsen-Jaubsen tu ya moudha). [A.-Ind. “Hobson-Jobson”, “a native festival excitement” (Yule, 419). Yule continues: “This phrase may be taken as a typical one of the most highly assimilated class of Anglo-Indian argot” (ibid.).]

hav v. (a) aux. (ya moudha had/haz mounjarid, u had/hav mounjarid, shee had/haz mounjarid, ya moudhez had/hav mounjarid, dhay had/hav mounjarid). have; (b) tr. (pp./p. t. had or -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.; haz 3rd pers.). to have (all senses), to own. [Eng.]

Hay! voc. Hey! — Hay deeri! Hey you!

haych = aych

haz see in hav

heer tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to hear; used only in the following (see nelliarda). heering cheet. ear. [Eng.; “hearing cheat” is Cant.]

hei1 adj. high. — hei in dha vauchi. loud (of voice). narda hei in dha vauchi. soft (of voice). [Eng.]

Hei!2 voc. Hi! — Hei ya! How are you? Hiya!

hei-eekaf* adj. high-profile

heo adv. [interrog. = heo-so] how. [Eng., with Roma. “so” desinence.]

heo/s n. (irreg. pl. –ziz). group of gay friends, drag-queens or transsexuals living together: house. [US gay slang, originally African American, listed in Baker; properly, not Pola.]

heos-moudha n. person in charge of a heos (“house”): house mother. [US gay slang, originally African American, listed in Baker; properly, not Pola.]

hev* n. hole (made for a purpose). hevveeni. small hole (hevveeni a dha baush, glory-hole, peep-hole [in toilet-stall partition large enough not only for viewing but also for inserting an erect penis]; hevveeni fa dha gilting cheet, keyhole; hevveeni fa dha krarfniz, buttonhole). hevvoni. large hole or opening (hevvoni a dha geiga, threshold; hevvoni for a meyrd-kove, grave). — aun dha hevvoni auv. on the threshold of. [Roma. “hev”.]

hir (a) dir. obj. pron. her: him°, it° (referring to inanimate objects); (b) poss. adj. her, his°, it° (referring to inanimate objects). hir self. herself: himself°, itself°. hirz. hers: his°, its° (referring to inanimate objects). [Eng. Gender-neutral pronouns do not exist in Eng., & so have been problematical for many feminists & transgender activists. While Feinberg states that s/he does not “have a personal stake in whether the trans liberation movement results in a new third pronoun, or gender-neutral pronouns, like the ones, such as ze (she/he) and hir (her/his)” (x), s/he continues that the hyphened pronouns, “he-she”, used pejoratively by heterosexuals, “illuminated a limitation of pronouns in the Eng. language. (…) The hypenation signals a crisis of language and an apparent social contradiction, since sex and gender expression are ‘supposed’ to match” (97; ellipsis added). Needless to say, pelone-omi, lit., “she-man” & omi-pelone, lit., “he-woman”, predate the Stonewall Rebellion of 1969 & the subsequent rise of gay liberation.]

hol/e n. (pl. –lze). orifice, hole [anat.]. [Eng.]

homi variant of omi (which see); see h- words. [Pola., from It. “uomo”, man, with initial “h”, typical of Cockney.]

homi-pelone variant of omi-pelone; see h- words

hoonki* 1 n. (always in sing.). ringing of the changes: fraud, cheating, swindle, con[fidence trick]. 2 (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) intr. v. to cheat; (b) tr. v. to cheat, to defraud, to do out of, con, swindle. hoonkiing omi. (fem.: hoonkiing pelone) cheat, fraudster, swindler, confidence trickster, con artist. — fayk dha hoonki. ring the changes. [Roma. “hukni”, by metathesis.]

hoonki-leik* adj. fraudulent

hootzpa* variant of khootzpa

horki* n. (always in sing.). copper. — a [dha] horki. [of] copper. [Roma. “horkipen”, minus -pen desinence.]

hounta see in fogel-hounta

houzbe/n n. (pl. –rnz) male lover (esp. gay): (a) partner (in a long-term relationship), (loosely) husband (betti houzben, hubby); (b) one-night stand. — get a houzben. get married: marry (nix dha teip ta get a houzben, not the marrying type; an omi h’uze gettid a houzben, a married man). houzben auf. marry [off]. sanz houzben. unmarried. [Eng. “husband”, gay slang listed in the main gay slang section of Baker; properly, not Pola.]

houzbenarjhio* n. (pl. –ze). marriage

HP /(h)aychpee:/ abbrev. of homi-pelone (see omi-pelone)

h’u pron. (a) interrog. [= h’u-so] who (H’uze/h’u-soze dha strilering omi? Who’s the pianist?); (b) rel. [= waut] who[m] (“Emory: H’u mous-ya moudha charva for a bevvi shay akoy?” [Crowley, 25]). — h’uze. (a) whose; (b) [= h’u-soze] who’s; see so. [Eng.]

hul/e* n. (pl. –ze). prong; see tray-hule. [Backformation from Roma. “trihool”, cross.]

h’up/e 1 n. (pl. –se). anus, arse[hole]. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -te; -ing gerund/pres. part.; –se 3rd pers.). 1 to copulate with (h’upe ta dhee aultrantz, anally rape; h’uping tu dhee aultrantz, anal rape). 2 to pluck°. [Eng. “hoop”, gay slang listed in the main gay slang section of Baker; properly, not Pola.]

h’upe-fayk* n. colostomy [bag]. [Calqued on Fr. “anus artificiel”.]

-ibelay* adj. desin.: (a) that can be; (b) worthy of being; (c) that must be: -able, -eble, ible; see narda (c); Morphology, above. [Mock It.]

-ichude* see -chude

-id see in -d

if conj. if. [Eng.]

-ik* suff. marking (a) adj.or (b) n. form of -ics: -ic; see Morphology, above. [Eng.]

-ikel* adj. suff. -ical. Morphology as for ik. [Eng.]

-imentay* see -mentay

-imento* see -mento

imporchun/e tr. v. (pp./p. t. -de; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to solicit for sex: to importune [facet. (Baker adds, “Ironic and often bitter use of legalese” [33])]. [Eng.]

in prep. in. [Eng.]

indik* n. turkey. [Yidd.]

-ing gerund/pres. part./cont.t. -ing; see Morphology, above. [Eng.]

inta unstressed variant of intu (which see)

intentzo* 1 n. (pl. –ze). intention. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -de; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to intend (eemag av dha lavz intentzode). [Corruption of It. “intento”.]

intu prep. into (always used before VV). [Eng.]

-ioni* n. suff. -ion. [Eng.]

irnis* 1 n. (pl. –iz). part, share. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to share. irnist. (a) parted, shared; (b) apart, separate[d]. — irnis intu dui [irnisiz]. part, separate. in[tu] dui irnisiz. in[to] two parts: apart (bee irnist intu dui [irnisiz], be parted, be separated). [Cant, from Eng. “earnest”.]

-istik* adj. suff. -istic. Morphology as for ing. [Eng.]

-isto* suff. marking agent form of -ism: -ist. Morphology as for ing. [Eng.]

it pron. it (restricted use: (a) used to refer to a short-term sexual partner; (b) used to refer back to previous information, or is non-specific; see in hir, shee). [Eng., with specific Pola. usage.]

-iti* n. suff. -ity; seechude. [Eng.]

-ito* see -to

iv* n. (always in sing.). snow. — parni dhee iv. snow (Sheez parniiing dhee iv! It’s snowing!). [Roma.]

iv-cheet* n. snowman

-ix* suff. marking characteristics, science, theory or management: -ics. [Eng.]

iz see in bee, -z1/2/3

-izmo* suff. marking characteristics, abnormal condition, industry, art practice, movement, culture or science: -ism. -y. Morphology as for ing. [Eng.]

jadu* variant of jedu

jageri* n. 1 sugar. 2 anything sweet: sweets (jageri fa dhee ogerlz, eye candy). [Eng. “jaggery”, from Hind. “jâgrî”, listed in Chambers.]

jageri-agro* adj. (a) bitter-sweet; (b) sour; (c) sweet and sour

jageri-didel* n. (always in sing.). rum

jala* 1 adj. yellow (jala dude, yellow star). 2 n. yellow. — jala a dha kakeling fart. [egg] yolk. [Corruption of It. “giallo”.]

jalerarjhio* n. (always in sing.). yellowness

jank/a 1 n. bad or foul° language: swearing°, abuse°, oath°, curse. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to use foul language°: to swear, curse or cuss°, to abuse° (janka att dha charpering omi, swear at the policeman). [Hind. “jhakna”, by metathesis.]

jari tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). 1 to eat (a variant of mounjari). 2 to perform fellatio on: to fellate: to give oral sex or a blow-job to: to suck [s.o. off], to blow, to go down on (jari dha kartz, suck cock). jariing. oral sex: fellatio, blow-job. [Parly. truncation of It. “mangiare”, eat.]

jariarjhio* n. (always in sing.). giving blow-jobs: oral sex, fellatio

jar/k* 1 n. (pl. –x). (a) seal; (b) [= jark fa dha rookerarjhio] [postage-]stamp. 2 v. (pp./p. t. -kt; -king gerund/pres. part.; –x 3rd pers.) to seal. [Cant.]

jarva* n. (always in sing.). coffee (g’uli jarva, black coffee). [Eng. slang “Java”, after the island.]

jaug/a 1 n. (pl. –ez). game°, entertainment° (Dha Jauga a Fayking dha Parniz); see eemag. 2 v. 1 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). (a) to play (jauga a jauga, play a game); (b) (i) to entertain, to sing; (ii) to gamble°. 2 (a) tr. v. (i) to entertain; to sing; (ii) to gamble. jaugering. (a) playing (jaugering lati aun worta [with a slayt or dha slaytz] (pl. jaugering latiz [with a slayt or dha slaytz] aun worta), yacht); (b) (i) entertaining, singing; (ii) gambling°, gaming°. jaugering chovi. lounge[-room], salon, parlo[u]r, games room. jaugering ken. gambling den, casino. jaugering omi. (fem.: jaugering pelone) (a) player; (b) (i) entertainer, singer; (ii) gambler°. fayk dha jaugering. gamble. jauga a dha jeibz. game of cards: card game. [Pola., from It. “gi(u)oco”, game, “gi(u)ocare”, to play.]

jaugerosa* adj. jocose, playful

jaugimento* n. entertainment

jaungari* intr v. (pp./p. t. -d, awake[d], awoke[n]; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to wake up: to awake. [Roma. “jongar”, adapted with typical -ari desinence.]

jaus adj. Buddhist (jaus chal, Buddhist; jaus rashi, Buddhism). [Eng. “joss”, a corruption of Port. “deos”, god.]

jay n. letter J (jay). [Eng.]

jayg* 1 adj. pertaining to a ditch. 2 n. hole in the ground: ditch (jayg with worta, large puddle). jaygeeni. pothole (jaygeeni with worta, [small] puddle). [Cant “jague”.]

jayg-flo* n. canal, channel. jayg-floleeni. gutter (jayg-floleeni alaung dha drome, gutter)

jedu* 1 adj. magic[al]. 2 n. (a) (always in sing.). magic; (b) [magic] trick. — fayk dha jedu. perform magic, perform a magic trick. [A.-Ind. “jadoo”.]

jeduarjhio* n. (always in sing.). magic

jee n. letter G (gee). [Eng.]

jeezes* n. (pl. –iz). spy (Dha Jeezes Waut Charved Ya Moudha). [A.-Ind. “jasoos”; cf., Turk. “casus”.]

jeezesarjhio* n. (always in sing.). espionage

jeib* n. 1 card (jeib a dha rookerarjhio, postcard; jeib fa dha pizares, credit card). 2 pass. 3 ticket. 4 form; see in jauga. [Cant “gybe”.]

Jenayo* n. January. [Corruption of It. “gennaio”.]

jent 1 n. (a) (always in sing.). money, income°, earnings°; (b) (-z, always in pl.). (i) capital; (ii) fortune, gain[s], booty, loot, spoils. 2 num. (a) a or one hundred; (b) marker for the “hundreds”, used in conjunction with laung (which see: jent dui laung deja, 120; omi-pelone a dha jent setta laung deja-chinka, hundred and seventy fiver; chinka laung jent kworta laung deja-setta, 547; auta laung jent auta laung deja-auta, 888, etc.). Note that as jent means one hundred, “’una laung jent” is a pleonasm best avoided. 3 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -id; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to earn (jent [enni] jent, earn [some] money). [Pola., truncated from It. “argento”, silver, silver money, conflated with “cento”, hundred; Baker suggests that “gent”, meaning money, could be a corruption of gelt.]

jentri* adj. (a) gallant, gay, splendid; (b) polite; (c) attentive. tip dha jentri. pay attention. [Cant, from Eng. “gentry”.]

jentrichude* n. (always in sing.). (a) gallantry, gaiety, splendo[u]r; (b) politeness; (c) attentiveness

jentrimento* n. (pl. –ze). (a) act of gallantry, display of gaiety, splendidness; (b) politeness; (c) attentiveness

Jentu* 1 adj. pertaining to India: India. 2 n. [= Tem bilaung Jentu] India. — bilaung Jentu. Indian, Hindu (lingo bilaung Jentu, Hindi; [omi-/pelone-]chal bilaung Jentu, Indian). [A.-Ind. “Gentoo”, a “corruption of the Portuguese Gentio, ‘a gentile’ or heathen, which they applied to the Hindus” (Yule, 367).]

Jentu-akwa* n. tonic water

jentzistik* adj. capitalist[ic]

jentzisto* n. (pl. –ze). capitalist

jentzizmo* n. (always in sing.). capitalism

jetti see in skarpa

jhushe variant of jhoojh

jhoojh 1 n. 1 (always in sing.). clothes or clothing: one’s dress°. 2 (pl. –iz). trimming[s], ornament[ation]. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). 1 (a) to trim (beard, hair, etc.); (b) to smarten up: to titivate (clothes or make-up: jhoojh wouniz reir, comb one’s hair); (c) to preen oneself. 2 to swallow (semen). jhoojhing cheet. comb. jhoojhing omi. (fem.: jhoojhing dona/pelone) person who attends to another’s dress (jhoojhing omi a dha reir, hairdresser, hair stylist). — jhoojh auf. go away. jhoojh wouni self oup. smarten oneself up. bee jhoojhd oup. look one’s best, be in one’s Sunday best; see dauli, dorkes. [Pola.; cf., Fr. “chouchouter”, to pamper. Jhoojh (variously spelt) is one of the few Pola. words to enter general Eng. slang, popularised by Carson Kressley in the 2000s American television show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”.]

jhoosh variant of jhoojh

jhoosh/a (pl. –ez). = (proposed) jhoojhing omi or dona/pelone; see in reir-jhoosha. [Pola., from jhoojh.]

jhooshi adj. showy. [Pola., from jhoojh; cf., Harlem Jive “zoot”, showy, in relation to clothes.]

jilmil* n. Venetian blinds: Venetians. [A.-Ind. “jillmill”.]

jin* n. knee. — aun dha jinz. on one’s knees (all senses). [Corruption of It. “ginocchio”.]

jobis* n. (always in sing.). oats. [Roma. “jôbis”.]

joumpa* n. jumper, sweater, pull-over. joumpereeni. cardigan. [Eng. “jumper”.]

jous adv. just, only. [Eng.]

Jovedi* n. Thursday. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “giovedì”.]

joynto* 1 adj. joint. 2 n. joint (all senses). [Mock It., from Eng.]

jub/e n. (pl. –ze). (a) breast, chest; (b) [male] pectoral muscle: pec[toral]. [Pola.]

juge/l* n. (pl. –rlz). dog (jugerlz in dha bayn, dogs in a bathtub). jugeleeni. little dog. jugeloni. large dog: mastiff. jugel[eeni] a dha nauchi. fox. jugeloni a dha nauchi. wolf. [Roma. “chukkal”, “juggal”, dog; cf., Eng. “jackal”.]

Juno* n. June. [Mock It.]

juzei n. anything of value: worth (a beejhurreeni juzei, a little something). juzeirreeni. token. — hav dha juzei. be worth [it]. sanz juzei. without worth: worthless. [Eng. “Jew’s eye”, listed in Baker, according to whom is 16th-century slang.]

juzeibelay* adj. valuable. — narda juzeibelay. 1 invaluable. 2 worthless

kach* 1 n. (pl. –iz). scissor (an ’una-sayma a kachiz, a pair of scissors). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to scissor. [Roma. “catches”, “catsau”.]

kafi n. (a) pant- or trouser-leg; (b) (pl.). pants, trousers (kafiz/katz a dha letti, pajama bottoms). kafileeniz. short pants: shorts. [Pola.]

kake/l 1 n. (always in sing.). (a) cackle; (b) talk, [chit]chat. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -rld; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) to cackle; (b) to talk, to [chit]chat or chatter. kakeling. (a) cackling (kakeling fart, chicken egg [contracted form of kakeling cheetz fart]; kakeling chovi, chatroom [computers]); (b) talking, chatting. kakeling cheet. chicken (kakeling omi-cheet, cock[erel]; kakeling pelone-cheet, hen). [Pola,. from Eng.; “cackling cheat” is listed in Rasula/Head, while “cackling fart” is listed in Baker.]

kakerarchi* n. magpie, raven. [Roma. “kakkaratchi”; cf., Eng. “cackle”.]

kam* 1 adj. [pertaining to the] sun: solar. 2 n. sun. [Roma. “cam”, “can”, “kem”.]

kamees/a n. (pl. –ez). shirt (rujhe kameesa, clean shirt). kameesereeni. shirt-top, chemise (kameesereeni [a dha letti], pajama top). kameeseroni. blouse. kameesa fa dha nauchi. nightshirt, nightdress, nightgown, chemise. [Parly., from Port. “camisa”; cf., A.-Ind. “cameeze”, where Yule writes that “(c)ameesa is, according to the Slang Dictionary, used in the cant of English thieves” (151).]

kam-glima* n. (always in sing.). sunlight

kami* adj. sunny

kamis* 1 n. (pl. –iz). (a) love, desire (kamis bilaung Graycha); (b) like. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) to love, to desire; (b) to like. kamising omi. (fem.: kamising pelone) lover. kamist. beloved. kamist omi. (fem.: kamist pelone) beloved. — in kamis. in love (Pelonze in Kamis); see [in] dad, houzben, rome. [Roma. “cam”, “camo”, from Sans. “kama”, sexual love.]

kan* n. pea. [Roma. “canior”, “caunor”, peas.]

kandeedo* adj. open. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “candido”, with accent shifted from the first S to the second.]

kandeedomento* n. (always in sing.). openness

kanike/n* n. (pl. –rnz). plague, pestilence (kaniken a dhee omi-pelonze, “gay plague”, i.e., HIV/AIDS, as it was first known in the mass media). [Cant. “cannakin”; cf., Roma. “caeninaflipen”, stinking sickness: plague.]

kan/k* 1 adj. 1 (a) dumb (all senses); (b) dim, dull (all senses); (c) awkward, clumsy, ungainly. 2 superficial (all senses). 2 n. [= kank-kove, -omi or -pelone (pl. –x)]. dumb, dim or superficial person. [Cant “canke”; cf., Germ. “krank”, sick.]

kank-kove* n. dumb, dim or superficial person

kank-omi* n. dumb, dim or superficial man

kank-pelone* n. dumb, dim or superficial woman

kan-virdi* adj. pea-green

kap* 1 n. cost. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to cost (kap a deorri, cost a lot; kap a deorri a brad, cost a fortune; kap a hambageeni, cost a small fortune). — sanz kap. at no cost: [for] free (faykimento sanz kap, free item: freeby). [Truncation of Roma. “cappi”, gain, fortune.]

kapell/a n. (pl. –ez). cap, hat (esp. as an item of fashion). kapellereeni. (a) beret, cap, beanie; (b) bonnet. kapelleroni. large hat (as seen at the races, in drag shows, etc.); see mouj. [Parly., from It. “cappello”.]

kapell/o n. (pl. -ze). cloak, [over]coat°. [Pola., from It. “cappello”, hat, in error for “cappotto”.]

kapr/a* n. (pl. –ez). goat. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “capra”.]

karn* 1 n. (a) call, cry, yell; (b) proclamation (c) exclamation; (d) summons. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) to call, yell or cry out (karn dha faykimentoze, hawk); (b) to proclaim; (c) to exclaim; (d) to call or summon[s]. karning cheet. cuckoo. karning omi. (fem.: karning dona/pelone) hawker [a dha faykimentoze]. — Karn! Come on! [Roma. “kar”, “kor”, cry out, esp. when hawking goods; cf., Aust. Eng. “Car(r)n!”, for “Come on!”, called out by spectators to urge on their football team.]

karnish 1 n. (always in sing.). (a) meat, flesh (mounjari [enni] karnish, eat [some] meat); (b) by extension, food; see mounjari. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to cook (karnish with a tati karnish-cheet, fry). karnishing. cooking (karnishing chovi, kitchen). karnishing omi. (fem.: chingering dona/pelone) cook, chef. karnish a dha bleeting cheet. mutton. karnish a dha grounting cheet. pork. — karnish oup. to cook up (karnish oup erbree, barbecue). tip dha karnish tu. feed. [Pola., from It. “carne”.]

karnish-cheet* n. [cooking-]pot, pan. karnish-cheetz. pots and pans

karnish-ken = (proposed) ken fa dha karnishing (which see, in ken). [Pola., irregularly formed from calquing Eng. rules of compounding.]

karnish-oup n. (pl. –s). cook-up (erbree karnish-oup, barbecue). [Hybrid word: Pola. “karnish” & Eng. “up”.]

karo* adj. dear, expensive. — narda karo. inexpensive, cheap. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “caro”.]

karsi n. 1 house (domestic: Karsi av Insess; omi [a dha/bilaung karsi], landlord). 2 [= ken a dha charvering donez, which see, in ken] brothel (all senses). 3 shed°. karsileeni. cottage. karsiloni. mansion; see keyr (many Parly. expressions use karsi where keyr, in a phrasal n., would be preferable). karsi a dha bugerlz-omi/granermz-omi. farmhouse. karsi a/fa dha bugerlz. cow-shed. karsi fa dha granem. barn. karsi fa dha grei[z]. stable. [Pola., from It. “casa”, house. Baker’s further listing of this word, often pronounced with a “z”, as a toilet is general slang, listed in Chambers.]

kartz n. (pl. -iz). penis (or cock, dick, etc.). kartzeeni. small penis (or cock, dick, etc.). kartzoni. big or large penis (or cock, dick, etc.) [facet.]; see bagaja. [Pola., from It. “cazzo”, cock; the variant kartzo is closer to the original.]

kartzo (pl. -ze), kartzoleeni, kartzoloni variants of kartz, kartzeeni, kartzoni

kat see kafi

katevva adj. 1 (a) bad, naughty (behavior); (b) poor (judgement). 2 catty°; see kaud. [Parly., from It. “cattivo”; the 2nd meaning is derived from its resemblance to the Eng.]

katevvichude* n. (always in sing.). [the] bad

katevvimento* n. (always in sing.). 1 badness, naughtiness; poorness. 2 cattiness

kaud 1 adj. amateurish°, bad, poor° (of look or quality: a kaud sheikel, a bad wig; tray kaud, awful, horrible, terrible). kaudar. worse. kaudarst. worst. kaudimentay. badly; see katevva. 2 n. (usually in pl.) (a) ball, nut, testicle; (b) by extension, groin. [Eng. of uncertain etymology. Baker lists various usages that refer to bag or scrotum, or even as an abbreviation of “codger”. Chambers gives O.E. “codd”, a small bag for the former of Baker’s suggestions, but says the etymology for the latter is dubious.]

kaudi1 = kaud

kaudi2 = lukaudi

kaufimaufi n. white airline steward (esp. empoyed by South Africa’s national air carrier during Apartheid); see trauli-dauli. [Gayle “koffie-moffie”, listed in Baker; properly, not Pola. The lack of hyphen follows Nu-Pola. usage, in that neither *kaufi nor *maufi exists as independent words.]

kaulera* adj. angry. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “(in) collera”.]

kaulerichude* n. (always in sing.). anger (concept of)

kauleriment/o* n. 1 anger (instance of). 2 (pl. –oze). temper (Kaulerimentoze binkode oup. Tempers flared.)

kaulin n. erect penis: erection, ithyphallus, hard-on, stiff[y]. [Pola., from Eng. slang “collin”; cf., Lat. “collum”, neck.]

kaulinosa* adj. erect (of penis): stiff, hard

kauntra* prep. against, for (as in “antidote for”). [Corruption of It. “contro”.]

kauntra-pelarva* n. objection. — fayk dha kauntra-pelarva. object

kauribounjes n. (pl. –iz). posterior, bum, backside. [Pola.]

kaush* 1 adj. [pertaining to] (a) a stick; (b) a walking-stick; (c) cane, rattan or rush. 2 n. (pl. –iz). 1 (a) staff, stick; (b) walking-stick, cane (all senses); (c) [= kaush-cheet] rattan, rush. 2 piece or stick of furniture (tray baj kaush, antique). kausheeni. skewer (kausheeni fa dha karnish, meat skewer; kausheeniz [fa dha mounjariing], chopsticks). kaushiz. furniture. [Roma. “cos(h)t”, stick, listed in Chambers as “cosh”, bludgeon, truncheon or tubing filled with metal used as a weapon.]

kaush-cheet* n. cane, rattan or rush

kay n. letter K (kay). [Eng.]

kays* 1 adj. silk[en] (kays stimp-kouvez, silk stockings). 2 n. (rare pl. –iz). silk. — wayvi kays. moiré (n.). auv dha wayvi kays. moiré (adj.). [Roma. “cayes”.]

kayseen* n. (rare pl.). cheese. [Cant “cassan”; cf., Lat. “caseus”, Roma. “kael”, “kaes”.]

kaysi* adj. silky

kayt* n. picklock. [Cant “Kate”.]

keb’ush/e n. (pl. -iz). (a) automobile, [motor-]car; (b) vehicle°. [Pola., derived, according to Baker, from “caboose”; cf., Eng. “barouche” (from which Gayle “bearoche” is most likely derived), i.e., “calèche” in Fr.]

kekarvi* n. kettle. [Roma. “kekkauvi”, “kekaubi”.]

kel* adv., with (a) adj./adv./degree/quantity: (i) how (Kel fabulosa! How fabulous! Kel kinyoing! How boring!); (ii) such, what (Kel groynarjhio! Such jewellery!); (b) n. what a (Kel pelarva! What a carry-on! Kel s’upreez! What a surprise!). — Kel … [u ar/ar-u]! [You’re] such a …! (Kel moging omi shee iz/iz-shee!); see asarles. [Fr. “quel(le)”.]

kementz* intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to begin, to start, to commence. [Eng. “commence”.]

kementzimento* n. (pl. –ze). beginning, start, commencement

kemishen variant of kameesa (which see). [Parly., from Eng. “commission”; Yule writes that “in more ancient slang (cameesa) was made into ‘commission.’” (151).]

ken n. 1 [commerical] house or premises, establishment. 2 den (gambling, etc., but not office). ken a dha boles. dispensary. ken a dha charvering donez. brothel. ken a dha charvering omiz. male brothel. ken a dha fang-krokes. dentist’s [surgery]. ken a dha krokes. doctor’s [surgery]: surgery. ken a dha krokesiz. clinic (ken a dha krokesiz kauntra dha kirtirva-kartzoze, VD clinic). ken a dha mejhiz-omiz. bank. ken a dha nauchi. nightclub (ken a dha nauchi fa dha wauleping, disco[thèque]). ken a dha tintering omiz. dry-cleaner’s. ken fa dha bayning. bathhouse, sauna. ken fa dha bevviing. pub[lic house], tippling-house. ken fa dha dobi. laund[e]rette, Laundromat®. ken fa dha flix. cinema, movie-house or -theatre. ken fa dha karning. auction-house. ken fa dha karnishing. café. ken fa dha mounjariing. restaurant. ken fa dha simering. pawnbroker’s, pawnshop. — a dha ken. commercial; see bin-ken. [Pola., from Cant; according to Borrow, “ken” is properly a nest.]

kenarfi* n. turnip. [Roma. “canáfi”, “canapli”.]

kenayp n. (pl. –s). canapé (hors d’oeuvre). [Faulty, often facetious, Eng. pronunciation of Fr.]

kenz/a 1 num. twelve. 2 n. (pl. -ez). dozen° (’una kenza, a or one dozen; dui kenzez [sheikerlz], two dozen [wigs]). kenzito. twelfth; see in medza. [Parly.]

kenzito see in kenza

keoteo* adj. knock-kneed. — fayk dha keoteo. kowtow. [Eng. “ko(w)tow”; “knock-kneed” is a misreading of the Chin. “k’o-t’ou”, “knock-head”.]

-kereeni see -eeni

kerri* tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to boil (kerrid kakeling fartz). [Roma. “kerrit”, cokked, boiled, from A.-Ind. “kerrie”, i.e., curry.]

kerune n. crown (coin). [Pola.]

keyr* n. public or municipal building. keyreeni. small public building (such as a toilet block). keyroni. [very] large public building (such as the town hall of a city). keyr a/fa dha Baula chalz. [Christian] church. keyr a dha beek/beex. court[house]. keyr a dha boura troundeling cheet[z]. [railway or train] station. keyr a dha charpering omiz. police station. keyr a dha fleiing vakaryez. airport. keyr a dha gav. town hall. keyr a/fa dha jaus chalz. [Buddhist] temple, joss-house. keyr a/fa dha Kosha chalz. synagogue, shul. keyr a/fa dha lagz. prison, jail [gaol]. keyr a/fa dha lilz. [public] library. keyr a/fa dha mishoogenez. [insane] asylum: madhouse. keyr a/fa dha Moro chalz. mosque. keyr a/fa dha nafel-kovze. [public] hospital. keyr a/fa dha dha nantwar-kovze. poorhouse, workhouse. keyr a/fa dha praygoze. house or place of worship: church, temple. keyr fa dha boura-drarma. opera-house. keyr fa dha drarma. theatre. keyreeni a/fa dha praygoze. chapel. keyroni a dha boura-gav. town or city (US) hall. keyroni a/fa dha praygoze. cathedral. — bilaung keyr. municipal, public. [Roma. “ke(i)r”, house.]

khootzpa* n. (always in sing.). nerve, chutzpah. [Yidd.]

ki/k* n. (pl. –x). pocket. [Harlem Jive, from Eng. “kick”.]

kil* 1 n. butter. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to butter. [Roma.]

kin* 1 adj. pertaining to a purchase. 2 n. purchase. 3 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d, bought; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to buy, to purchase. — kin alay. redeem. kin auf. buy off: ransom. [Roma.]

kin-cheet* n. purchase

kindo* adj. wet. kindoleeni. moist. [Roma.]

kindomento* n. (always in sing.). wetness

kinyo* tr. v. (pp./p. t. -de; -ing gerund/pres. part.). 1 to tire [out], to fatigue. 2 to bore. kinyode. 1 tired. 2 bored (tray kinyode, 1 tired out: exhausted. 2 very bored). kinyoing. 1 tiring, fatiguing. 2 boring. [Roma.]

kinyodimento*, kinyomento n. (always in sing.). 1 fatigue. 2 boredom

kipa* n. 1 skullcap. 2 yarmulke. [Heb. “kippa”.]

kipsi* n. bucket. [Roma. “kipsi”, basket.]

kirlo* n. (pl. –ze). throat. [Roma. “curlo”.]

kirtirva adj. 1 (a) bad; (b) off°. 2 evil°, foul°. [Pola.; doublet of katevva.]

kirtirva-dooka* n. curse. — leo or palari a kirtirva-dooka tu. put a curse on: curse. [Patterned on Pola. kirtirva-kartzo.]

kirtirva-jedu* n. black magic

kirtirva-kartzo n. [any] venereal disease [V.D.] (suffered by a man): esp. gonorrhoea, the clap. [Pola.; the hyphen follows Nu-Pola. usage.]

kirtirva-minj* n. [any] venereal disease [V.D.] (suffered by a woman): esp. gonorrhoea, the clap

kirtirvichude* n. evil, harm, abuse. kirtirvichude kauntra dha chaviz. child abuse. — fayk [dha] kirtirvichude. commit evil, [do] harm, abuse (fayk [dha] kirtirvichude kauntra a loulebei-cheet, abuse a baby)

kirtirvimento* n. 1 evil. 2 scourge

kishmish* 1 adj. [pertaining to a] grape. 2 n. (pl. –iz). grape. [A.-Ind. “kishmish”, raisin.]

kishmish-akwa* n. grape-juice

klapedouje/n* 1 n. (pl. –rnz). beggar. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -rnd; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to beg. klapedoujening omi. (fem.: klapedoujening pelone) beggar; see mang. [Cant “clapperdogeon”, beggar born.]

klara* adj. rude. [Gayle “Clara”.]

klei* 1 n. whip. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to whip. kleirreeni. strap. [From Cant “cly the jerk”, be whipped.]

kleibelay* adj. whippable

klevvi n. vagina (or fanny, pussy, etc.). [Pola.; cf., Eng. “cleft”.]

kleyr* 1 adj. clear. 2 tr. v. to clear. — kleyr oup. clear up. [Fr. “clair”.]

kleyrichude* n. (always in sing.). clarity, clearness (concept of)

kleyrimento* n. (always in sing.). clarity, clearness (instance of)

kolde 1 adj. cold (kolde korling, searching for [sexual] company in a venue, like a gay bar > orda aun dha kolde korling, go in search of or search for [sexual] company). 2 n. cold. koldeeni. aloof; see shila. [Pola., from Eng.]

koldimento* n. (always in sing.). (a) coldness; (b) [= koldeenimento] aloofness

kood modal. could. kooda = unstressed form of koodev. could have (could’ve). [Eng.]

koosh n. (pl. –iz). cushion. koosheeni. pillow. [Backformation from Eng. “cushion”, cf., It. “cuscino”.]

kooshni* n. basket. [Roma. “cushnee”, “cushni”, “cusni”; also, “kipsi” (see kipsi).]

kor* 1 adj. blind. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to blind. [Roma. “corredo”.]

kor/a* 1 n. (pl. –ez). riot. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to riot. [Roma. “kora”, “kore”, paronymous with “kar”, cry out; cf., Eng. “chorus” (etymologically unrelated).]

kori* n. 1 thorn. 2 penis (rare). [Roma. “cori”; cf., Indon. “duri”, thorn.]

korichude. blindness (as a condition)

korimento. blindness (momentary)

korling see in kolde

korn/a* n. (pl. –ez). 1 corner (korna a dha drome, street corner). 2 angle. [Eng. “corner”.]

kosha adj. (a) kosher; by extension, legitimate; (b) (caps) Jewish (Kosha chal, Jew; Kosha rashi, Jewish religion: Judaism). — narda kosha. not kosher: unclean; by extension, 1 non-Jewish (narda kosha pelone-grei, non-Jewish or shikse girlfriend). 2 not legit[imate]: illegitimate; see bausta. [Parly., from Heb. “kâshêr”, right.]

Kosha-[h]omi n. (fem.: Kosha-pelone) = (proposed) kosha chal (which see, in kosha). [Pola., irregularly formed.]

koube/d n. (pl. –rdz). cupboard; see in nanti. [Eng.]

koudi* n. cabin (feeva auv dha koudi, cabin fever). [A.-Ind. “cuddy”.]

koudu* n. (pl. –ze). [vegetable] marrow. koudurreeni. zucchini, courgette (UK). koudurroni. pumpkin. [A.-Ind. “cuddoo”, pumpkin.]

koul 1 n. 1 fellow, mate. 2 fool. 3 (a) ball (all senses); (b) (usually in pl.) ball, nut, testicle. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to fool, to kid (all senses). koul a dhee iv. snowball. koul a dhee ogel. eyeball. koul a dha shauk. cauliflower. — koul abeot. fool about or around. [Pola., from Cant “culle”; Baker lists “cull” as Molly slang; cf., Eng. “gull”, & Fr. “cul”, backside; anatomical vagueness or inspecificity is the norm when referring to “naughty bits”; cf., US use of “fanny”.]

koulichud/e* n. (pl. –ze). folly

koul-leik* adj. foolish

kouva see in lali-kouva, mart-kouva, stimp-kouva

kouze/n* n. (pl. –rnz). (a) fellow, mate; guy; (b) [gay/homosexual] friend. dha kouzernz. the boys or guys. kouzen a dha parchay. justice of the peace. [Eng. “cousin”, conflated with Cant “cuffin”, fellow; see etymology in following.]

kouzenarjhio* n. circle or band of esp. gay friends (Dha Kouzernz in dha Kouzenarjhio); see heos. [Italianised Fr. “cousinage”, cousinhood, or, more vaguely, relationship; properly, not Pola. but used by the likes of Truman Capote in his correspondence.]

kov/e n. (pl. -ze. people). (a) person; (b) [= ben-kove] friend°, mate°; (c) [= nab-kove] boss. koveeni. little person: dwarf, midget. kovze a dha mirsiz. army. — bilaung kovze. people’s, public. Note that kovze is often used to mean omiz an pelonze, “men and women”. [Pola., from Cant “cove”, person (Rasula/Head 69); cf., Roma. “covar”, “covo”, thing (extant in Pola. “rateling kove”).]

-kove suff. agent. -er/-or, -man/-woman, -person. [Preceding.]

krakez (pl. of kraka) see in fart

kramp/a* 1 n. (pl. –ez). bolt. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to bolt. [From Cant “cramprings”, bolt, shackles.]

krarfni* 1 n. button. 2 (pp./p. t. -d, slain; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to button or to fasten. [Roma. “crafni”; Borrow suggests it is from Germ. “Knopf”.]

krash* 1 n. killing, murder, slaughter. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t, slain; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to kill, to murder, to slay (krash ta dhee aultrantz, slay, slaughter). krashing omi. (fem.: krashing pelone) killer, murderer. krashing ta dhee aultrantz. slaughter. [Cant.]

krauch* n. 1 cross (dha Lala Krauch, the Red Cross). 2 crucifix. [It. “croce”, conflated with Eng. “crotch”.]

kraus, aun dha see in mounjari

kreer* n. ant. [Roma. “creeor”, ants.]

krokes n. (pl. –iz). doctor (shay dha krokes, at the doctor’s). — a dha krokes. pertaining to a doctor or doctors. krokesiz. (a) doctor’s; (b) clinical. [Pola.; Baker speculates that this word may have derived from Doctor Helkiah Crooke, who wrote Description of the Body of Man, in 1615 (22); cf., Jive/American slang “croaker”.]

kroo/k* n. (pl. –x). week (dui kroox, two weeks: fortnight). [Roma. “crookey”, “crookos”, “cricni”, “curkey”, “curko”.]

ku n. (pl. –ze). 1 letter Q (cue). 2 queue. 3 cue. [Eng.]

k’ut/a* n. (pl. -ez). 1 (a) piece (sor in k’utez, all in pieces). 2 (a) rag (sor in k’utez, all in rags); (b) [piece of] junk. k’utereeni. small piece: snippet. — k’uta a [dha]. (a) piece of (a k’uta a [dha] karnish, a piece of meat); (b) stick of (a k’uta a [dha] matlauking goum, a stick of gum). [Roma. “cuttur”; Chambers gives “couter”, a slang term for sovereign, deriving it from “Gypsy cuta, a gold piece”; the phrase “sor in k’utez” is “pure” Roma. as cited by Borrow.]

kwak* intr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to quack. kwaking cheet. duck (kwaking omi-cheet, drake; kwaking pelone-cheet, duck). kwaking cheetoni. goose (kwaking omi-cheetoni, gander; kwaking pelone-cheetoni, goose). [Cant, from Eng. “quack”.]

kwaun* 1 adv. [= dhat kwaun] at that time: then. 2 conj. when. — dhis kwaun. now. enni kwaun. [at] any or some time: sometimes. evri kwaun. every time. kwaun-so? when? nix kwaun. at no time. [It. “quondo”, conflated with Roma. “so”, what.]

kwaung n. 1 testicle (blu kwaungz, blue balls). 2 jerk°; see in kaud, koul. — Kwaung! Damn [it]!°. tip a kwaung tu. condemn, damn. [Pola. “quong”, perhaps from a corruption of Fr. “couillon”, contemptible person, from “couilles”, testicles or balls.]

kween n. 1 [effeminate] homosexual man: queen (kweenz dauli, (a) female friend of a gay man; (b) business or affair of a gay man). 2 queen° (all senses), king°. kween a dha meyriz. pope. [Eng. “queen” — or “quean” — is a colloquial term listed in Baker; Hawthorne writes: “Guinevere: Norman French, form of Welsh name Gwenhwyfar. kween: Dutch: barren cow” (42).]

-kween suff. (adj.- or n.-forming with ns), denoting a p. with a characteristic preference, usually, but not always, fetishistic (blarzay-kween). [Eng. slang that has entered the mainstream (“drama-queen”, etc.). It is listed in Baker under “queen”; properly, not. Pola.]

kweeni adj. effeminate. [Eng. slang listed in Baker; properly, not. Pola.]

kweenichude* n. effeminacy

kweenichudinosa* pleon. adj. effeminate

kweer* adj. (a) queer (all senses); (b) roguish; (c) wicked. [Eng. “queer”, perhaps the most famous “reclaimed” word in the Eng. language.]

kweer-ken n. jail (gaol), prison; see keyr fa dha lagz, in keyr. [Pola. “queer-ken”, from Cant.]

kweer-kove* n. (a) queer [person] (all senses); (b) rogue; (c) wicked person. [Cant.]

kweer-lach* n. [prison] cell

kweirt* 1 adj. (a) quiet (all senses); (b) calm, tranquil. 2 n. (a) quiet; (b) calm[ness], tranquillity (totarlay kweirt, silence; totarlaymentay kweirt, silent). [Eng.]

kwordz/a* n (pl. –ez). (a) [one] fourth, [a/one] quarter (fraction: a kwordza a kakeling cheet, a quarter chicken; legari [a] kwordza a dha lil, read a quarter of the book); (b) quart [meas.]. — kwordza bilaung. (a) quarter [of] (a kwordza bilaung a cheim, a quarter of an hour); see in cheim. [It. “quarta”, patterned on Pola. “medza”.]

kworta num. four. kwortereeni. worthless money°: farthing, sou° (hav nantwar a kwortereeni, not have a brass razoo). kwortito. fourth. kwortitomentay. fourthly. — kworta laung deja. forty. kworta laung dejito. fortieth. kworta laung lepta. fourteen. kworta laung leptito. fourteenth. [Parly., from It. “quattro”; cf., Eng. “cater”, the figure four, as on dice.]

kworta-sayma* n. foursome

kwortereen = (proposed) kwortereeni (which see, in kworta)

kwortito see in kworta

lach1* n. (pl. –iz). 1 closet (esp. walk-in). 2 very small room, usually serving a purpose: cubicle, booth (lach fa dha palari-peip, phone booth). 3 cage. lacheeni. cupboard, closet. lach fa dha chikerlz. birdcage, aviary. lach fa dha dobi. laundry. lach for a meyrd-kove. sepulchre, tomb. — orda fraum dha lacheeni. come out of the closet. [Backformation from brandi-lach.]

lach2* 1 n. find. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t, found; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to find. [Roma. “latch”.]

lag 1 n. 1 convict[ed person]: prisoner. 2 (a) leak° (all senses); (b) piss°. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to pass urine: to urinate, to piss. laging lach. urinal. — lag a lag. (a) spring a leak; (b) take a leak or piss: urinate. [Eng. slang (restricted use), listed in Chambers as well as Baker.]

lag-cheet* n. urine, piss

lag-lach* = 1 [police (holding)] cell. 2 see laging lach, in lag. [Pola.]

lag-worta* = lag-cheet. [Eng. slang “lag” & water, patterned on Pola. “lech-worta”.]

lala* adj. red. — lala in dha lapa. red-handed. lala in dha m’ui. red-faced. [Roma. “lollo”, “lullo”, from Hind. “lal”.]

lala-macho* n. red herring

lalerarjhio* n. (always in sing.). redness (all senses)

laleretta* n. [= omi or pelone a dha lala reir] redhead

lali 1 adj. [pertaining to the] leg. 2 n. leg. [Pola., perhaps from Cockney rhyming slang “lally-pegs”, i.e., legs.]

lali-drag (always in pl.), lali-kouv/a n. (-ez, always in pl.). trousers; see in cham. [Hybrid word: Pola. “lali” & Eng. “drag” and “cover”.]

lamor 1 n. kiss (lamor a dha mwar-mwar, air-kissing; Lamor a dha Speida-Pelone). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to kiss. — lamor a dha mwar-mwar tu. air-kiss. Lamor ya moudhez kauribounjes! Kiss my arse/ass! [Pola., from Fr. “l’amour”, love.]

lang* adj. lame. [Roma.]

lap* n. (rare pl. –s). soup (kleyr lap, broth). [Cant.]

lap/a 1 adj. [pertaining to] hand (drei-/sweet-lapa, left-/right-hand). 2 n. (pl. –ez). (a) hand; (b) paw°. — with dha drei/sweet lapa. left-/right-handed. [Pola., undoubtedly a variant of loupa (which see); cf., Eng. slap.]

lapa-skreevd* adj./pp. handwritten

lapa-skreeving* n. (always in sing.). handwriting

lard/a n. (pl. –ez) (a) groin, crotch (esp. man’s: narda ta varda in dha larda, nothing or not much to look at [joc., esp. in a sexual context; by extension, small penis (i.e., not well-endowed)]); (b) (always in sing.). pubes°; (c) (always in pl.). [= privi lardez] private parts°: genitalia/genitals°. — a dha larda. pubic. [Eng. “larder” listed in Baker, but only in the context of the joc. saying, “narda ta varda in dha larda”.]

larj adj. (no degree of comparison). superlative, superb°, finest°. [Pola., from Eng. “large”.]

lars adj. last; see in arfta-medza, dives, nauchi, sarla. [Eng.]

lati n. (a) (i) [share-]house; (ii) apartment, flat; (b) boarding-house, lodgings, inn° (dona/pelone a dha/bilaung lati, landlady; omi [a dha/bilaung lati], landlord, innkeeper°). lati aun weelz. (pl. latiz aun weelz). (a) car; see keb’ushe; (b) caravan°, trailer°. lati aun worta. (pl. latiz aun worta). (a) [large] boat°, ship, vessel (foke or kove/kovze a dha lati aun worta, [ship’s] passenger[s]); (b) houseboat. — lati shay. lodge at. sanz lati. homeless (kove sanz lati, homeless person; dha kovze sanz lati, the homeless). [Pola., from Parly.]

laun* 1 adj. salt. 2 n. salt. [Roma. “lon”, “lun”.]

laung1 num. lig. for numbers above ten: it is used in conjunction with (a) the “teen” marker, lepta, for numbers between 11 & 19 (’una laung lepta, 11; dui laung lepta, 12; tray laung lepta, 13, etc., up to nauba laung lepta, 19); (b) the “ten” or “-ty” marker, deja, for numbers between 20 & 99 (dui laung deja-chinka, 25; say laung deja-auta, 68; nauba laung deja-nauba, 99, etc.; note the use of hyphens for numbers 1 to 9 combining with tens); (c) the “hundred” marker, jent (which see: kworta laung jent-kworta, 404); (d) the “thousand” marker, mili (which see: dui laung mili-auta, 2008); (e) the “million” marker, milioni (which see: chinka laung deja-auta laung milioni, 58 million); & (f) the “billion” marker, bilioni (which see: chinka laung deja-auta laung bilioni, 58 nillion). — laung deja. eleven (obs.). [Neo-Melan. “long”, an all-purpose preposition borrowed from Eng. “along” or “belong”. This is a lexical extension, which Baker lists syncategorematically as “long dedger”, a Parly. rendering for “eleven”.]

laung2* adj. (a) long; (b) tall. — a laung cheim. a long time. narda laung. short. narda laung cheim. not long: soon. narda laung cheim ankora. soon, shortly. [Eng.]

laungichude* n. height

lav n. word (reit lav, right word: term, reit lav[z], terminology). lav a dha janka n. swear-word, curse or cuss word; see in bona. [Pola., from Roma.]

lavari* tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to wash (one’s face or hands, or the dishes, etc.); see dobi. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “lavare”.]

lavisto* = lavz-omi or lavz-dona. [Calqued on Roma. “lavengro”, the title of Borrow’s book (1851) on Eng. gipsies (“lavengro” itself is a coinage of Borrow’s).]

lavz-omi* n. (fem.: lavz-dona/-pelone) linguist, wordsmith. [Patterned on Pola. “strilez-omi”.]

laydi n. 1 homosexual male (a laydiz touch, a gay touch); see beebee, marjeri, mauli, mini. 2 [= laydi a dha houzben] (a) lady° (laydiz rusli-pisha, ladybird, ladybug); (b) bridesmaid° (sempray dha laydi, nix mei dha houzben). [Eng. “lady”, popularised by David Walliams’ character Emily Howard (“I am a lady”), an unconvincing transvestite in 2000s “Little Britain”; properly, not Pola.]

laydi-leik* adj. lady-like

layjh = lag. [Pola., with V displacement; see etymology in fambel.]

lech 1 adj. [pertaining to] sex or sexual arousal: sexual (lech kirtirvichude kauntra dha chaviz, child [sexual] abuse). 2 n. (always in sing.). sexual arousal. [Backformation from Pola. “lech-worta”, pre-cum.]

lechichude* n. (always in sing.). sexuality: (a) lasciviousness, lust, lechery; (b) prurience

lechichudinosa* adj. (a) lascivious, libidinous, lecherous; (b) prurient

lech-omi* n. lecherous man: lech

lech-pelone* n. lecherous woman: lech

lech-worta n. pre-cum. [Pola. from Eng. slang “letch”, & “water”.]

leedo* 1 adj. [pertaining to the] beach. 2 n. (pl. –ze). beach. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “lido”.]

leedo-troumes* n. beach-bum, beach-comber

legari* intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d, read; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to read. legariing omi. (fem.: legariing pelone) reader. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “leggere”.]

legariarjhio* n. (always in sing.). readership

leif n. (pl. –s; irregular pl. leivz, lives). life. — in dha leif. homosexual, gay. [Gay slang listed in Baker & used by Cory, Waters, et al.; properly, not Pola.]

leik 1 adj. likely, probable. 2 adj./adv./conj./prep. like (leik yor akchwel krokes, like a real doctor). leikimentay. likely, probably. — leik dhat. like that: so, such [a] (boura leik dhat, so big; a laung vaygeri leik dhat, such a long journey); see tanti. [Eng.]

-leik suff. (adj.-forming with ns), denoting “resembling” or “typical of”. -ish, -like (ben-kove-leik, intimate). Note that -leik is used more extensively in Pola. than Eng. [Eng.]

leili[-cheim], dha* n. summer[time]. — a dha leili[-cheim]. summer (parniz a dha leili, summer rains). [Roma. “lillai”, by metathesis.]

lel tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d, taken/took, borne, gotten; -ling gerund/pres. part.). 1 (a) to take (all senses: lel a lil fraum dha keyr fa dha lilz, take a book out of the library; lel a mini, take a walk); (b) [= lel pir dha charpering omiz] to apprehend. 2 (a) to carry°; (b) to bear°. 3 to get, to gain. lelling. 1 taking, apprehending. 2 carrying, bearing. 3 getting, gaining (lelling vardoleeni, palanquin). — lel alay. get down. lel auf. take off (all senses). lel away. take away: remove. lel erbree. take out: export. lel in. take in: accept, get, receive (lel in zee, bring to mind). lel oup. 1 hold up (bank), stick up. 2 get up. lel tel. take hold. [Pola., from Roma. “lel”, he takes (from “leav”, “ley”, to take).]

lel-away* adj. take-away (lel-away namyari, take-away [food])

lel-erbreebelay* adj. exportable

lel-cheet* n. handbag. lel-cheet fa dha beeyoniz. purse

lellibelay* adj. portable

lel-oup* n. hold-up, stick-up

len[-cheim], dha* n. spring[time]. — a dha len[-cheim]. spring (romarjhioze a dha len, spring fashions). [Roma. “lennor”.]

leo tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d, put; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to place, to put (“orda leo ya loupez aun dha strilez bona.”, “Go play the piano well.”). — leo auf. put or turn off. leo aun. (a) put on, apply; (b) put or turn on (leo aun dha glima, turn on the light; leo dha ling aun, lick). leo aun for. apply for or to. leo erbree. put out: evacuate. leo in. (a) put or stick in (leo in dha lach, put in the closet: imprison; leo in dha keyr fa dha lagz, put in prison: imprison, jail; leoing in dha keyr fa dha lagz, imprisonment, jailing); (b) pack (leo in dha peeta). [Pola. The above quote, from “Round the Horne”, along with “narda ta varda in dha larda”, is probably the best known string of Pola. words.]

leo-aun* n. application (all senses)

lepta num. 1 eleven (obs.). 2 see in laung1. leptito. ordinal marker for the “teens” (dui laung leptito, 12th). [Parly., originally “eleven”.]

leptito see in lepta

letti1 1 n. 1 bed. 2 (pl. –z) lodgings, accommodation[s]. lettileeni. crib (lettileeni [fa dha loulebei-cheet], [baby’s or child’s] cradle); see lati. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to sleep. lettiing. sleep[ing]. lettiing chovi. bedroom. Lettiing Bula. Sleeping Beauty. lettiing omi. (fem.: lettiing pelone) sleeper. — letti alay. lie down (whether to sleep or not). nanti lettiing. no sleep. orda lettiing/orda ta dha letti. go to sleep. [Pola., from It. “letto”; cf., Klee’s mention of “metti”, from “Rogues’ jargon of 1735” (139).]

letti2 n. lesbian. [Gayle.]

lettichude n. lesbianism

lettiz-omi* n. (fem.: lettiz-pelone) lodger. [Patterned on Pola. “strilez-omi”.]

leveena* n. (always in sing.). (a) wormwood; (b) vermouth. [Roma. “levinor”, ale, drink containing wormwood.]

li characteristic desin. marking an alternative infinitive & imperative mood of numerous vs (mounjarli, ordeli, panarli, etc.); such vs are never conjugated. [Pola., from It. usage of appending 3rd person sing. pron. to the infinitive mood of the verb.]

lib* 1 n. 1 fall, tumble (lib a dhee iv, snowfall; lib a dha parni, rainfall). 2 rest°, break°, nap° (lib in dha after-medza, afternoon nap: siesta). 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d, fallen, fell; -ing gerund/pres. part.). 1 to fall, to tumble (lib inta letti, fall into bed). 2 to nap°. — lib alay. fall down. lib erbree. fall out (all senses). — Tip hir a lib! Give it a rest! Tip ya moudha a lib! Give me a break! [Cant; cf., Eng. slang “libken”, place of abode, listed in Chambers.]

libarjhio* n. (pl. -ze). 1 (a) bed [for the night (out of doors)]° (letti in dha libarjhio, sleep rough); (b) sleeping quarters: bedroom. 2 paddock°, field°, meadow°. — fayk dha libarjhio. go to bed, turn in, hit the sack. [Italianised Pola. “libbage”, from Cant; the second meaning comes from the slang use of “paddock” in Fr.: “aller au paddock”, hit the sack.]

lib-cheim, dha* n. autumn, fall (US). — a dha lib-cheim. autumn[al], fall

libera* adj. free; see sanz kap, in kap. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “libera” (fem. form).]

lib-erbree* n. fall-out (all senses)

liberichude* n. (always in sing.). freedom, liberty. — sanz liberichude. not free (omi/pelone sanz liberichude, slave; pal sanz liberichude, sex-slave).

libij = (proposed) libarjhio

lil1 1 adj. [pertaining to the] hand (lil a dha lil, handbook, manual). 2 n. hand; see fambel. [Pola.]

lil2* n. book. lil a dha lavz. dictionary, lexicon. [Roma.]

lili 1 adj. 1 [pertaining to the] police. 2 legal° (secretary, etc.). 2 n. 1 (always in sing., with dha). the police; see charpering omi, in charpa. 2 law° ([kauntra] dha lili, [against] the law). — narda lili. illegal. [Eng. camp slang, from “Lily Law”, listed in Baker.]

lili-dona* n. [female] lawyer or solicitor

lili-[h]omi* n. lawman, lawyer, solicitor

liliosa* adj. lawful, legal. — narda liliosa. illegal, false (leoing in dha lach narda liliosa, false imprisonment)

ling n. tongue. — ling dha ling. stick one’s tongue out of one’s mouth. [Backformation from Pola. “lingo”, language; under “ling grappling” in Baker, who writes that “to ling was to stick the tongue out of the mouth” (36).]

ling-grapeling 1 adj. [pertaining to] sex or coitus (ling-grapeling eemag, sex game or play; ling-grapeling sayma, orgy). 2 n. (always in sing.). [sexual] intercourse: sex, coitus; see lech. [Pola., from “ling grappling”, with “ling” signifying the tongue; the hyphen follows Nu-Pola. usage.]

ling/o n. (pl. –ze). 1 language, tongue (all senses; see ling): (a) foreign, native, etc., or (b) = jargon°, lingo°, slang° (lingo av dha kouzenarjhio, gay slang). [Eng., ultimately from Lat. “lingua”; Baker lists this word as Pola. for a foreign language, while Chambers says “lingo” is a “language, esp. one despised or not understood”. Properly, Pola. is a lingo.]

ling-tangeling lavz* n. (always in pl.). tongue-twister[s]. [Patterned on Pola. “ling-grapeling”, as above.]

lish* adj. smooth (all senses). — narda lish. rough. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “liscio”, conflated with Eng. slang “delish” (delicious); cf., Fr. “lisse”.]

listo* 1 n. (pl. –ze. indexes or indices) index, list. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -de; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to index, to list. [Mock It., from Eng.]

L.M.O.! see Allemo!

lo adj. low (dha Lo Temz, the Low Countries: the Netherlands: Holland > a/bilong dha Lo Temz, Dutch, dha chalz bilong dha Lo Temz, the Dutch; lingo bilong dha Lo Temz, Dutch; [omi-/pelone-]chal bilong dha Lo Temz, Dutchman or -woman). loar. lower. loarst. lowest, lowermost. — lo in dha vauchi. quiet (of voice), softly spoken. [Eng.]

lobe see in palari-lobe

lo-eekaf* adj. low-profile

loulebei* adj. pertaining to the offspring of an animal (loulebei bleeting cheet, lamb; loulebei grei, foal; loulebei kapra, kid). [Backformation from following.]

loulebei-cheet n. baby. [Pola., from Cant form of Eng. “lullaby” + cheet.]

loup/a n. (pl. –ez). finger (loupa fa dha marteeni, ring finger; boura loupa, thumb; fambeling loupa, index finger). loupa a dha pindroze. toe (boura loupa a dha pindroze, big toe); see lapa. [Pola.]

luch/a* n. good-for-nothing, layabout, little devil. — U lucha! You little devil! [A.-Ind. “loocher”, with the idea of lewdness retained; cf., Fr. “louche”, shady, fishy, dubious.]

lukaudi 1 adj. physical°. 2 n. (a) body; (b) build° (narnerautela lukaudi). [Pola., perhaps from Cockney rhyming slang.]

Lunedi* n. Monday. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “lunedì”]

lur/e* 1 n. robbery (instance of). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -de; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to rob. luring. robbing, robbery (luring aun dha drome, highway robbery [incl. fig.]). luring omi. (fem.: luring dona/pelone) robber; see sharpa, shoosh. [Roma. “loure”, “luring”; “luripen”, robbery.]

macho* 1 adj. [pertaining to] fish or fishing. 2 n. (pl. –ze. fish[es]). fish. 3 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -de; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to fish. [Roma. “matcho”.]

machoze-omi* n. (fem.: machoze-dona/-pelone, fisherwoman) fisherman. [Patterned on Pola. “strilez-omi”.]

madza variant of medza

maki* adj. cosmetic (maki reemolde, cosmetic or plastic surgery). [Backformation from Pola. “makiarjhio”, make-up.]

makiarjh = makiarjhio

makiarjhio* n. (always in sing.). make-up, cosmetics; see mouk. [Italianised Fr. pronunciation of “maquillage”.]

mandari* 1 n. order (all senses: krokesiz mandariz). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to order. [Truncation, in Anglicised pronunciation, of It. “comandare”.]

mang* 1 n. favo[u]r. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). [= mang a mang] to ask a favo[u]r. [Roma. “mang”, to beg.]

mank* 1 n. dirt. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to lack. [Backformation from following, conflated with Fr. “manquer”, to lack.]

manki adj. (a) bad, poor, tasteless; (b) dirty°, grubby°, squalid°; (c) rotten°; (d) smelly°, stinky°, stinking°. — fayk a manki chaumeni. to smell, to stink. [Eng. dial.; according to Chambers, the origin of “manky” is unknown, but according to Baker, it is from 1950s UK slang, possibly from Fr. “manqué”, failed, spoilt, wasted.]

manki-cheet* n. [bad] smell or odo[u]r, stink

mankimento* n. 1 (a) badness, poorness, tastelessness; (b) dirtiness, grubbiness, squalor; (c) rottenness; (d) smelliness, stinkiness, stench. 2 lack, shortness. — mankimentoing in. lacking in. hav a mankimento a. be short of

marjeri n. homosexual man; see beebee, mauli, mini. [Eng. Margery or Marjory, diminutive of Margaret, in the gay, esp. Gayle, tradition of using female names.]

marreer n. (always in sing.). semen, sperm (ordering marreer, ejaculate, cum; kerntrole a dhee ordering marreer, cum control). [Pola.]

marriklee* n. cake (marriklee fa dha nashing dives). [Roma. “manricley”, “maricli”, “merricley”.]

mart n. hand; see fambel. marteeni n. 1 [= marteeni a dha houzbenarjhio] band, ring (esp. wedding); see fambel-cheet. 2 hand° (esp. small and dainty). [Backformation from Pola. “mateeni”, perhaps from “martini”, the drink (see drei & sweet; i.e., “sweet and dry”); Baker suggests Fr. “main”, hand; cf., It. “martello”, hammer, a tool gripped by the hand, or “martellare”, to throb, of the pulse in one’s wrist.]

Martedi* n. Tuesday. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “martedì”.]

martha 1 adj. 1 passive. 2 gay. 2 n. mother°, mum° (yor akchwel martha, one’s biological mother). Martha takes a capital “M” as a term of address. [Corruption of Lat. “mater”, mother; also in homage to Martha in Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? as well as a nod to Gayle. The adj. meanings are gay slang, listed in Baker; properly, not Pola.]

marthichude* n. passivity

mart-kouv/a n. (pl. -ez). glove; see fambela. [Hybrid word: Pola. “mart” & Eng. “cover”, patterned on lali-kouvez.]

Martzo* n. March. [Corruption of It. “marzo”.]

mash* n. (pl. –iz). umbrella, brolly. [Roma., from Cant.]

matlau/k 1 n. (pl. -x, teeth). tooth. 2 (pp./p. t. -kt, bit[ten]; -king gerund/pres. part.; –x 3rd pers.). to bite°, to chew° ([a k’uta a dha] matlauking goum, [a piece or stick of (chewing)] gum). [Pola. “matlock”; cf., It. “masticare”, to chew.]

matlauk-menda see fang-krokes

maularve/s* 1 n. (always in sing.). 1 tin (all senses). 2 can. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -rst; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to can, to tin (maularverst kanz, maularverst machoze). — a [dha] maularves. tin. [Roma. “mollauvis”, pewter.]

mauli 1 adj. pertaining to a homosexual man (mauli lingo, Molly slang). 2 n. homosexual man: Molly. [Eng., listed in Chambers (as a milksop) as well as Baker, a diminutive of Mary; cf. Eng. “moll”. Although unrelated, Yule lists “molly” or “mallee” as a gardener, quoting a (camp) “lady from the Bengal Presidency speak(ing) of the daily homage of the ‘Molly with his Dolly’ ” (575); i.e., a gardener with a fruit-basket.]

mauli-koul 1 n. homosexual. 2 (pp./p. t. -d, spoilt; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to mollycoddle°, to spoil° (a mauli-kould chavi). [Pola.]

maulti variant of moulti

maumlet* n. omelet. [A.-Ind. or Domestic Hind.]

mauntrel/l n. (pl. –z). (a) clock; (b) [wrist-]watch. [Pola., from Fr. “montre”.]

mausko* n. (pl. –ze, flies). fly [entom.]. mausko a dha worta. mosquito. [Roma. “mosco”, “moshko”, from Lat. “musca”.]

May* n. May. [Eng.]

mayk* intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t, left, let; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to leave (all senses except “go”), to let (mayk dha rookereeni, leave a note; Mayk ya moudha aun hir taud! Leave me alone!). — Mayk hir bee. Let it be. mayk oup. let up: subside. mayk ya moudhez. let us/let’s (Mayk ya moudhez plezzari hir. Let’s pleasure him or her.). [Roma. “mek”, “muk”, conflated with Eng. “make”.]

mayl/a* n. ass, donkey (shauka mayla). [Roma. “mailla”.]

May wee!* voc. Of course! Naturally! [Fr. “mais oui”.]

mazereen n. (a) platform or room below the stage; (b) platform° (all senses); mezzanine [floor]°; (c) [railway] platform°. [Corruption of Eng. “mezzanine”.]

medz/a 1 adj. medium, middle (Dha Medza Beshiz, The Middle Ages). 2 adj./adv. half (a medza tas, a half cup: half a cup; medza mounjarid, half eaten). 3 n 1 (pl. –ez. halves). [one] half (’unito/duito medza a, first/second half of; dui ann a medza, two and a half; dui cheimz ann a medza, two and a half hours. Dui medzes fayk dha chaulo. Two halves make a whole). 2 (rare pl.ez). middle, midst. — medza bilaung. half [of] (medza bilaung a cheim, half an hour); see in cheim. in dha medza auv. in the middle or midst of: amidst. [Pola., from It. “mezza”, one half, “mezzo”, half.]

medza-dives* 1 adj. [= bilaung medza-dives] midday, noon. 2 n. midday, noon. — anti/arfta medza-dives. before/after midday or noon

medza-kenza* n. half a dozen or [one] half-dozen (medza-kenza a dha/bilaung kakeling fartz, half a doxen eggs).

medza-kerune n. half-a-crown: half-crown. [Baker writes “medzer caroon”.]

medza-medza* adv. half … half (akwa an pap, medza-medza, half water, half milk).

medza-mounjarid* adj. half-eaten

medza-nauchi* 1 adj. [= bilaung medza-nauchi] midnight. 2 n. midnight

medza-saulti* n. halfpenny

medza-tas* n. demi-tasse

medza-ten* n. heartland

medzin* 1 n. measure. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to measure. [Roma. “medisin”, confounded with Eng. “medicine” measure.]

mee* n. mile (dui meez, two miles). [Roma. “mea”.]

mee-bar* n. milestone

mei* adv. ever. meiar. forever, evermore (Dude-barz Ar Meiar); see in nix. [It. “mai”, conflated with Eng. “my”, as in “nix mei dauli”.]

mejh 1 adj. [pertaining to] money. 2 n. (pl. -iz. monies). 1 (a) money (kap a deorri a mejh, cost a lot of money); (b) (-iz, always in pl.) bill°. 2 currency (of a country). [Pola., from Eng. “measures”.]

mejhichude* n. (always in sing.). currency (concept of)

mejhiz-omi* n. (fem.: mejhiz-dona/-pelone, money-woman) money-man, banker. [Patterned on Pola. “strilez-omi”.]

Mekredi* n. Wednesday. [Anglicised pronunciation of Fr. “mercredi”.]

meloni* n. lightning. [Roma. “malúno”, “maloney”.]

memati* 1 n. hoe. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to hoe. [A.-Ind. “mamo(o)ty”, “momatty”; cf., Eng. “mattock”.]

memb/a* n. (pl. –ez). member (all senses). [Eng. “member”; cf., It. “membro”.]

membichud/e* n. (pl. –ze). membership

mem’ule* n. custom. [A.-Ind. “mamool”.]

mem’uli* adj. customary. [A.-Ind. “mamoolee”.]

mend/a, (pl. –ez) only as in matlauk-menda, the same as fang-krokes (which see)

-mentay* suff. marking the adv. form of adjs (e.g., bennimentay, well; kaudimentay, badly): -ly. Morphology as for -mento. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “ -mente”.]

-mento* suff. (n.-forming with adjs or pps) denoting the condition of being (e.g., bennimento, wellness; kaudimento, badness): -ness; see Morphology, above. Note that while most -mento ns do not have plural forms, context does allow for it. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “ -mento”.]

merri* adj. merry. [Eng.]

Merriken* 1 adj. pertaining to America, loosely, the United States of America: American. 2 n. [= Tem bilaung Merriken] [United States of] America. — bilaung Merriken. American (lingo bilaung Merriken, American English; [omi-/pelone-]chal bilaung Merriken, American). [Eng., corruption of “American”.]

Merriken-akwa* n. soda pop (US), soft drink (UK), lemonade

Merriken-poke* n. knuckleduster. [Calqued on Fr. “(coup-de-)poing américain”.]

meshigena variant of mishoogena

messeli* n. 1 table. 2 altar. 3 counter (dha messeli fa dha smelliz, the perfume counter). [Roma. “mensalli”, “messalli”; cf., Lat. “mensa”.]

metti n. (a) (-z, always in pl.). money; (b) tip°, gratuity°, baksheesh° (a betti metti, a small tip). — nanti mettiz. no money [to give]: penniless. [Pola., from Eng. “metal”.]

metz variant of metti

meyr* 1 n. death (Meyr in Vennis; meyr a meyr, die). 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d, dead; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to die. meyrd. dead (dha meyrd kovze, the dead). — fayk meyrd. deaden. narda meyrd. eternal, immortal. [Roma. “mer”, “merava”; any association with Fr. “merde”, shit, is fanciful.]

meyrdimento* n. (always in sing.). deadness

meyrd-kove* n. dead person: corpse, cadavre

meyri 1 adj. Catholic° (meyri chal, Catholic; meyri rashi, Catholic religion: Catholicism); 2 n. 1 (a) masculine gay man; see mousel-meyri; (b) any gay man [facet.]. 2 Catholic gay man. 3 voc. [O,] Meyri! [Oh,] Man!; (loosely) Oh, no! [Eng. “Mary”, in the gay, esp. Gayle, tradition of using female names (properly, not Pola. but general gay slang; Baker suggests it originated from Molly or US gay slang).]

meyrian = meyri

mili* num. (a) a or one thousand; (b) marker for the “thousands”, used in conjunction with laung (which see: mili dui laung deja, 1,020; chinka laung lepta laung mili, 15,000, etc.). Note that as mili means one thousand, “’una laung mili” is a pleonasm best avoided. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “mille”]

milioni* num. (a) a or one million; (b) marker for the “millions”, used in conjunction with laung (which see: daycha laung milioni, 10 million; chinka laung deja laung milioni dui laung jent chinka laung deja laung mili, 50,250,000, etc.). Note that as milioni means one million, “’una laung milioni” is a pleonasm best avoided. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “milione”]

milzermb’un/e* n. (pl. –ze). (a) story; (b) novel. milzermb’uneeni. novella. milzermb’unoni. epic, saga. [JB.]

mini 1 n. homosexual man; see mauli. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) to walk (miniing in a sheesh fashen, mincing); (b) to tread°, to tramp° (mini aun enni wouniz loupez a dha pindroze, tramp or tread on someone’s toes). — mini oup. hop. [Pola.]

minit n. minute (of time)

mini-oup* n. hop

minj n. (pl. –iz). vagina (or pussy, fanny, etc.). [Eng. slang listed in Baker, who gives it as early 20th-century slang; however, Borrow (1874) lists “minge” & its variant “mintch”; properly, not Polari.]

minjarjhio* n. (always in pl. -ze). nasty, hurtful or malicious things said about someone: slander. [Calqued on Fr. “connerie”, bullshit, from “con”, c….]

mirr/a n. (pl. -ez). mirror. [Eng.]

mirrakulosa* adj. miraculous (mirrakulosa sho, miracle). [Eng.]

mirs* 1 n. (pl. –iz). (a) weapon; (b) (always in pl.). arms. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to arm. [Roma. “murces”, “mursior”.]

mish truncation of kemishen, a variant of kameesa (which see)

mishoogen/a 1 adj. crazy, insane, mad (properly, mishooga). 2 n. (pl. –ez). crazy or insane person: madman. — bee mishooga or mishoogena. be crazy, insane, mad or nuts. [Yidd. “meshuggeneh”, listed in Baker & Chambers.]

mishoogennichude* n. (always in sing.). craziness, insanity, madness

mobelay* adj. fickle. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “mobile”.]

mog/e 1 n. (pl. -ze). 1 lie, falsehood. 2 exaggeration°. mogeeni. white lie: fib (tray betti mogeeni, teensy-weensy lie). 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -de; -ing gerund/pres. part.). 1 to lie, fib, mislead (moge tu, lie to: deceive, trick). 2 to exaggerate. moging. lying, false. moging omi. (fem.: moging pelone) liar (manki moging omi, dirty liar). Ann nanti or no moge? Are you telling the truth? No [bull]shit? No kidding? Ann nanti or no moge! I’m telling [you] the truth! Honestly! You don’t say! [Pola. “mogue”. The expression “ann no moge!” is synonymous with “and no flies!”, raising the question whether “moge” is related to Fr. “mouche”, It. “mosca”, Russ. “mukha”, etc., fly, or whether “fly” is a pun on “lie”.]

moge-cheet* n. trick, deception. — fayk dha moge-cheet aun. trick, deceive, dupe

molee* n. curry (kindo molee, wet curry; trusni molee, dry curry). [A.-Ind. “moley”, a “kind of (so-called wet) curry used in the Madras Presidency” (Yule, 575).]

momento n. (pl. –ze). moment; (loosely) minute. — ’Una momento! Just a moment or minute! [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “momento”.]

mooft/a* n. (pl. –ez). box. mooftereeni. small box (mooftereeni fa dha groynarjhio, jewellery box; mooftereeni fa dha biliduze or rookez, letter-box). moofteroni. large box: chest, trunk (moofteroni for a/fa dha meyrd-kove, coffin, casket). [Roma. “mufta”.]

moomli* 1 adj. [pertaining to a] candle. 2 n. candle. [Roma. “moomli”, “mumli”.]

moomli-glima* n. (a) candle-light; (b) lantern

moomli-kaush* n. (a) candlestick, candelabrum; (b) (-iz) candelabra

mootzi* 1 adj. [pertaining to] skin. 2 n. skin. [Roma. “mutzi”.]

mor* tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d, ground: mord jarva, ground coffee; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to grind. [Roma. “moar”; cf., “morro”, ground: bread.]

mormousti* n. nurse. mormousti fa dha martha. midwife. [Roma. “mormusti”, midwife.]

Moro adj. Islamic, Muslim (Moro chal, Muslim; Moro rashi, Muslim religion: Islam). [Anglicised pronunciation of It./Sp. “moro” (Yule wrote that “Moro is still applied at Manilla to the Musulman Malays” [582]); cf., Eng. “Moor”.]

moto* 1 adj. [pertaining to a] motor or engine. 2 n. (pl. –ze). motor, engine. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “moto”, motion, motor (in combination).]

moudh/a 1 n. (pl. -ez). mother (restricted use); see martha. 2 pron. (a) I; (b) me, myself. — [ya] moudha. used in 3rd person: (a) I [orig. joc.]; (b) [to] me [orig. joc.]. [ya] moudhez. 1 used in 3rd person singular: (a) my; (b) mine. 2 used in 3rd person plural. 1 (a) we; (b) us. 2 (a) our; (b) ours. — [ya] moudhez. my or our place. [ya] moudhez self. (a) myself; (b) ourselves. [Eng. Moudha is used in the widest possible sense, often facetiously (e.g., “Shall I be mother?”, often said by a (gay or, sometimes, straight) host when offering to pour the tea).]

moufe/l* 1 n. (pl. –rlz). wipe. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -rld; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to wipe. moufeling cheet. napkin, serviette (moufeling cheet fa dhee eesaung, handkerchief; moufeling cheet fa dha loulebei-cheet, diaper [US], napkin [UK]). moufeling cheeteeni. tea-towel. moufeling cheetoni. [bath] towel; see fogel. [From Cant “muffling cheet”, napkin.]

mouj n. (pl. –iz). hat (esp. functional). [Pola.]

mouk n. (always in sing.). stage make-up; see makiarjhio. [Eng. “muck”, from theatre slang, conflated perhaps with Fr. “maquillage”; properly, not Pola.]

moulti 1 adj./adv. (a) many (with countable ns: moulti cheimz, many a time, many times, often[times], frequent); (b) much (with uncountable ns); (c) (i) a lot (a moulti bauberi, a helluva racket; fayk dha moulti parniz, cry a lot); (ii) a lot of (varda moulti dha vardering vakarya, watch a lot of television); (d) very; see tray2. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to collect. moultiar. more (with ns: moultiar skirtz, more fun). moultiar dhan. more than. moultiarst. most (with ns: moultiarst skirtz, most fun). [Pola., from It. “molto”; cf., Fr. slang “moult”.]

moultiarjhio* n. collection (moultiarjhio a jarx, stamp collection)

mounj 1 adj. (a) dark°, obscure° (mounj chovi, back- or dark-room: “back slum”); (b) murky°. 2 n. (always in sing.). (a) darkness, obscurity°; (b) murkiness°. [Pola. Gays are not the only group to use a “mounj chovi”; Yule (475) defines “kaka juggah” as “a ‘dark place,’ arranged near a ball-room for the purpose of flirtation”.]

mounjari 1 n. (always in sing.). food (mounjari aun dha kraus, food obtained through cheating). 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d, ate, eaten; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) to eat, to dine° (mounjari [enni] mounjari, have [some] food; mounjari wouniz kakel, mumble; mounjari wouniz lavz, eat one’s words); (b) to munch°. mounjariing chovi. dining-room; see jari, karnish, ken, namyari. [Parly., from It. “mangiare”, to eat.]

mounjariarjhio* n. feast. — mounjariarjhio a dha bitaynichude. love-feast

mounjarli variant of mounjari, used in the infinitive or imperative mood only. [Parly. corruption of It. “mangiarlo”, to eat it.]

mounjichude* n. (always in sing.). darkness, obscurity

mounth n. (pl. –s). month; see -chune. [Eng.]

mous modal. have to: must. mousta1 = unstressed form of moustev. must have (must’ve). [Eng.]

mousel-meyri see sweting omi-pelone, in swet. [Gay slang “Muscle Mary”, listed in Baker; properly, not Pola.]

mousta1 see in mous

moust/a*2 n. (pl. –ez). pattern (all senses), sample. [A.-Ind. “muster”.]

mov/e 1 adj. appearing or suspected of being homosexual: gay-acting. 2 n (pl. –ze). person suspected of being gay°. moveeni. weakling, wimp. — narda move. straight-acting. [Eng. “mauve”; “moveeeni” is calqued on Fr. “mauviette”.]

movichude* n. (always in sing.). gay-like manners or style

m’ui 1 adj. pertaining to the 1 mouth: buccal, oral. 2 face: facial. 2 n. 1 mouth. 2 face. — wouniz m’ui bee lala. blush [lit., one’s face be red] (Moudhez m’ui wauz lala.). — [Arnt] firmay ya m’ui! Shut your mouth! [Pola., from Roma. “mui”; Borrow compares Fr. “mot”, word, & Sans. “mukha”, face, mouth, found in Indon. “muka”; cf., A.-Ind. “mookhee”, Eng. slang “mug”, & Fr. “frimousse”, sweet little face; also consider Fr. “moue”, pout, as in “faire la moue”, pull a face.]

m’uvari* 1 n. move, shift (all senses). 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to move, to shift; see deelati, reelati. [Corrupt or Anglicised pronunciation of It. “muovere”, with accent shifted from the first S to the second.]

m’uvaribelay* adj. movable, mobile

mwar pron. me [joc.] (shay mwar, mwar batid away, etc.). — Mwar[, mwar]! exclamation said when exaggeratingly kissing someone on both cheeks, esp. without touching (in combination, a hyphen is used; see in lamor): mwah! [Fr. “moi”, me; properly, not Pola.]

nab* 1 adj. pertaining to a head. 2 n. 1 head. 2 nod [of the head] (bona nab, [good] opinion; kaud nab, bad opinion: disapproval). 3 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to nod (nab dha nab, nod the head). nab a dha jin. kneecap. — aun dha nab. (a) on the head; (b) [= ayjax aun dha nab] ahead. tip dha nab [tu]. give the nod [to]: approve [of] (nix tip dha nab [tu], disapprove [of]). [Cant; cf., Eng. slang “nob”.]

nab-cheet n. hat. [Cant.]

nab-kove* n. boss

naf 1 adj. 1 of inferior quality: inferior°, kitsch°, tasteless. 2 (a) heterosexual, straight; (b) not hep or hip°: square° (all senses), not cool°: uncool°, crass°, common°. 2 n. [= naf-kove, -omi or -pelone] 1 person without any taste. 2 (a) heterosexual, straight; (b) square° (all senses). — narda naf. cool, hep or hip (narda naf asarles, calm, cool and collected). [attributed to Pola., listed in Chambers as well as Baker (who deals at some length with its etymology; in Baker & Stanley, it is suggested that “naff” entered British English by way of “American airforce men, stationed in London during the last years of the Second World War” [79], much like “snafu”, except that I have never heard an American utter the word “naff”); cf., Roma. “nafli”, sick, or even Scot. “nyaff”, a small or worthless person or thing. Naf, or “naff”, is said to be one of the few Pola. words, if that premise is accepted, to enter general Eng. slang, although its second meaning is unknown to the general public.]

nafel* adj. sick, ill, unwell. [Roma. “naflo”.]

nafel-kove n. sick or ill person: patient

nafellichude* n. (always in sing.). sickness, illness

nafellimento* n. (pl. –ze). sickness, illness, ailment (nafellimento a dha booka, liver complaint)

nafichude* n. (always in sing.). heterosexuality

naf-kove* n. 1 person without any taste. 2 (a) heterosexual, straight; (b) square (all senses)

naf-leik* adj. straight-acting

naf-omi* n. 1 man without any taste. 2 (a) heterosexual [man], straight [man]; (b) square (all senses)

naf-pelone* n. 1 woman without any taste. 2 (a) heterosexual [woman], straight [woman]; (b) square (all senses)

namyari 1 n. (always in sing.). (a) food; (b) by extension, (i) meal°, dinner°; (ii) lunch° (namyari in dha sarla, evening meal: supper; betti namyari, breakfast; boura namyari, dinner). namyarileeni. snack. 2 (pp./p. t. -d, ate, eaten; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) intr. v. to eat (namyari meyrd loulebei-cheetz, eat dead babies); (b) tr. v. to feed (namyari pir dha wilet/wilertz, breast-feed; namyariing pir dha wilet/wilertz, breast-feeding). [Pola., perhaps a corruption of mounjari (which see).]

nanyari variant of namyari

nanti part. 1 (a) no (followed by n.: nanti dinarli, no money); (b) no (followed by adv. of comparison: nanti bonar, no better; nanti kaudar or wirsta, no worse. 2 do not, don’t (Nanti panarli! Don’t speak! Don’t say anything!). 3 (a) = nix [chaumeni] (which see); (b) = narda (c). — Nanti dhat! Leave it [alone]! Forget it! For other expressions with nanti, see under the relevant headword; see arnt [Pola., from It. “niente”, nothing.]

nantwar 1 adj. (a) not enough°: inadequate (hav nantwar namyari, not have enough to eat); (b) not rich: poor°, needy° (hav nantwar fa dha ninti, not have enough to live on). 2 part. = nanti 1 or nix (a) [facet. or for emphasis]. [Pola., as mock Fr. “nantois”, & influenced by nanti; cf., Fr. “nanti”, affluent.]

nantwarichude* n. (always in sing.). poverty

nantwarichudinosa* n. poverty-stricken

nantwar-kove* n. poor person. dha nantwar-kovze. the poor [people]

narda part. (a) none; (b) = nix chaumeni (which see, in chaumeni); (c) unbound pref., used to form negatives: dis°, in-°, un-° or non-° (see under relevant headword: narda palaribelay, unspeakable; narda (or nanti) Parliv’u-palariing, non-French-speaking; narda (or nanti) Polari pelone, non-Polari-speaking woman). — Da narda! Not at all! (in response to being thanked), Don’t mention it!; cf., nix, sanz. For other expressions with narda, see relevant headword. [Pola., from Sp. “nada”.]

narna 1 adj. (a) awful, nasty, objectionable (tray narna, repugnant, repulsive); (b) rough° (all senses); (c) cruel°. 2 n. nerves° (tip enni wouni dhayr narna, get on someone’s nerves, get to someone). [Pola.; cf. Aust. Eng. slang “nana”, fool (similar to Du. “nar”, fool, jester), or nerves, Fr. “nanar”, piece of junk, & even It. “nano”, dwarf.]

narnerautela* adj. short (all senses, except being short of something: narnerautela flik, short [film]; narnerautela milzermb’une, short story). [Corruption of It. “nanerottolo”, little man, dwarf.]

nash1* 1 n. (pl. –iz). loss. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t, lost; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to lose. [Roma. “nash”, to lose, destroy, hang.]

nash2* intr. v. (pp./p. t. -t, born; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) to be born (a nasht virsiz-omi, a born poet; Ya moudha nix nasht lars dives! I wasn’t born yesterday!); (b) hatch. nashing. birth (nashing dives, birthday). — fayk nasht tu. give birth to: bear (fayk nasht tu a/dha loulebei-cheet, give birth to a child). [Truncation of It. “nascere”.]

nat* n. (a) fairy; (b) [= nat in dha charo] angel (natz karnish, angel food); (c) [= nat a dha bevvel] spirit, ghost. nat a dha zee. spirit, soul. — a dha nat a dha zee. spiritual. [A.-Ind.]

nauba1 num. nine. naubito. ninth. naubitomentay. ninthly. — nauba laung deja. ninety. nauba laung dejito. ninetieth. nauba laung lepta. nineteen. nauba laung leptito. nineteenth. [Parly., from It. “nove”.]

nauba2 n. street performer’s confederate who collects money from onlookers. [Pola., from Eng. slang “nobbler”.]

Nauba-chune* n. November. [nauba + Roma. “choon”, moon.]

naubito see in nauba

nauchi n. night. — nauchiz. nightly. dhis nauchi. tonight. lars nauchi. last night. nex nauchi. tomorrow night. in dha nauchi. ante meridiem: a.m. (used for early-morning hours 1–4; otherwise, use “in the sorlo”). ova dha nauchi. overnight. [Pola., from Sp. “noche”.]

naush intr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). perform oral sex or fellatio. naushing. oral sex: fellatio or cunnilingus. [Pola. from Yidd. “nosh”, eat.]

nav* n. name. — sanz wouniz nav. anonymous[ly]. [Roma.]

nei* part. there is or are no (Nei [enni] kil heer. We’ve got no butter [lit., there is no butter here]). [Roma. “nai (hi)”.]

neir* n. (a) nail (all senses); (b) claw. neir a dha loupez. (a) fingernail (matlauk dha neirz, bite the nails); (b) [= neir a dha loupez a dha pindroze] toenail. [Roma. “naior”, nails.]

nel, nelli1 1 n. ear. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ling, -ing gerund/pres. part.). to listen. nelling. hearing (of the court). Arnt nel! [Do] be quiet! Listen! Shut up! Silence! (Arnt nel aun dha slanging ten!). Nel[li]! Say! Listen! [Pola.]

nelli2 1 adj. effeminate, “nelly”, camp. 2 n. effeminate [gay] man: “nelly”. [Gay slang listed in Baker & used by Waters (“nell” 130, “nelly go-go boys” 148), et al.; properly, not Pola.]

nelliard/a intr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). (a) to listen [to]; (b) to hear° (Ya moudhez Sweet-Doubel, nelliarda moudhez praygoze. Lord, hear our prayers). nelliardering. listening (nelliardering flatiz an giliz, [listening] audience). [Pola., connected with “nelli”, ear.]

nellichude* n. (always in sing.). (a) effeminacy; (b) camp, campiness

nellichudinosa* adj. (a) effeminate; (b) camp, campy

nelli-fay/k n. (pl. -x). earring (kode a dha nelli-fayx, earring code). [Pola.]

nex adj. next. nex bor. next door (shay nex bor, next door > dha kove nex bor, neighbo[u]r; dha kove reit nex bor, next-door neighbo[u]r). — alaung nex bor. neighbo[u]ring; nex tu. next to: by, beside; see in arfta-medza, dives, nauchi, sarla, sorlo. [Eng. Bor is conflated with “door” in nex bor.]

nil variant of noul

ninti 1 n. livelihood°, living°; see leif. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) to live° (all senses: Akoy-so ninti-u? Where do you live?); (b) to exist° (“Ya moudha nintiz, akoy-pero she iz”). — fayk dha ninti aun. live on. [Pola.]

nish tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to stop [doing something]°, to give up°, to cease° (nish dha vogze, stop smoking. Nish dha kakel! Nish tiping dha barni!). Nish ta/tu …! No [to] …! (slogans: “Nish ta firikaduzering!”, “No violence!”); (b) No (signs, commands, etc.: Nish ta Voging, No Smoking). [Pola. paronym of “nix”, from Yidd. “nisht”, Germ. “nicht”, not; Nish ta, written as one word in Baker, is formed with Eng. “-a”, of (as found in “cuppa”,“sorta”, etc.]

nishtwar part. 1 = nanti 1 (a) or nix 1 (a) or 2 [facet. or for emphasis]. 2 (a) no more° (with ns: Nishtwar divesiz bilaung arris-reir! No more bad hair days!); (b) not … any more°: no longer° or more°; not any more° (Alice nishtwar nintiz akoy.). — Nishtwarz parreed! Nothing’s changed! [Pola., from Yidd. “nisht”, from Germ. “nicht”, not, or “nichts” nothing, & patterned on mock Fr. “nantois”; see nantwar.]

nix 1 part. (a) no (as answer to a question); (b) not. 2 pron. [= nix chaumeni] nothing (nix [chaumeni] mounjarli, nothing to eat). — nix erbree. to eliminate°, to get rid of°: rid°. nix mei. never. nix aseo. neither: nix […] aseo … or. neither … nor. nix wouni. no one, nobody. nix wouniz. no one’s, nobody’s; see in asarles, chaumeni, ei. [Eng. slang “nix”, nothing doing, from Germ. “nicht”, not, or “nichts” nothing. Nix erbree is calqued from Harlem Jive.]

no part. no (restricted to set phrases, such as “Ann no moge?” [which see, in moge]); see nanti, nix. [Eng.]

nodo* n. (pl. –ze). 1 knot. 2 joint [anat.]. nodo a dha poke. knuckle. — bee nodode. be jointed. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “nodo”, knot.]

nogo* adj. own (An Omi-Chaviz Nogo Milzermb’une). [Roma.]

nol/a n. (pl. –ez). no one of importance: nobody. [Gayle “Nola”; Cory cites “nola” from The American Dictionary of Slang as a synonym for homosexual (112).]

nora adj. stupid. [Gayle “Nora”; Cage & Evans point out that “unlike most of the female names in Gayle which are alliterative, this word is probably from igNORAnt”.]

noudha* adj./pron. other (a noudha, another; dha noudha, the other). [Eng. “other”, with the addition of the “n” due to confusion with the indefinite article.]

noul* num. nought, zero. [Eng. “null”.]

noumb/a n. (pl. –ez). 1 sexually attractive person. 2 casual sex[ual] partner. — get wouniz noumba. (a) know that someone is homosexual; (b) know what someone is up to. [Gay slang “number”, listed in Baker; properly, not Pola.]

noumberosa* adj. sexually attractive

NTBH = en-tee-bee-[h]aych

n’u* pron. us [joc.], used in “shay n’u” (which see, in shay) or mock Fr. phrases. [Anglicised pronunciation of Fr. “nous”.]

n[’]u adj. new. [Eng.]

n[’]u-* pref. neo-. N[’]u- conforms with Eng. rules on the use of an initial capital letter. [as above.]

n[’]u-houzben* n. (a) bride; (b) [bride]groom

n[’]u-leik* adj. novel

n[’]umero* n. (pl. –ze). (a) number (numero ’una); (b) item (in a TV, etc., show). [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “numero”.]

n[’]umerosa* adj. numerous

N[’]u-Polari* n. Neo-Polari, New Polari (stricto sensu, this version of Polari)

o1 n. letter O. [Eng.]

o2 voc. oh; see in meyri, vaf. [Eng.]

odiari* 1 n. hate, hatred, dislike (tray/t’umouch odiari, detestation, loathing, abhorrence). 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). hate, dislike (odiari t’umouch, detest, loathe, abhor). [tray/t’umouch] odiariing. abhorrent, loathesome. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “odiare”.]

odiaribelay* adj. hateful (tray/t’umouch odiaribelay, detestable, loathesome, abhorrent)

ofay* variant of fay

oge/l 1 adj. [pertaining to the] eye: ocular. 2 n. (pl. –rlz). eye. 3 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -rld; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to gaze meaningfully or look longingly at a man: eye off. ogeling. gaze, gazing, looking longingly. — ogel forwed tu. look forward to. [Pola., perhaps from Cant “ogle”, or It. “occhio”.]

ogel-fay/k n. (-x, always in pl.). glasses, spectacles. [Pola.]

ogel-filt/a (-ez, always in pl.) = g’uli ogel-fayx (which see, in g’uli). [Hybrid word: Pola. “ogel” & Eng. “filters”.]

ogel-reid/a n. (pl. –ez). (a) eyebrow; (b) eyelash. [Hybrid word: Pola. “ogel” & Eng. “riders”; Baker also suggests that it could be a mishearing of ogel-reirz.]

ogel-reida-fay/k* n. (pl. –x). eyebrow ring. [Patterned on Pola. “nelli-fayk”, earring.]

ogel-reir n. eyelash. [Pola.]

ogel-reir-fay/k n. (-x, always in pl.). false eyelashes. [Pola.]

ogel-shayd (-z, always in pl.) = g’uli ogel-fayx (which see, in g’uli). [Hybrid word: Pola. “ogel” & Eng. “shades”.]

okel variant of ogel

-ola* n. intensifier. Young speculates that ola may be a nonce marker applied to English words, used to conceal the speaker’s meaning, giving “tradiola” (i.e., “trade”) as an example. [Sp., found in “Moviola”®, “Pianola”®, etc.]

om/i 1 adj. male°, man°. 2 n. (pl. omiz, males, men). (a) male [of the species]: man; (b) (i) man, person (esp. in terms of attributes, function or position, often used in compounds or n. phrases [see Morphology], or after the gerund); (ii) master° (all senses); see rei; see in karsi, lati. [Parly. “omee”, from It. “uomo”, man. According to Baker, “omee” was first recorded in Hotton’s Dictionary of Slang, published in 1864, & was defined as “master” or landlord.]

omi- pref. marking the male gender: he-, man-, etc. (omi-gato, tomcat; omi-pelone, gay man); see omi-cheet. [Pola.]

omi-beebee* n. uncle

omi-beebee-leik* adj. avuncular

omi-bugel* n. bull

omi-chal* n. (a) male inhabitant of (country); (b) male adherent of (religion); (c) male member of (society, race, etc.); (d) male speaker of (language); see in relevant headword.

omi-chavi* n. boy. omi-chavi a dha bugerlz. cowboy (Omi-Chavi a dha Bugerlz Bilaung Medza-Nauchi)

omi-cheet* n. male of the animal, bird or fish species (kakeling omi-cheet)

omi-chikel* n. male bird: cock

omichude* n. (always in sing.). manhood, virility

omichudinosa* adj. manly, masculine, virile

omi-feeli* n. male child: son, boy (omi-feeli a dha dui-baj-martha, grandson)

omi-gato* n. tomcat

omi-grei* n. boyfriend

omi-pelone n. gay man or guy: homosexual [joc.; lit., “he-woman”]. [Combination (one of the oldest) of “omi” & “pelone”.]

omi-pelonichude* n. homosexuality

omi-pivli* see pivli

omi-zelda* n. warlock, wizard (Dhee Omi-Zelda auv Auz)

-oni* n. suff. marking the augmentative form. Morphology as foreeni. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “-one”.]

opel see ogel

or conj. or; see in nix. [Eng.]

ord/a intr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). 1 (a) to go (all senses, including as preparatory v.: “order lau your luppers on the strillers bona” [Baker, quoting orthographically from “Round the Horne” (36); see in leo], “Go have a good play on the piano”; orda moulti cheimz ta, go somewhere often: frequent; orda/ordering ta dha tenz fa dhee afeyrimento, do[ing] the beat; bee ordering tu, be going to: plan to, intend to); (b) to leave (room, etc.). 2 (a) to come (all senses); (b) to reach orgasm: (loosely) to ejaculate, to come or cum. 3 to fare. ordering. 1 going (ordering marreer, ejaculate [n.]: come or cum, spunk, jissom). 2 coming. — orda alay. go down: set. orda aun. go on, take place. orda away. come or go away (Orda away! Go away!). orda erbree. come or go out[side]. orda bona. suit (Shee ordez u bona). orda in. come or go in (orda in dha worta, go swimming: swim; ordering in dha worta, swimming). orda oup. come up: [a]rise. Heo ar-u ordering? How are you going? (all senses); see in kolde. [Parly. The v. phrase “orda in dha worta” is calqued on Roma. “jalno ando pawni”, lit., go in the water.]

ordeli variant of orda, used in the infinitive or imperative mood only.

ordineyr* adj. ordinary, common, normal, usual. — narda ordineyr. abnormal, uncommon, unusual. [Anglicised pronunciation of Fr. “ordinaire”.]

orguri* 1 n. desire, wish. 2 v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) intr. to desire, to wish; (b) tr. to desire, to wish for; to want. [Anglicised corruption of It. “augurare”.]

orguribelay* adj. desirable. — narda orguribelay. undesirable

ort modal. ought. orta. ought to. [Eng.]

-osa adj. suff.denoting abundance: -ful, -ous. –osimento. n. form: -osity; see Morphology, above. [Pola., from It. “-osa”.]

oup adv./prep. 1 up[on]. 2 above. oupar. upper (uppar lukaudi, upper body: torso). ouparst. uppermost. [Eng.]

ova prep. 1 over (all senses); see ayjax. 2 across (a bati-lapa ova dha m’ui, a slap across the face). [Eng.]

oyst/a 1 adj. oral. 2 n. (pl. –ez). 1 mouth. 2 smile°. — tirn wouniz oysta oup. make one smile. [Eng. “oyster”, from its moistness; properly, not Pola.]

pal* n. (a) pal, “bro”; (b) partner in (i) crime; (ii) sex: sex[ual] partner; (c) term of address, especially pejoratively toward a stranger. [Roma. “pal”, “prala”; as a term of address, “pal” is heard extensively in US in the general population.]

palari1 1 adj. pertaining to speech. 2 v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) intr. (i) to speak, to talk, to utter (Nanti palari! Don’t speak!); (ii) to answer°, to reply°; (b) tr. (i) to speak (palari Polari, speak Polari); (ii) to tell°, to mention°; (iii) to answer°. — palari abeot. speak about or of: mention. palari daus. answer, reply [back], counter. -palariing. -speaking (Paumi-palariing, English-speaking). sanz palariing. not to mention. [Pola., from It. “parlare”.]

palaribelay* adj. speaking (part). — narda palaribelay. unspeakable

Palari2 variant of Polari

palari-lob/e n. (pl. –ze). ear (better, nel, nelli, which see). [Hybrid word: Pola. “palari” & Eng. “lobe”.]

palarimento* n. (pl. –ze). word: by extension, [quick or short] conversation: (a) speech, talk; (b) answer, reply. — in pogee palarimentoze. in short

palari-peip 1 n. (pl. –s). [tele]phone. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.; –s 3rd pers.). to [tele]phone, to call, to ring (Palari-peip dha sharpez! Call the police!). [Hybrid word: Pola. “palari” & Eng. “pipe”.]

palias n. (pl. -iz). back [anat.] (Ya moudhez palias iz krashing hir!). [Pola., from Fr. slang “paillasse”, prostitute (who spends her time on her back).]

paloni variant of pelone

pan* 1 n. tie (all senses). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d, bound; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) to tie, to bind; (b) [= pan reon] to enclose, to put in a pound. pand. (a) bound, tied; (b) enclosed (pand ten, enclosure, pound). — pan alay. tie down (all senses). pan oup. bind or tie up (all senses). leo in dha pand ten. put in a pound: impound. [Roma. “pand”.]

panarli variant of palari, used in the infinitive or imperative mood only (Nanti panarli! Don’t speak!). — asarles ta panarli. so to speak. dhatz [ta] panarli. that is [to say]: id est, c’est-à-dire. [Corruption of It. parlarlo, to speak it, with euphonic sound-shift from “l” to “n”, to avoid unwanted alliteration.]

pandor/a 1 adj. (a) inquisitive; (b) gossipy° (pandora kakel or pelarva, gossip). 2 n. (pl. –ez). (a) inquisitive gay man; (b) gossip° (esp. gay). — fayk dha pandora abeot. gossip about. [Gayle.]

pane/m n. (rare pl. –rmz). bread (fayking omi/pelone a dha panem, baker). [Pola., from Cant “pannam” (cf., Lavengro, p. 267); cf., Fr. “pain”, It. “pane”, Lat. “panis”.]

pap* 1 n. (always in sing.). milk. papeeni. cream. 2 tr. v. to milk. — pap a dha wilertz. breast milk. [Eng. “pap”; cf., Cant “paplar”, milk-pottage. “Papeeni” is calqued on Roma. “smentini”.]

parchay* n. (always in sing.). peace (all senses: parchay an kweirt, peace and quiet). — in parchay. in peace. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “pace”.]

parchayosa* adj. peaceful

parjhio* n. (pl. –ze). page. [Frenchified pronunciation of It. “paggio”.]

park variant of parka

park/a tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). 1 to give, to administer°. 2 pay [out] (parka dha mejhiz, pay the bill, pay the money). parkering. paying (parkering ninti, wages, pay[-packet]). parkering omi. (fem.: parkering dona/pelone) payer, pay-master. — parka auf. pay off. parka daus. pay back (all senses): repay. [Pola., from It. “pagare”; cf., Roma. “pes(sa)”.]

parka-auf* n. pay-off (all senses)

parka-daus* n. pay-back (all senses)

parkimento* n. (always in sing.). pay[ment]

parlegelars* n. (always in sing.). asparagus. [A.-Ind. or Domestic Hind. “pálagiláss”.]

parlemento variant of palarimento

Parliv’u* 1 adj. pertaining to France: French. 2 n. [= Tem bilaung Parliv’u] France. — bilaung Parliv’u. French (dha chalz bilaung Parliv’u, the French; lingo bilaung Parliv’u, French; [omi-/pelone-]chal bilaung Parliv’u, Frenchman or -woman). Parliv’u-palariing. French-speaking. [Eng. slang “parley-voo”, listed in Chambers, from Fr. “parlez-vous (français)?”, do you speak (French)?; properly not Pola.]

Parliv’u-akwa* n. mineral water (fizi Parliv’u-akwa, sparkling mineral water)

Parlyaree 1 adj. Parlyaree (Parlyaree chal, Parlyaree speaker). 2 n. (always in sing.). [= Parlyaree lingo] Parlyaree, a 19th-century argot of carnival & circus workers, people in the theatre, etc., & by extension, gipsies, thieves & other outcasts from society, which forms the basis for Polari (which see). [Corruption of It. “parlare”, to speak.]

parni 1 adj. 1 [pertaining to] rain, pluvial. 2 pertaining to tears: tear, lachrymal. 2 n. 1 rain[drop]. 2 tear[drop]. 3 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to rain (“Sheez Parniing dhee Omiz”, “It’s Raining Men” [Weather Girls]). — fayk dha parniz. cry. sanz parniz. in need of or wanting rain. [Pola., from A.-Ind. “pawnee”, Hind. “pani”; cf., Roma. “pâni”, “pawni”; Baker gives “rain-water”.]

parni-leik* adj. teary

parniosa* adj. rainy

parni-worta* n. (always in sing.). rain-water

parree1* 1 n. (a) change (all senses); (b) exchange, swap. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) to change (all senses: parree ya dooka, change your luck); (b) to exchange, to swap. — gay parree. one-night stand. dha moultiar shee parreez, dha moultiar sheez dha syam baj an manki shoze. the more things change, the more they stay the same. (Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.) [Roma. “parra”, “porra”, influenced by foll; cf., Eng. apparent & parry.]

Parree2* n. Paris (Parree Iz aun dha Glima). — bilaung Parree. Parisian (fashion, etc.: a[n omi-/pelone-]chal bilaung Parree, a Parisian). Gay Parree. Gay Paree. [Eng. colloquialism, most often as in “Gay Paree”.]

parreko* tr. v. (pp./p. t. -de; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to thank. — Parreko[ze]. Thank you [Thanks]. Parreko daus. You’re welcome. Parreko ta dha Doubel! Thank God!, Thank the Lord! palari parreko tu. say thank-you to: thank. tip parrekoze. give thanks. [Roma. “parraco”, I thank, “paracrow”; cf., Gr. “parakalô”, you’re welcome.]

parrekochude* n. (always in sing.). gratitude

parrekochudinosa* adj. grateful

parvi* 1 adj. [pertaining to or the colo(u)r of an] apple. 2 n. apple (parvi a dha drome see alli-appel; parvi a dha/bilaung pauv, potato [lit., pomme de terre]). [Roma. “pauvi”, “paub(i)”.]

parvi-akwa* n. [apple-]cider

parvi-ten* n. orchard

parvi-virdi* adj. apple-green

pasari* 1 n. pass (all senses). 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to pass [by]. pasariing omi or pelone. passer-by. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “passare”.]

pasarjhio* n. passage (all senses). [Frenchified pronunciation of It. “passagio”.]

pasteesh* 1 mess. pasteesheeni. little mess: stain (on one’s dress: orded pasteesheeni, cum stain). pasteeshoni. big mess: stain (on one’s character). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to mess [up], spoil, ruin ([tray baj] pasteesht tenz, [ancient] ruins). — leo a pasteesheeni aun. stain. [Frenchified pronunciation of It. “pasticcio”.]

patek/a* n. (pl. –ez). [water]melon. [A.-Ind. “pateca”; cf., Fr. “pastèque”.]

pate/n* n. (pl. –rnz. leaves). leaf. [Roma. “pattin”.]

paten-cheet* n. plant. paten-cheet fa dha dubiz. marijuana [plant]

paug/a* intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed, broken, burst, busted; -ering gerund/pres. part.). (a) to break, burst, bust; (b) to break into: to burglarise, burgle (pauga a boteek, break into a shop). paugering. burglary. paugering a dha karsi. house-breaking, burglary. paugering omi a dha karsi. (fem.: paugering dona/pelone a dha karsi) house-breaker: burglar. paugering omi. burglar. (fem.: paugering dona/pelone). — pauga auf. break or snap off; see shoosh. [Roma. “poggra”.]

paul n. wig. [Pola., from Molly slang.]

Paulari variant of Polari

Paumi* 1 adj. pertaining to England: English. 2 n. [= Tem bilaung Paumi] England. Paumi Polari. (a) gay slang; (b) English sprinkled with Polari (i.e., word substitution), as inNanti dinarli in the kix? What are you worried about? I’ve got nanti dinarli in the bank!”. — bilaung Paumi. English (dha chalz bilaung Paumi, the English; lingo bilaung Paumi, English; [omi-/pelone-]chal bilaung Paumi, Englishman or -woman). Paumi-palariing. English-speaking. [Eng. pej. “Pommy”.]

Paumi-akwa* n. soda water. [Calqued on A.-Ind. “bilayutee pawnee”, European water.]

paump* 1 n. (a) pomp; (b) (pl. –s). (i) ceremony (instance or concept of); (ii) display. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to display. [Eng. “pomp”; cf., It. “pompa”.]

paumparjhio* n. (always in sing.). display

paunt1 n. pimp, ponce. [Eng. “ponce”, listed in Chambers as well as Baker (with dubious etymology).]

paunt2 n. pound [sterling] (UK currency: pauntz, beeyoniz an saultiz, pounds, shillings and pence; roze paunt). [Pola., from It. “pondo”, weight, Lat. (libra) pondo, pound by weight.]

pauntichude* n. sterling

pauntz (pl. -iz) variant of paunt1

pausi* n. fork. pausileeni. fork (dinner). pausiloni. pitchfork. [Truncation of Roma. “possey-mengre”, [pitch]fork, from “pus”. straw.]

pauso* 1 adj. (a) possible; (b) able. 2 adv. possibly, maybe, perhaps. 3 modal. to be able: to know how to: can (Pauso-u strila dha strilez? Can you play the piano?). — narda/nix pauso. unable, impossible, cannot (can’t), could not (couldn’t) ([Moudha] narda pauso orda shay v’u dhis sarla. I can’t come to your place tonight). [It “posso”, I can.]

paut n. 1 [porcelain] pot (paut fa dha char, teapot; paut fa dha lag-worta, chamberpot, po[t]). 2 (always in sing.). porcelain. 3 (pl. –z. teeth) tooth. — a [dha] paut. porcelain. nanti pautz in dha koubed. no teeth: toothless°. [Eng. (slang) “pot”.]

pauv* 1 adj. [pertaining to the] ground, dirt or earth. 2 n. (always in sing.). (a) ground, dirt, earth; (b) land (nix wouniz pauv, no man’s land). 3 tr. v. to establish, to found. [Roma. “po(o)v”, “puv(vo)”.]

pauv-cheet* n. [any (esp. root)] vegetable: rhizome (pauv-cheet a dha paternz, [leafy] vegetable: pauv-cheetz a dha paternz, greens)

pauvimento* n. (a) (always in sing.). establishment; (b) (pl. –ze). foundation

pauv-paylo* n. ground-nut, peanut

pauv-teer* n. mole. [Calqued on Roma. “pov-guero”, lit., earth-fellow.]

paxe/n* n. (pl. –rnz). package, pack. paxeneeni. packet (paxeneeni a vogze). paxenoni. parcel. [Fr. colloquialism “pacson”.]

payge/l* n. (pl. –rlz). idiot, fool, simpleton (A paygel an hir hambag ar fachimentay irnist intu dui. A fool and his money are soon parted). [A.-Ind. “poggle”, “pagal”, “puggly”.]

paygel-leik* adj. foolish, simple-minded

paygellichud/e* n. (pl. –ze). folly

paylo* 1 adj. [pertaining to a] nut. 2 n. (pl. –ze). nut [bot.]. [Roma. “pailloes”, filberts.]

pee n. letter P (pee). [Eng.]

peek* 1 adj. [pertaining to] lace. 2 n. (always in sing.). lace (g’uli peek, black lace). [Cant.]

peers* n. (always in sing.). health. [Roma. “peeapen”.]

peersi* adj. healthy. — narda peersi. unhealthy

peet/a* n. (pl. –ez). 1 suitcase, [overnight] bag. 2 scrotum (peiping a dha peeta, bagpiping). peetereeni. [shopping] bag. [Cant.]

peetesili* n. (always in sing.). parsley. [A.-Ind. “petersilly”, from Du. “peterselie”.]

peip see char-peip, gayj, palari-peip as well as in peeta

pek* 1 n. (always in sing.). bacon. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -king gerund/pres. part.). to roast. pekt. roasted (pekt karnish, roast beef). [Cant “ruffe peck”, bacon (cf., Germ. Speck),conflated with Roma. “pek(’)t”,roasted.]

pelarv/a 1 n. (pl. -ez). (a) talk, discussion; (b) excuse°; argument (as a way of getting out of something); (c) nonsense, rigmarole, carry-on (Kel pelarva! What nonsense! What a carry-on!); (d) (-ez, always in pl.) never-ending discussions. 3 v. tr. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). (a) to discuss (pelarva dha dauliz, discuss matters, talk matters or things over); (b) to say or to speak (Palarved-u chaumeni? Did you say something?). pelarvering. saying, talking. pelarvering chovi. sitting-room. pelarvering vakarya. [tele]phone. — hav a pelarva. have an argument or dispute. [Pola. paronym of “palari”, to speak, from Eng. “palaver”; cf., Fr. “palabres”, never-ending discussions.]

pelarvibelay* adj. talking (horse, etc.: pelarvibelay chikel, parrot)

pelon/e 1 adj. female°, woman°. 2 n. (pl. -ze). (a) female [of the species]: woman; (loosely) girl; (b) mistress: gentlewoman, lady (often in terms of attributes, function or position, used in compounds or n. phrases, or after the gerund; see dona; dha pelone a dha karsi soze pelarvering, the lady of house speaking); (c) wife. [Pola., from Cant “blowen”; cf., Roma. “bloen”, “blowing”, cited at some length in Borrow.]

pelone- pref. marking the female gender: she-, woman-, etc. (pelone-jugel, bitch; pelone-omi, gay woman: lesbian [joc.; lit., “she-man”]; pelone-pig, sow); see pelone-cheet. [Pola.]

pelone-bugel* n. cow (pelone-bugelz pap, cow’s milk)

pelone-chal* n. (a) female inhabitant of (country); (b) female adherent of (religion); (c) female member of (society, race, etc.); (d) female speaker of (language); see in relevant headword.

pelone-chavi* n. girl

pelone-cheet* n. female of the animal, bird or fish species (kakeling pelone-cheet)

pelone-feeli* n. female child: daughter, girl (pelone-feeli a dha dui-baj-martha, granddaughter)

pelone-grei* n. 1 mare. 2 girlfriend

pelone-jugel* n. bitch (animal)

pelone-omi n. gay woman: lesbian [joc.; lit., “she-man”]. [Combination (one of the oldest) of “pelone” & “omi”.]

pelone-omichude* n. lesbianism

pelone-pig* n. female elephant

pelone-pivli* see pivli

pelonichude* n. (always in sing.). womanhood, femininity

pelonichudinosa* adj. womanly, feminine

peoda* n. (always in sing.). 1 powder. 2 dust. [Eng. “powder”; cf., It. “polvere”.]

peoderosa* adj. 1 powdery. 2 dusty

peon* tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d, -did; -[d]ing gerund/pres. part.). to pound. — peon dha lapez. applaud, clap [one’s hands]. peonding dha lapez. applause, clapping. [Calqued on Harlem Jive “mitt pounding.]

Peree variant of Parree

pero* conj. however, but, and. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “però”.]

peroni = pir evri wouni, which see, in wouni. [Pola. “peroney” (Lucas, 97).]

perri* adj. frightened, afraid, fearful. — fayk perri. frighten; see traysh. [Cant.]

perrichud/e* n. (rare pl. –ze). fear

perrichudinosa* pleon. adj. frightened, afraid, fearful

pich* tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t, sent; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to send, to despatch. — pich alay. send down. pich auf. send off: despatch. pich away. send away. pich erbree. send out[side]. pich oup. make fun of someone: send up. pich ova. send across or over: transport. picht alay. sent down. picht ova. sent across or over: transported. [Roma. “bitch(a)” conflated with Eng. “pitch”; cf., Roma. “bitcheno”, sent, as in transported, with a small town in Tasmania called Bicheno.]

pich-auf* n. send-off

pich-oup* n. send-up

pig n. elephant (pigz lati, stye [on the eye]). [Pola., from Eng. “pig” (unexplained); Baker makes much of the “creative use” in Pola. of extending the meaning of “pigz lati”, pigsty (even though pig means elephant), to a stye on the eye.]

piko* 1 adj. [pertaining to a] shoulder. 2 n. (pl. –ze). shoulder (a piko fa dha parniz, a shoulder to cry on). [Roma. “pikko”.]

pindro* n. foot. pindro a dha grei. hoof. [Roma.]

pir1* prep. by. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “per”.]

pir2* n. stomach, belly. [Roma. “per”, “pur”.]

pir-cheet* n. apron. [Calqued on Cant “belly cheat”.]

pirpera* 1 adj. purple. 2 n. purple. pirpereeni. mauve. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “porpora”.]

pirperarjhio* n. (always in sing.). purpleness

pish/a* n. (pl. –ez). (a) [any (kind of annoying, biting or stinging)] insect or bug; (b) flea. pisha a dha letti. bedbug. [Yidd. “pisher”, an insignificant person (i.e., a “pisser”), conflated with Roma. “pishen”, insect, flea.]

pishpash* 1 adj. [pertaining to] rice. 2 n. (always in sing.). rice. [A.-Ind. Yule writes: “Apparently a factitious Anglo-Indian word, applied to a slop of rice-soup” (715).]

pivli* n. (a) [= omi-pivli] widower; (b) [= pelone-pivli] widow. [Roma.]

pizare/s* 1 n. (a) (pl. –siz). debt; (b) (always in sing.). credit. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -rst, indebted; -ing gerund/pres. part.;siz 3rd pers.). to be in debt. [Roma. “pazorrhus”, “pizarris”.]

pizaressiz-omi* n. (fem.: pizaressiz-dona/-pelone) debt-collector. [Patterned on Pola. “strilez-omi”; cf., Parly./Pola. “toba-(h)omi”, rent collector.]

plaunk* 1 adj. [pertaining to] wine. 2 n. (always in sing.). wine (fay plaunk, white wine). [Eng. slang “plonk” with dubious etym.; Chambers suggests that it was orig. Aust. slang, from Fr. “(vin) blanc”, (white) wine.]

plaunk-didel* n. brandy

playstr/a* n. (-ez, always in pl.). pincers, tweezers. [Roma. “plaistra”.]

playt see in dish

plenni* 1 adj. 1 plenty. 2 (a) full; (b) -ful (equivalent to “full of”, which see, below). 2 adv. [= plennimentay] 1 fully. 2 enough, sufficient. 3 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to fill. — plenni a. 1 plenty of. 2 full of, -ful of, -ate (incl. fig.: plenni a dha daumarjhio, compassionate; a chovi plenni a jugerlz, a roomful/room full of dogs). [Fr. “plein”, full, conflated with Eng. “plenty”.]

plenni-eekaf* 1 adj. full-length (plenni-eekaf frauk or mirra, full-length dress or mirror). 2 n. full-length portrait

plezzari* 1 n. pleasure. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) to please; (b) to pleasure. [Corrupt or pseudo-Italianised version of Fr. “plaisir”.]

plezzaribelay* adj. pleasurable, pleasant. — narda plezzaribelay. unpleasant

pogee adj./adv. 1 little (Shee dauliz mee pogee. It matters little to me, It’s of little import[ance] to me, It’s not that important to me). 2 (a) few° (with countable ns: pogee cheimz, few times); (b) little° (with uncountable ns). 3 hardly°. pogeear. 1 less (with adjs in comparative degree: pogeear bona vardering, less attractive). 2 (a) fewer (with countable ns: pogeear jaugering latiz aun worta, fewer yachts); (b) less (with uncountable ns). pogeearst. (a) fewest; (b) least. pogeeleeni. very little. — a pogee [a]. 1 a little, a bit [of], a piece [of] (a pogee akwa, a little water; a pogee moultiar [dhan], a little more [than]). 2 a few. a pogeeleeni a. 1 a little bit or piece of. 2 a couple of (minutes later, etc.). a pogeeloni a. a big bit or piece of. a pogee a pogee. little by little. att dha pogeearst. at [the] least. [Pola., from It “poco”.]

pokard/a* n. (pl. –ez). fistful

po/ke* n. (pl. –xe). fist. [Corruption of Fr. “poing” or It. “pugna”, conflated with Eng. “poke”.]

Polari 1 adj. Polari[-speaking] (Polari chal, Polari speaker). 2 n. (always in sing.). [= Polari lingo] Polari [“language”]; see Paumi Polari, in Paumi. [“Polari”, “Palari”, “Parlar(e)y”, “Parlaree”, a corruption of “Parlyaree” — itself a corruption of It. “parlare”, to speak. Polari was adopted by gay & lesbian people in the 20th century, esp. prior to gay liberation, with many words borrowed from Cockney, Sanskrit by way of Romany, Cant & other slang.The traffic was not all one way, however, with some locutions entering English parlance by way of popular entertainment, such as the 1960s BBC radio programme “Round the Horne”, but also cited in more recent comedy shows, such as “Little Britain” and “The Graham Norton Show”. Because Polari has become the most common spelling, I have retained it, but with the idea that the pronuciation also changes in accordance with the orthography.]

poosh* 1 n. burial. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to bury. [Roma.]

por* n. feather. plume (all senses: a por a foges, a plume of smoke). [Roma.]

pordo* adj. heavy, weighty. [Roma.]

pordomento* n. (always in sing.). heaviness, weight

porl* n. tent. porloni. marquee. [A.-Ind. “pawl”.]

pouj* n. (pl. –iz). bridge (all senses: a jauga a dha pouj, a game of bridge). [Roma. “pudge”.]

poump* n. pump. — poump fa dhee arris/dha harris. enema. poump fa dha klevvi. douche. [Eng. “pump”.]

poun/k n. (pl. –x). homosexual man. [Eng. “punk”, listed in Baker; properly, not Pola.]

poure/m* n. (pl. –rmz). leek. pouremeeni. garlic. pouremoni. onion. [Roma. “purrum”, “purrun”; cf., It “porro”, leek.]

poy* adv. then (next, afterwards). [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “poi”.]

prat* 1 adj. pertaining to the thigh or hock (prat karnish a dha grounting cheet, ham). 2 n. thigh, hock. [Cant.]

praumess/a* 1 n. (pl. –ez). promise. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to promise. — praumessa wouni self tu. commit to. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “promessa”.]

praunto* adj. (a) ready, prompt; (b) quick; (c) alert. — azz praunto azz. as soon as. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “pronto”.]

praygo* 1 n. (pl. –ze). 1 orison, prayer. 2 petition. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -de; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to ask (favor), to solicit. — Praygo! Please! praygo for. ask for. fayk or pelarva a praygo. say a prayer: pray (Ya moudha fayx a betti praygo for u. I say a little prayer for you). tip a praygo. present a petition. tip a praygo tu. petition. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “prego”.]

pressari* tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to press or push [down on]. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “pressare”.]

prig* 1 n. ride. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d, ridden, rode; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to ride (horse, bike, bus). priging omi. (fem.: priging dona/pelone) rider (priging omi a dha grei, horseman). [Cant.]

privi adj. private, personal (Ya Moudhez Nogo Privi Eideho); see in larda. [Eng.]

protesto* 1 n. protest. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -de; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to protest. [Anglicised pronunciation of It.]

p’uch/e* 1 n. (pl. –iz). question (p’uchiz a dha charpering omiz, [police] questioning). 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -te; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to ask (p’uche a p’uche, ask or pose a question). [Roma. “putch”.]

p’un/a (pl. -ez) variant of paunt2

qu- words: see kw-

-r, -ra pron. unstressed variant of hir, added to the end of prepositions & verbs; see in Morphology for –a2–3

radee/k* n. (pl. –x). root. [Mock Frenchified pronunciation of It. “radice”.]

rag* 1 adj. menstrual. 2 n. (always in sing.). menstrual blood: menses. — bee aun dha rag. to menstruate. [Eng.]

ran* n. rod. [Roma.]

rang* 1 n. paint. ranging. painting (all senses). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -id; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to paint (all senses: rang enni wouniz eekaf, paint someone’s picture or portrait; rang wouniz neirz, paint one’s nails). rang a dha gan. lipstick. rang a dhee neirz. nail-polish. [Hind.]

rashi* 1 adj. pertaining to religion: religious (affairs). 2 n. (pl. –iz). religion. [Roma. “rashi”, clergyman; cf., Sans. “rishi”, holy man.]

rashi-homi variant of rashi-omi

rashiosa* adj. religious (person)

rashi-omi* n. (a) [= rashi-[h]omi a dha Baula chalz] priest, clergyman; (b) [= rashi-[h]omi a dha Kosha chalz] rabbi; (c) [= rashi-[h]omi a dha Moro chalz] imam

rate/l  n. (pl. –rlz). rattle (all senses). 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -rld; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to rattle. rateling kove (joc.; properly, rateling cheet). taxi, cab. [Hybrid word: Eng. “rattle” & Pola. “cheet”/“kove”.]

rati* 1 adj. [pertaining to] blood: bloody. 2 n. (always in sing.). blood. 3 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to bleed; see rag. [Roma. “ratti”.]

rati-leik* adj. 1 bloodlike. 2 blood-red

rauj/a tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to have intercourse with, to copulate with. raujering. coitus, copulation, [sexual] intercourse. raujering cheet. penis [facet.]. [Eng. colloquialism “roger”; “raujering cheet” is a Pola. construction.]

raumboyl* 1 adj. [pertaining to] guard or watch. 2 n. guard, watch. 3 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to guard, to watch [over]. [Cant.]

raumboyl-jugel* n. guard dog

raumboyl-kove* n. guard, warden, warder, watchman. raumboyl-kove fa dha bleeting cheetz. shepherd[ess]. raumboyl-kove fa dha lagz. prison warder

raumboyl-omi or -dona/-pelone* = raumboyl-kove

Raumeni* 1 adj. gipsy [gypsy], Romani [Romanes or Romany] (Raumeni chal, gipsy/Gipsy; Raumeni lingo, gipsy language: Romani; Raumeni omi, rom; Raumeni rei, Romany rye: (a) gipsy gentleman; (b) gentleman who mixes socially with gipsies). 2 n. gipsy [gypsy], Romani [Romanes or Romany]. — Raumeni-palariing. Gipsy-speaking. [Roma. “rom”, man, husband.]

ree- pref. marking the redoing or repeat of: re-. [Eng., exemplified in gay slang “reemolde”.]

reef tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to feel someone up, cop a feel of someone. reefing. frottage. reefing omi. (fem.: reefing pelone. frotteuse) frotteur. [Pola., according to Baker, perhaps derived from Eng. backslang (for “feel”); cf., Eng. “riffle”.]

reekorl* 1 n. memory. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to remember, to recall. [Eng. “recall”; cf.,. It. “ricordo”.]

reelati* intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to relocate: move [away], to shift [away]; see deelati. [dee + “lati”.]

reemakiarjhio* n. makeover

reemolde n. (a) sex-change [operation]; (b) by extension, [any (cosmetic)] operation or surgery°. [Gay slang “remould”, listed in Baker; properly, not Pola.]

reeporto* 1 n. report (all senses). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -de; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to report. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “rapporto”.]

-reeni see -eeni

reerl adj. (a) (intensifier) real; (b) not as a transvestite, not [in] drag; (c) not homosexual (reerl girl, real girl, i.e., not a “girl” in the Polari sense); see akchwel. [Pola., from Eng. “real”.]

reet/a n. (pl. –ez). male prostitute: “rent[-boy]”; see charvering omi, in charva, dili-boy, rent. [Gayle “rita”.]

reevard/a* tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to see again. — Ta dha reevardering! See you [later]! Goodbye! Ta dha reevardering narda laung cheim! See you [again] soon!

reezoni* n. reason (all senses). [Corruption of Eng. “reason”.]

reezonibelay* adj. reasonable. — narda reezonibelay. unreasonable

rei* n. (a) gentleman, mister; (b) with capital “R”, honorific: Mr. [Roma. “raia”, “rye”.]

reidez see in ogel-reidez

reir 1 adj. [pertaining to] hair. 2 n. (a) (always in sing.). hair (on the head or body); (b) (pl.). hair[s (on the body)]. reir av dhee aunk. nostril or nose hair. reirz a dha larda. pubic hair: pubes. reirz a or aun dha jubze. chest hair. reirz a or in dha nelz or nelliz. ear hair. — a dha reirz a dha larda. pubic. nanti reir. bald. [Pola., from Eng. backslang “hair”; i.e., “riah”.]

reir-jhoosha n. see jhoojhing omi a dha reir, in jhoojh. [Pola.]

reirosa* adj. hairy, hirsute

reir-shoosha more common variant of reir-jhoosha

reit 1 adj./adv. right (not wrong). 2 n. 1 right. 2 (-z, always in pl.) revenge. — fayk dha reitz. get or seek revenge. sheez reit. all right (definitely); see in lav. [Eng.]

rent n. male prostitute: “rent[-boy]”; see charvering omi, in charva, dili-boy, reeta. [Eng. “rent”, listed in Baker; properly, not Pola. It is a well-known colloquial term in British gay circles that, through mass media, is now understood in the wider community.]

rent/a (pl. -ez) variant of rent

reon adj./adv. round. [Eng.]

rin* 1 n. file (all senses). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to file (all senses). [Roma.]

ris* n. wrist. [Eng.]

Roma* n. Rome (Roma nix wauz tarded oup in ‘una dives. Sor dromze fambel ta Roma.). bilaung Roma. Roman (fashion, etc.: an omi-/a pelone-]chal bilaung Roma, a Roman; Baula keyr [a/fa dha praygoze] bilaung Roma, the Roman Church: Catholicism). [It.]

romarjhio* n. (pl. –ze). [= romarjhio a dha jhoojh] fashion, style

rome* n. 1 fashion-conscious person. 2 (a) lover, romeo; (b) gigolo; see houzben. [Cant; cf., Roma. “rom”, husband.]

rome-leik* adj. 1 fashion-conscious, fashionable. 2 gigolo-like

rook* n. (pl. –x). 1 pole. 2 tree. rookeeni. bush. rook a dha barki. mast. [Roma. “rook”; Borrow also cites Hung. Roma. “rukh”, Span. Roma. “erucal”, olive-tree, & Sans. “vriksha”; cf., Eng. “ricker”, from Germ. “Rick”, pole (Chambers). “Rook a dha barki”is calqued on Roma. “berro-rook”.]

rook/a* n. (pl. –ez). letter (all senses: rooka a dha runze, letter of the alphabet). rookereeni. note. [A.-Ind. “roo(c)ka”, “rocca”.]

rookarjhio* n. (pl. –ze). forest, wood[s] (“nix pauso varda dha roox fa dha rookarjhio”)

rookerarjhio* n. (rare pl. –ze). mail, post

rouf 1 adj. rough, tough (all senses). 2 n. (pl. –s). aggressive, crude, macho, esp. heterosexual, man: tough [guy]; by extension, ruffian, hooligan, thug. [Eng. “rough”, listed in Baker; properly, not Pola. Chambers even lists “rough trade” (see following) as “casual sexual partner(s), esp. homosexual: violent or sadistic male prostitute(s)” (1,279).]

roy* n. spoon. [Roma. “roi”.]

royarda* n. spoonful

royrl adj. (a) queenly; (b) aristocratic°. [Eng. “royal”.]

roze* 1 adj. (a) pink (Roze Flemingoze); (b) rose. 2 n. (a) pink; (b) [= roze-smel] rose. [Fr. “rose”.]

rozei* n. quilt[-cover], bedspread, counterpane. [A.-Ind. “rozye”.]

roze-rook* n. rose [bush]

roze-smel see in roze

rozi 1 n. rubbish or dust-bin, garbage or trash can (US). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) to rubbish° (idea); (b) to trash° (room). [Pola., from Eng. nautical slang according to Baker. Perhaps it is related to A.-Ind. “rozye” (see rozei, above), “the bundle of rags on which Fakirs and the very poorest people sleep”(Yule, 386).]

rozi-cheet* n. (a) piece of rubbish, trash or garbage; (b) (-z, always in pl.). rubbish, trash, garbage

rozi-leik* adj. gutter (rozi-leik chavi, guttersnipe, ragamuffin; rozi-leik kove, bum)

rujh/e* 1 adj. clean. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -de; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to clean (rujhe wouniz bugel [with a loupa], pick one’s nose). — fayk rujhe. [make] clean. [Roma. “iuziou”, “roujio”.]

run/e* n. (pl. –ze). alphabet. [Eng. “rune”.]

Ruski* 1 adj. pertaining to Russia: Russian. 2 n. [= Tem bilaung Ruski] Russia. — bilaung Ruski. Russian (lingo bilaung Ruski, Russian; [omi-/pelone-]chal bilaung Ruski, Russian). Ruski-palariing. Russian-speaking. [Eng. slang “Russky”, a corruption of Russ (Burroughs writes “rooski” in My Education); properly not Pola.]

rusli* adj. (a) hard (all senses); (b) difficult, tough; (c) durable, strong (all senses: Bruce Lee wauz tray rusli). — narda rusli. (a) soft; (b) easy; (c) weak. [Roma. “ruslo”, strong.]

ruslimento* n. (a) hardness (all senses); (b) difficulty; (c) strength (all senses)

rusli-mouj* n. hard hat: helmet

rusli-pisha* n. beetle

-s see -z1/2/3

sal* 1 n. laugh. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to laugh. saling. laughing, laughter. [Roma. “sal”, he laughs, “saw”, I laugh.]

Samedi* n. Saturday. [Anglicised pronunciation of Fr. “samedi”.]

sanz* prep. (a) without; (b) unbound pref., used to express a lack: lacking, -less (see under relevant headword: sanz a saulti, penniless). [Anglicised pronunciation of Fr. “sans”; cf., It “senza”.]

sapnis* 1 n. soap. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to soap. — sapnis oup. soap up. [Roma.]

sarl/a* n. (pl. –ez). evening. — dhis sarla. this evening: tonight. lars sarla. yesterday evening. nex sarla. tomorrow evening. in dha sarla. in the evening: p.m. (in expressions of time, as opposed to in the morning; use “dives” for afternoon hours 1–4: chinka cheimz in dha sarla, five [o’clock] in the evening, five p.m.). [Roma.]

sarp* n. (pl. –s). snake, serpent (a sarp in dha char). [Roma. “sa(r)p”.]

sarp-leik* adj. snake-like, serpentine

sasta* 1 adj. iron. 2 n. (always in sing.). iron (fayking omi a dha sasta, blacksmith). [Roma. “saster”.]

sauldi n. (a) = variant of saulti; (b) sale [of reduced items]° (“dha sauldiz”, “the sales”). [Pola., from It. “soldo” in the pl.]

sauleme/n* n. church service: mass. [Cant “Solomon”.]

saulemen-janka* 1 n. oath. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to swear (saulemen-janka a saulemen-janka, swear an oath; saulemen-janka mogimentay, swear falsely). [Conflation of Roma. “saulohaul”, “sovlehaul”, oath, with Cant “Solomon”, as above, & Hind. “jhakna”, oath.]

saulibari* 1 n. brake. 2 intr. v. to brake. — leo aun dha saulibariz. put the brakes on. [Roma. “salivaris”, “sollibari”, bridle.]

saulti n. (a) (pl., –z. pence). penny; (b) cent°. — sanz a saulti. without a penny: penniless, broke. nix hav a juzei auv a saulti. not be worth a penny: be worthless. [Pola., variant of the preceding.]

sauvehari* n. carpet, rug. sauveharileeni. [scatter] rug. [Roma. “sovaharri”.]

savi 1 adj. knowledgeable, savvy, intelligent, practical. 2 n. (always in sing.). (a) knowledge, know-how, skill, intelligence; (b) [= ordineyr savi] practical or common sense. 3 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to know, to understand (savi bonichude fraum kirtirvichude, know right from wrong. Savi? [Do you] understand?). — savi oup. to believe (all senses), to think (savi oup leik dhat, believe or think so). narda savi. (a) ignorant, unintelligent; (b) impractical. [Pola., from Eng. slang “savvy”, from Sp. “saber”, to know, listed in Chambers as well as Baker. This is an example of a widely used Pidgin word readily adoped into Pola.]

savibelay* adj. knowable. narda savibelay. unknowable

savichude* n. (always in sing.). knowledge, wisdom, prudence

savichudinosa* adj. knowledgeable, wise, prudent

savi-homi, saviisto* = savi-omi

saviizmo* n. (pl. –ze). philosophy. — a dha saviizmo. philosophical, wise

savimento* n. (rare pl. –ze). knowledge (instance of)

savi-omi* n. (fem.: savi-dona/-pelone) philosopher

saviosa* adj. skilful

savi-oup* n. (pl. –s). belief. [Hybrid word: Pola. “savi” & Eng. “up”, metathetically patterned on Roma. “apasavello”, I believe.]

say num. six. sayto. sixth. saytomentay. sixly. — say laung deja. sixty. say laung dejito. sixtieth. say laung lepta. sixteen. say laung leptito. sixteenth. [Parly., from It. “sei”.]

say-dui obs. num. eight; see auta. [Parly.]

saym* 1 adj. (a) same; (b) equal. 2 adv. [= saymimentay] alike. — sor dha saym. all the same: nevertheless, nonetheless. [Eng. “same”; cf., Roma. “simen”, from Sans. “samâna”, (seen in Indon. “sama”).]

saym/a* 1 adv. together (mounjari sayma). 2 n. (pl. –ez). (a) (i) group, gathering; (ii) pack (a sayma a dha jugeloniz a dha nauchi); (b) (i) set; (ii) series; (c) team; (d) bout (all senses). — lel sayma. group or get together: gather. [Corruption of It “insieme”.]

sayn* n. needle (all senses), syringe. sayneeni. bristle. — fayk dha sayneeniz. bristle. [Roma. “sainyor”, “scunyes”, “scunyor”, pins.]

say-saulti* n. sixpence

sayto see in say

say-tray obs. num. nine; see nauba. [Parly.]

say-wouni obs. num. seven; see setta. [Parly.]

see n. letter C (cee). [Eng.]

seid 1 adj. side. 2 n. side (all senses). 3 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -id; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to side (all senses). [Eng.]

seid-eekaf* n. profile (of head)

sekke/n n. (pl. –rnz). second (of time)

selisit intr. v. (pp./p. t. -id; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to walk around in public en travesti (as Emily Howard was wont to do in “Little Britain”); see orda aun dha bata, in bata, imporchune. [Eng. “solicit” used colloquially; properly not Pola.]

sempray* adv. always. — pir sempray. for ever[more]. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “sempre”.]

sent/a* 1 n. (a) (always in sing.). feel; (b) (pl. –ez). perception. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed, felt; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to feel, to perceive. [Corruption of It. “sentire”.]

sentimento* n. (pl. –ze). feeling (all senses), sentiment

serpreiz n. (pl. -iz). surprise. [Eng.]

setta num. seven. settito. seventh. settitomentay. seventhly. — setta laung deja. seventy. setta laung dejito. seventieth. setta laung lepta. seventeen. setta laung leptito. seventeenth. [Parly., from It. “sette”.]

Setta-chune* n. September. [setta + Roma. “choon”, moon.]

settito see in setta

seyra adj. sensitive, delicate. [Gayle “Sarah”.]

shamsh/a n. (pl. –ez). looker (bona shamsha, good looker: good-looking or handsome man; kaud shamsha, ugly person: dog). [Pola., perhaps from Eng. backslang “smasher”.]

shap n. hat (shap a dha dooka, chapeau du [sic] chance). [Pola., from Cant; cf., Fr. chapeau.]

Sharda! voc. [What a] pity or shame! [Pola., from Germ. “schade”; according to Baker, sharda was “introduced into a version of Polari used in Ipswich [UK] in the 1970s” (53).]

sharp/a 1 n. (pl. –ez, policemen, the police). policeman (better, sharpering omi; see 2, below). 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed, stole[n]; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to steal, to thieve. sharpering. stealing, thieving°. sharpering dona. 1 [female] thief°. 2 = charpering dona. sharpering omi. 1 thief. 2 = charpering omi. [Parly. variant of charpa (which see).]

sharping omi variant of sharpering omi (1, which see, in sharpa)

shau/k* n. (pl. –x). cabbage. [Roma. “sho(c)k”.]

shauka* adj. silly (shauka kakel or pelarva, gibberish, gabble, jabber: fayk dha shauka kakel or pelarva, gabble, jabber). [It. “sciocca”, fem. form of “sciocco”, conflated with Eng. “shocker”.]

shaun/k 1 n. (pl. –x). hit, strike°, slap°. 2 tr v. (pp./p. t. -kt; -king gerund/pres. part.; –x 3rd pers.). to hit, to strike° (all senses), to slap°; see bati-lapa. [Pola., origin unknown (perhaps from Yidd.).]

shaut n. 1 shot. 2 fly° or flies° (of trousers); see in shute. [Eng. “shot”; the 2nd meaning is calqued on It. “sparato”.]

shay* prep. at the home, house or place of: at …’s place, chez (shay Marthaz). — shay akoy. [a]round here, [a]round these parts. shay dheyr. [at] their place. shay hir. [at] her or his place. shay mwar. [at] my place. shay n’u. [at] our place, home (shay n’u ankora). shay v’u. [at] your place. [Anglicised pronunciation of Fr. “chez”.]

shayd see in ogel-shaydz

shayk wouniz daus v. phrase. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to throw or turf someone out. [Pola. “shake one’s doss” (Lucas, 97).]

shee pron. (a) she; (b) he°; (c) he or she: “s/he”° (Feinberg; see etymological note in hir); (d) it° (referring to inanimate objects; see it). [Eng. Baker lists “she” in his Pola. dictionary (in his general dictionary of gay slang, he also includes the locution “hell-sparking the pronoun”, which is to “use gender pronouns in a non-traditional way” [144], ), pointing out that this feminine third person pronoun may “refer to gay men (… or …) heterosexual men, sometimes in order to deliberately undermine a case of self-assured masculinity” (53; ellipses added). Note, too, that Eng. “she”, in the sense of “it”, has a long history colloquially in the “naf” world: e.g., “She’ll be apples or right!”]

sheesh 1 adj. (a) overly or elaborately ornamented (of things); (b) [overly] showy, fussy or affected; see jhooshi. 2 n. (always in sing.). fuss. — fayk a sheesh. make a fuss. in a sheesh fashen. in an affected manner. sanz enni sheesh. without any fuss: informal[ly]. [Pola., perhaps from Fr. “chichi”, fuss or carry-on; cf., Fr. “chiche”,mean, & A.-Ind. “cheechee”, “a disparaging term applied to half-castes or Eurasians (…) and also to their manner of speech” (Yule, 186).]

sheeshee* adj. stylish, smart, posh; see blarzay, dauli. [Anglicised pronunciation of Fr. “chichi”, fuss, in error for “chicos”; see preceding.]

sheesh-keb’ushe* n. [stretch] limo[usine]

sheike/l n. (pl. –rlz). wig. sheikeleeni. toupet. sheikeloni. oversize wig (as worn by Dolly Parton, etc.). [Pola., from Yidd. “sheytl”.]

shend/a* intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). 1 (a) to get on (horse, bus), to mount (horse), to get in (car); (b) to climb. 2 to rise. [Anglicised corruption of It. “ascendere”.]

shershu* n. rabbit. shershurroni. hare. [Roma. “sheshu”, “shoshoi”.]

shila* adj. cold. shilereeni. cool. [Roma. “shilleno”, “shilleró”, “shillo”.]

shilimento* n. (always in sing.). coldness

Shinwarz 1 adj. pertaining to China: Chinese. 2 n. [= Tem bilaung Shinwarz] China. bilaung Shinwarz. Chinese (dha chalz bilaung Shinwarz, the Chinese; lingo bilaung Shinwarz, Chinese; [omi-/pelone-]chal bilaung Shinwarz, Chinese). [Pola., from Anglicised pronunciation of Fr. “chinoise”, the feminine form of Chinese, listed in Baker under the spelling “schinwhars”.]

Shinwarz-parvi* 1 adj. [pertaining to or the colo(u)r of an] orange. 2 n. orange. [Calqued on Germ. “Apfelsine”; i.e., “Chinese apple”.]

shlep* 1 n. drag (all senses, apart from crossdressing: Leif kan bee a shlep enni kwaun). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to drag. [Yidd. “s(c)help”, listed in Chambers.]

shmout/a* n. (pl. –ez). (a) [any] rag; (b) [cleaning-]cloth (shmouta fa dhee ordering marreer, cum rag). [Yidd. “shmatte”, “schmutter”, listed in Chambers.]

shmouta-leik* adj. ragged

sho* 1 n. (pl. –ze). (a) thing, object; (b) interest (all senses: shoze a dha ken, commercial interests). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -de; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to interest (bona shode, interested; bona shoding, interesting). — fayk dha fabulosa shoze for. do wonders for. [Roma. “sho”; cf., Eng. “show”, Fr. “chose”.]

shod/e n. (pl. –ze). penis, cock, dick, etc. [Pola., from Anglicised pronunciation of Fr. “chaude”, hot (fem.); cf., Fr. “chaude-pisse”, the clap.]

shood modal. should. shooda = unstressed form of shoodev. should have (should’ve). [Eng.]

shoosh variant of jhoojh. intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t, stole[n]; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to steal, to burgle (shoosh ta dhee aultrantz, plunder). shooshing. stealing, burglary (shooshing a dha karsi, house-breaking-burglary). shooshing omi. (fem.: shooshing dona/pelone) thief, burglar (shooshing omi a dha karsi, house-breaker, burglar); see pauga. [Pola. variant of jhoojh (which see).]

shoosh/a (pl. –ez). variant of jhoosha

shoosh-bag n. burglar’s swag or bag. [Portmanteau-word listed in Baker.]

shoumf tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) to drink; (b) to swallow°; (c) take° (pill). — shoumf aun. suck on. shoumf reon aun dha ling. suck (a lolly). [Pola., perhaps from Yidd.]

shoush variant of jhoojh or shoosh

shube* n. (pl. –ze). gown. [Roma. “shoob”, “shubbo”.]

shut/e intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. shaut or -id; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to shoot. [Eng.]

shvartz/a 1 adj. black, esp. African-American (shvartza homi/pelone, black man/woman). 2 n. (pl. –ez). black, esp. African-American. — bilaung shvartza. black, African-American; see dinj. [Yidd.]

shvitz* n. sweat, perspiration. — fayk dha shvitz. sweat, perspire (fayk dha shvitz leik a grounting cheet); see swet. [Yidd.; cf., Esp. “ŝvito”.]

shvitzi* adj. sweaty, perspiring

shwar n. 1 attractive, good-looking or handsome, esp. young, man. 2 choice°, pick°. — fayk dha shwar. choose, pick. [Gay slang “schwa”, listed in Baker, from Fr. “choix”, choice; properly, not Pola.]

sikeyr* 1 n. show (all senses). 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d, shown; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to show. [Roma. “sikkér”.]

sim/a* 1 n. pledge. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to pledge, to pawn. [Roma. “simmer”.]

simkin* n. (always in sing.). champagne. [A.-Ind. “samkin”, “sim(p)kin”, listed in Chambers.]

siv/a* intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed, sewn; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to sew. sivering omi. (fem. sivering dona/pelone. seamstress) tailor. — faykt pir dha sivering omi. tailor-made; see in gan. [Roma. cf., Roma. “sovie”, needle.]

siva-cheet* n. [sewing] needle. [Calqued on Roma. “siva-mengri”, sewing thing.]

skarp/a 1 n. run°, race°. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). (a) to run°, to race°; (b) to run [away], to escape (skarpa dha jetti, abscond, leave or take off without paying). skarpa a dha greiz. horse-race. skarpering. (a) running, racing (skarpering grei, race-horse; skarpering vello, racing bike); (b) running away, escaping. skarpering a dha greiz. horse-racing. — Skarpa erbree! Run for your life! [Eng. slang “scarper”, from It. “scappare”, escape, listed in Chambers as well as Baker; cf., It. “scarpa”, shoe.]

skarpeli variant of skarpa, used in the infinitive or imperative mood only. [Parly. form of the preceding.]

skarpimento* n. (pl. –ze). escape

skauch n. (pl. -iz). leg (of a chair, table, etc.). [Cockney rhyming slang “Scotch pegs”, i.e., legs, listed in Baker; properly, not Pola.]

Skip* 1 adj. pertaining to Australia: Australian. 2 n. [= Tem bilaung Skip] Australia. — bilaung Skip. Australian (dha chalz bilaung Skip, the Australians; lingo bilaung Skip, Australian English; [omi-/pelone-]chal bilaung Skip, Australian). [JB, from Eng. “skip”, taken from the 1960s Australian television show “Skippy”, often applied derogatively by “ethnic” Australians to those of Anglo-Saxon origin.]

skirt* 1 n. 1 skirt. 2 (a) skit, sketch; (b) (-z, usually in pl., though note the sing.: a pogee a skirt, a bit of skirt [i.e., a bit of (sexual) fun]). (a) joke; (b) fun, amusement. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -id; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to amuse. — bee skirtid. be amused. bee skirting. be funny (of person), be amusing. [Eng. “skirt” conflated with It. “scherzo”, joke, listed in Chambers.]

skirti* adj. funny, amusing. — bee skirti. be funny or amusing (of situation)

skirtz-omi* n. (fem.: skirtz-pelone) joker. [Patterned on Pola. “strilez-omi”.]

skivi* intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to knit. — fayk dha skiviing. do the knitting. [Roma. “siva”, sew, conflated with Eng. “skivvy”.]

skivi-cheet* n. knitting-needle

skouvari* tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) to dig; (b) to mine (skouvarid cheet, mineral [all senses]; skouvarid tem, mine). skouvariing cheet. spade. skouvariing cheetoni. shovel. skouvariing omi. (fem.: skouvariing dona/pelone) miner. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “scavare”; cf., Eng. “excavate”.]

skreem intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) to be loudly evident (esp. in an effeminate way): to scream; (b) to moan° (esp. as one approaches orgasm); (c) to scream, to wail (of siren). skreeming. (a) affecting loud and effeminate behavio[u]r or manners: outrageous, screaming (skreeming kween, screaming queen; skreeming omi/pelone, screamer); (b) moaning; (c) screaming, wailing (skreeming keb’ushe, ambulance; charpering omiz skreeming keb’ushe, police car); (d) loud (of color). skreeming omi. (fem.: skreeming pelone) person who moans during sex, esp. when approaching orgasm. [Eng. colloquialism “screaming”, listed in Chambers as well as Baker, although effeminacy is merely implied in the former; properly, not Pola.]

skreev 1 adj. pertaining to (a) (i) written material; (ii) writing implement°; (b) scribble°. 2 n. (a) written material; (b) scribble°. 3 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d, written; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) to write (skreev with dha vakarya, type); (b) to scribble°. skreeving. (a) writing (skreeving a dha rookez, letter-writing, correspondence; skreeving vakarya, (a) typewriter; (b) computer; skreeving with dha vakarya, typewriting, typing); (b) scribbling°. skreeving cheet. writing implement: pen. skreeving omi. (fem.: skreeving dona/pelone) 1 writer (skreeving omi/pelone a dha rookez, letter-writer, correspondent). 2 clerk. — skreev oup. fill in or out: complete (form). [Parly., from Eng. “screeve”; cf., “screed”, “scribble”, “scribe” Note how “skreem” & “skreev” preserve Nietzsche’s schreiben/schrei couplet.]

skreev-wort/a* n. (rare pl. –ez). ink

sku* n. (pl. –ze) 1 (a) dish; (b) plate. 2 course. skurreeni. saucer. skuroni. platter. sku fa dha karnish. meat dish. sku fa dha lap. soup dish. [Cant “skew”.]

skuarda* n. (pl. –ze). plateful

sku-cheet* n. (-z, always in pl.). crockery

skwitz*, dha n. (always in pl.). diarrhoea. — hav dha skwitz. have diarrhoea. [Eng. slang “squits”.]

slang intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to perform [on stage]. slanging. performing (slanging ten, set). slanging omi (fem.: slanging dona/pelone) performer. [Parly.]

slap n. (always in sing.). [stage] make-up; see makiarjhio, mouk. [Eng. “slap”, by metonymy; listed in Chambers as well as Baker; properly, not Pola.]

slayt* n. (a) cloth, material; (b) sheet (slayt a/fa dha betti, bedsheet). slayteeni. (a) cloth; (b) [= slayteeni fa dha messeli] tablecloth. [Cant “slate”.]

sling-ba/k n. (-x, always in pl.). high heels, sling-backs; see stampa. [Eng. “sling-back(ed shoe)”, listed in Chambers as well as Baker; properly, not Pola.]

smel* n. 1 flower. 2 flavo[u]r. — fayk dha smelz. flower, bloom. [From Cant “smelling cheat”, garden, not used in Pola.; cf.,. Old Fr. flaor, flavor; see following.]

smelli n. (-z, always in pl.). perfume, scent, fragrance. [Eng. hypocoristic “smellies”.]

so1 adj. homosexual, gay (so veibz, gay vibes); see in dha leif, in leif. [Gay slang “so” listed in Cory; properly, not Pola.]

so2* 1 adv./conj. so. 2 pron. [= waut] 1 what (So did moudha palari? What did I say?). 2 (a) what; (b) which; (c) [= h’u, dhat] who, that (dhee omi soze pelarvering, the man [who’s] speaking). — ann so forth. and so forth, etc. so with. what with (introductory). soze. 1 what is/what’s (Soze dha brad? What’s the cost? How much? Soze ya dauli? What’s the matter?). 2 whose. So is used where “which”, “who” or “that” may be dropped in English. [Eng. “so” conflated with Roma. “so”, what, which.]

-so3* suff. part. forming (a) questions (see in akoy, asarles, for, heo, h’u & kwaun) or (b) neg. (see in nix). [Roma. “so” desinence.]

sor* adj./adv./pron. all. — sor dha cheim. all the time. [Roma. “sore”, “soro”.]

sor-dho* conj. although. [Hybrid word: Pola. “sor” & Eng. “though”.]

sorlo* n. (pl. –ze). morning. — bona sorlo. early. dhis sorlo. this morning. lars sorlo. yesterday morning. nex sorlo. tomorrow morning. in dha sorlo. in the morning: a.m. (in expressions of time, as opposed to in the evening; use “nauchi” for early-morning hours 1–4: chinka cheimz in dha sorlo, five [o’clock] in the morning, five a.m.). [Roma.]

sormose* adv. almost, practically. [Hybrid word calqued on “all” + “most”: Roma. “sore” & Eng. “most”.]

sorell/a n. (pl. –ez). (a) (i) close friend; (ii) close friend with whom one once had a sexual relationship; (b) any gay person; (b) life partner in a [now] sexless union. [Gay slang “sister” rendered in It. (cf., Capote, who addressed Andrew Lyndon as “my own true sorella” [212]).]

sor-rusli* adj. almighty

soub* prep. beneath, under, below, underneath. [Lat. “sub”, under.]

soub-* prefix. sub-, under-. [Eng./Lat.]

soub-brays n. underarm. reirz a dha soub-brays = reirz soub dha brays. underarm hair

soub-feeli* adj. underage (soub-feeli ling-grapeling, underage sex)

soub-kafi* n. (-z, always in pl.). underpants

soze see in so2

Spag* 1 adj. pertaining to Italy: Italian. 2 n. [= Tem bilaung Spag] Italy. — bilaung Spag. Italian (dha chalz bilaung Spag, the Italians; lingo bilaung Spag, Italian; [omi-/pelone-]chal bilaung Spag, Italian). Spag-palariing. Italian-speaking. [Eng.truncation of “spaghetti”, by metonymy (as in “spag-fag” & “spag-fag”, listed in Baker [196]).]

Spag-jarva* n. cappuccino

spin* 1 adj. [pertaing to] carrot. 2 n. carrot. [Roma. “spinyor”, carrots.]

spirrarli* n. coil, curl, spring. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “spirale”; cf., Esp. “spiralo”.]

stamp/a 1 n. (pl. –ez). shoe. stamperoni. boot; see bayt. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). (a) to stampede°; (b) to trample°. — stampa wouniz stampez. stamp one’s feet. [Pola., from Cant, ultimately from Eng. “stamp”; cf., “stampede”.]

stan* 1 adj. [pertaining to] deer. 2 n. (pl. –z. deer). deer. [Roma. “stannyi”, “staunyo”; cf., Eng. “stand (of deer)”.]

stan-jala* adj. fawn (Arfta-Medza av a Stan-Jala Joumpereeni).

start/a n. (-ez, always in pl.). lubricant, lube (applied to the anus). [Gay slang listed in Baker; properly not Pola.]

steem/a 1 adj. active°: bull° or butch°. 2 n. (pl. -ez). 1 (a) prostitute’s client: john; (b) client, customer (Dha steema iz sempray reit). 2 [= steema homi] “active” gay man: “top man”; see in tauj. [Cockney rhyming slang “steam tug”, i.e., mug, listed in Baker; properly not Pola. (2nd meaning is gay slang).]

stif n. (pl. –s). paper. [Eng slang “stiff”, esp. forged paper, listed in Chambers as well as Baker.]

stimp 1 n. (pl. –s). (a) leg; (b) shaved leg°. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.; –s 3rd pers.). to shave. — stimp wouni self. to shave one’s legs°. [Pola.]

stimp-kouv/a n. (-ez, always in pl.). [nylon] stockings: nylons. [Hybrid word: Pola. “stimp” & Eng. “cover”.]

stoug/a* 1 n. (pl. –ez) pile, stack. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to pile, to stack. [Roma. “stuggur”; cf., Eng. “stagger”.]

strech tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to stretch. [Eng.; cf., Esp. “streĉi”.]

stril/a 1 adj. (-ez, always in pl.) [pertaining to the] piano[-forte]. 2 n. 1 (a) [any] musical instrument; (b) (-ez, always in pl.) piano[-forte]. 2 musician (vaygeriing strilering omi or dona/pelone, travelling musician or showman); see below. 3 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to play [music] (strila dha strilez, play the piano). strilering. [playing] music (strilering drarma, musical). strilering omi. (fem.: strilering dona/pelone) musician; ext. to [aun dha strilez] piano man/woman, piano player, pianist. — strila aun. play [on] (a musical instrument: strila aun dha baush, play the violin). [Pola., from Parly.; Baker suggests connection with It. “strillare”, to scream, to shriek.]

strilez-omi n. (fem.: strilez-dona/-pelone) = (proposed) strilering omi/pelone aun dha strilez, which see, in strila. [Pola.]

s’upreez* joc. variant, in mock Fr. pron., of serpreiz

swaray* n. evening party: soirée. [Anglicised pronunciation of Fr. “soirée”.]

sweet adj. 1 (a) sweet; (b) good. 2 right (not left: sweet marteeni, right hand); see [in] drei, lapa. — sweet an drei. left and right (lit., right and left: varda sweet an drei). [Pola., fr. Eng. (“sweet martini” i.e., “marteeni” is an example of obfuscating meaning).]

Sweet-Doubel, Moudhez* n. [Good] Lord (when addressing God). [The expression “Moudhez Sweet-Doubel” is part Romany, part pop (i.e., “My Sweet Lord” of The Beatles).]

swet refl. v. (pp./p. t. -id; -ing gerund/pres. part.). do weights. sweting cheetz. weights. sweting chovi. gym[nasium] (in one’s home), weights room. sweting ken. gym[nasium] (establishment). sweting omi-pelone. gay man who frequents the gymnasium & is preoccupied with his looks, esp. his muscles. [Eng. “sweat”, by metonymy, & Pola.]

swish intr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) to act in a flamboyant manner (esp. in an effeminate way): to camp it up; (b) to be demonstrative, effusive or touchy-feely°. swishing. 1 (a) affecting flamboyant and effeminate behavio[u]r or manners: flamboyant, swishing; (b) demonstrative, effusive or touchy-feely°. 2 shiny° (hair). 3 obvious°, clear°. 4 flagrant° (lie); see nellichudinosa, skreeming, in skreem. [Eng. colloquialism “swishing”, listed in Baker; Chambers lists “swish”, stylish, as well as “swishing”, the sound of fabric rustling along the ground; properly, not Pola.]

-t see -d

ta unstressed variant of tu (which see)

tachi* adj. 1 true. 2 honest. — Tachi? isn’t/wasn’t it? aren’t/weren’t you?, etc. (Tachi works in all cases, the same way as Fr. “n’est-ce pas?”.) narda tachi. dishonest. [Roma. “tatcho”.]

tachichude* n. (always in sing.). 1 truth (concept of). 2 honesty (with sor tachichude, in all honesty)

tachimento* n. (always in sing.). 1 truth (instance of). 2 honesty

tangeling see in ling-tangeling lavz

tanti* adv. (a) so (tanti bona sorlo, so early; tanti dilayd, so late); (b) so much. [Corruption of It. “tanto”.]

tard/a* 1 n. (a) pull (all senses), tug; (b) draw, attraction. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). (a) to pull, to tug on, to draw, to attract (tarda enni wouniz bonimento, attract). — tarda oup. (a) pull up; (b) raise [up], build [up]; (c) bring up, educate; (d) tart up; see shlep. [Roma. “tard(ra)”; cf., It. “tratta”, pull, tug.]

tarda-cheet* n. drawer (in furniture)

tardichude* n. (always in sing.). raising, education (concept of)

tardimento* n. (always in sing.). (a) building (all senses); (b) education (instance of)

tas* n. (pl. –iz). 1 vessel (for liquids): cup (tas fa dha char, teacup; tas fa dha jarva, coffee-cup; [nix] bee wouniz tas a [dha] char, [not] be one’s cup of tea). 2 [bird’s-]nest. taseeni. 1 small cup (for espresso). 2 test-tube (loulebei-cheet a dha taseeni, test-tube baby). tasoni. vase. — fayk dha tas. [make a] nest. [Roma. “das”, “sas”, “tas”, cup or nest, conflated with Fr. “tasse”, cup.]

tati* adj. hot (tati karnish-cheet, fry[ing]-pan; tati nafellichude, fever). tatileeni. warm. — soufa [fraum] dha tati nafellichude, suffer from the fever. [Roma. “tatto”.]

taud adj. lone°. — aun wouniz/ya taud. alone (Moudhez aun a taud.). [Eng. rhyming slang “on your Tod (Sloan)”, listed in Baker.]

taudichude* n. (always in sing.). solitude

tauf adj. wealthy, rich

tauf-omi n. wealthy, esp. older, male partner: sugar-daddy. [Hybrid word: Eng. slang “toff” & Pola. “omi”.]

tauf-pelone* n. upperclass woman partial to gigolos. [Patterned on preceding.]

tauj adj. passive (tauj omi-pelone, passive partner in sex, “bottom man”). [Pola.]

taujichude* n. (always in sing.). passivity

taus* 1 n. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to cough. — taus erbree. cough up (taus erbree dha/wouniz kirlo, clear one’s throat; taus erbree dha kousted, clear the custard). [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “tosse”.]

taush/a* 1 n. (pl. –ez). diadem. taushereeni. tiara. tausheroni. crown. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to crown. [Backformation from Pola. “tosheroon” (Baker’s spelling), with extended meaning.]

tausherune n. half-a-crown: half-crown (UK). [Pola.]

TBH = tee-bee-[h]aych

techi* adj. te[t]chy, touchy, sensitive. [Eng.]

techimento* n. te[t]chiness, touchiness, sensitivity

Teddi* 1 adj. pertaining to Germany: German. 2 n. [= Tem bilaung Teddi] Germany. — bilaung Teddi. German (dha chalz bilaung Teddi, the Germans; lingo bilaung Teddi, German; [omi-/pelone-]chal bilaung Teddi, German). Teddi-palariing. German-speaking. [Corruption of It. “tedesco”.]

tee n. letter T (tee). [Eng.]

tee-bee-[h]aych adj. 1 sexually available. 2 gay, homosexual (tee-bee-[h]aych cheim, late [in dha nauchi, at night, etc.; lit., “gay time”]). [Gay slang acronym for “To Be Had”, listed in Baker; properly, not Pola.]

teer* n. animal, beast (all senses), creature (g’uli teer, bête noire, [pet] peeve). teer a dha karsi. pet. [Germ. “Tier”.]

teip n. kind, sort, type. [Eng.]

tel* 1 n. hold (all senses). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d, held; -ling gerund/pres. part.). 1 (a) to hold (tel tu auf-kining gelt, hold to ransom); (b) to hold back: restrain (telling wouniz greiz, patience or patient). 2 to keep. — tel alay. hold down. tel erbree. hold out. tel daus. hold back. tel oup. hold up, to stick up. Tel ya greiz! Hold your horses! Be patient! Tel ya lingo! Hold your tongue! [Roma.]

tel-oup* n. hold-up, stick-up

tem* n. country, land, nation (A Noudha Tem). tem a dha dad. fatherland. tem a dha martha. motherland. tem a dha zee. homeland. Note that the names of countries are formed with Tem (e.g., Paumi Tem, which see). [Roma.; cf., It. “terra”.]

ten* n. place, spot, area. ten a dha bugerlz-omi/granermz-omi. farm. ten a dha drei-duberlz. hell. ten a dha hevvoniz for dha meyrd-kovze. graveyard, cemetery. ten a dha kovze nex bor. neighbo[u]rhood. ten a dha smelz. garden. ten a dha troyn. place of execution. ten away dha gav. the country[side]. ten fa dhee afeyrimento. the beat. ten fa dha hach. fireplace. fayk dha ten a dha smelz. [do the] garden. fayking dha ten a dha smelz. gardening. fayking omi or pelone dha ten a dha smelz. gardener. in ten a. instead of, in place of. [Roma. “tan”, “ten”, place, tent; cf., “tem”, above.]

thu n. (pl. –ze). muscle. [Eng. “thew”.]

ti/k* 1 n. (pl. –x). licence. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.; –x 3rd pers.). to licence, to license [US] (tikt ken, licensed premises). [Truncation of Cant “tick-Rome”.]

tint/a* 1 n. (pl. –ez). (a) colo[u]r, tint, hue; (b) dye. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). 1 (a) to colo[u]r, to tint; (b) to dye (tinted reir). 2 to dry-clean. tintereeni. tincture, smattering. — dha tinta auv hir ogerlz. penis size (“the colo[u]r of his eyes”). [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “tinta”.]

tip intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). 1 (a) to give°, to provide°; (b) to hand [over]°, to present°; (c) to pass° (the salt). 2 to perform oral sex: to give head. — tip dha bona ordering in tu. to welcome. tiping a dha bona ordering in. welcome, welcoming; see in brandi, eivi, jentri, velvet. [Pola., from Cant.]

tipeti* adj. malicious, spiteful. tipetileeni. uppity. [Roma. “tippoty”, conflated with Eng. “uppity”.]

tipetichude* n. (always in sing.). malice, spite

tipetichudinosa* pleon. adj. malicious, spiteful

tirn, du a intr. V. phrase. to have sex; see in oysta. [Eng.; Baker derives this expression from theatrical slang, used later in nautical slang; properly, not Pola.]

-to* (-ito for words ending in a C or “a”, which is dropped) ordinal desinence equivalent to “-th” (see in ’una, dui, etc.). [Roma., as in “duito”, second, “trito”, third, etc.]

tob/a 1 adj. [pertaining to (the site of a)] (a) circus, market or fair; (b) rent°. 2 n. (pl. –ez). 1 (a) site of a circus, market or fair; (b) by extension, circus, market, fair (toba away dha gav, country fair). 2 rent°. 3 (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to rent (toba a/dha lati, rent a flat; tobing omi/pelone a dha lati, renter, tenant). tobed. rented° (tobed keb’ushe, rented car: rental). — toba fa dha karnish/machoze. meat/fish market. [Pola., from Parly.]

toba-dives* n. (a) day of the fair or circus; (b) market-day

toba-homi see toba-omi

toba-koul* n. [circus] clown

toba-omi n. 1 rent collector. 2 [absent] landlord. [Parly.]

toba-shomen = (proposed) vaygeriing strilering omi or dona/pelone, which see in strila. [Hybrid word: Pola. “toba” & Eng. “showman”.]

totarlay* adj. total, complete, utter, entire. totarlaymentay. totally, completely, utterly, entirely. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “totale”.]

touch* 1 n. (pl. –iz). touch (all senses). 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to touch. [Eng.]

toung dha brandi see tip dha brandi, in brandi

trajhee/k* 1 adj. tragic [facet.]. 2 n. (pl. –x). tragedy [facet.] (Sheez nix [a] trajheek! It’s not the end of the world!); see dres-oup. [Mock Anglicised pronunciation of Fr. “tragique”.]

trauli n. (-z, always in pl.). [pair of] trousers. [Pola., perhaps from a portmanteau of “laliz” & “trole”.]

trauli-dauli n. (a) gay flight attendant; (b) by extension, hostess° or steward[ess]°. [Gay slang “trolley-dolly”, listed in Baker; properly, not Pola. It is assumed that “trolley” refers to the cart that flight attendants use in-flight, but it could refer to the preceding “trauli”, trousers; i.e., “trouser-dolly”.]

tray1 num. three. trayto. third. traytomentay. thirdly. — tray laung deja. thirty. tray laung dejito. thirtieth. tray laung lepta. thirteen. tray laung leptito. thirteenth. [Parly., from It. “tre”; cf.,., Eng. “trey”, “the three in cards and dice: a set of three: the third tine of a deer’s horn” (Chambers).]

tray*2 adv. very, extremely. [(Mock) Anglicised pronunciation of Fr. “très”.]

traydz/a* n (pl. –ez). (a) [one] third, [a/one] third (fraction: a traydza a kakeling cheet, a quarter chicken; legari dui traydzez a dha lil, read two thirds of the book); (b) third [mus.]. — traydza bilaung. third [of] (a traydza bilaung a kakeling cheet, a third of a chicken). [Corruption of It. “terzo”, patterned on Pola. “medza”.]

tray-hule* n. trident. — a [dha] tray-hulze. three-pronged. [Corruption of Roma. “trihool”, from Hind. “trisool”; cf., Indon. “trisula”, trident, three-pronged spear.]

tray-korna* n. triangle (roze tray-korna, pink triangle)

tray-saulti* n. threepence, threepenny

tray-sayma* n. threesome

traysh* 1 n. fright. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to frighten (traysh moulti, terrify; moulti trayshing, terrifying; moulti traysht, terrified). traysheeni. [little] fright. [Roma. “traish”.]

trayshichud/e* n. (pl. –ze). terror

trayshichudinistik* adj. terrorist

trayshichudinisto* n. (pl. –ze). terrorist

trayshichudinizmo* n. (always in sing.). terrorism

trayshichudinosa* adj. frightening

trejh 1 adj. darling°. 2 n. (pl. –iz). term of endearment: darling°; see in -etta. [Eng. “treas(ure)”.]

trol/e v. (pp./p. t. -de; -ing gerund/pres. part.) (a) intr. to saunter, stroll or walk (“Dheez stamperoniz ar faykt fa troling”); (b) tr. to cruise; to patrol°. — trole in. to saunter, stroll or walk in; see in bata. [Eng. “troll”, cited at some length in Baker; cf., Eng. “trawl”.]

trooshnee* n. bundle (trooshnee a kaushiz, faggot). [Roma. “trushni”, faggot.]

troumes n. (pl. –iz). 1 (a) bum (all senses); (b) buttock. 2 tramp° (all senses), hobo°, vagabond°. [Pola.]

trounde/l 1 n. (always in sing.). trundle (all senses). 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -rld; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to trundle (troundeling foke or kove, [bus or train] passenger). troundeling cheet. 1 car [orig. joc.; better, keb’ushe (which see)]. 2 bus°. 3 [= troundeling cheet aun weelz] tram°. boura troundeling cheet. train°. [Troundeling cheet is a hybrid word: Eng. “trundle” & Pola. “cheet”.]

troundelarjhio* n. (always in sing.). transport (troundelarjhio bilaung kovze or foxe, public transport)

troyn* 1 n. 1 assassination, execution. 2 destruction. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). 1 to assassinate, to execute. 2 destroy. troyning omi. executioner. [Cant “Trine”, Tyburn, with V change, which, according to Chambers, was “the historic place of execution in London” (1,589). The V change is echoic of Cockney; 2nd meaning is elaborated from Roma. “nash”, lose, destroy, hang.]

trusni* adj. (a) thirsty; (b) dry (all senses: trusni kishmish, currant, raisin). — trusni oup. dry up. fayk trusni. [make] dry. [Roma. “trusno”.]

trusnichude* n. (always in sing.). (a) thirst (concept of: trusnichude fa dha faykimento a sanz parniz, drought [conditions]); (b) (i) dryness; (ii) decay. — fayk dha trusnichude. decay

trusnimento* n. (always in sing.). (a) thirst (instance of); (b) dryness

tu prep. to (used for emphasis or before VV). Note that tu used before infinitive vs that derive from It. is pleonastic. [Eng.]

tuge* 1 adj. sad (of person). 2 n. woe. [Roma. “tug”.]

tugichude* n. (always in sing.). sadness

tugichudinosa* pleon. adj. sad[dening] (situation)

tugosa* adj. woeful

tule* n. 1 fat, grease, oil (all senses). 2 schmaltz, sentimentality. [Roma. “tulo”, fat, “tulipen”, fat, grease, conflated with Eng./Fr. “tulle”.]

tulosa* adj. 1 fatty, greasy, oily. 2 (a) sentimental, schmaltzy; (b) old-fashioned, old-style. [Calqued on Yidd., from Germ. “schmalz”.]

tumouch 1 adj. excessive, superfluous°, over-the-top. 2 adv. too [much] (tumouch bona braunzetta mootzi, sunburn; tumouch in dha leif, too gay). tumouch ta varda in dha larda. well-endowed [joc.]. [Eng. “too much”; cf., Neo-Melan. “tumas”.]

tumouchimento* n. excess, superfluity

turnayt n. (a) state; (b) position°, situation° (turnayt a dha kovze sanz lati, homelessness). [Cockney rhyming slang “two and eight”, listed in Baker.]

u1 n. (pl. –ze). letter U. — doubel u. letter W (double U). [Eng.]

u2 n. (pl. –ze). 1 eye (of needle, potato, etc.: u a dha foof, jube or wilet, nipple)°; see ogel. 2 ball-point (skreeving cheet with a u, ball-point [pen]). u a dha lavz. vowel. [Pola.]

u3 pron. you. A hyphen is used to link u in interrogative sentences (Palari-u Parliv’u? Do you speak French? Pelarved-u chaumeni? Did you say something?. Pauso-u strila dha baush? Can you play the violin?). U appears in capital letters at the beginning of a sentence only; see in wouni, yor (2). [Eng.]

u-fay/k* n. (pl. –x). [= u-fayk fa dha foof, jube or wilet] nipple ring. [Patterned on Pola. “nelli-fayk”, earring.]

Ulo* n. July. [Mock It.]

’una num. one. ’unito. first. ’unitomentay. firstly. — ’una a dha/dhee. one of the. ’una laung lepta. eleven. ’una laung leptito. eleventh. [Parly., from It. “una”, the feminine form of “uno”.]

’una-sayma* n. pair (of a single item: an ’una-sayma a kachiz)

uneeto* adj. united. [Mock It.]

unioni* n. union (all senses: unioni bilaung fayking omiz a dha b’ute, workers’ union). [Mock It.]

’unito see in ’una

’uvr/a* intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to open (ouvra dha geiga). [Anglicised pronunciation of Fr. “ouvrir” in the imperative mood (“ouvre”).]

uzari* 1 n. use. 2 tr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to use

Vaf! voc. Hello! (said upon seeing an attractive person). — O vaf! Goodness [gracious (me)]!/My goodness! Good Lord! Good grief! [Pola acronym., supposedly from “Varda, Absolutely Fantabulosa”, but why not “Very Available for F…ing”, à la “naf”? I treat acronyms of uncertain origin with suspicion. “Chav”, not recognised as Roma., is often explained as an acronym meaning “Council House and Violent/Vulgar” (take your pick). Even “Allemo!”, if it were really from “Lick Me Out!”, would be more accurately rendered “*el-em-o” or “*ellemmo”.]

vakarya n. (a) [= vakarya fa dha dishiz] record player, gramophone; (b) jukebox; (c) by extension, [any] appliance, machine or [piece of] equipment° (fayk-bagajering vakarya, vibrator; lellibelay pelarvering vakarya, mobile phone°, cell phone° (US). vakarya fa dhee eekaf. camera. [Pola.]

vali* part. yes. Vali ta/tu …! Yes to …! (slogans). Note that questions asked in the negative are answered in the same way as Eng; see [in] nish, nix, no. [Roma. “ávali”, “owli”; cf., Pers. “balí”.]

vali-dragz see lali-dragz

var* n. (always in sing.). flour (fayking omi a dha var, miller). [Roma. “var”, “waro”.]

vard/a 1 adj. pertaining to seeing, viewing or watching. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). (a) to look, to see; (b) to take a look at: look at [= varda at], view, watch (varda bona, take a good look at). vardering vakarya. television [set] (varda dha vardering vakarya, watch television). — varda alay. look down (varda alay wouniz vaunka att, look down [one’s nose] at: be scornful or contemptuous of). varda oup. look over. vardereeni. [take a] peep. [Pola., from It. “vedere”.]

varda-hev* n. window

varda-oup* n. oversight, supervision

varda-oup-kove* n. overseer, supervisor

varda-vijhen n. (always in sing.). television (= proposed vardering vakarya, which see in varda). [Hybrid word: Pola. “varda” & Eng. “vision”.]

vardo* n. (a) cart; (b) carriage. vardoleeni. barrow. vardo a dha boura troundeling cheet[z]. [railway] carriage (vardo a dha boura troundeling cheet[z] fa lettiing, sleeper). [Roma. “vardo”, “wardo”. Baker inexplicably confuses this word with Pola. “varda”.]

vauchi n. 1 voice. 2 singer. [Pola., from It “voce”.]

vaudketeeni n. vodka and martini: “vodkatini”. [Eng. slang listed in Baker; properly, not Pola.]

vaunk/a n. (pl. –ez). see aunk. [Pola.; perhaps a variant of aunk; Baker speculates that it may be from some Yidd. word.]

vaygeri 1 n. (a) travel°; (b) journey°, trip°. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). (a) to go, to travel; (b) to leave (for another country). — vaygeriing for. bound for. [Pola., from It. corruption of “vaggiare”, to travel; cf., Baker’s plausible suggestion of “vagare”, to wander, ramble or rove. Note, too, the camp penchant for the word “vague”, as in “vague Vera”, echoed in vaygeri.]

vee n. letter V (vee). [Eng.]

veerr/a1 n. (pl. –ez). gin (veerra an fizi akwa, gin and tonic). [Cockney rhyming slang “Vera Lynn”; i.e., gin, listed in Baker.]

veerr/a2 1 n. (always in sing.). vomit (esp. from drinking too much alcohol). 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to vomit, to spew. [Gayle.]

veerra-cheet* n. vomit

vello* n. (pl. –ze). bicycle, bike (prig a vello). [Fr. “vélo”; cf., Eng. “velodrome”, from Lat. “velox”, swift.]

velve/t n. (pl. –rtz). 1 vulva. 2 anus (esp. of a man). — tip dha velvet. 1 to perform cunnilingus. 2 to perform anilingus: to rim. tiping dha velvet. 1 cunnilingus. 2 anilingus, rimming. [Gay slang listed in Baker, with echoic “l” & two “v”’s; properly, not Pola.]

ven* n. bowel (wouniz venz, one’s insides or bowels). [Roma. “ven(n)or”, “wendror”, bowels.]

Vennedi* n. Friday. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “venerdì”.]

v’u* pron. you [joc.], used in “shay v’u” (which see, in shay) or mock Fr. phrases. [Anglicised pronunciation of Fr. “vous”.]

vineeshe/n* n. (pl. –rnz). sequin. [A.-Ind. “venetian”.]

virdi* 1 adj. green. 2 n. green. [Anglicised pronunciation of It. “verde”.]

virdiarjhio* n. (always in sing.). greenness

virs* n. (pl. –iz. poetry). poem, verse. [Eng.]

virsiz-omi* n. (fem.: virsiz-dona/-pelone). poet. [Patterned on Pola. “strilez-omi”.]

vitemin* n. vitamin. [Eng.]

vog/e 1 n. (pl. –ze). cigarette, smoke. vogeeni. small or thin cigarette or cigar (mounj vogeeni, cigarillo). vogoni. cigar. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -de; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to light a cigarette: to light up (voge dha voge, smoke a cigarette). — voge enni wouni oup. light someone’s cigarette. [Pola.]

vogoniz-dadi n. cigar daddy

waule/p 1 n. (pl. –s). dance. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -rpt; -ing gerund/pres. part.; –s 3rd pers.). to dance. wauleping. dancing. wauleping dona. professional female dancer. wauleping omi. (fem.: wauleping pelone) dancer. [Pola., from Eng. “wallop”, from It. “galoppare”; cf., “gallop”.]

waulep/a (pl. –ez). = (proposed) wauleping omi or dona/pelone; see in waulep. [Pola., from waulep.]

wauleppibelay* adj. danceable. — narda wauleppibelay. undanceable

waut see so2

waut-evva adj./adv./pron. whatever. — chaumeni dives, waut-evva! any day! (Tip ya moudha Morrissey chaumeni dives, waut-evva! Give me Morrissey any day!). [Eng.]

wauz see in bee

wayvi see in kays

web 1 n. web. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -d; -ing gerund/pres. part.). to web. [Eng.]

web-pisha* n. spider

wed intr. v. (pp./p. t. -did; -ding gerund/pres. part.). wed, marry (used mainly in the following: wedding neit, the first time two men have sex together); see in houzben. [Gay slang “wedding night” listed in Baker; properly, not Pola.]

wee see in May wee!

weelz see in lati, troundel

wei n. letter Y (wye). [Eng.]

weil conj. while (Nanti palari weil u mounjari! Don’t speak with your mouth full!). [Eng.]

wen[-cheim], dha* n. winter[time]. — a dha wen[-cheim]. winter (romarjhioze a dha wen, winter fashions). [Roma. “wen”.]

wen-leik* adj. wintry

wennosa* adj. wintry

werz unstressed variant of wauz (which see, in bee)

wesh* n. (always in sing.). wood. weshoni. timber. wesh fa dha hach. firewood. — fraum dha wesh. wooden. fraum dha weshoni. timber. [Roma. “wesh”, forest.]

wil see in bee

wile/t n. (pl. –rtz). breast (esp. non-sexual, as in breast-feeding). [Pola.]

winke/l n. (pl. –rlz). (a) child’s (boy’s) penis; (b) by extension, small penis. [Pola.]

wir see in bee

wirsta irreg. adj./adv. worse, as in nanti wirsta. — shee koodev been wirsta. it could have been worse; see in nanti. [Eng. slang.]

wish 1 n. wish. 2 intr. v. (pp./p. t. -t; -ing gerund/pres. part.). wish; see orguri. — Ann u wish! You wish! Not on your life or nelly! [Eng.; cf., Fr. “ouiche!”, not on your life!]

with prep. with. [Eng.]

wood modal. would. wooda = unstressed form of woodev. would have (would’ve). [Eng.]

wort/a* 1 n. 1 (pl. –ez). [bodily] fluid. 2 (always in sing.). (a) the sea: water[s]; (b) water, liquid. 2 intr./tr. v. (pp./p. t. -ed; -ering gerund/pres. part.). to water (worta att dha gor, bleed). Note that worta is not meant to be drunk; see akwa. [Eng. “water”.]

worta-blu* adj. sea-blue, ultramarine

worta-leik* adj. watery

wouni 1 num. one (Parly. alternative to ’una). 2 pron. one, (loosely) you. wouni self. oneself, (loosely) yourself. wounid. one would. wouniz. one’s. — enni wouni. (a) anybody or anyone; (b) somebody or someone. enni wouniz. (a) anybody’s or anyone’s; (b) somebody’s or someone’s. evri wouni. everyone (pir evri wouni, by everyone [contracted to peroni in Lucas 97]). [Parly., from Eng. “one”.]

ya 1 def. art. the; see in founges. 2 poss. adj. unstressed form of yor; see [in] akchwel, moudha, yor. [Eng.]

yarb* n. herb. — a/fraum dha yarb. herbal. [Roma. “yarb”, from Sp. “yerba”, listed in Chambers.]

yauki* adj. clever. [Roma. “yokki”; cf., Yidd. “yok”, (pej.) Gentile.]

yor poss adj.: 1 your: stressed form used (a) instead of unstressed ya or (b) before VV (yor eesaung, your nose). yor self. (a) yourself; (b) yourselves. 2 contraction of u ar. [Eng.]

yozi 1 adj. (a) inexperienced°, green°; (b) naïve°. 2 n. 1 person new to or inexperienced at gay sex. 2 [any] inexperienced person: greenhorn°. [Gay slang “yosie”, properly not Pola. but listed in Baker.]

-z1 pl. inflex equivalent to Eng. -(e)s. Note Pola. may make regular plurals of irregular plurals in Eng. (aux > auxiz or auxen). [Eng.]

-z2 poss. case.: ’s or s’ (without apostrophe in Pola.: Johnz). Morphology as above. Notez is added no matter the original spelling of the proper n. (Cocteauz yauki lavz). [Eng.]

-z3 3rd pers. sing. inflex: -s (shee glimez). Morphology as above. [Eng.]

-z4 elision: ’s (without apostrophe in Pola.: sheez). Morphology as above. [Eng.]

zed n. letter Z (zed, zee [US]). [Eng.]

zee1* n. 1 (a) mind; (b) heart [fig.]. 2 brain; see in ann2. [Roma. “zi”.]

zee2 = zed

zeld/a n. (pl. –ez). 1 woman. 2 witch; see dooka. [Pola., from Zelda, a diminutive of Grizel (It. Griselda), in the gay, esp. Gayle, tradition of using female names, said to mean “grey war”.]

zeldichude* n. (always in sing.). witchcraft, witchery




a. a

abhor. odiari t’umouch

abhorrence. tray or t’umouch odiari

abhorrent. [tray or t’umouch] odiaribelay or odiariing

able. pauso

abnormal. narda ordineyr

abortion. abbigayl

about. abeot

above. oup

abscond. skarpa dha jetti

absent. narda akoy. absent landlord. toba-[h]omi

abuse. janka; kirtirvichude. fayk [dha] kirtirvichude kauntra

accept. lel in

accommodation[s]. lettiz

ache. dooka

acne. bube

across. ova

act. akt. act of gallantry. jentrimento

active. steema. active gay man. artha, steema

activity. akting

actual. akchwel. actually. akchwellimentay

ad = advertisement

addict. drabd omi or pelone. addicted. drabd

addition, in. in aultray

add up. gin oup

administer. parka

adorn. fayk

adornment. faykimento

advantage. bonimento, bonichude. take advantage of. lel dha bonichude auv

advantageous. bonichudinosa

advertisement. anauntz

advice, give good. tip bona. take someone’s advice [well]. lel bona enni wuniz lavz

advise well. tip bona

aeroplane = airplane

affair. dauli; afeyrimento

affected. sheesh

aflame. aun dha glima

afraid. perri, perrichudinosa

Africa. dha Dinj Temz

African. a dha/bilaung [dha] Dinj Temz. [omi-/pelone-]chal a dha Dinj Temz

African-American. bilaung shvartza. shvartza

after. arfta. after midday or noon. arfta medza-dives. the day after. dha nex dives. the day after tomorrow. dha nex dives arfta nex dives

afternoon. arfta-medza. afternoon nap. lib in dhee arfta-medza. tomorrow afternoon. nex arfta-medza. yesterday afternoon. lars arfta-medza; see in good

again. ankora

against. kauntra. against the law. kauntra dha lili

age. besh

-age. -arjhio

aggression. bati-fangichude

aggressive. bati-fangichudinosa

ahead. aun dha nab

AIDS. kaniken a dhee omi-pelonze

ailment. nafellimento

air-kiss. lamor a dha mwar-mwar tu. air-kissing. lamor a dha mwar-mwar

airplane. fleiing vakarya

airport. keyr a dha fleiing vakaryez

aitch. aych

alcohol. didel

alert. praunto

alike. saym[imentay]

all. sor. all right. bona. sheez reit. all in rags. sor in k’utez. all the same. sor dha saym. all the time. sor dha cheim. All the best. Bona lavz

Alleluia[h]! O glori bee!

alluring. dookering

almighty. sor-rusli

almost. sormose

alone. aun ya taud. Leave me alone! Mayk ya moudha aun hir taud!

along. alaung

aloof. koldeeni

aloofness. koldimento, koldeenimento

alphabet. rune

also. aseo

altar. messeli

altercation. barni a dha lavz. have an altercation. hav a barni a dha lavz

although. [sor-]dho

always. sempray

a.m. in dha nauchi or sorlo

amateurish. kaud

ambulance. skreeming keb’ushe

America. [Tem bilaung] Merriken

American. [bilaung] Merriken. [omi-/pelone-]chal bilaung Merriken. American English. lingo bilaung Merriken

amidst. in dha medza auv

among. amoung

amuse. skirt. amusing. drole, skirti; skirting

amusement. skirtz

an. an[n]

anal. arris. anal rape. h’uping tu dhee aultrantz. anal sex. arva, h’upe

ancient. tray baj. Ancient Greece. Baj Graycha

and. an[n], pero. and now. allora. and so forth. ann so forth

angel. nat [in dha charo]. angel food. natz karnish

angle. korna

angry. kaulera

anilingus. tiping dha brandi or velvet, tiping dhee eivi

animal. teer

announce. anauntz

announcement. anauntzimento

annoy. fayk wouniz eirris. annoyed. eirris. annoying. fayking wouniz eirris

anonymous[ly]. sanz wouniz nav

another. a noudha

answer. palarimento. palari (daus)

ant. kreer

antique. tray baj kaush. antique vase. tray baj tasoni

anus. arris, dish, h’upe, velvet

any. enni. any time. enni kwaun. not […] any more. nishtwar

anybody. enni wouni

anyhow. enni asarles

anyone. enni wouni

anything. enni chaumeni

anywhere. enni akoy

à outrance. ta dhee aultrantz

apart. irnist, in dui irnisiz

apartment. lati

appeal to someone. lel wouniz gildimento

appear. dik

applaud. peon dha lapez

applause. peonding a dha lapez

apple. parvi

apple-cider. parvi-akwa

apple-green. parvi-virdi

appliance. vakarya

application. leo-aun. application form. jeib fa dha leo-aun

apply. leo aun. apply for. leo aun for. apply [one’s] make-up. facha. apply to. leo aun for

apprehend. lel [pir dha charpering omiz]

approve [of]. tip dha nab tu

April. Ayprel

apron. pir-cheet

aquamarine. akwa-virdi

area. ten

argument. barni a dha lavz, pelarva. have an argument. hav a barni a dha lavz

argy-bargy. bati-brays

aristocratic. royrl

arise. orda oup

arm. brays. mirs. arms. mirsiz. armed. mirst. put one’s arms around. leo wouniz braysiz reon

army. kovze a dha mirsiz

around = round

arrest. leo in dha brayslitz, leo dha brayslitz aun

arse[hole]. [h]arris, baux, brandi, dish, h’upe

artichoke. hatichook

artificial. fashernd. artificial eye. fayk-ogel

ascertain. deek

ashamed. deepimentay emma

aside. away

ask. p’uche. ask a favo[u]r. mang [a mang]. ask a question. p’uche a p’uche. ask for. praygo for

asparagus. parlegelars

ass. mayla; see arse

assassinate. troyn

asylum. keyr a/fa dha mishoogenez

at. att. at all. asarles. at any time. enni kwaun. at no time. nix kwaun. Not at all! Da narda!

ate. mounjarid, namyarid

attack. atak

attention. gardilu

attentive. jentri

attract. tarda [enni wouniz bonimento]. attracted to. bona fa/for

attraction. bonimento, bonichude; tarda

attractive. bona vardering, dauli. attractive man. shwar

aubergine. brinjel

auction. bin pir dha karning [att dha ken fa dha karning]. bin pir dha karning

auction-house. ken fa dha karning

audience. [nelliardering] flatiz an giliz. audience member. flati, gili

August. Agausto

aunt. beebee

Australia. [Tem bilaung] Skip

Australian. [bilaung] Skip. [omi-/pelone-]chal bilaung Skip. Australian English. lingo bilaung Skip

automobile. keb’ushe

autumn. a dha lib-cheim. dha lib-cheim

autumnal. a dha lib-cheim

aviary. lach fa dha chikerlz

avuncular. omi-beebee-leik

awake. [awaked] jaungarid. jaungari

away. away. away from. away. Go away! Orda away!

awful. narna, tray kaud

awkward. kank

awoken. jaungarid

baby. loulebei-cheet. baby’s cradle or crib. lettileeni [fa dha loulebei-cheet]

back. daus; [back again] ankora. baux; palias. backing. dausing. back ache or pain. dooka a dha palias. back door. geiga a dha baux. back down. daus alay. back home [again]. shay n’u ankora. back on to. daus aun tu. “back slum”. mounj chovi. back in the day. in wouniz besh

background. daus-pauv

backpack. gouni a dha palias

back-room. mounj chovi

backside. baux, brandi, kauribounjes

bacon. pek

bad. katevva, kaud[i], kirtirva, manki. bad hair. arris-reir. bad hair day. dives a dha/bilaung [h]arris-reir. bad language. janka. bad luck. arris-dooka, kaud dooka. bad meat. arris-karnish. bad opinion. kaud nab. bad smell. manki-cheet. bad wig. arris-sheikel, kaud sheikel

badly. kaudimentay. badly dressed. narda dauli, kaudimentay drayjhd oup

badness. katevvimento, katevvichude

bag. gouni, peeta, peetereeni, shoosh-bag. bagging. gouniing. bag boy. gouni-boy

bagpiping. peiping a dha peeta

bait. dooka-cheet. leo a dooka-cheet aun

baker. fayking omi or pelone a dha panem; [baker’s] bin-ken fa dha panem

bakery. bin-ken fa dha panem

baksheesh. metti

bald. nanti reir

ball. koul. balls. kaudz, koulz

ball-game. eemag a dha koul[z]

ball-point. u. [ball-point] pen. skreeving cheet with a u

ball-work. eemag a dha koul[z]

baloney. beloni

band. kouzenarjhio; marteeni [a dha houzbenarjhio]

bang. bru. bang with the fists. bateri

bank. choombereeni; ken a dha mejhiz-omiz

banker. mejhiz-omi

banquet. boura-karnish. banquet hall. boura-chovi fa dha boura-karnish

baptise. baula

baptism. baula

baptismal. baula

baptist/Baptist. Baulering omi or pelone

barbecue. erbree karnish-oup. karnish oup erbree

barn. karsi fa dha granem

barrow. vardoleeni

bash. bateri

basher. bateriing omi

basilica. boura-keyr a/fa dha Baula chalz

basket. kooshni

bastard. arris-founges; bausta-[h]omi/-pelone, bausta feeli

bath. bayn. bath towel. moufeling cheetoni

bathe. bayn. bathing costume, suit or trunks. drayjh fa dha leedo

bathers. drayjh fa dha leedo

bathhouse. ken fa dha bayning

bathroom. bayning chovi

bathtub. bayn

batter. bateri. battered. baterid

battle. chinga

be. bee. isn’t/wasn’t it? (aren’t/weren’t you?, etc.) tachi?

beach. leedo

beach-bum, beach-comber. leedo-troumes

bean. baub

beanie. kapellereeni

bear. lel; fayk nasht tu. bear a child. fayk nasht tu a/dha loulebei-cheet. bear in mind. lel in zee

beard. barberella; beard

beast. teer

beat. ten fa dhee afeyrimento. bateri. beaten. baterid. beating. bateri. doing the beat. ordering ta dha tenz fa dhee afeyrimento

beautiful. bula

beauty. bula; bulichude. beauty queen. kween a dha bulichude

became. gettid

because. for, fa. because of. fa dha faykimento a

become. get

bed. letti, libarjhio. bedding/bed covers. faykimentoze fa dha letti. bed for the night. libarjhio. go to bed, orda ta dha letti, fayk dha libarjhio

bedbug. pisha a dha letti

bedclothes. faykimentoze fa dha letti

bedroom. lettiing chovi, libarjhio

bedsheet. slayt a/fa dha letti

bedspread. rozei

bee. gildo-pisha

beer. bevvi

beer-bottle. didel-cheet fa dha bevvi

beer-glass. bevvi-cheet

beetle. rusli-pisha

beetroot. [lala] betta

before. anti. in frount auv

beg. klapedoujen, mang

beggar. klapedoujen, klapedoujening omi or pelone, manging omi or pelone

begin. kementz

beginning. kementzimento

Behold! Ekkoze!

beige. bayjh

belief. savi-oup

believe. savi oup. believe so. savi oup leik dhat

belly. pir

belong. bee. belongings. faykimentoze. belong to. bee auv

beloved. kamist. kamist omi or pelone

below. soub

beneath. soub

benevolence. bennichude

benevolent. ben, bennichudinosa

beret. kapellereeni

berry. dourel

beside. nex tu. besides. in aultray

best. bennarst, bonarst. [With] best wishes. Bona lavz

bête noire. g’uli teer

better. bennar, bonar

between, betwixt. bitwix

beware. gardilu

bewitch. dooka. bewitched. dooked

beyond. away

bi see bisexual

bicker[ing]. bati-m’ui

bicycle. vello

biffy. bifi

big. boura. big boat. barkiing cheetoni. big [domestic] cat. gatoloni. big city. boura[-]gav. big cock. bagajeroni, kartz[ol]oni. big mess. pasteeshoni. big nose. eesaungoni. big penis. bagajeroni, kartz[ol]oni. big thing. cheetoni. big toe. boura loupa a dha pindroze. a big bit. pogeeloni. a big bit or piece of. a pogeeloni a

bike see bicycle

bill. mejhiz

bimbo. flati

bind. pan. bind up. pan oup

binge. bevvi

biological: one’s biological mother. yor akchwel martha

bird. chikel. bird of prey. chikeloni

bird’s-nest. tas

birdcage. lach fa dha chikerlz

birth. nashing. give birth to. fayk nasht tu

birthday. nashing dives

bisexual. beebee, bibi

bisexuality. bibichude

bit. pogee. matlaukt. a bit [of]. a pogee [a]

bitch. pelone-jugel; bitayn. bitch about. fayk dha bitayn abeot

bitch-slap. bati-lapa a dha bitayn

bite. bati-fang; matlauk. bite and hit. bati-fang. bite the nails. matlauk dha neirz. bitten. matlaukt

bitter. agro. bitters. agro-akwa. to the bitter end. ta dhee aultrantz

bitter-sweet. jageri-agro

bizarre. barberella

black. g’uli; bilaung shvartza. dinj, shvartza. black magic. kirtirva-jedu. black market. g’uli toba. black money. g’uli gelt. black pudding. g’uli g’u. black and white. g’uli an fay

blackberry. g’uli-dourel

blackbird. g’uli-chikel

blackmail. g’uli-rooka

blackmailer. g’uli-rookering omi or pelone

blacksmith. fayking omi a dha sasta

blanket. faykimento fa dha letti

bleed. rati. bleeding. ratiing

blind. kor. blinded. kord. blinding. koring

blindness. korimento; korichude

blond[e]. char-jala, a dha char-jala reir. omi or pelone a dha char-jala reir, char-jaleretta. blonde bimbo. flati a dha char-jala reir

blood. rati

bloodlike. rati-leik

blood-red. rati-leik

bloody. rati

bloom. fayk dha smelz

blouse. kameeseroni

blow. bateri, firikaduza

blow-job. jariing

blue. blu. blue balls. blu kwaungz

blush. wouniz m’ui iz lala

boarding-house. lati

boat. barkiing cheet, lati aun worta

boatman. barkiing omi

body. kaudi, lukaudi

boil. kerri

boiler. gayjoni. boiler suit. farting krakez fa dha chaumeni-cheetz-omi[z]

bold. baldantzerosa, bolde

boldness. bauldantza

bolt. krampa

bomb. arris-keb’ushe

bone. bone

bonnet. kapellereeni

book. lil

boot. stamperoni

booth. lach

booty. jentz

booze. bevvi

bore. kinyo. bored. kinyode. boring. kinyoing

boredom. kinyodimento, kinyomento

born. nasht

borne. leld

bosom. foof

boss. [nab-]kove

bother. dik

bottle. didel-cheet. bottled. didel-cheetid. bottle of milk, didel-cheet a dha pap. bottle-shop. boteek fa dha didel

bottle-green. didel-cheet-virdi

bottom. baux. “bottom man”. tauj omi-pelone. Bottoms up! Bona peers!

bought. kind

bound. pand. bound for. vaygeriing for

bout. atak, sayma; see in drink

bovine. bugel

bowel. ven

box. moofta. large box. moofteroni. small box. mooftereeni

boxer. eemaging omi a dha bati-poking

boxing. eemag a dha bati-poking

boy. omi-chavi, omi-feeli. the boys. dha kouzernz. boy’s penis. winkel. boy under the age of legal consent. feeli-[h]omi

boyfriend. [dha] bonze, [omi-]grei

bracelet. brayslit

brain. zee

brake. saulibari. put the brakes on. leo aun dha saulibariz

bramble. bous

branch. brays

brandy. plaunk-didel

brass. a [dha] fayk-horki. fayk-horki. not have a brass razoo. hav nantwar a kwortereeni

Bravo! Bona!

brazen. a [dha] fayk-horki

bread. panem

break. pauga; lib. break into. pauga. break off. pauga auf. break out. pauga erbree. break wind. fart. Give me a break! Tip ya moudha a lib!

breakfast. betti namyari

breast. foof, jube, wilet. breast implants. fayk-foofs. breast milk. pap a dha wilertz

breast-feed. namyari pir dha wilet/wilertz

bride. n[’]u-houzben. bride and groom. dui-houzben

bridegroom. n[’]u-houzben

bridesmaid. laydi [a dha n[’]u-houzben]

bridge. pouj

bring. ann. bring in. ann in. bring to mind. ann in zee. bring up. ann oup; tarda oup. bring up one’s dinner. ann or cheiv oup wouniz namyari

bristle. sayneeni. fayk dha sayneeniz

“bro”. pal

broken. pauged

brolly. mash

bronze. a [dha] boura-horki. boura-horki

broth. kleyr lap

brothel. karsi, ken a dha charvering donez

brother. artha

brought see bring

browbeat. bati enni wouni gerbreobelaymentay

brown. braunz

brunette. a dha braunz reir. omi or pelone a dha braunz reir, braunzetta

brutal. firikaduzichudinosa

brutality. firikaduzichude

buccal. m’ui

buck. brad

bucket. kipsi

Buddhism. jaus rashi

Buddhist. jaus chal. Buddhist temple. keyr a/fa dha jaus chalz

“buffarilla”. bouferila

bug. pisha

build. lukaudi. [build up] tarda oup

building. tardimento

bull. omi-bugel. bool. aktiv

bullshit. beloni. No bullshit! Ann nanti or no moge!

bully. gerbreo-[h]omi. gerbreo

bum. baux, brandi, kauribounjes; rozi-leik kove, troumes

bundle. trooshnee

burglar. paugering or shooshing omi or dona/pelone a dha karsa

burglary. paugering or shooshing a dha karsi

burgle. shoosh

burial. poosh

burn. hach; bee aun dha glima

burnt. hacht

burst. pauga. burst into flames. binko oup

bury. poosh

bus. troundeling cheet

bush. rookeeni

business. dauli

bust. pauga. busted. pauged

but. bout; pero

“butch”. steema

butcher. bining omi or dona/pelone a dha karnish. butcher’s [shop]. bin-ken fa dha karnish

butter. kil

buttocks. [h]arris, troumesiz

button. krarfni

buttonhole. hevveeni fa dha krarfniz

button-nose. tray beejhurreeni eesaung

buy. kin. buy off. kin auf

by. pir; nex tu

cab. rateling kove

cabbage. shauk

cabin. koudi. cabin fever. feeva auv dha koudi

cackle. kakel

cactus. bous

cadaver. meyrd-kove

café. karnish-ken, ken fa dha karnishing

cage. lach

cajole. gez’upi

cajolery. gez’upiarjhio

cake. marriklee

call. karn; palari-peip. call out. karn

calm. kweirt. calm, cool and collected. narda naf asarles

camera. vakarya fa dhee eekaf

camp. nellichude. nelli, nellichudinosa. camp it up. swish

campiness. nellichude

campy. nellichudinosa

can. pauso. maularves. I can’t. [Moudha] narda pauso

canal. jayg-flo

canapé. kenayp

candelabra. moumli-kaushiz

candle. moomli

candle-light. moomli-glima

candlestick. moomli-kaush

candy. jageri

cane. kaush[-cheet]

cannot. narda pauso

cap. kapella, kapellereeni

capital. jentz

capitalism. jentzizmo

capitalist. jentzistik. jentzisto

capitalistic. jentzistik

cappuccino. Spag-jarva

car. keb’ushe, lati aun weelz, troundeling cheet

carat. beejhurreeni groyn-bar

caravan. lati aun weelz

card. jeib. card game. jauga a dha jeibz

cardigan. joumpereeni

care. dorkessichude. dorkes. caring. dorkes. caring person. dorkes[-kove]. care for. dorkes for. [could] not care less. nix dorkes a klevvi. take care. gardilu

carousal. bevvi

carpet. sauvehari

carriage. vardo (a dha boura troundeling cheetz)

carrot. spin

carry. lel

carry-on. pelarva

cart. vardo

case, in that. allora

cash. bradz. cash in hand. bradz

casino. jaugering ken

casket. moofteroni for a/dha meyrd-kove

casual. diki, narda formarla. casual affair/sex. afeyrimento. casual sex[ual] partner. noumba. casual work. akting diki

cat. gato

cathedral. keyroni a/fa dha praygoze

Catholic. Baula … bilaung Roma, meyri. meyri chal. Catholic gay man. meyri. Catholic religion. meyri rashi

Catholicism. Baula rashi bilaung Roma, meyri rashi

cattiness. katevvimento

cattle. bugerlz

cattle-rustling. churing a dha bugerlz

cattle-stealing. churing a dha bugerlz

catty. katevva

Caucasian. [bilaung] [o]fay. [o]fay

cauliflower. koul a dha shauk

cause. faykimento. fayk

CD see compact disc, in disc

cease. nish

celebrity. glausi-kove, glausi-[h]omi, glausi-pelone; glausichude

cell. kweer-lach, lag-lach. cell phone. [lellibelay pelarvering] vakarya

cemetery. ten a dha hevvoniz for dha meyrd-kovze

cent. saulti

ceremony. paump

certain[ly]. chirto

c’est-à-dire. dhatz [ta] panarli

chair. besh-cheet

chamberpot. paut fa dha lag-worta

champagne. simkin

chance. charntz

chandelier. chating moomliz

change. parree. change your luck. parree ya dooka. Nothing’s changed! Nishtwarz parreed!

channel. jayg-flo

chapel. keyreeni a/fa dha praygoze

chaps. cham lali-kouvez

charcoal. a [dha] g’uli-bar. g’uli-bar

charge. cheiv dha lil a dha liliz att

charlatan. arris-krokes

charm. dooka, dookichude. charmed. dooked. charming. dookering

chase. chivi. chase after. chivi arfta

chat. kakel

chatroom. kakeling chovi

chatter. kakel

cheap. narda karo

cheat. hoonkiing omi or pelone. hoonki

cheese. kayseen

chef. karnishing omi or dona/pelone

chemise. kameesereeni; chemmi or kameesa fa dha nauchi

chemist. boles. chemist’s [shop]. boteek a dha boles

chest. jube; moofteroni. chest hair. reirz a or aun dha jubze

chew. matlauk. chewing gum. [matlauking] goum

chez. shay

chicken. kakeling cheet

child. chavi (children. chaviz), feeli (children. feeliz). child [sexual] abuse. [lech] kirtirvichude kauntra dha chaviz. child’s cradle or crib. lettileeni [fa dha loulebei-cheet]. child’s penis, winkel

China. [Tem bilaung] Shinwarz

Chinese. [bilaung] Shinwarz. [omi-]chal bilaung Shinwarz, [pelone-]chal bilaung Shinwarz. lingo bilaung Shinwarz. the Chinese. dha chalz bilaung Shinwarz

chisel. chin-cheet. chin

chitchat. kakel

choice. shwar

choke. froumerjen

choose. fayk dha shwar

chopstick[s]. kausheeni[z] [fa dha mounjariing]

Christian. Baula chal. Christian church. keyr a/fa dha Baula chalz

Christianity. Baula rashi

Christmas [Day]. Boura-Dives

church. keyr a/fa dha Baula chalz. church service. saulemen

chutzpah. [k]hootzpa

cider. parvi-akwa

cigar. vogoni. cigar daddy. vogoniz-dadi

cigarette. voge

cinema. ken fa dha flix

circle. sirkel. [circle of (gay) friends] kouzenarjhio. circle jerk. sirkel a dhee arthering

circus. toba

city. boura-gav. city hall. keyroni a dha boura-gav

clap. peon dha lapez. clapping. peonding a dha lapez. the clap. kirtirva-kartzo, kirtirva-minj. clap one’s hands. fayk dha dousek; peon dha lapez

clarity. kleyrimento; kleyrichude

clatter. bru

claw. neir

clean. rujhe. rujhe. [make clean] fayk rujhe

cleaning-cloth. shmouta

clear. kleyr; swishing. clear up. kleyr oup. clear one’s throat. taus erbree dha/wouniz kirlo. clear the custard. taus erbree dha kousted

cleaver. eefinkoni

clergyman. rashi-[h]omi [a dha Baula chalz]

clerk. skreeving omi or dona/pelone

clever. feena, yauki

client. steema

climb. shenda

clinic. ken a dha krokesiz

clinical. krokesiz

cloak. kapello

clock. mauntrell

close1. ben-kove-leik. close friend. sorella

close2. firmay

closet. lach. closeted. bee-em-kude. closet case. bee-em-ku

closet-queen. bee-em-ku

cloth. slayt[eeni]; shmouta

clothes. drayjh, jhoojh. take [some]one’s clothes off. lel [enni] wouniz drayjh auf

clothing. drayjh, jhoojh

clown. toba-koul

clumsy. kank

clutch one’s pearls. klouch wouniz pirlz

coal. a [dha] g’uli-bar. g’uli-bar

coat. kapello

cock. bagaja, kartz[o], shode; kakeling omi-cheet, omi-chikel

cockerel. kakeling omi-cheet

cockring. bagaja-fayk

cocky. baldantzerosa

coffee. jarva

coffee-cup. tas fa dha jarva

coffin. moofteroni for a/dha meyrd-kove

coil. spirrarli

coin. beeyoni

coitus. arva, arvichude, ling-grapeling, raujering

cold. kolde; shila

coldness. koldimento, shilimento

collect. moulti. collected see in calm

collection. moultiarjhio

colostomy [bag]. dish-fayk, h’upe-fayk

colo[u]r. tinta. of colo[u]r. dinj. “the colo[u]r of his eyes”. dha tinta auv hir ogerlz

comb. jhoojhing cheet. comb one’s hair. jhoojh wouniz reir

come. ordering marreer. orda, ordeli. come away. orda away. come out of the closet. orda fraum dha lacheeni. come up. orda oup. come out[side]. orda erbree. Come on! Karn!

commence. kementz

commencement. kementzimento

commerce. dha b’utarjhio

commercial. a dha ken. anauntz. commercial house. ken

commit. fayk. commit evil. fayk kirtirvichude. commit to. praumessa wouni self tu

common. ordineyr; naf. common sense. [ordineyr] savi

commotion. bauberi

compact. beejhu. compact disc. dish

compassion. daumarjhio

compassionate. plenni a dha daumarjhio

complain. tip dha barni

complaint. tiping dha barni; nafellimento

complete. totarlay. fineeto; skreev oup

computer. skreeving vakarya. computer disk. dish

comrade. bor

con. hoonki. con artist. hoonkiing omi or pelone

conceal. gar

concealment. garimento

conch. eesaungoni

condemn. tip a kwaung tu

condom. armernrauk fa dha bagaja/kartz[o]

confidence. bauldantza. confidence trick see con

confident. baldantzerosa

consonant. fayk a dha lavz

constable. charpering omi

contemptuous: be contemptuous of. varda alay wouniz vaunka att

contraption. chaumeni-chaumeni

convict. lag

cook. karnishing omi or dona/pelone. karnish [oup]

cooking-pot. karnish-cheet

cool. shilereeni; narda naf. not cool. naf

cop. get; see policeman. cop a feel of someone. reef

copper. horki

copulate. [h]arva, charva

copulation. arva, arvichude, charvichude, raujering

corn. granem

corner. korna

corpse. meyrd-kove

correspondence. skreeving a dha rookez

correspondent. giliz-omi; skreeving omi or pelone a dha rookez

cosmetic. maki. cosmetics. makiarjhio. cosmetic surgery. maki reemolde

cossie. drayjh fa dha leedo

cost. brad, kap. cost a fortune. kap a deorri a brad. cost a lot of money. kap a deorri a mejh. at no cost. sanz kap

costume. drayjh. costume jewellery. fashernd beejhuze

cottage. karsileeni; ten fa dhee afeyrimento. cottaging. ordering ta dha tenz fa dha afeyrimento

cough. taus. cough up. taus erbree

could. kood. could have (could’ve). koodev. could not (couldn’t). narda/nix pauso

count. gin. count up. gin oup

counter. messeli. palari daus

counterfeit. fashernd. fashernd cheet. fashen

counterpane. rozei

country. tem; ten away dha gav. away dha gav

countryside. ten away dha gav

couple. dui-sayma. a couple of. dha dui-sayma auv; a pogeeleeni a

courgette. koudurreeni

course. dromeeni; sku. Of course! Chirto! May wee!

court[house]. keyr a dha beek/beex

cover. gar. covering. garimento

coveralls. farting krakez fa dha chaumeni-cheetz-omi[z]

cow. [pelone-]bugel. cow’s milk. pelone-bugelz pap

cowboy. omi-chavi a dha bugerlz

cow-dung. brandi-cheet a dha bugerlz

cow-shed. karsi a/fa dha bugerlz

crabs. chintziz a dha larda

cradle. lettileeni [fa dha loulebei-cheet]

cradle-snatcher. churing omi or dona/pelone a dha feeli-[h]omi[z]

cradle-snatching. churing a dha feeli-[h]omi[z]

crass. naf

craziness. mishoogennichude

crazy. mishoogena, mishooga. crazy person. mishoogena

cream. papeeni

creature. teer

credit. pizares. credit card. jeib fa dha pizares

creek. floleeni

crib. lettileeni

critic. arris-pandorez-omi or -dona

criticise. fayk dhee arris-pandora abeot

criticism. arris-pandora

crockery. sku-cheetz

cross. a [dha] dui-hulze. dui-hule, krauch

crossroad. drome a [dha] dui-hulze

crotch. larda

crotchety. founges-leik. crotchety old man. arris-arnti (esp. gay), arris-founges

crowbar. betti

crown. kerune; fang-tausha; tausheroni

crucifix. krauch

cruel. narna

cruise. trole

cry. bauberi; karn. fayk dha parniz. cry out. fayk a bauberi, karn

crystal dick. drab-diktichude

cubicle. lach

cuckoo. karning cheet

cue. ku

cuffs see handcuffs

cum. ordering marreer. orda, ordeli. cum control. kerntrole a dhee ordering marreer. cum rag. shmouta fa dhee ordering marreer

cunnilingus. gam[ing], naushing, tiping dha velvet

cup. berri-cheet, tas, taseeni. cup and saucer. dui-tas. cup of coffee/tea. berri a [dha] jarva/char. [not] be one’s cup of tea. [nix] bee wouniz tas a [dha] char

cupboard. lacheeni

cure. fayking bona ankora. fayk bona ankora

curious. kuriosa

curl. spirrarli

currant. trusni kishmish

currency. mejh, mejhichude

current. dhis divesiz. flo

curry. molee

curse. kirtirva-dooka; janka. janka; palari a kirtirva-dooka tu. curse word. lav a dha janka. put a curse on. leo or palari a kirtirva-dooka tu

cushion. koosh

cuss = curse

custom. mem’ule

customary. mem’uli

customer. steema

cut. chin. cut down. chin alay. cut off. chin auf. cut someone’s throat. chin enni wouniz kirlo

cute. beejhurreeni

cutlass. barkiz eefinkoni

cutler. fayking omi/pelone a dhee eefinx

dad[dy]. dad[i]

daily. divesiz; evri dives

dainty. feena

damn. tip a kwaung tu. [could] not give a damn. nix dorkes a klevvi. Damn [it]! Kwaung!

dance. waulep. dancing. wauleping. dance floor. dha bordz. dance on stage. bat

dancer. waulepa, wauleping omi or dona/pelone

dark. mounj

darkness. mounj[ichude]

dark-room. mounj chovi

darling. deeri

dash [off]. dash

daughter. pelone-feeli

day. dives. any day. chaumeni dives, waut-evva. the day before. dha lars dives. these days. dheez divesiz; see in good

de-. dee-

dead. meyrd. dead person. meyrd-kove. the dead. dha meyrd-kovze

deaden. fayk meyrd

deadness. meyrdimento

dear. karo; [-ie] deer[i], hart-fays

death. meyr

debt. pizares. be in debt. pizares

debt-collector. pizaressiz-omi or -dona/-pelone

decay. trusnichude. fayk dha trusnichude

deceive. moge tu, fayk dha moge-cheet aun

December. Daycha-chune

deception. moge-cheet

deed. akting, fayking

deer. stan(z)

defecate. brandi

defraud. hoonki

delay. dilay

delicate. seyra

demi-tasse. medza-tas

demonstrative. swishing

den. ken

dentist. fang-krokes. dentist’s [surgery]. ken a dha fang-krokes

department. aufis. department store. boteekoni

descend. deeshenda

design. dizein

desirable. orguribelay

desire. orguri; kamis

despatch. rooka. pich. despatch a letter. pich [auf] a rooka. despatch a hundred troops. pich auf jent chingering omiz

dessert. g’u

destroy. troyn. destroyed. troynd

destruction. troyn

detest. odiari t’umouch

detestable. tray or t’umouch odiaribelay

detestation. tray or t’umouch odiari

devil. drei-doubel

devilish. drei-doubel-leik

diadem. tausha

diamond. a [dha] dude-bar. dude-bar

diaper. moufeling cheet fa dha loulebei-cheet

diarrhoea. dha skwitz

dick. bagaja, kartz[o], shode

dictionary. lil a dha lavz

did. faykt

die. meyr [a meyr]

difficult. rusli

difficulty. ruslimento

dig. skouvari

dildo. fayk-bagaja. dildo-shaped. fayk-bagajering

dim. kank

din. bauberi

dine. mounjari

dining-room. mounjariing chovi

dinner. boura namyari

direct[ly]. fayk

dirt. mank; pauv

dirty. manki

disappoint. dilude. disappointed. diludid. disappointing. diluding

disapproval. kaud nab

disapprove [of]. nix tip dha nab tu

disc. dish

disco[thèque]. ken a dha nauchi fa dha wauleping

discount. deeginimento. fayk dha deeginimento aun

discuss. pelarva. discuss matters. pelarva dha dauliz

discussion. pelarva. never-ending discussions. pelarvez

disguise. gard eek. gar

dish. sku

dishonest. narda tachi

disk. dish

dislike. odiari. odiari

dispatch = despatch

dispensary. ken a dha boles

display. paump[arjhio]. display of gaiety. jentrimento

dispute. barni a dha lavz. have a dispute. hav a barni a dha lavz

disturbance. bauberi

ditch. jayg

divine. doubel-leik

dizzy. dizi

do. akt, fayk; arnt. doing. akting, fayking. do it. du dha biz. do not. nanti. do nothing. akt nanti. do out of. hoonki. do up. fayk bona

doctor. krokes. doctor’s [surgery]. ken a dha krokes

document[s]. bimf

dog. jugel; kaud shamsha. dogs in a bathtub. jugerlz in dha bayn

dollar. bays

done. faykt

donkey. mayla

don’t = do not (which see, in do)

door. geiga

double. doubel

double-Dutch. Haubsen-Jaubsen

double-jointed. doubel-nodode

douche. poump fa dha klevvi

down. alay. down below. ayjax aun dha soub

downstairs. alay dha darntzez

drag. drag, drayjh; shlep. shlep. full drag. fool drag. drag up. drayjh oup. not in drag. reerl

drag-queen. drag-kween, drayjh-kween, dres-oup. drag-queen name. dres-oups nav

drake. kwaking omi-cheet

drama. drarma

dramatic. drarmik

draw. drome; tarda. drawing. droming

drawer. tarda-cheet

dreary. dreer. dreary person. dreer

dress. drogel, frauk; drayjh, jhooj. dress up. drayjh oup

drill. baush[-chaumeni]-cheet. drill a hole. baush

drink. berri, bevvi, buvari. berri; (drink alcohol) bevverarda, bevvi, buvari, shoumf. drinking bout. bevvi. drinking vessel. berri-cheet

drinkable. berribelay, bevvibelay, buvaribelay

drole. drole

droll. drole

drought. trusnichude fa dha faykimento a sanz parniz

drug. drab. drug addict. drabd omi or pelone

drunk. bevvid. bevvi-[h]omi or -pelone, buvariing omi or pelone. drunk on gin. dafi. drunk p. bevvid omi or pelone

drunkard. bevvi-[h]omi or –pelone, buvariing omi or pelone

drunken. bevvid

dry. trusni. [make dry] fayk trusni. dry curry. trusni molee. dry up. trusni oup

dry-clean. tinta. dry-cleaner’s. ken a dha tintering omiz

duck. kwaking [pelone-]cheet

ducky. douki

dull. kank; narda breit

dumb. kank

dung. brandi-cheet

dupe. flati. fayk dha moge-cheet aun

durable. rusli

dust. peoda

dust-bin. rozi

dusty. peoderosa

Dutch. a dha/bilaung Lo Temz. lingo bilaung dha Lo Temz

Dutchman. [omi-]chal a dha Lo Temz

Dutchwoman. [pelone-]chal a dha Lo Temz

dwarf. koveeni

dye. tinta

dyke. deik

ear. nel[li], palari-lobe. ear hair. reirz a or in dha nelz or nelliz

earache. dooka a dha nel[li]

early. bona sorlo

earn. jent. earnings. jent

earring(s). nelli-fayk/-fayx, eer-fayk/-fayx. earring code. kode a dha nelli-fayx

earth. pauv

easy. fachi, narda rusli

easy-going. fachi

eat. mounjari, namyari. eaten. mounjarid, namyarid. eat dead babies. namyari meyrd loulebei-cheetz. eat one’s words. mounjari wouniz lavz. eat some food. mounjari enni karnish, mounjari or namyari

eavesdrop. beertris. eavesdropper. beertris, beertrising omi, dona or pelone

eccentric. barberella. barberella homi or pelone

educate. tarda oup

education. tardimento; tardichude

effeminacy. kweenichude, nellichude

effeminate. kweeni, kweenichudinosa, nelli, nellichudinosa. effeminate homosexual man, kween

effusive. swishing

egg. [kakeling] fart. egg white. fay a dha fart. egg yolk. jala a dha fart

eggplant. brinjel

eight. auta, say-dui

eighteen. auta laung lepta

eighth. autito

eighty. auta laung deja

ejaculate. ordering marreer. orda

elaborate. sheesh

elbow. elbo

elder. baj-kove

elderly. baj-kove-leik. elderly person. baj-kove

elegant. beejhu

elegy. charnt

elephant. pig

eleven. ’una laung lepta

eleventh. ’una laung leptito

eliminate. nix erbree

embankment. choombereeni

embarrass. fayk dhee emmichude tu. embarrassed. emma. embarrassing. emmering

embarrassment. emmichude

embrace. brays-reon. leo wouniz braysiz reon

employ. tip a/dha b’ute tu

employment. b’ute

enclose. pan [reon]

enclosure. pand ten

end. fineeto. put an end to. leo dha fineeto tu. to the [bitter] end. ta dhee aultrantz. End of story! Fineetode! It’s not the end of the world! Sheez nix [a] trajheek!

enema. poump fa dhee arris/dha harris

engine. moto

England. [Tem bilaung] Paumi

English. [bilaung] Paumi. lingo bilaung Paumi. the English. dha chalz bilaung Paumi

Englishman. [omi-]chal bilaung Paumi

English-speaking. Paumi-palariing

Englishwoman. [pelone-]pal bilaung Paumi

enough. plenni. not enough. nantwar

enter. doup

entire. totarlay

entry. doup[ing]

entertain. jauga. entertaining. jaugering

entertainer. jaugering omi or dona/pelone

entertainment. jauga, jaugimento

entrance1. doup

entrance2. dooka. entranced. dooked. entrancing. dookering

epic. milzermb’unoni

equal. saym

equipment. vakarya

-er. -ar. -kove

erect. kaulinosa. erect penis. kaulin

erection. fayk, kaulin

-ery. -chude

escape. skarpimento. skarpa, skarpeli

espionage. jeezesarjhio

-est. -arst

establish. pauv

establishment. ken; pauvimento

etc. ann so forth

eternal. pir sempray, narda meyrd

eulogy. charnt

evacuate. leo erbree. evacuate the bowels. brandi

evening. sarla. evening meal. namyari in dha sarla. evening party. swaray. this evening. dhis sarla. tomorrow evening. nex sarla. yesterday evening. lars sarla; see in good

ever. mei

evermore. meiar. for evermore. pir sempray

every. ev[e]ri. every day. evri dives. every time. evri kwaun. every time [that]. evri cheim [dhat]. in every way. evri asarles

everybody, everyone. evri wouni. by everyone. pir evri wouni, peroni

everything. evri chaumeni

everywhere. evri akoy

evil. kirtirva. kirtirvichude

ewe. bleeting pelone-cheet

exaggerate. moge

exaggeration. moge

excellent. boneru, fab, fayb, feena

excess. tumouchimento

excessive. tumouch

excessiveness. tumouchimento

exchange. parree

excited. brude

excitement. bru

exclaim. karn

exclamation. karn

excrement. alli-appel, brandi-cheet

execute. troyn

execution. troyn

executioner. troyning omi

exhausted. tray kinyode

exist. ninti

expensive. karo

export. lel erbree

extinguish. leo dha fineeto tu

extreme. aultrantz. extremely. tray. go to extremes. orda ta dhee aultrantz

eye. ogel (augel); u. eye candy. jageri fa dhee ogerlz. eye off. ogel

eyeball. koul a dhee ogel

eyebrow. ogel-reida. eyebrow ring. ogel-reida-fayk

eyelash. ogel-reir. eyelashes. ogel-reidez, ogel-reirz

fabulous. fabulosa, fantabulosa

face. eek, facha, m’ui. pull a face. fayk dhee arris-m’ui/dha harris-m’ui

facial. a dhee eek, a dha facha, m’ui

faeces. alli-appel, brandi-cheet

faggot. trooshnee a kaushiz

fair. toba

fairy. nat

fake. fashernd

fall. lib; dha lib-cheim. fall down. lib alay. fall out. lib erbree

fallen. libd

fall-out. lib-erbree

false. fashernd; moging, narda liliosa. false eyelashes. ogel-reir-fayx. false imprisonment. leoing in dha lach narda liliosa

falsehood. moge

family. [dha] foxe. family member. foke

fame. glausichude

famine. boura-bauka

famous. glausi, glausichudinosa

fancy. gildi. gildimento. take someone’s fancy. lel wouniz gildimento

fanny. flanj, klevvi, minj

far. dir

farce. fars

fare. brad fa dha vaygeri. orda

farm. ten a dha bugerlz-omi or granermz-omi. farming. fayking dha bugerlz-omiz/granermz-omiz b’ute

farmer. bugerlz-omi, granermz-omi

farmhouse. karsi a dha bugerlz-omi or granermz-omi

fart. fart

farther. dirar

farthing. kwortereeni

fascinate. dooka. fascinated. dooked. fascinating. dookering

fascination. dooka

fashion. romarjhio [a dha jhoojh]; asarlessimento, fashen. fashen. fashioned. fashernd

fashionable. rome-leik

fashion-conscious. rome-leik

fasten. krarfni

fat. beeflat. tule

father. dad[i]

fatherland. tem a dha dad

fatigue. kinyodimento, kinyomento. kinyo

fatty. tulosa

favo[u]r. bennimento, mang. do someone a favo[u]r. fayk a bennimento for enni wouni

favo[u]rite. fayvereeta

fawn. stan-jala. gez’upi. fawn over. gez’upi ova

fear. perrichude

fearful. perri, perrichudinosa

feast. mounjariarjhio

feather. por

February. Febrayo

feed. tip dha karnish tu

feel. senta. feel someone up. reef

feeling[s]. sentimento[ze]

feet see in foot

fell. libd

fellate. jari

fellatio. jariarjhio, jariing, naushing

fellow. bor, kouzen, koul

felt. sented. barleeni

female. fem, pelone. female attire. frauk. female child. pelone-feeli. female elephant. pelone-pig

feminine. fem, pelonichudinosa. feminine lesbian. fem

femininity. pelonichude

fern. fujhen

festival. boura-dives

fetish. dooked fashernd cheet

fever. tati nafellichude

few. pogee. a few. a pogee

fewer. pogeear

fewest. pogeearst

fib. mogeeni

fickle. mobelay

fiddle. baush

fiddler. strilering omi aun dha baush

field. libarjhio

fifteen. chinka laung lepta

fifth. chinkito

fifty. chinka laung deja

fig. figis. [could] not give a fig. nix dorkes a klevvi

fight. barni, chinga. have a fight. hav a barni

fig-tree. figis-rook

file. rin

fill. plenni. fill in/out. skreev oup

film. flik

find. lach. find out. deek

fine. feena. finest. feenarst; larj

finger. loupa. finger-f…. arva a dha loupa. fayk dhee arva a dha loupa

fingernail. neir a dha loupez

finish. fineeto

fire. glima, hach. fire fighter. glima-dona or -[h]omi. on fire. aun dha glima. make a fire. fayk a hach

firearm. hach-cheet

firefly. glima-mausko

fireman. glima-[h]omi

fireplace. ten fa dha hach

firewood. wesh fa dha hach

fireworks. glima-faykimentoze

first. ’unito. first half of. ’unito medza a

fish. macho. fishing. machoing

fisherman. machoze-omi

fist. poke

fisticuff. bati-poke

five. chinka

flagrant. swishing

flamboyant. swishing

flame. binko. in flames. aun dha glima

flare. binko. flare [up]. binko oup

flat. lati

flatter. gez’upi

flatterer. gez’upiing omi or pelone

flattery. gez’upiarjhio

flavo[u]r. smel

flea. pisha

flesh. karnish

flight. fleiing. flight attendant. trauli-dauli

fling. cheiv. fling down. cheiv alay

flirt. gaming omi or pelone. gam. flirting. gaming

flirtation. gaming

flirtatious. gaming

flour. var

flower. smel. fayk dha smel

fly. mausko; [flies] shaut. flei. flying. fleiing. flying saucer. fleiing skurreeni

foal. loulebei grei

folk[s]. foxe

follow. drome

folly. koulichude, paygellichude

food. karnish, mounjari, namyari. eat or have some food. mounjari enni karnish, mounjari or namyari

fool. koul, paygel. koul. fool about or around. koul abeot

foolish. koul-leik, paygel-leik

foot. pindro

football. eemag a dha koul[z]

footballer. eemaging omi a dha koulz

for. for, fa; kauntra. for ever. pir sempray

foreign. gajo; in dha gajo temz

foreigner. gajo

forest. rookarjhio

forever. meiar

forge. fashen. forged. fashernd

forgery. fashening

forget. nix ann in zee, nix reekorl. Forget it! Nanti dhat!

forgive. artef

forgiven. arterft

forgiveness. artef, arteffimento; arteffichude

fork. pausi, pausileeni

form. jeib; formarlichude

formal. formarla

form-fitting. formarlichudinisa

forth. forth. and so forth. ann so forth

fortnight. dui kroox

fortune. dooka; a deorri a brad, hambag, jentz

fortune-teller. dookering dona

fortune-telling. dookering

forty. kworta laung deja

foul. kirtirva. foul language. janka

found. lacht. pauv

foundation[s]. pauvimento[ze]

fountain. cheiv a dha worta

four. kworta

foursome. kworta-sayma

fourteen. kworta laung lepta

fourth. kwordza; kwortito

fox. jugel[eeni] a dha nauchi

fragrance. smelliz

France. [Tem bilaung] Parliv’u

fraud. hoonki

fraudster. hoonkiing omi or pelone

fraudulent. hoonki-leik

free. libera; fachi. free item. faykimento sanz kap. free and easy. fachi

freeby. faykimento sanz kap

freedom. liberichude

French. [bilaung] Parliv’u. lingo bilaung Parliv’u. the French. dha chalz bilaung Parliv’u

Frenchman. [omi-]chal bilaung Parliv’u

French-speaking. Parliv’u-palariing

Frenchwoman. [pelone-]chal Parliv’u

frequent. moulti cheimz. orda moulti cheimz tu. frequenting public lavatories, toilets or urinals for sex. ordering ta the tenz fa dhee afeyrimento

Friday. Vennedi

friend. [ben-]kove, kouzen

friendly. ben-kove-leik

fright. traysh[eeni]

frighten. fayk perri, traysh. frightened. perri, perrichudinosa. frightening. fayking perri, trayshichudinosa

frightful. arris-reir-leik, arris-sheikel-leik

fright-wig. arris-sheikel

frock. frauk

from. fraum

frottage. reefing

frotteur, frotteuse. reefing omi or pelone

fruit. fruti. fruit basket. dauli. fruit juice. akwa

fry. karnish with a tati karnish-cheet

fry[ing]-pan. tati karnish-cheet

ful. -osa. -arda, plenni

full. fool, plenni. full of. plenni a. full employment. plenni butze

full-length. plenni-eekaf. full-length dress. plenni-eekaf frauk. full-length portrait. plenni-eekaf

fully. plenni

fumes. foges

fun. skirtz. make fun of. pich oup

funny. drole, skirti, skirting; barberella

furniture. kaushiz

further. dirar

furthermore. in aultray

fuss. sheesh. make a fuss. fayk a sheesh. without any fuss. sanz enni sheesh

fussy. sheesh

gabble. shauka kakel or pelarva. fayk dha shauka kakel or pelarva

gaiety. jentrichude

gain. jentz. lel

gallant. jentri

gallows, the. dha chatz

gamble. jauga, fayk dha jaugering. gambling. jaugering. gambling den. jaugering ken

gambler. jaugering omi or pelone.

game. eemag, jauga. gaming. jaugering. game of bridge. jauga a dha pouj. game of cards. jauga a dha jeibz. games room. jaugering chovi. on the game. aun dha bata

gander. kwaking omi-cheetoni

gaol [= jail] see prison

garbage. rozi-cheetz. garbage can. rozi

garden. ten a dha smelz. [do the garden] fayk dha ten a dha smelz

gardener. fayking omi/pelone dha ten a dha smelz

gardening. fayking dha ten a dha smelz

garlic. pouremeeni

gate. geigeroni

gather. lel sayma. gathering. sayma

gay. jentri. see homosexual. gay guy. omi-pelone. “gay plague”. kaniken a dhee omi-pelonze. gay slang. lingo av dha kouzenarjhio, Paumi Polari

gay-acting. move

Gayle. Gayl

gaze. ogeling

geese see in goose

gem. groyn

gemstone. groyn-bar

genitalia, genitals. [privi] lardez

Gentile. gajo

gentleman. rei

gentlewoman. pelone

German. [bilaung] Teddi. [omi-/pelone-]chal bilaung Teddi

Germany. [Tem bilaung] Teddi

get. deek; get; lel [in]. get along with. bee ben-kove-leik with. get down. lel alay. get down off. deeshenda. get in. shenda. get off. deeshenda. get on. shenda. [get on with] bee ben-kove-leik with. get on someone’s nerves. tip enni wouni dheyr narna. get out of. deeshenda. get to. tip enni wouni dheyr narna. get together. lel sayma. get up. lel oup

ghost. bevvel-cheet, nat [a dha bevvel]

gibberish. shauka kakel or pelarva

gigolo. rome. upper-class woman drawn to gigolos. tauf-pelone

gin. dafi, didel, veerra. gin and tonic. dafi, didel or veerra an fizi akwa

gipsy. Raumeni

girl. girl, pelone, pelone-chavi, pelone-feeli

girlfriend. [pelone-]grei

give. parka; tip. give up. nish

glass. berri-cheet; glayz. glasses. binz, ogel-fayx. glass eye. fayk-ogel

glorious. gloriosa

glory. glori

glory-hole. hevveeni a dha baush

glove. fambela, mart-kouva

glutton. goutzi-[h]omi or -pelone

gluttonous. goutzi

gluttony. goutzichude

go. orda, ordeli; vaygeri. go away. jhoojh auf, orda away. go down. orda alay, deeshenda. go down on. jari. go in search of [sexual] company. orda aun dha kolde korling. go on. orda aun. go out[side]. orda erbree. go to work. orda ta dha b’ute. be going to. bee ordering tu. There you go! Ekkoze u ar!

goat. kapra

God. Doubel

godlike. doubel-leik

goings-on. akting

gold. a [dha] gildo-bar. gildo-bar. gold ring. marteeni a [dha] gildo-bar

golden. gildo-bar-leik. golden-honey. gildo

gonorrhoea. kirtirva-kartzo, kirtirva-minj

good. ben, bennay, bennichudinosa; bona, faybel, sweet. good and evil. bonichude an kirtirvichude. Good afternoon/day! Bona dives! good behavio[u]r. bennichude. Good evening! Bona sarla! Good grief/Lord! O vaf! The Good Lord. Moudhez Sweet-Doubel. good looker. bona shamsha. good luck. bona dooka. Good morning! Bona dives!

Goodbye! Ta dha reevardering!

good-for-nothing. lucha-leik. lucha

good-looking. bona vardering. good-looking man. bona shamsha, shwar

goodness. bennimento, bennichude; bonimento, bonichude. Goodness [gracious (me)]!/My goodness! O vaf!

goods. faykimentoze

goose. [pelone-]kwaking cheetoni

gorgeous. forchuni

gossip. [gossip-monger] charla or charlering omi or pelone, pandora. gossip about. fayk dha charla or pandora abeot

gossipy. charla, pandora

got[ten]. gettid, leld

gown. shube

grain. granem

gramophone. vakarya

grand. boura. grand lady. boura-beebee

grandchild. feeli a dha dui-baj-martha

granddad. baj-dad

granddaughter. pelone-feeli a dha dui-baj-martha

grande dame. boura-beebee

grandfather. baj-dad

grandiose. douches-leik. gay man with grandiose pretensions. douches

grandmother. baj-martha

grandparent. dui-baj-martha

grandson. omi-feeli a dha dui-baj-martha

grape. kishmish

grape-juice. kishmish-akwa

grass. char

grasshopper. char-pisha

grateful. parrekochudinosa

gratitude. parrekochude

gratuity. metti

grave. hevvoni for a meyrd-kove

graveyard. ten a dha hevvoniz for dha meyrd-kovze

grease. tule

greasy. tulosa

great. boura; fab, fayb. great big. boura, boura

Greece. Graycha

greed. goutzichude

greedy. goutzi

Greek. bilaung Graycha. lingo bilaung Graycha. Greek love. kamis bilaung Graycha. It’s all Greek to me. Sheez sor Haubsen-Jaubsen tu ya moudha

green. virdi; yozi. greens. pauv-cheetz a dha paternz

greenhorn. yozi

greet. palari boyno tu

greeting. boynomento. Greetings! Boyno!

grin. arris-oysta

grind. mor

groin. larda, kaudz

groom. dorkes-kove a dha greiz; n[’]u-houzben. dorkes for

ground. mord. pauv

ground-nut. pauv-paylo

group. sayma

grubby. manki

grunt. grount

guard. raumboyl[-kove]. guard dog. raumboyl-jugel

gun. hach-cheet

gunny. gouni. gunny-sack. gouni

gutter. rozi-leik. jayg-floleeni (alaung dha drome)

gutter-press. rozi-leik giliz-omiz

guttersnipe. rozi-leik chavi

guy. kouzen. the guys. dha kouzernz

gym[nasium]. sweting chovi, sweting ken

gypsy = gipsy

hail. graun. fayk [dha] graun

hair. reir. hair implants. fayk-reir. hair stylist. jhoojhing omi a dha reir

hairdresser. jhoojhing omi or dona/pelone a dha reir, reir-jhoosha, reir-shoosha

hairy. reirosa

haitch = aitch

half. medza. half a cup. medza tas. half a dozen or half-dozen. medza-kenza. half an hour. medza auv a cheim

half-a-crown, half-crown. medza-kerune, tausherune

halfpenny. medza-saulti

hall. boura-chovi

Hallelujah! O glori bee!

ham. prat karnish a dha grounting cheet

hammer. bateriing cheet [fa dhee neirz]. bateri

hand. fambel, lapa, lil, mart[ini]. [hand over] tip

handbag. lel-cheet

handbook. lil a dha lil

handcuff. [-s] brayslit[z]. leo in dha brayslitz, leo dha brayslitz aun

handkerchief. fogel, moufeling cheet fa dhee eesaung

handsome. bona vardering. handsome man. bona shamsha, shwar

handwriting. lapa-skreeving

handwritten. lapa-skreevd

hang. chat

hangman. chating omi

hanky. fogel

hard. rusli, narda daulchay. kaulinosa. hard drinker. buvariing omi or pelone. hard hat. rusli-mouj. hard liquor. didel

hardly. pogee

hard-on. fayk, kaulin

hare. shershurroni

harlot. aspro, bitayn, charvering dona

harlotry. asprochude, bitaynichude

harm. kirtirvichude. [do harm] fayk kirtirvichude

haste. dash. make haste. fayk dash

hasty. dashi

hat. kapella, mouj, nab-cheet, shap

hatch. nash. geigereeni

hate. odiari. odiari

hateful. odiaribelay

hatred. odiari

have. hav. have to. mous

haversack. gouni a dha palias

hawk. karn dha faykimentoze

hawker. karning omi or dona/pelone [a dha faykimentoze]

hay. char. hay-making. fayking a dha char. make hay. fayk dha char

haystack. stak a char

he. shee; omi-

head. nab. give head. tip

headache. dooka a dha nab

headbutt. bati-nab

headquarters. boura-keyr

health. peers. Here’s to your health! Bona peers!

healthy. peersi

hear. nelliarda. hearing. nelling; nelliardering. Hear, hear! Bona!

heart. hart; zee

hearth. hach-ten

heartland. medza-ten

heaven. charo

heavenly. charo-leik

heavy. pordo. heavy blow. bateri

hedge. bor

hedgehog. bor-teer

height. laungichude

held. teld

hell. ten a dha drei-duberlz. annoy the hell out of someone. fayk wouniz eirris ta dhee aultrantz

Hello! Boyno! Vaf! say hello to. palari boyno tu

helluva. moulti

helmet. rusli-mouj

hen. kakeling pelone-cheet

hep see hip

her. hir. her place. shay hir

herb. yarb

herbal. a/fraum dha yarb

here. [dhis] akoy. here is/are. ekkoze

hers. hirz

herself. hir self

hessian. [hessian bag] gouni

heterosexual. artha, barbra, naf. naf. beterosexual sex. biz

heterosexuality. nafichude

Hey! Hay! Hey you! Hay deeri! Hey what’s-your-name! Hay deeri chaumeni-chaumeni!

Hi! Hei!

hidden. gard

hide. cham. gar

high. hei. high heels. sling-bax

high-class. blarzay

high-profile. hei-eekaf

highway. boura-drome. highway robbery. luring aun dha drome

hilarious. tray drole

hill. choomba

hillock. choombereeni

him. hir

himself. hir self

Hindi. lingo bilaung Jentu

Hindu. [bilaung] Jentu

hip. narda naf. anka. not hip. naf

hirsute. reirosa

his. hir; hirz. his place. shay hir

historic. boura-milzermb’une-leik

historical. a dha boura-milzermb’une

history. boura-milzermb’une

hit. bati-fang, shaunk. hit and bite. bati-fang. hit the sack. fayk dha libarjhio


Hiya! Hei ya!

hobo. troumes

hock. prat

hoe. memati

hog. grounting cheet

hold. tel. holding cell. lag-lach. hold back. tel [daus]. hold down. tel alay. hold out. tel erbree. hold to ransom. tel tu auf-kining gelt. hold up. dilay; tel oup, lel oup. take hold. lel tel. Hold your tongue! Tel ya lingo!

hold-up. dilay; tel-oup, lel-oup

hole. [boura] firm, hev, hole. hole in the ground. jayg. full of holes. firmi

holey. firmi

Holland. dha Lo Temz

holy. doubel-leik

home. hach-ten, shay n’u. at the home or place of. shay (at Mum’s [place], shay Marthaz)

homeland. tem a dha zee

homeless. sanz lati. homeless person. kove sanz lati. the homeless. dha kovze sanz lati

homelessness. turnayt a dha kovze sanz lati

homosexual. in dha leif, martha, so, tee-bee-[h]aych. laydi, marjeri, mauli[-koul], mini, omi-pelone, pelone-omi. homosexual friend. kouzen, sorella. homosexual man. kween, marjeri, mauli, mini, pounk. not homosexual. reerl

homosexuality. omi-pelonichude

honest. tachi. Honestly! Ann nanti or no fleiz! Ann nanti or no moge!

honesty. tachimento; tachichude. in all honesty. with sor tachichude

honey. gildo

honey-bee. gildo-pisha

honey-trap. dooka-cheet pir a shwar

-hood. -arjhio

hoof. pindro a dha grei

hooligan. rouf

hop. bevvi-cheet; mini-oup. mini oup. hops. bevvi-cheetz

horrible. tray kaud

horse. grei. horse manure. brandi-cheet a dha greiz

horseman. priging omi a dha grei

horse-race. skarpa a dha greiz. horse-racing. skarpering a dha greiz

horse-radish. hansaleri

horse-rustling. churing a dha grei[z]

horse-shoe. bayt a dha greiz

horse-stealing. churing a dha grei[z]

horse-thief. churing omi or dona/pelone a dha grei[z]

hospital. keyr fa dha nafel-kovze

hostess. trauli-dauli

hot. tati

hour. cheim [av dha mauntrell]

house. karsi, ken, lati. heos. house mother. heos-moudha. house of worship. keyr a/fa dha praygoze. at the house of. shay

houseboat. lati aun worta

house-breaker. paugering or shooshing omi or dona/pelone a dha karsi

house-breaking. paugering or shooshing a dha karsi

how. heo; kel. how come. for-so. How are you [going]? Heo ar-u [ordering]? Hei ya! How much? Soze dha brad?

however. pero

hubbub. bauberi

hubby. betti houzben

hue. tinta

hug. brays-reon. leo wouniz braysiz reon

hundred. jent. hundred and seventy fiver. omi-pelone a dha jent setta laung deja-chinka

hung. chatid. be hung like a horse. hav a grei-leik bagaja or hav a bagaja leik a grei[z]

hunger. bauka

hungry. Bauka

hurrah! hurray! Aveeva!

hurry. dash. hurried. dasht

hurt. dooka

husband. houzben. husband and wife. dui-houzben

idiot. paygel

if. if

ignorant. narda savi

I. ya moudha

id est. dhatz [ta] panarli

il-. narda. See note in un-.

ill. nafel

illegitimate. bausta; narda kosha

illness. nafellimento; nafellichude

im-. narda. See note in un

image. dikimento

imam. rashi-[h]omi [a dha Moro chalz]

imbibe. berri; bevvi

immortal. narda meyrd

import. ann in. It’s of little import to me. Shee dauliz mee pogee

importance. daulimento. It’s not that important to me/It’s of little importance to me. Shee dauliz mee pogee

importune. imporchune

impossible. narda pauso

impotence. dik

impotent. dikt

impound. leo in dha pand ten

imprison. leo in dha keyr fa dha lagz

imprisonment. leoing in dha keyr fa dha lagz, leoing in dha lach

in. in. in no way. nix asarles

in-. narda. See note in un

inadequate. nantwar

income. jent

indebted. pizarerst

indescribable. narda eekafibelay

index. listo. index finger. fambeling loupa

India. [Tem bilaung] Jentu

Indian. [bilaung] Jentu. [omi-/pelone-]chal bilaung Jentu. Indian tonic water. fizi Jentu-akwa

indicate. fambel tu

indication. fambellimento

indicator. fambeling cheet; fambeling glima

inexperienced. yozi

inferior. naf

informal[ly]. sanz enni sheesh

inject. bous

injection. bous

ink. skreev-worta

inn. lati

innkeeper. omi a dha lati

inquisitive. pandora

insane. mishoogena, mishooga. insane asylum. keyr a/fa dha mishoogenez

insanity. mishoogennichude

insect. pisha

inside. narda erbree. the inside. dha narda erbree. one’s insides. wouniz venz

instead of. in ten a

instrument. chaumeni-cheet

intelligence. savi

intelligent. savi

intend. intentzo. intend to. be ordering tu. intended. intentzode

intention. intentzo

intercourse. ling-grapeling, raujering

interest. sho. interested. bona shode. interesting. bona shoing

intersection. drome a [dha] dui-hulze

intimate. ben-kove. ben-kove-leik

invaluable. narda juzeibelay

iron. sasta

irritate. fayk wouniz eirris. irritated. eirris. irritating. fayking wouniz eirris

-ish. –leik

Islam. Moro rashi

Islamic. Moro

-ism. -izmo

-ist. -isto

it. her, it

Italian. [bilaung] Spag. [omi-/pelone-]chal bilaung Spag

Italy. [Tem bilaung] Spag

itch. eng

itchy. engi

item. dauli, faykimento; n[’]umero

ithyphallus. kaulin

itself. hir self

-ity. -mento, -chude

jabber. shauka kakel or pelarva. fayk dha shauka kakel or pelarva

jail see imprison, prison

jail-bait. feeli-[h]omi or feeli-pelone

January. Jenayo

jargon. lingo

jemmy. betti

jerk. kwaung

Jew. Kosha-[h]omi/pelone[-chal]

jewel. beejhu, groyn

jeweller. fayking omi/pelone a dha beejhuze/groynz

jewellery. groynarjhio. jewellery box. mooftereeni fa dha groynarjhio. jewellery maker. fayking omi/pelone a dha beejhuze/groynz

Jewish. Kosha. Jewish religion. Kosha rashi

jimmy = jemmy

jissom. ordering marreer

job. b’ute

jobless. sanz [enni] b’ute

jocose. jaugerosa

john. steema

joint. joynto. dubi; joynto; nodo

joke. skirtz

joker. skirtz-omi

joss-house. keyr a/fa dha jaus chalz

jostle. bati-brays

journey. vaygeri

Judaism. Kosha rashi

judge. beek

judgement. beekimento

jug. gayj

juice. akwa

juicy. akwerosa; charlibelay

jukebox. vakarya

July. Ulo

jump. dash-oup. [jump up] dash oup

jumper. joumpa

June. Juno

junk. k’uta

just. jous. Just a minute or moment! ’Una momento!

justice. beek; beekichude. justice of the peace. kouzen a dha parchay

jute. gouni

karat see carat

keep. tel. keep to oneself. ayjh tu wouni self. keep up. ayjh oup

kerosene, kerosine. binko. binko-worta. kerosine flare. binko

kettle. kekarvi

key. gilting cheet

keyhole. hevveeni fa dha gilting cheet

kick. bati-lali

kid. chavi; loulebei kapra. koul. Are you kidding? Ann nanti or no moge? No kidding! Ann nanti or no moge!

kill. krash. killing. krashing

killer. krashing omi or pelone

kind. ben, bennichudinosa, dali. teip

kindness. bennimento, bennichude

king. kween. king’s ransom, kweenz auf-kining gelt

kiosk. boteekeeni

kiss. lamor. lamor. Kiss my arse/ass! Lamor ya moudhez kauribounjes!

kitchen. karnishing chovi

kitsch. naf

kitty. (kitty-cat) beejhurreeni gatoleeni

knee. jin. bati-jin. knee someone in the groin. bati-jin enni wouni in dha kaudz. on one’s knees. aun dha jinz

kneecap. nab a dha jin

knife. chin-cheet, eefink. knife and fork. dui-eefink

knit. skivi. do the knitting. fayk dha skiviing

knitting-needle. skivi-cheet

knock. baterileeni. bateri; fayk dhee arris-pandora kauntra. knock at the door. baterii att dha geiga. knock down. bateri, firikaduza. knock out. firikaduza erbree. knock over. bateri ova

knock-down blow. firikaduza

knock-kneed. keoteo

knock-out. firikaduza-erbree

knot. nodo

know. savi. know right from wrong. savi bonichude fraum kirtirvichude. know that someone is homosexual. get wouniz noumba. know what someone is up to. get wouniz noumba

know-how. savi

knowledge. savi, savimento, savichude

knowledgeable. savi, savichudinosa

knuckle. nodo a dha poke

knuckleduster. Merriken-poke

K.O. = knock-out

kosher. kosha

kowtow. fayk dha keoteo

labo[u]r. akting, (labo[u]rs) aktz/ax, dha b’ute. fayk dha b’ute

labo[u]rer. fayking omi/pelone a dha b’ute

lace. peek

lachrymal. parni

lack. mankimento. mank. lacking in. mankimentoing in. a lack of. a mankimento a

lady. beebee, laydi, pelone. Ladies and Gentlemen! Flatiz an Giliz!

ladybird, ladybug. laydiz rusli-pisha

lady-like. laydi-leik

lamb. loulebei bleeting cheet

lame. lang

lamp[light]. glima

land. pauv; tem

landlady. dona or pelone a dha lati

landlord. omi [a dha karsi or lati], toba-[h]omi

language. lingo

lantern. moomli-glima

large. graunday. largely. graundaymentay. large boat. barkiing cheetoni, lati aun worta. large dog. jugeloni. large fortune. hambagoni. large hole or opening. hevvoni. large penis. bagajeroni, kartz[ol]oni. large thing. cheetoni

lascivious. lechichudinosa

last. lars. last night. lars nauchi

late. dilayd, tee-bee-[h]aych cheim. late at night. tee-bee-[h]aych cheim in dha nauchi. late every night. tee-bee-[h]aych cheim in evri nauchi

lateness. dilay

later. arfta

latest. aultimo. the latest. dhee aultimo

laugh. sal

laughter. saling

launderette = laundrette

laundress. dobi-dona

laundrette. ken fa dha dobi

Laundromat® see laundrette

laundry. dha dobi; lach fa dha dobi

lavatory. brandi-lach, brandiing lach. lavatory paper. bimf

law. lili

lawful. liliosa

lawman. lili-[h]omi

lawyer. lili-[h]omi or -pelone

layabout. lucha

leaf. paten

leak. lag. take a leak. lag a lag

leap. dash-oup. [leap up] dash oup

learn. fayk dha b’ute a dha nab. learning. [fayking] dha b’ute a dha nab

learner. fayking omi a dha b’ute a dha nab

least. pogeearst. at [the] least. att dha pogeearst

leather. cham. leather pants. cham kafiz

leave. orda, ordeli; vaygeri; mayk. leaves. paternz. leave quickly. dash [auf]. leave without paying. skarpa dha jetti. Leave it [alone]! Nanti dhat! Leave me alone! Mayk ya moudha aun hir taud!

lech. lech-omi or -pelone

lecherous. lechichudinosa

lechery. lechichude

leek. pourem

left. drei. [there] on the left. ayjaz aun dha drei. see leave

left-hand. drei-lapa

left-handed. with dha drei lapa

leg. gam, lali; skauch. leg of lamb. gam karnish a dha [loulebei] bleeting cheet. shaved leg. stimp. a bit of leg. gam

legal. lili; liliosa. young man under the age of legal consent. feeli-[h]omi. young woman under the age of legal consent. feeli-pelone.

legitimate. kosha

lemonade. Merriken-akwa

lesbian. letti, pelone-omi

lesbianism. lettichude, pelone-omichude

less. pogeear; [-less] sanz

let. mayk. Let it be. Mayk hir bee. let up. mayk oup. let us/let’s. mayk ya moudhez

letter. bilidu, rooka. letter of the alphabet. rooka a dha runze

letter-box. mooftereeni fa dha biliduze or rookez

letter-writer. skreeving omi or pelone a dha rookez

lexicon. lil a dha lavz

liar. moging omi or pelone

liberty. liberichude

libidinous. lechichudinosa

library. keyr a/fa dha lilz

lice. chintziz

licence. tik

lick. leo dha ling aun

lie. moge. lying. moging. lie down. letti alay. lie to. moge tu

life. leif. lives. leifs or leivz. Not on your life! Ann u wish!

light. glima. light a cigarette/light up. voge. light a fire. hach

lightning. meloni

like. leik. kamis. like that. leik dhat

-like. -leik

likely. leik. leikimentay

likewise. aseo

limo[usine]. sheesh-keb’ushe

limp. dikt

lingo. lingo

linguist. lavz-omi or -dona

lip. gan. lip ring. gan-fayk. My lips are sealed! Ya moudhez ganz ar sived!

lipstick. rang a dha gan

liquid. worta

liquor. bevvi, didel

list. listo

listen. (listen to) nelliarda. listening audience. nelliardering flatiz an giliz. Listen! Arnt nel! Nel[li]!

lit. glimed

little. beejhu, betti, -eeni; pogee. little bird. chikeleeni. little boat. barkiing cheeteeni. little devil. lucha. little dog. jugeleeni. little nose. eesaungeeni. little penis. bagajereeni, kartzeeni. a little bit. pogeeleeni. a little bit or piece of. a pogeeleeni a. a little more [than]. a pogee moultiar [dhan]. little by little. a pogee a pogee

live. ninti. live on. fayk dha ninti aun

livelihood. ninti

liver. booka[-karnish]. liver complaint. nafellimento a dha booka

living. ninti

loathe. odiari t’umouch. loathing. tray or t’umouch odiari

loathesome. [tray or t’umouch] odiaribelay or odiariing

lock. gilt

lodge. fix. lodgings. lati, lettiz. lodge at. lati shay. lodge a complaint. leo dha barni

lodger. lettiz-omi

London. bilaung Ein. Ein

Londoner. [omi-/pelone-]chal bilaung Ein

lone. taud

long. laung. a long time. a laung cheim. not long. narda laung cheim. Long live …! Aveeva …!

long-standing. baj

long-term. dauli-daumestik-leik. long-term companion. dauli-domestik. long-term relationship. baj afeyrimento

long-time see long-term

loo. brandi-lach, brandiing lach

look. dikimento. varda; dik. look after. dorkes for. look at. varda. look down. varda alay. look down [one’s nose] at. varda alay wouniz vaunka att. look for. charpa. look forward to. ogel forwed tu. look like. dik leik. look over. varda oup. look longingly at. ogel. look one’s best. bee jhoojhd oup. look good. dik bona. look well. dik peersi. not much to look at. narda ta varda in dha larda. take a good look at. varda bona. Look out! Gardilu!

looker. shamsha

loot. jentz

lord. boura-rei. Lord. Moudhez Sweet-Doubel

lose. nash

loss. nash

lost. nasht

lot, a. a deorri, moulti. a lot of. moulti

loud. hei in dha vauchi, skreeming

lounge. jaugering chovi

lounge-room. jaugering chovi

louse. chintz

lousy. chintzosa

love. kamis. in love. in kamis. whom do you love? h’uze ya dadi?

love-feast. mounjariarjhio a dha bitaynichude

love-letter. bilidu

lover. houzben, kamising omi or pelone, rome

low. lo. the Low Countries. dha Lo Temz

lower. loar

lowermost. loarst

lowest. loarst

low-profile. lo-eekaf

lube see lubricant, lubricate

lubricant. startez

lubricate the anus. leo aun dha brandi/dish

luck. dooka

lullaby. gili fa dha lettiing

lunch. namyari

lure. dooka-cheet. leo a dooka-cheet aun

lush. bevvi; bevvi-[h]omi or -pelone

lust. lechichude

lustful. lechichudinosa

-ly. -(i)mentay

lying see in lie

machine. vakarya

mad. mishoogena, mishooga

made. faykt

madhouse. keyr a/fa dha mishoogenez

madman. mishoogena

madness. mishoogennichude

made see make

magic. jedu[arjhio]. magic trick. jedu

magical. jedu

magistrate. beek

magpie. kakerarchi

mail. rookerarjhio. mail a letter. leo a rooka in dha rookerarjhio

maintain. ayjh oup

maintenance. ayjh-oup

make. fashen, fayk. made [up]. fashernd. make good. fayk bona

makeover. reemakiarjhio

make-up. makiarjhio, mouk, slap. apply or put on [one’s] make-up. facha. having make-up on. dha fool eek. remove or take off one’s make-up. deefacha

male. omi. male brothel. ken a dha charvering omiz. male child. omi-feeli. male lover. dadi, houzben. male member. bagaja. male prostitute. charvering omi, dili-boy, reeta, rent

malice. tipetichude

malicious. tipeti, tipetichudinosa

man. flati, [h]omi, rei. Man! Meyri!

manhood. omichude

manly. omichudinosa

manner. asarlessimento, fashen. in no manner. nix asarles. in this/that manner. asarles

mansion. karsiloni

manual. lil a dha lil

manure. brandi-cheet

many. moulti. many a time/many times. moulti cheimz

March. Martzo

mare. pelone-grei

margarine. fayk-kil

marijuana. paten-cheet fa dha dubiz. marijuana cigarette. dubi

market. toba

market-day. toba-dives

marquee. porloni

marriage. houzbenarjhio

married, get. gettid a houzben. married man. omi h’uze gettid a houzben

marrow. koudu

marry. get a houzben, wed. [marry off] houzben auf. not the marrying type. nix dha teip ta get a houzben

martini. dafi

marvellous. fab, fayb

masculine. omichudinosa. masculine female. bool. masculine gay man. meyri

mass. saulemen

mast. rook a dha barki

master. omi

mastiff. jugeloni

masturbate. artha

masturbation. arthering

mate. kove, kouzen, koul

material. slayt

matter. dauli. for that matter. fa dhat dauli. It doesn’t matter! Nix mei dauli! It matters little to me. Shee dauliz mee pogee; see in what

mauve. pirpereeni

May. May

maybe. pauso

maxim. adarjhio

me. mee, mwar, ya moudha

meadow. libarjhio

meal. namyari

measure. medzin

meat. karnish. meat cleaver. eefinkoni fa dha karnish. meat skewer. kausheeni fa dha karnish

medicine. drab

medium. medza

melon. pateka

member. memba; bagaja. member of the audience. flati

membership. membichude

membrum virile/virilis. bagaja

memory. reekorl

menstrual. rag. menstrual blood. rag

menstruate. bee aun dha rag

mention. palari. not to mention. sanz palariing a. Don’t mention it! Da narda!

merkin. fashernd reir av dha larda

merry. merri

mess. pasteesh. [mess up] pasteesh. make a mess. fayk a pasteesh[eeni]. make a mess of. pasteesh

metal. bar

mezzanine. mazereen

midday. medza-dives

midget. koveeni

middle. medza. The Middle Ages. Dha Medza Beshiz. in the middle of. in dha medza auv

midnight. bilaung medza nauchi. medza-nauchi

midst. medza. in the midst of. in dha medza auv

midwife. mormousti fa dha martha

mile. mee

milestone. mee-bar

milk. pap. milk bottle, didel-cheet fa dha pap

miller. fayking omi a dha var

million. milioni

mince. mini in a sheesh fashen

mind. zee. if you don’t mind/mind you. if u nix mei dauli

mine. ya moudhez. skouvarid tem

miner. skouvariing omi or dona/pelone

mineral. skouvarid cheet. mineral water. Parliv’u-akwa

minute. minit; momento

miracle. mirrakulosa sho

miraculous. mirrakulosa

mirror. mirra

mischief. charla. make mischief. charla [dha charla]

mischief-maker. charlering omi or pelone

mislead. moge

Miss. Dona

mister. rei

mistress. dona [a dha letti], pelone

moan. skreem

mobile. m’uvaribelay. mobile phone. [lellibelay pelarvering] vakarya

moiré. wayvi kays. auv dha wayvi kays

moist. kindoleeni

mole. pauv-teer

mollycoddle. mauli-koul

moment. momento

Monday. Lunedi

money. bradz, gelt, hambag, jent, mejh[iz], mettiz. no money. nanti dinarli. no money to give. nanti mettiz or metziz

moneyed. deenerosa

money-man. mejhiz-omi

month. mounth. Note that months of the year all end in “-[er]chune”.

moon. chune

moonlight. chune-glima

more. -ar, bonar; moultiar. more than. moultiar dhan. the more … the more. dha moultiar … dha moultiar

More®. mounj vogeeni

moreover. in aultray

morning. sorlo. this morning. dhis sorlo; see in good

Moslem = Muslim

mosque. keyr a/fa dha Moro chalz

mosquito. mausko a dha worta

most. -arst, moultiarst

mother. martha; moudha. mother and father. dui-dad

motherland. tem a dha martha

motor. moto

motorbike. moto-vello

motor-car. keb’ushe

motto. adarjhio

mound. choombereeni

mountain. choomberoni

mouse. dashing cheet

moustache. baf

mouth. m’ui, oysta

movable. m’uvaribelay

move. m’uvari. move [away]. reelati. move [out]. deelati

movie. flik

movie-theatre. ken fa dha flix

Mr. Rei

Mrs. Dona

Ms. Dona

much. moulti, a deorri a. not much to look at. narda ta varda in dha larda

muck. brandi-cheet

mugshot. eekaf a dha m’ui [fa dha charpering omiz]

mum. martha. Mum and Dad. Dad an Martha, dui-dad

mumble. mounjari wouniz kakel

munch. mounjari

municipal. bilaung keyr. municipal building. keyr

murder. krash

murderer. krashing omi or pelone

murky. mounj

muscle. thu. Muscle Mary. mousel-meyri, sweting omi-pelone

music. strilering

musical. strilering drarma. musical instrument. strila

musician. strila, strilering omi or dona/pelone

Muslim. Moro chal. Muslim religion. Moro rashi

must. mous. must have (must’ve). moustev

mutton. karnish a dha bleeting cheet

mwah! mwar!

my. ya moudhez. my place. [ya] moudhez, shay mwar

myself. ya moudhez self

nail. neir

nail-polish. rang a dhee neirz

naïve. yozi

naked. plenni aybrem

name. nav

napkin. moufeling cheet; moufeling cheet fa dha loulebei-cheet

nasty. narna

nation. tem

Naturally! May wee!

naughtiness. katevvimento

naughty. katevva

nearby. ayjax

neck. froumerjen

neckerchief. fogel [fa dha froumerjen]

needle. sayn; siva-cheet. needle and thread. dui-sayn

needy. nantwar

neighbo[u]r. kove nex bor. neighbo[u]ring. alaung nex bor

neighbo[u]rhood. ten a dha kovze nex bor. neighbo[u]rhood dispute. barni a dha lavz amoung dha kovze nex bor

neither. nix aseo

nelly. nelli. Not on your nelly! Ann u wish!

neo-. n[’]u-

nerve. nirv; [k]hootzpa. get on someone’s nerves. tip enni wouni dheyr narna

-ness. -(i)mento

nest. tas. [make a nest] fayk dha tas

n’est-ce pas? tachi?

Netherlands, the. dha Lo Temz

nettle. bous

never. nix mei. Never mind! Nix mei dauli!

nevertheless. sor dha saym

new. n[’]u

news. giliz

newsman. giliz-omi

newspaper. bimf fa dha giliz

newspaperman. giliz-omi

next. nex. next door. [shay] nex bor. next-door neighbo[u]r. kove [reit] nex bor. the next day. dha nex dives. next to. nex tu

nice. bona. not nice. bolde

niceness. bonimento, bonichude

night. nauchi; see in good

nightclub. ken a dha nauchi

nightdress. chemmi or kameesa fa dha nauchi

nightgown. chemmi or kameesa fa dha nauchi

nightingale. chikel a dha nauchi

nightly. nauchiz

nightshirt. chemmi or kameesa fa dha nauchi

nine. nauba, say-tray

nineteen. nauba laung lepta

ninety. nauba laung deja

ninth. naubito

nipple. u a dha foof, jube or wilet

nipple-ring. u-fayk [fa dha foof, jube or wilet]

nobody. nix wouni; nola

no. nanti, nantwar, nix, no. no man’s land. nix wouniz pauv. no more. nishtwar. no longer or more. nishtwar. no one. nix wouni. no one of importance. nola. No [to] …! Nish ta/tu …! Oh, no! O, Meyri!

nod. nab. nod the head. nab dha nab. give the nod to. tip dha nab tu

noise. bauberi, bru

non-. narda

none. narda

nonetheless. sor dha saym

nonsense. beloni, pelarva

noon. medza-dives

nor. or

normal. ordineyr

nose. aunk, bugel, eesaung, vaunka. nose hair. reir av dhee aunk. nose ring. eesaung-fayk

nostril. aunk. nostril hair. reir av dhee aunk

not. nix. not any more. nishtwar

note. rookereeni

nothing. nanti, narda, nix [chaumeni]. nothing to look at. narda ta varda in dha larda

notice. deek

noticeable. deekibelay

nought. noul

novel. n[’]u-leik. milzermb’une

novella. milzermb’uneeeni

November. Nauba-chune

now. dhis kwaun. now then. allora

nowadays. dheez divesiz

nowhere. nix akoy

nude. aybrem. aybrem-kove. nude bathing. aybrem bayning

nudity. aybremmichude

number. n[’]umero

numeric. n[’]umerrik

numerous. n[’]umerosa

nurse. mormousti

nut. paylo; [nuts] kaud[z], koul[z]. be nuts. bee mishoogena or mishooga

nylons = nylon stockings. stimp-kouvez

oath. [saulemen-]janka

oat[s]. jobis

object. sho. fayk dha kauntra-pelarva; protesto. object of one’s desire. gilrig

objection. kauntra-pelarva; protesto

objectionable. narna

obscure. mounj

obscurity. mounj[ichude]

observe. deek

obvious. swishing

ocean. boura-worta

o’clock. cheim[z] a dha mauntrell

October. Auta-chune

ocular. ogel

odd. barberella

oddball. barberella homi or pelone

odo[u]r. manki-cheet

of. a/auv/av, bilaung (esp. in dates)

off. auf; kirtirva

office. aufis

official. auv dhee aufis. official documents/papers. bimf

off-licence. boteek fa dha didel

often[times]. moulti cheimz

oh. o. Oh, Man!/Oh, no! O, Meyri!

oil. tule

oily. tulosa

O.K., okay. bona

old. arris, baj, founges. old age. baj-kovichude, bajichude. old bastard. arris-founges. old bomb. arris-keb’ushe. old man. [arris-]arnti (esp. gay), baj-kove, [arris-]founges. old guard. ya founges perayd. old person see old man, above. old tub. arris-barkiing cheet. How old are you? Soze ya besh?

old-fashioned. tulosa

oldness. bajimento

old-style. tulosa

omelet. maumlet

omnibus see bus

on. aun. on to. aun tu

once. ’una cheim; a noudha cheim

one. ’una; wouni. one’s. wouniz. one time. ’una cheim

one-night stand. gay parree, houzben

oneself. wouni self

onion. pouremoni

only. jous

onto. aun tu

open. kandeedo. ’uvra

opening. hevvoni

openness. kandeedomento

opera. boura-drarma

opera-house. keyr fa dha boura-drarma

operation. reemolde

opinion. bona nab

opportunity. charntz

or. or

or. -kove

oral. m’ui, oysta. oral sex. gam[ing], jariarjhio, jariing, naushing. give oral sex to. jari

orange. Shinwarz-parvi

orchard. parvi-ten

order. mandari

ordinary. ordineyr

orgy. bitaynichude, ling-grapeling sayma

orifice. hole

orison. praygo

ornamentation. jhoojh

ornamented. sheesh

other. noudha

our. [ya] moudhez. our place. shay n’u

ourselves. moudhez self

ous. -osa

out. erbree, eot. out of. erbree, fraum

outrageous. skreeming

outside. erbree. the outside. dhee erbree

outsider. gajo

over. ova. over there. ayjax

overalls. farting krakez fa dha chaumeni-cheetz-omi[z]

overcoat. kapello

overnight. ova dha nauchi. overnight bag. peeta

overseer. varda-oup-kove

oversight. varda-oup

over-the-top. tumouch

own. nogo. hav

ox. bugel. oxen. bugerlz

pack. gouni a dha palias; paxen; sayma. leo in

package. paxen

packet. paxeneeni

paddock. libarjhio

page. parjhio

pain. dooka. pain in the arse. dooka in dha brandi

paint. rang. paint one’s nails. rang wouniz neirz. paint someone’s picture or portrait. rang enni wouniz eekaf

painting. ranging

pair. dui-sayma, ’una-sayma. pair of trousers see trousers

pajama[s]. drayjh a dha letti. pajama bottoms. kafiz or katz a dha letti. pajama top. kameesereeni [a dha letti]

pal. pal

palanquin. lelling vardoleeni

pale. fay

pan. karnish-cheet

pant-leg. kafi, kat

pants. kafiz, katz

paper. stif. papers. bimf

paradise. charo

paradisiac[al]. charolik[el]

parcel. paxenoni

pardon. artef, arteffimento. artef

parent. dui-dad, dui-martha

Paris. Parree

Parisian. bilaung Parree. [omi-/pelone-]chal bilaung Parree

parlo[u]r. jaugering chovi

Parlyaree. Parlyaree

parrot. pelarvibelay chikel

parsley. peetesili

part. irnis. irnis intu dui [irnisiz]. parted. irnist. be parted. bee irnist intu dui [irnisiz]. be in two parts. bee in dui irnisiz

partner. houzben. partner in crime or sex. pal

part-time. diki. part-time work. akting diki

pass. jeib. tip; [pass by] pasari. pass urine. lag

passage. pasarjhio

passenger. troundeling foke or kove; [ship’s] foke or kove a dha lati aun worta

passer-by. pasariing omi or pelone

passive. martha, tauj. passive partner. tauj omi-pelone

passivity. marthichude, taujichude

patience. telling wouniz greiz

patient. telling wouniz greiz. nafel-kove. Be patient! Tel ya greiz!

patrol. trole

pattern. mousta

paw. lapa

pawn. sima

pawnbroker. bining omi/dona fa dha simering. pawnbroker’s. ken fa dha simering

pawnshop. ken fa dha simering

pay. parkering ninti, parkimento. parka. pay attention. tip dha jentri. pay attention to. gardilu. pay back. parka daus. pay out. parka. pay the bill. parka dha mejhiz

pay-back. parka-daus

payer. parkering omi

pay-master. parkering omi

pay-packet. parkering ninti

payment. parkimento

pea. kan

peace. parchay. peace and quiet. parchay an kweirt. in peace. in parchay

peaceful. parchayosa

pea-green. kan-virdi

peanut. pauv-paylo

pear. ambrel

pec see pectoral

pectoral [muscle]. jube

peep. [take a peep] vardereeni

peep-hole. hevveeni a dha baush

peeve. g’uli teer

pen. skreeving cheet

pence. sauldiz, saultiz

penis. bagaja, kartz[o], kori, raujering cheet, shode. penis size. dha tinta auv hir ogerlz

penniless. sanz a saulti

penny. sauldi, saulti

people. kovze, foxe. people’s. bilaung kovze or foxe

perceive. senta

perception. senta

perform. akt, slang. performing. slanging. perform anilingus (on). playt enni wouniz dish, rim, tip or toung dha brandi, tip dha velvet, tip dhee eivi. perform cunnilingus. tip dha velvet. perform fellatio. jari. perform a magic trick. fayk dha jedu. perform on stage. slang. perform oral sex. naush

performance. akt, aktimento; akting

performer. slanging omi or dona/pelone

perfume. smelliz

perhaps. pauso

perinaeum. baunch

perpetrate. fayk

person. kove

personal. privi. personal adornment. faykimento

perspiration. shvitz

perspire. fayk dha shvitz

pestilence. kaniken

pet. teer a dha karsi. pet peeve. g’uli teer

petition. praygo. tip a praygo tu

petticoat. chaufa

pewter. a [dha] fayk-maularves. fayk-maularves

phallus. bagaja

phantom. bevvel-cheet

pharmacist. boles

pharmacy. boteek a dha boles

philosopher. savi-[h]omi or -pelone, saviisto

philosophical. a dha saviizmo

philosophy. saviizmo

phlegm. choonga

phone = telephone

photogenic. eekafibelay

photograph. eekaf

physical. lukaudi

pianist. strilering omi/pelone [aun dha strilez], strilez-omi

piano. strilez. piano man/woman, piano player. strilering omi/pelone [aun dha strilez], strilez-omi

pick. shwar. fayk dha shwar. pick up. blag. pick one’s nose. rujhe wouniz bugel [with a loupa]

picklock. kayt

pick-pocket. fogel-hounta. fayk dha fogel-hounting

pick-up. afeyr, blagd omi or pelone

picture. eekaf

piece. k’uta. piece of equipment. vakarya. piece of furniture. kaush. piece of garbage, rubbish or trash. rozi-cheet. piece of junk. k’uta. piece of meat. k’uta a [dha] karnish. a big piece. pogeeloni. a big piece of. a pogeeloni a. a little piece. pogeeleeni. a little piece of. a pogeeleeni a

pig. grounting cheet

pigsty. grounting cheetz lati

pile. stouga

pill. dubi. take a pill. shoumf a dubi

pillow. koosheeni

pimp. paunt[z]

pimple. bube

pimply. bubi

pincers. playstrez

pink. roze

pipe. gayj[eeni], peip

piss. bevvi; lag-worta. lag-cheet. lag. pissed off. eirris-lagd. get pissed. lel bevvid. on the piss. aun dha bevvi. take a piss. lag a lag

pitcher. berri-cheetoni

pitchfork. pausiloni

pitiless. sanz daumarjhio

pity. daumarjhio. [What a] pity! Sharda!

place. ten. leo. place of worship. keyr a/fa dha praygoze. in place of. in ten a. take place. orda aun. see her, his, my, our, their, your

plague. kaniken

plan. dizein. plan to. be ordering tu

plane. fleiing vakarya

plant. paten-cheet

plastic. plastik. plastic bag. plastik gouni. plastic surgery. maki reemolde

plate. sku

platform. mazereen

platter. skuroni

play. drarma. jauga; strila. play a game. eemag, jauga a jauga. play music. strila. play the piano. strila dha strilez. play sport. eemag. play on words. eemag av dha lavz

player. eemaging omi or pelone; jaugering omi or pelone

playful. jaugerosa

pleasant. plezzari. not pleasant. bolde

please. plezzari. Please! Praygo!

pleasurable. plezzari

pleasure. plezzari

pledge. sima

plenty. plenni

plough. chaumeni-cheet fa dha chining a dha pauv. [plough the earth] chin dha pauv

pluck. h’upe

plum. doureloni. plum pudding. doureloni g’u

plume. por. plume of smoke. a por a foges

plunder. shoosh ta dhee aultrantz

pluvial. parni

p.m. in dha dives or sarla

po. paut fa dha lag-worta

pocket. kik

pocket-knife. eefinkeeni

poem. virs

poet. virsiz-omi or -dona/-pelone

poetry. virsiz

point. [point in time] fambel. point out. fambel erbree. point to. fambel tu

pointer. fambeling cheet

poison. drab

poisonous. drabosa; drab-leik

Polari. Polari

Polari-speaking. Polari

pole. rook

police. lili. the police. dha charpering omiz, dha lili. police brutality. firikaduzichude a dha charpering omiz. police car. brayslitz skreeming keb’ushe. police officer. charpering omi, sharp, sharpering omi. police headquarters. boura-keyr a dha charpering omiz. police station. keyr a dha charpering omiz

policeman. charpering or sharpering omi, sharpa

policewoman. charpering or sharpering dona

polite. jentri

pomp. paump

ponce. paunt[z]

poofter-bashing. bateriing kauntra dha kweer-kovze

poor. katevva, kaud[di], manki; nantwar. poor person. nantwar-kove. the poor. dha nantwar-kovze

poorhouse. keyr a/fa dha nantwar-kovze

poorness. katevvimento, katevvichude

pope. kween a dha meyriz

porcelain. a [dha] paut. paut

pork. karnish a dha grounting cheet

portable. lellibelay

portrait. eekaf. portrait from the waist up. medza eekaf. do a portrait. fayk an eekaf

pose. fayk dha gaming. fayking dha gaming. pose a question. p’uche a p’uche

poseur. gaming omi or pelone

posh. blarzay, sheeshee

position. turnayt

possible. pauso. possibly. pauso

post. rookerarjhio. post a letter. leo a rooka in dha rookerarjhio

postage-stamp. jark [fa dha rookerarjhio]

postcard. jeib a dha rookerarjhio

posterior. baux, brandi, kauribounjes

pot. berri-cheetoni, karnish-cheet, gayj, paut; paut fa dha lag-worta. pots and pans. karnish-cheetz

potato. parvi a dha pauv

pothole. jaygeeni

potter. fayking omi/dona a dha gayjiz

pottery. fayking a dha gayjiz

pound. fount; [pound sterling] paunt; pand ten. peon. put in a pound. leo reon, leo in dha pand ten

pout. arris-m’ui

poverty. nantwarichude

poverty-stricken. nantwarichudinosa

powder. peoda

powdery. peoderosa

pox, the. dha bube

poxy. bubi

practical. savi

practically. sormose

pray. fayk or pelarva a praygo

prayer. praygo

precious. groyn-bar-leik. precious stone. groyn-bar

pre-cum. lech-worta

preen oneself. jhoojh

pregnancy. borichude

pregnant. bori

premises. ken

present. akoy. tip

press. pressari. the press. dha giliz-omiz

pretty. fili

prick. bagaja, kartz[o]; bous. bous

prickle. bous

priest. rashi-[h]omi [a dha Baula chalz]

prison. keyr fa dha lagz, kweer-ken. prison cell. kweer-lach. prison warder. raumboyl-kove fa dha lagz. put in prison. leo in dha keyr fa dha lagz

prisoner. lag

private. privi. private parts. [privi] lardez

probable. leik

proclamation. karn

proclaim. karn

profile. [seid-]eekaf

profit. bonichude, gelt

profitable. bonichudinosa

promise. praumessa

prompt. praunto

prong. hule

prosthesis. fayk-cheet

prosthetic. a dha fayk-cheet. fayk-cheet

prostitute. aspro, bitayn, charvering dona. prostitute oneself. orda aun dha bata. prostitute’s client. steema

prostitution. asprochude, bitaynichude, charvichude, dha bata

protest. protesto

proverb. adarjhio

provide. tip. provide sexual favo[u]rs for money. gez’upi

prudence. savichude

prudent. savichudinosa

prurience. lechichude

prurient. lechichudinosa

pub see public house

puberty. cheim a dha reirz a dha larda

pubes. reirz a dha larda. larda

pubic. a dha reirz a dha larda. pubic hair. reirz a dha larda. pubic lice. chintziz a dha larda

public. bilaung keyr, bilaung kovze or foxe. public building. keyr. public hospital. keyr fa dha nafel-kovze. public house. bevvi, ken fa dha bevviing. public lavatory or toilet. brandiing keyreeni. public library. keyr a/fa dha lilz. public transport. troundelarjhio bilaung kovze or foxe

publican. bining omi or dona a dha bevviz

pudding. g’u

puddle. jayg[eeni] with worta

pull. tarda. pull up. tarda oup

pull-over. joumpa

pulpit. boura-besh-cheet a dha rashi-[h]omi

pump. poump

pumpkin. koudurroni

pun. eemag av dha lavz

punch. bateri, bati-poke. punch to the ground. firikaduza

puncture. bous

purchase. kin-cheet. kin

pure. feena

purple. pirpera

purse. boung, lel-cheet fa dha beeyoniz

pursue. chivi [arfta]

pursuit. chivi

push. bati. [push down on] pressari. push and shove. bati-brays. push aside or away. bati away

pussy. flanj, klevvi, minj

pustule. bube

put. leod. leo. put in. leo in. put off. dilay; leo auf. put on. drayjh; leo aun. put out. leo erbree. put out a fire. leo dha fineeto tu dha glima

pyjama = pajama

quack. arris-krokes. kwak

quacksalver = quack

quarrel. barni. have a quarrel. hav a barni

quart. kwordza

quarter. kwordza. quarter of an hour. kwordza auv a cheim. quarter past three. tray cheimz ann a kwordza. quarter to three. kwordza tu tray cheimz

queen. kween. queenly. royrl

queer. kweer. kweer-kove. queer-bashing. bateriing kauntra dha kweer-kovze

question. p’uche. questioning. p’uchiz a dha charpering omiz. bring or take in for questioning. ann in fa dha p’uchiz a dha charpering omiz

queue. ku

quick. praunto

quiet. kweirt; lo in dha vauchi. [Do] be quiet! Arnt nel!

quilt[-cover]. rozei

quit. ayjh

rabbi. rashi-[h]omi [a dha Kosha chalz]

rabbit. charvering cheet, shershu

race. skarpa

race-course. drome fa dha skarpering greiz

race-horse. skarpering grei

race-track. drome fa dha skarpering greiz

racket. bauberi

rag. k’uta, shmouta; bimf fa dha giliz

ragamuffin. rozi-leik chavi

ragged. shmouta-leik

railroad = railway

railway. drome a dha boura troundeling cheet[z]. railway carriage. vardo a dha boura troundeling cheet[z]. railway-line[s]. drome a dha boura troundeling cheet[z]. railway platform. mazereen. railway station. keyr a dha boura troundeling cheet[z]

rain. parni

raindrop. parni

rainfall. lib a dha parni

rain-water. parni-worta

rainy. parniosa

raise [up]. tarda oup

raisin. trusni kishmish

ram. bleeting omi-cheet

ransom. auf-kining gelt. kin auf

rape. h’uping tu dhee aultrantz. h’upe tu dhee aultrantz

rascal. damba

rat. dashing cheetoni

rattan. kaush[-cheet]

rattle. ratel

raven. kakerarchi

react. reeakt

read. legarid. legari. reading. legariing

reader. legariing omi or pelone

readership. legariarjhio

ready. praunto. ready money. bradz

real. yor akchwel, reerl. really. akchwellimentay

reason. reezoni. for any reason. enni for. for every reason. evri for. for no reason. nix for

reasonable. reezonibelay

recall. reekorl

receive. lel in

reckon. gin. reckoning. ginimento

record. dish. record player. vakarya [fa dha dishiz]

red. lala. Red Cross. Lala Krauch. red herring. lala-macho. red wine. lala plaunk

redeem. kin alay

red-faced. lala in dha m’ui

red-handed. lala in dha lapa

redhead. laleretta

redness. lalerarjhio

refined. feena

relationship. afeyrimento. p. in a gay relationship. afeyr

relative. foke. the relatives. dha foxe

religion. rashi

religious. rashi, rashiosa. religious occasion. boura-dives [a dha rashi]

relocate. reelati

remember. ann in zee, reekorl

remove. lel away. remove one’s make-up. deefacha

rent. toba; [rent-boy] dili-boy, reeta, rent. toba. rent collector. toba-[h]omi. rented car. tobed keb’ushe

rental. tobed keb’ushe

renter. tobing omi or pelone a dha lati

repay. parka daus

reply. palarimento. palari [daus]

report. reeporto

reporter. giliz-omi

repugnant. tray narna

repulsive. tray narna

resemble. dik leik

rest. lib. Give it a rest! Tip hir a lib!

restaurant. ken fa dha mounjariing

restrain. tel

revenge. reitz. get or seek revenge. fayk dha reitz

reverse. daus

rhizome. pauv-cheet

rice. pishpash

rich. bauvelo, deenerosa, tauf. rich gay man. douches

richness. bauvelomento

rid. [get rid of] nix erbree

ridden. prigd

ride. prig

ridiculous. arris-sheesh, arris-swishing

right. reit; sweet. [there] on the right. ayjaz aun dha sweet. Right on! Bona!

right-hand. sweet-lapa

rigmarole. pelarva

rim. eivi. tip dha brandi or velvet, tip dhee eivi. rimming. tiping dha brandi or velvet, tiping dhee eivi

ring. fambel-cheet, groyn, marteeni. palari-peip. ring finger. loupa fa dha marteeni. ring the changes. fayk dha hoonki. ringing of the changes. hoonki

riot. kora

rise. orda oup, shenda

river. flo

road. drome

roast. pek. roast beef. pekt karnish

rob. lure

robber. luring omi or dona/pelone

robbery. lure; luring

rock a baby in his or her cradle. cheiv a loulebei-cheet in hir lettileeni

rod. bagaja, ran

rode. prigd

rogue. kweer-kove

rom. Raumeni omi

Roman. bilaung Roma. [omi-/pelone-]chal bilaung Roma. Roman Catholic. Baula chal bilaung Roma. Roman church. Baula keyr [a/fa dha praygoze] bilaung Roma

Romanes, Romani, Romany. Raumeni

Rome. Roma

romeo. rome

room. chovi

root. radeek

rooster. kakeling omi-cheet

rose. roze[-smel]. rose [bush]. roze-rook

rotten. manki, arris-. rotten meat. arris-karnish

rough. narna, narda feena or lish, rouf

round. reon. round here or these parts. shay akoy

row. bauberi

rubbish. beloni; rozi-cheetz. rozi. rubbish bin. rozi

rude. klara

ruffian. rouf

rug. sauvehari[leeni]

ruin. pasteesh. ruins. pasteesht tenz

rum. jageri-didel

rump. [h]arris; arris-karnish

run [away]. skarpa, skarpeli. Run for your life! Dash or skarpa erbree!

rush. dash; kaush[-cheet]. [rush off] dash

Russia. [Tem bilaung] Ruski. Russian. [bilaung] Ruski. lingo bilaung Ruski

sack. gouni

sad. tuge; tugichudinosa

sadness. tugichude

saga. milzermb’uneoni

sail. barkiing cheetz slayt. barki. sailing. barkiing. sailing-boat. barkiing cheet with a slayt or dha slaytz

sail-boat = sailing-boat

sailor. barki

salary. ninti

sale. bin; sauldi

salesman. bining omi

saleswoman. bining dona

salon. jaugering chovi

salt. laun. salt and pepper. dui-laun

same. saym

sample. mousta

Satan. Drei-Doubel

Satanic. a dha Drei-Doubel

Saturday. Samedi

saucer. skurreeni

sauna. ken fa dha bayning

saunter. trole. saunter in. trole in

savvy. savi

say. pelarva. say a prayer. fayk or pelarva a praygo. take well what someone says/said. lel bona enni wouniz lavz. Say! Nel[li]!

saying. adarjhio; pelarvering

scatter-brained. dizi

scent. smelliz

schmaltz. tule

schmaltzy. tulosa

scissor. kach. scissors. kachiz

scornful: be scornful of. varda alay wouniz vaunka att

scourge. kirtirvimento

scratch. bati-neir. scratch someone’s eyes out. bati-neir erbree enni wouniz ogerlz

scream. skreem. screaming queen. skreeming kween

scribble. skreev

scrotum. peeta

sea. worta

sea-blue. worta-blu

seal. jark

seaman. barki

seamstress. sivering dona/pelone

search. charpa. charpimento. search for [sexual] company at a venue. orda aun dha kolde korling

season. cheim

seat. besh-cheet

second. duito. sekken. decond half of. duito medza a

secret. gard

see. deek; varda. See you [later]! Ta dha reevardering! See you [again] soon! Ta dha reevardering narda laung cheim!

seek. charpa. seek revenge. fayk dha reitz

self. self

self-assured, -confident, -reliant. baldantzerosa

sell. bin

seller. bining omi or pelone

semen. marreer

send. pich. send across. pich ova. send away. pich away. send down. pich alay. send off. pich auf. send out[side]. pich erbree. send over. pich ova. send up. pich oup. send a letter. pich [auf] a rooka

send-off. pich-auf

send-up. pich-oup

sensational. fantabulosa

sensitive. seyra, techi

sent. picht. sent across or over. picht ova. sent down. picht alay

sentence. beekimento. beek

sentiment. sentimento

sentimental. tulosa

sentimentality. tule

separate. irnist. irnis intu dui [irnisiz]. separated. irnist

September. Setta-chune

sepulchre. lach for a meyrd-kove

sequin. vineeshen

series. sayma

serpent. sarp

serpentine. sarp-leik

serviette. moufeling cheet

session. beshimento

set. sayma; slanging ten. orda alay

seven. say-wouni, setta

seventeen. setta laung lepta

seventh. settito

seventy. setta laung deja

sew. siva. sewing needle. siva-cheet

sex. [h]arva, biz, charvering, ling-grapeling. sex game or play. ling-grapeling eemag. sex partner. pal. sex-slave. pal sanz liberichude. have sex [with]. [hav dhee] arva [with] or hav dha harva [with], bone, du dha biz [with], du a tirn [with]

sex-change. reemolde

sexual. lech. sexual arousal. lech. sexual favo[u]rs. gez’upiz. sexual intercourse. [h]arva, ling-grapeling, raujering. sexual partner. afeyr, pal. sexually available. tee-bee-[h]aych. sexually attractive. noumberosa. sexually attractive person. noumba. person sexually attracted to someone or something. -kween (e.g., a “dinj-kween” is a gay man sexually attracted to men of color)

sexuality. lechichude

shag. charva

shame. deep emmichude. [What a] shame! Sharda!

shape. formarlichude. shapely. formarlichudinosa

share. irnis. shared. irnist

share-house. lati

shave. facha, stimp. shave one’s legs. stimp wouni self

she. shee

shear. facha

sheath, armernrauk

shed. karsi

sheep. bleeting cheet

sheepish. bleeting-cheet-leik

sheet. slayt

shepherd[ess]. raumboyl-kove fa dha bleeting cheetz

shift. m’uvari. shift [away]. deelati, reelati

shilling. beeyoni, deena

shiny. swishing

ship. lati aun worta. ship’s passenger. foke or kove a dha lati aun worta

-ship. -arjhio

shirt. chemmi, kameesa, kemishen, mish

shirt-top. kameesereeni

shit. alli-appel, brandi-cheet. brandi. take a shit. brandi. No shit! Ann nanti or no moge!

shoe. bayt, stampa

shoemaker. fayking omi/pelone a dha baytz

shoot. shute. shooting gallery. storl fa dha hach-cheeteeniz

shop. bin-ken, boteek. shopping. boteeking, (the shopping) boteeking cheet. shopping bag. peetereeni. shopping-day. boteek-dives, dives a dha boteek. do the or go shopping. akt, fayk dha or orda boteeking

shopkeeper. bining omi or dona/pelone, boteek-[h]omi or boteek-dona/-pelone

short. narnerautela, narda laung. = short film. narnerautela flik. short pants (shorts). kafileeniz. short story. narnerautela milzermb’une. shortly. narda laung cheim ankora. be short of. hav a mankimento a. in short. in pogee palarimentoze

shot. shaut

should. shood. should have (should’ve). shoodev

shoulder. piko

shout. bauberi. shout [out]. fayk a bauberi

shove. pressari narnimentay, bati-brays

shovel. skouvariing cheetoni

show. sikeyr. show off. gam

showman. strilering omi

show-off. gaming omi or pelone

showy. jhooshi, sheesh

shuffle. (do the shuffle) bat

shul. keyr a/fa dha Kosha chalz

shut. firmayd. firmay. shut butt. firmayd arris. Shut up! Arnt nel! Shut your mouth! Arnt nel/Firmay ya m’ui!

sick. nafel

sickness. nafellimento; nafellichude

side. seid

siesta. lib in dhee arfta-medza

silence. totarlay kweirt. Silence! Arnt nel!

silent. totarlaymentay kweirt

silk. kays

silken. kays

silky. kaysi

silly. shauka

silver. a [dha] beeyoni-bar. beeyoni; beeyoni-bar

simple. fachi

simple-minded. paygel-leik

simpleton. paygel

sing. charnt, jauga. singing. charnting, jaugering. sing a song. charnt or jauga a gili

singer. charnting omi or dona/pelone, jaugering omi or dona/pelone, vauchi

sinister. drei

sit. besh. sit down. besh

sitting-room. pelarvering chovi

situation. turnayt

six. say

sixpence. say-saulti

sixteen. say laung lepta

sixth. sayto

sixty. say laung deja

size. bourichude

sketch. skirt. drome

skewer. kausheeni [fa dha karnish]

skilful. saviosa

skill. savi

skin. mootzi

skinny-dipping. aybrem bayning

skirt. skirt

skit. skirt

skullcap. kipa

slain. krasht

slander. minjarjhioze

slang. lingo

slap. bati-lapa, shaunk. slap across the face. bati-lapa or shaunking ova dha m’ui

slaughter. krash, krashing ta dhee aultrantz. krash ta dhee aultrantz

slave. omi or pelone sanz liberichude

slay. krash [ta dhee aultrantz]

sleep. lettiing. letti. Sleeping Beauty. Lettiing Bula. sleeping quarters. libarjhio. sleep rough. letti in dha libarjhio. go to sleep. orda lettiing, orda ta dha letti

sleeper. lettiing omi or pelone; vardo a dha boura troundeling cheet[z] fa lettiing

slender. feena

sling-backs. sling-bax

slum. sloum

slut. charlering omi or pelone; charvering dona

small. bar, beejhu, betti, -eeni. small boat. barkiing cheeteeni. small change. beeyoni. small fortune. hambageeni. small hole. hevveeni. small penis. bagajereeni, kartz[ol]eeni, narda ta varda in dha larda, winkel. small piece. k’utereeni

smart. dauli, sheeshee. smartly dressed. dauli

smarten [up]. jhoojh

smattering. tintereeni

smell. manki-cheet. fayk a manki chaumeni

smile. oysta

smith. fayking omi

smoke. foges; voge. smoke a cigarette. voge dha voge. smoke a joint. voge dha dubi

smooth. lish

snack. namyarileeni

snail. bole

snake. sarp. snake poison. drab a dha sarp[s]

snake-like. sarp-leik

snap. pauga auf. snap one’s fingers. fayk dha dousek

snapshot. eekaf

snippet. k’utereeni

snow. iv. parni dhee iv

snowball. koul a dhee iv

snowfall. lib a dhee iv

snowman. iv-cheet

so. leik dhat; tanti; akoy-pero, asarles. so much. tanti

soap. sapnis. soap up. sapnis oup

soccer. eemag a dha koul

sock. armernrauk

soda pop. Merriken-akwa. soda water. Paumi-akwa

soft. daulchay; narda hei in dha vauchi; narda rusli. soft drink. merriken-akwa. softly spoken. lo in dha vauchi

soirée. swaray

solar. kam

sold. bind

soldier. chingering omi or dona/pelone

solicit. praygo. solicit for sex. imporchune

solicitor. lili-[h]omi or -pelone

solitude. taudichude

some. chaumeni, enni. some time. enni kwaun

somebody. enni wouni

somehow. enni asarles

someone. enni wouni

something. chaumeni. a little something. a beejhurreeni juzei

sometimes. enni kwaun

son. omi-feeli

song. charnt, gili

soon. fachimentay; narda laung cheim [ankora]. as soon as. azz praunto azz

sort. teip

sou. kwortereeni

sought. charped

sound. bona. bru

soundness. bonimento, bonichude

soup. lap

sour. jageri-agro

sovereign. balantza

sow. grounting pelone-cheet

spade. skouvariing cheet

sparkling. fizi

speak. palari, panarli, pelarva. speaking. palaribelay, palariing. Don’t speak with your mouth full! Nanti palari weil u mounjari! so to speak. asarles ta panarli

spectacles. binz, ogel-fayx

speech. palarimento

sperm. marreer

spew. [cheiv oup dha] veerra

spider. web-pisha

spirit. nat [a dha bevvel]; nat a dha zee; [spirits] didel. spirit shop. boteek fa dha didel

spiritual. a dha nat a dha zee

spit. choonga. spit one out the window. choonga hir erbree dha varda-hev

spite. tipetichude

spiteful. tipeti, tipetichudinosa

splendid. jentri

splendo[u]r. jentrichude

spoil. mauli-koul; pasteesh. spoiled/spoilt. mauli-kould. spoils. jentz

spoon. roy

spoonful. royarda

sport. eemag

sportsman, -woman. eemaging omi or pelone

spot. ten

spring. a dha len[-cheim]. dha len[-cheim]; spirrarli; cheiv a dha worta; dash-oup. dash oup. spring a leak. lag a lag

spunk. ordering marreer

spy. jeezes

squalid. manki

squalor. mankimento

square. naf

stable. karsi fa dha grei[z]

stack. stouga

staff. kaush

stage. fambel; dha bordz. stage make-up. mouk, slap. off/on stage. auf/aun dha bordz

stain. pasteesheeni; pasteeshoni. leo a pasteesheeni aun

stair[case]. darntza

stamp. jark [fa dha rookerarjhio]. stamp one’s feet. stampa wouniz stampez

stampede. stamparjhio. stampa

star. dude

start. kementzimento. kementz

starving. chaulo[mentay] bauka

state. turnayt

station. keyr a dha boura troundeling cheet[z]

stay. ayjh. stay at. ayjh att

steal. chure, sharpa, shoosh. stealing. churing, sharpering. steal someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend, chure enni wouniz grei

steel. a [dha] boura-sasta. boura-sasta

stellar. dude

stench. mankimento

sterling. pauntichude

steward. kaufimaufi, trauli-dauli

stewardess. trauli-dauli

stick. kaush; k’uta. fix. stick in. leo in. stick of furniture. kaush. stick of [chewing] gum. k’uta a dha matlauking goum. stick one’s tongue out of one’s mouth. ling dha ling. stick up. tel-up, lel oup

stick-up. tel-oup, lel-oup

stiff. fayk; kaulinosa. [stiffy] fayk, kaulin

stink. manki-cheet. fayk a manki chaumeni

stockings. stimp-kouvez

stocky. narnerautela ann a pogee beeflat

stole[n]. churde, sharped, shoosht. stolen goods. churde cheetz

stomach. pir

stone. bar

stony. barosa

stool. brandi-cheet; hei besh-cheet

stop. ayjh; nish. stop smoking. nish dha vogze

store. boteekoni

story. milzermb’une

straight. fayk. gajo, naf

straight-acting. fayking dha gajo, naf-leik, narda move

strange. barberella; gajo

stranger. gajo

strangle. froumerjen

strangulation. froumerjennimento; froumerjennichude

strap. kleirreeni

straw. char; char-peip

strawberry. char-dourel. strawberry blond[e]. a dha char-dourel reir. omi or pelone a dha char-dourel reir

stream. flo[leeni]. flo. stream down. flo alay

street. drome. street corner. korna a dha drome

strength. ruslimento

stretch. strech. stretch limo. sheesh-keb’ushe

strife. chingichude

strife-ridden. chingichudinosa

strike. shaunk

stroll. trole. stroll in. trole in

strong. rusli

stuck. fixt

stupid. nora

sty. grounting cheetz lati

stye. pigz lati

style. romarjhio [a dha jhoojh]; asarlessimento, fashen

stylish. sheeshee

sub-. soub-

subject. dauli

subside. mayk oup

subtle. feena

such. (such a) leik dhat. kel. You’re such a …! Kel … u ar!

suck. shoumf reon aun dha ling; (suck off) jari. suck on. shoumf aun. suck [on] an egg, berri a kakeling fart

sufficient. plenni

sugar. jageri

sugar-daddy. tauf-omi

suit. drayjh. orda bona

suitcase. peeta

summer. a dha leili[-cheim]. dha leili[-cheim]

sun. kam

sunburn. tumouch braunzetta mootzi

Sunday. Diminj. be in one’s Sunday best. bee jhoojhd oup

sunglasses. g’uli ogel-fayx, ogel-filtez, ogel-shaydz

sunlight. kam-glima

sunny. kami

suntan. braunzetta mootzi

superb. larj

superficial. kank

superfluity. tumouchimento

superfluous. tumouch

superlative. larj

supervision. varda-oup

supervisor. varda-oup-kove

supper. namyari in dha sarla

support. dausing. daus

sure[ly]. chirto. I’m sure.… Chirto.…

surgery. ken a dha krokes; reemolde

surprise. serpreiz, s’upreez

suspend. chat

suspension. chating

swag. shoosh-bag

swallow. jhoojh, shoumf

swap. parree

swear. janka. swearing. janka. swear an oath. saulemen-janka a saulemen-janka. swear falsely. sauleman-janka mogimentay

swear-word. lav a dha janka

sweat. shvitz. fayk dha shvitz

sweaty. shvitzi

sweater. joumpa

sweet. dali. sweets. jageri. sweet and sour. jageri-agro

sweetheart. deeri

swim. orda in dha worta. swimming costume or trunks. drayjh fa dha leedo. go swimming. orda in dha worta

swimwear. drayjh fa dha leedo

swindle. hoonki

swindler. hoonkiing omi or pelone

swine. grounting cheet

swishing. swishing

synagogue. keyr a/fa dha Kosha chalz

syringe. sayn

syphilis. boura-kirtirva-kartzo, boura-kirtirva-minj

table. messeli

tablecloth. slayteeni [fa dha messeli]

tablet. dubi. take a tablet. shoumf a dubi

tailor. sivering omi

tailor-made. faykt pir dha sivering omi

take. lel. take away. lel away. take in. lel in. take a look at. varda. take off. lel auf. take off without paying. skarpa dha jetti. take out. lel (erbree). take a photo[graph]/picture. fayk an eekaf; see in place

take-away. lel-away (namyari)

taken. leld

talk. kakel, palarimento. kakel, palari, panarli, pelarva. talk matters or things over. pelarva dha dauliz

talking. pelarvibelay. kakeling, pelarvering

tall. laung

tan. braunzetta mootzi. tanned. braunzetta

tart. aspro. tart up. tarda oup

tasteless. manki, naf

taxi. rateling kove

tea. char

teacup. tas fa dha char

team. sayma. “on the team”. in dha leif

teapot. berri-cheetoni or paut fa dha char

tear[drop]. parni

teary. parni-leik

tea-towel. moufeling cheeteeni

techy = tetchy

teen[s]y-ween[s]y. tray beejhurreeni, tray betti. teensy-weensy lie. tray betti mogeeni

teeth see in tooth

telephone. palari-peip, pelarvering vakarya. palari-peip. phone booth. lach fa dha palari-peip

telescope. dir-vardering vakarya, dir-varda-cheet

television. varda-vijhen, [television set] vardering vakarya

tell. palari. tell fortunes. dooka. Are you telling the truth? Ann nanti or no moge? I’m telling you the truth! Ann nanti or no fleiz! Ann nanti or no moge!

temper[s]. kaulerimento[ze]

temple. keyr a/fa dha jaus chalz, keyr a/fa dha praygoze

temporary. diki. temporary work. akting diki

ten. daycha, deja

tenant. tobing omi or pelone a dha lati

tender. daulchay

tent. porl

tenth. daychito

term. reit lav

terminology. reit lav[z]

terrible. tray kaud

terrify. traysh moulti. terrified. moulti traysht. terrifying. moulti trayshing, trayshichudinosa

terror. trayshichude

terrorism. trayshichudinizmo

terrorist. trayshichudinistik. trasyshichudinisto

testicle[s]. kaud[z] , koul[z], kwaung[z]

test-tube. taseeni. test-tube baby. loulebei-cheet a dha taseeni

tetchy. techi

-th. –ito

than. dhan

thank. parreko, palari parreko tu. Thank goodness or God. tu dha Douberlz bennichude. Thank you. Parreko[ze]

thank-you, say. palari parreko

that. dhat; so, waut. that is [to say]. dhatz [ta] panarli

the. dha, dhee

theatre. dha bordz; keyr fa dha drarma

theft. chure

their. dheyr. their place. shay dheyr

theirs. dheyrz

them. dhem

themselves. dhem self

theme. dauli

then. [dhat] kwaun; poy

there. [dhat] akoy, ayjax. there is/are. ei; ekkoze. there is/are not. nei

therefore. akoy-pero

these. dheez

they. dhay

thickset. narnerautela ann a pogee beeflat

thief. churing dona or omi, sharpering dona or omi

thieve. chure, sharpa

thigh. prat

thin. feena

thing. chaumeni[-chaumeni], cheet, dauli, faykimento, sho

thingummybob. chaumeni-chaumeni

thingamajig, thingummyjig see thingummybob

thingy. chaumeni-chaumeni

think. savi oup. think so. savi oup leik dhat

third. traydzo; trayto

thirst. trusnimento; trusnichude

thirsty. trusni

thirteen. tray laung lepta

thirty. tray laung deja

this. dhis

thistle. bous

thorn. kori

those. dhoze

though. dho

thousand. mili

thread. dori

three. tray. three times. tray cheimz

threepence, threepenny. tray-saulti

three-pronged. a [dha] tray-hulze

threesome. tray-sayma

threshold. hevvoni a dha geiga

thrice. tray cheimz

throat. kirlo

throne. boura-besh-cheet

throw. cheiv. throw the book at. cheiv dha lil a dha liliz att. throw down. cheiv alay. throw out. shayk wouniz daus. throw up. cheiv oup dha veerra

thug. rouf

thumb. boura loupa

thunder. graumena. fayk [dha] graumena. thunder and lightning. dui-graumena

Thursday. Jovedi

thus. asarles

tiara. taushereeni

ticket. jeib

tie. pan. tie down. pan alay. tie up. pan oup

timber. fraum dha weshoni. weshoni

time. cheim. at that time. dhat kwaun. in one’s time. in wouniz besh

tin. a [dha] maularves. maularves

tincture. tintereeni

tint. tinta

tiny. beejhurreeni, tray betti

tip. metti

tipple. bevvi. tippling-house. bevvi, ken fa dha bevviing

tire. kinyo. tired. kinyode. tired out. tray kinyode

titivate. jhoojh

tittle-tattle. charla

to. ta, tu

tobacco. foges

today. dhis dives

toe. loupa a dha pindroze

toenail. neir a dha loupez (a dha pindroze)

together. sayma

toilet. brandi-lach, brandiing lach. toilet paper. bimf

token. juzeirreeni

tomato. gildo-parvi

tomb. lach for a meyrd-kove. the pharaoh’s tomb. lach fa dha meyrd-kove a dha feyro

tomcat. omi-gato

tomorrow. nex dives. tomorrow morning. nex sorlo tomorrow night. nex nauchi

tongue. ling[o]

tongue-twister. ling-tangeling lavz

tonic [water]. [fizi] Jentu-akwa

tonight. dhis nauchi or sarla

too. aseo. tumouch. too much. tumouch

took. leld

tool. chaumeni-cheet

tooth. fang, matlauk, paut, (teeth. fangz, matlaux, pautz). no teeth. nanti pautz in dha koubed

toothless. nanti pautz in dha koubed

“top man”. steema

topic. dauli

torso. oupar lukaudi

total. totarlay

touch. touch. touch up. fayk bona

touchy. techi. touchy-feely. swishing

tough. rusli, narda daulchay; rouf. [tough guy]. rouf

toupet. sheikeleeni

towel. moufeling cheetoni

town. gav. town hall. keyr a dha gav, keyroni a dha boura-gav

trace. drome

track. dromeeni. drome. the track. drome fa dha skarpering greiz

trade. dha b’utarjhio, wouniz b’ute

tradesman. chaumeni-cheetz-omi

tragedy. dres-oup, trajheek

tragic. dres-oup, trajheek. tragic drag-queen. dres-oup

trail. dromeeni

trailer. lati aun weelz

train. boura troundeling cheet. train station. keyr a dha boura troundeling cheet[z]

tram. troundeling cheet [aun weelz]

tramp. troumes. mini. tramp on someone’s toes. mini aun enni wouniz loupez a dha pindroze

trample. stampa

tranquil. kweirt

transport. troundelarjhio. pich ova. transported. picht ova

trash. rozi-cheetz. rozi. trash can. rozi

travel. vaygeri. travelling salesman. vaygeriing bining omi. travelling showman. toba-shomen, vaygeriing strilering omi

tread. mini. tread on someone’s toes. mini aun enni wouniz loupez a dha pindroze

tree. rook

triangle. tray-korna

trick. jedu; moge-cheet. fayk dha moge-cheet aun, moge tu

trident. tray-hule

trim. jhoojh. trimming[s]. jhoojh

trinket. beejhu

trip. vaygeri. [trip over] orda arris ova

troop. chingering omi or dona/pelone

trousers. frauk bilaung laliz, farting krakez, kafiz, katz, lali-dragz, lali-kouvez, trauliz

trouser-leg. kafi, kat

true. tachi

trunk. moofteroni. trunks. drayjh fa dha leedo

truth. tachimento; tachichude. Are you telling the truth? Ann nanti or no moge?

trundle. troundel

tub. arris-barkiing cheet

Tuesday. Martedi

tug. tarda. tug on. tarda

tumble. dib

tunic. chemmi

turd. brandi-cheet

turf [out]. shayk wouniz daus

turkey. indik

turn. girrari. turn [a]round. girrari reon. turn in. fayk dha libarjhio. turn into. get. turn off. leo auf. turn on. leo aun

turnip. kenarfi

tweezers. playstez

twelfth. dui laung leptito, kenzito

twelve. dui laung lepta, kenza

twenty. dui laung deja. in one’s twenties. in wouniz dui laung dejez

twice. dui cheimz

two. dui. two times. dui cheimz

two-pronged. a [dha] dui-hulze

twosome. dui-sayma

type. teip; skreev with dha vakarya

typewriter. skreeving vakarya

ugly. en-tee-bee-[h]aych. ugly person. kaud shamsha

ultimate. aultimo. the ultimate. dhee aultimo

ultramarine. worta-blu

umbrella. mash

un-. dee-; narda, sanz. As there is hardly any limit to words prefixed with un-, only a selection is given below. Search under the relevant headword for un- words not listed (e.g., drinkable, for undrinkable), or rephrase in a negative sense.

unable. narda pauso

unavailable. en-tee-bee-[h]aych

unbutton. deekrarfni

uncle. omi-beebee

unclean. narda kosha

uncool. naf

under. soub

underage. soub-feeli. underage sex. soub-feeli ling-grapeling

underarm. soub-brays. underarm hair. reirz a dha soub-brays, reirz soub dha brays

underneath. soub

underpants. soub-kafiz

undersized. bar

understand. deek; savi

undress. deedrayjh. get undressed. get deedrayjhd

unemployed. sanz [enni] b’ute

unfasten. deekrarfni

ungainly. kank

union. unioni

united. uneeto. United States of America. Merriken

unmarried. sanz houzben

unpleasant. bolde

unspeakable. narda palaribelay

unwell. nafel

up. oup

upkeep. ayjh-oup

up-market. blarzay

upon. oup

upper. oupar

upperclass. douches-leik. the upperclasses. dha douches-leik foxe

uppermost. ouparst

uppity. tipiteleeni

upstairs. oup dha darntzez

up-to-date. dhis divesiz

urinal. lag-lach, laging lach

urinate. lag

urine. lag-cheet, lag-worta

us. n’u, [ya] moudhez

use. uzari. use foul language. janka

user. ausnitza

usual. ordineyr

utter. totarlay. palari

vagabond. troumes

vagina. flanj, klevvi, minj

valid. bona

validity. bonichude

valuable. juzeibelay

vase. tasoni

Vatican, the. boura-keyr a dha kween a dha meyriz

V.D. see venereal disease, in venereal

vegetable. pauv-cheet (a dha paternz). vegetable marrow. koudu

vehicle. keb’ushe

velodrome. drome fa dha skarpering velloze

venerable. bennimentay baj

venereal disease. kirtirva-kartzo, kirtirva-minj

Venetians. [Venetian blinds] jilmil

venom. drab a dha sarp[s]

venomous. drabosa; drab-leik

vermouth. leveena

very. moulti, tray. very little. pogeeleeni. to the very end. ta dhee aultrantz

vessel. tas. lati aun worta

vibrator. fayk-bagajering vakarya

view. varda

village. gaveeni

vinegar. chute

violence. firikaduzering

violent. firikaduzering

violin. baush

violinist. strilering omi aun dha baush

virgin. cherri-[h]omi or -pelone

virginal. cherrichudinosa

virginity. cherri[chude]

virility. omichude

virtuous. ben

vitamin. vitemin. vitamins and minerals. viteminz an skouvarid cheetz

vodka. didel. vodka and martini. vaudketeeni

voice. vauchi

vomit. veerra[-cheet]. [cheiv oup dha] veerra

vowel. u a dha lavz

vulva. velvet

wage[s]. parkering ninti

waistcoat. bengree

wake [up]. jaungari

walk. mini, trole. walk along. flanj. to walk around in public en travesti. selisit. walk in. trole in. walk the streets. orda aun dha bata. take a walk. lel a mini

walking-stick. kaush

want. orguri

war. [boura] chinga; chingichude. warring. boura-chingering. war of words. chinga a dha lavz. make war. akt or fayk boura-chinga

warden. raumboyl-kove

warder. raumboyl-kove

warfare. akting or fayking boura-chinga

warlock. omi-zelda

warm. tatileeni

warrant. charpering omiz rooka

warrior. boura-chingering omi

war-torn. Chingichudinosa

wash. dobi. the washing. dha dobi

washer-woman. dobi-dona

watch. mauntrell; raumboyl. gardilu, raumboyl, varda. watch [over]. raumboyl. watch television. varda dha vardering vakarya. Watch out! Gardilu!

watchman. raumboyl-kove, raumboyl-omi

water. akwa; worta

watery. worta-leik

watermelon. pateka

way. asarlessimento, fashen; drome. in no way. nix asarles. [in] this/that way. asarles; see in every

we. [ya] moudhez

weak. narda rusli

weakling. moveeni

wealth[iness]. bauvelomento; bauvelochude

wealthy. bauvelo, deenerosa, tauf

weapon. mirs

wear. drayjh. wear women’s clothes. drag or drag oup

web. web

wed. wed. wedding [day]. boura-dives a dha houzbenarjhio. wedding band/ring. marteeni [a dha houzbenarjhio]

Wednesday. Mekredi

week. krook

weight. pordomento. weights. sweting cheetz. do weights. swet. weights room. sweting chovi

welcome. bona/bonimentay leld in. [welcoming] tiping a dha bona ordering in. tip dha bona ordering in tu. welcoming. bona/bonimentay lelling in. Welcome! Bona orded in! You’re welcome. Parreko daus

well. bennimentay, bennaymentay, bona, bonimentay; o bona. as well as. azz aseo azz. Well done/said! Bona!

well-behaved. ben

well-dressed. dauli

well-endowed. tumouch ta varda in dha larda. not well-endowed. narda ta varda in dha larda

wet. kindo. wet curry. kindo molee

wetness. kindomento

what. so, waut. what a …! kel! what time. kwaun. What’s the matter? Soze ya dauli?

what-d’you-call-it. chaumeni-chaumeni

whatever. waut-evva

what-s’-her/his-name. chaumeni-chaumeni

whatsit. chaumeni-chaumeni

what’s-your-name. chaumeni-chaumeni; see in Hey!

what-you-may-call-it. chaumeni-chaumeni

wheat. giv. wheat farmer. giv-omi or giv-dona/-pelone

when. kwaun. kwaun-so

where. akoy[-so]

which. so, waut

while. weil

whip. klei

whippable. kleibelay

whisker. baf

white. [bilaung] [o]fay. [o]fay. white lie. mogeeni. white wine. fay plaunk

who. h’u[-so]; so, waut. who’s. h’uze

whole. chaulo. the whole. dha chaulo

wholly. chaulo[mentay]

whore. aspro, bitayn, charvering dona

whose. h’uze; soze

why. fa-so, for-so

wicked. kweer

widow. pelone-pivli

widower. omi-pivli

wife. pelone

wig. fashernd reir, fayk-reir, paul, sheikel

wimp. moveeni

wind2. bevvel

wind2. dori

wind-blown. bevveli

window. varda-hev

windy. bevveli

wine. plaunk

winter. a dha wen[-cheim]. dha wen[-cheim]

wintry. wen-leik, wennosa

wipe. moufel

wisdom. savichude

wise. savichudinosa, a dha saviizmo

wish. wish, [wish for] orguri. You wish! Ann u wish!; see in best

witch. zelda

witchcraft. zeldichude

witchery. zeldichude

with. with

without. sanz

wizard. omi-zelda

woe. tuge

woeful. tugosa

wolf, wolves. jugeloni(z) a dha nauchi

woman. dona, gili, pelone, zelda. woman’s breast. foof, wilet

womanhood. pelonichude

womanly. pelonichudinosa

wonder. p’uche wouni-self. do wonders for. fayk dha fabulosa shoze for

wonderful. boneru, fabulosa, fantabulosa

wood. wesh; [woods] rookarjhio

wooden. fraum dha wesh. wooden leg. fayk-lali

wool. barl

woollen. barl

woolly. barli

word. lav, palarimento. have words. hav a barni a dha lavz. in other words. in noudha lavz

wordsmith. lavz-omi or -dona

work. dha b’ute. fayk; fayk dha b’ute. working. fayking; fayking dha b’ute. out of work. sanz [enni] b’ute. Is it working? Iz-shee fayking?

worker. fayking omi/pelone [a dha b’ute]. workers’ union. unioni bilaung faying omiz a dha b’ute

workhouse. keyr a/fa dha nantwar-kovze

workman. fayking omi a dha b’ute

wormwood. leveena

worry. dik. worried. dikt

worse. kaudar, wirsta

worst. kaudarst

worth. juzei. be worth [it]. hav dha juzei. not be worth a penny. nix hav a juzei auv a saulti

worthless. sanz juzei, narda juzeibelay. be worthless. bee sanz juzei, nix hav a juzei auv a saulti

would. wood. would have (would’ve). woodev. there would be. ei wood bee

wrist. ris

wrist-watch. mauntrell

write. skreev. writing. skreeving

writer. skreeving omi or dona/pelone

written. skreevd

yacht. jaugering lati aun worta [with a slayt or dha slaytz]

yarmulke. kipa

year. besh. two years in/ two years’ prison. dui beshiz in dha keyr fa dha lagz

yell. karn

yellow. jala

yellowness. jalerarjhio

yes. vali

yesterday. lars dives. yesterday morning. lars sorlo

yolk. jala a dha kakeling fart

yonder. dhat ayjax

you. u, v’u; wouni. You don’t say! Ann nanti or no moge!

young. been, feeli. young man. feeli-[h]omi. young person. been[-]kove, feeli[-kove]. young woman. feeli-pelone

your. ya, yor. your place. shay v’u

yourself. wouni self, yor self

yourselves. yor self

youth. been-kove, feeli-kove; been-kovichude, beenichude

youthful. beenichudinosa

youthfulness. beenichude

zero. noul

zucchini. koudurreeni



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