yaniyoh 4-a

Bebes piyoi manboub ye Peilasyenqá, gonien vimasebovatta eher sanqandi duvon raula e pes qasyan yoyexá aher Mary Windsor, arsuo e »Uma ibeyo jabeqá« ai tanerai.

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Ha maudu, Charles!

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Taneraic Dictionary – It’s Coming To You in 2020

Taneraic Dictionary — Artist’s Proof — Uncorrected

This is page 141 of the Taneraic Dictionary which will be available in 2020. It is an uncorrected yet signed Artist’s Proof.

The Taneraic Dictionary, previously schedule to be published in 2018 to celebrate the 50th anniversary since it was created, is now scheduled for publication in 2020.
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Aju suiyoho 15-a

Vasanqandi duvon raula e “Translation Problems, cont.”, e raida pasauaniveto. Valedouda yole sesidanda yogi.

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suiyoho 10-a, 2018-a

Aju. Duvonda piyoi ye aqe aihananata pasi avi. Marda. Ye aqe aihananata pasi, vaqabda iher Yapania, Tasman e iher Viktori asmeyoni busai peilasyenqa virdi avi imasebovat vadaqú — e beqa nu tou nu japouda ganien.

Usyo nunieni, vasanqandi duvon raula e “Translation Problems, cont.”. Iher uza.

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