The Taneraic Dictionary Is Coming


U ganien anin bisya aher »Nainougacyou«! Boupanastada trasi yogi.

This is the mock-up for the Taneraic Dictionary, to be available in the very near future.

More than fifty years after the birth of Tanerai, the dictionary of the language by Javant Biarujia is now with the printer. Once the printed dictionary is available, more information on how you can obtain a copy will be available here, as well as electronic copies of the text.

E bes cer supou luna sesejanata tanerala, bebes ayoi nainougacyou uher Javant Biarujia mepa maitqa. Usyato yole maitati nainougacyou boupanastada, gon ceri aisyan boupanastada peilasyenqo nunieni e dit bisya maita e yes e jescyubat bisya maita nailaquti saqir esontira.

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